ULTRA festival 2017

Went to the first one last year and had a great time. Two days of talks, Q&As, 'how-to' sessions,drinking, eating and watching movies. 

We’re going again this year and I’m helping spread the word so if it sounds good there’s some more details at - https://www.ultraevolution.com/festival


  • I don't really understand the concept..100 pound plus extra to camp...With basic facilities. Just for some crisps and to hear someone talk about ultras...We don't actually get to run an ultra for that money....

    For a tenner I could do a ldwa event and listen to people talk all day and get three meals thrown in...

  • Cost covers the camping and all activities. It's a weekend get together rather than a race, although most people went for a run one way or another. Last year included workshops covering navigation, hands on sessions on training and talks from a variety of people. The full programme for 2017 will come out as the sessions are confirmed. Only extras are food that you can either sort out yourself or pay for the very reasonable communal meals. Very flexible. 

    Personally I enjoyed the experience, learn a few things and met some interesting people and thought it was worth it. 

    Appreciate it's not going to be for everyone but its great to have so many different kinds of events catering to the wide range of interests and abilities out there. Some people choose to run out their front door for free whilst others pay big money for multi day international challenges leaving most of us somewhere in between! image 

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