Manchester Marathon 2017

I'm not sure what happened to the original thread, so I made a new one. I'm back for a second bash at it, despite the baggage carnage last year - hopefully they'll learn from that and sort it out this time around. (At least it's the correct length now!) Aside from those hiccups, it's a great, flat course and with fantastic marshalls and crowd support  well worth doing.

If anyone has any questions about the race, the course or anything else, ask them here.



  • Hi Cal! Yeah - I'm getting withdrawal symptoms... missing the old thread.

    I emailed RW to let them know about the vanished thread - I believe they are able to resurrect threads sometimes... it would be a real pity to lose the great advice that had already been given on the original one.

    Thanks for making a new one... I'm still hoping for a Lazarus-like revival though! image

    Just in case we don't get that - just a little trot out for 4.18 miles for me tonight. Was supposed to be slow pace but I felt great (if very chilly) and since I was only running once today, instead of my usual double, I ended up averaging hoped for goal marathon pace instead.

  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Don't know what happened to the othe thread.2nd 20 miler for me yesterday,bit of a hiccup with my watch not recording the distance correctly but ended up with 20.2 miles so really happy that's done.
  • Ian, I bet. Annoying about the watch, but these things are sent to try us.

    I'd already got a 19 miler under my belt, but wasn't sure I'd be up for a long run today given I did a hard 10K yesterday (13 seconds shy of my PB but my second fastest time to date, so I'm content with it). Plus it was -2 out - very pretty with all the frost, but not exactly inviting.

    I aimed to do at least 12 miles, but ended up doing 18. A mile shy of the last long run, but the pace was quite a bit quicker (10:33 average vs 10:59 average). I did run out of gas after 13 miles so it was a slight positive split but I'm OK with that

  • 12 miles today at the slowest pace I can do ( 8:35/mi ) Any slower and it feels really uncomfortable. Do we have a natural pace ?  I know I should try to go slower but I just cant, HR is around 135-140 at that pace. I did a 19 mile at 8:30/mi before xmas and felt fine.

  • I have reported it... It wasnt me   image

    does anyone know of the name of the person that started the thread

  • I had been wondering what happened to the original thread.

    Seren - I think it was MSE - not 100% sure tho.

    I have run Manchester twice as it is my local event but injury and a want for variety means I am running Copenhagen in May.  Nevertheless I usually hang around to impart with knowledge of the area for any first time travellers to Manchester. And I have been enjoying reading all your progress it is getting me excited.

    longest run in 12 months today 10 miles and in truth could have continued for a little longer.  happy with my leg so far.

    well done on the 20 milers keep up the good work image


  • I've been searching for it.... They sometimes disappear when someone is removing the spam posts and hits the wrong button ... the RW team should be able to revive it


  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Seren-It was me who started the old thread.It was titled Manchester Marathon 2017 if that helps.
  • thats suprising then Ian as usually you cant post when  they have temporary gone


  • Just run a bittersweet 3.00.14 in todays Gran Canaria marathon. Really gunning now to run at least 15 secs quicker in Manchester. Suspect it won't be 23C and sunny in Manchester in April!!
  • Looks like ive posted on the right yet wrong thread which still could be the right one.
  • OuchOuch, that's so tantalisingly close - but massive congratulations on an amazing time - new pb?

    Hope to be around the 15 seconds quicker time as well. 18 today with 12 @ 6:45s - it hurt and I've not got another 14 at that speed in me yet, but still a while to go!

  • That is a good time, OuchOuch. But Manchester is a fast, flat course and good for a PB, so that sub-3 can still be yours. image

  • DPJ77 - wish i could have borrowed one of those 6.45 mms and thanks. pb is 2:52 from 2007 but haven't run quicker than 3:07 (3 times ) since so in a way yes a 10 yr pb.

    Cal - thanks and more determined than ever. Up the mileage to 60 mpw, lose a few lbs and race a few speedy half marathons is the plan. But for today a swim this morning then flight home to freezing fog Britain.
  • ouch - great time. good look in Manchester.

    DP - great effort - what is the make up of your next long run?



  • Pete - I've got a recovery week this week, so 15 miles at a far more leisurely pace (probably 8:30s) on Sunday. Nothing longer than 11 before then with a little speed work tomorrow.

    Next proper long one will be 22 a week on Sunday, with a 15 and 12 during the week leading up to that (along with a few recovery runs).

    Ouch - 2:52 is the stuff of dreams!!


  • NickW2NickW2 ✭✭✭

    A-ha, I've found the re-incarnated thread! Was wondering where it went to.

    Anyway, I've been looking at logistics this afternoon, there doesn't seem to be a lot in the way of cheap local hotels available (I guess I've probably left it too late for that...)

    As I was panicking a bit about everywhere being sold out, I have provisionally booked a hotel in Weaste (can cancel for free), does anyone local know if this is suitable, or any recommendations for a good place to stay? Google reckons it is an hour's walk from there to the start, I see it is near a tram stop but not sure if they start early enough - do they lay on extra for the marathon? Looks like normally the first one on Sundays is around 8am, which seems like it might be cutting it a bit fine for a 9am race start.

    Manchester veterans, what sort of time would you advise arriving at the start? My only previous marathon was London last year, I got there quite a while before but assume it won't be quite as busy at Manchester?

  • Hi Nick,

    Weaste is tricky getting to the start line as there are no direct links.

    I usually recommend the premier inn in Altrincham. it is next to the tram and bus station. which is a 15 to 20 minutes tram ride to old Trafford cricket ground (finish line).  Altrincham is approx. same distance as the city centre to old Trafford but in the other direction. Thus it is approx. a 30 minute ride into Manchester city centre if you want a night out in the city.  However, Altrincham has plenty of bars and restaurants, a large Tesco and is close by to Hale (where the footballers hang out). It is also near the Trafford centre which is decent for shopping and cinemas etc. You can get a bus to the Trafford centre outside the hotel.

    the course runs through Altrincham and it marks the 13 mile mark but because of the location it is not an obvious place to stay unless you know the area thus room prices do not go through the roof. (not historically anyway).

    another option is a travel lodge based in Cross Street, Sale, Manchester which is a 10 minute walk from Dane Road Tram Stop. Sale is situated in between Altrincham and Old Trafford.  However the hotel is not located as conveniently as the premier inn in Alty.

    hope this helps

    please give me a shout if I can help any further.




  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭

    Ah ha! Found you lot.  I have been AWOL with a stupid sprained ankle.  I have done it so many times I am not sure whether I can come back from it this time so have got an appointment to see a specialist.  If I can't make it to Manchester, I will pop in and check on your training as the previous thread was getting quite exciting image.  Happy injury-free running everyone.  

    And well done to OuchOuch.  Sub-3 is yours in April....!

  • Goodness - this has really taken off since I was last on here!!!

    Good to see some old names have found their way back to this thread from the disappeared one.

    OuchOuch... bittersweet indeed - a fantastic time, but so near and yet so far. I'm sure you'll smash it in Manchester. Congrats, though, on the achievement - I could only ever dream of a time like that!

    MsE - I was wondering where you had gone... very sorry to hear about your ankle - sounds a nightmare! Good luck with the specialist.

    Nick - have messaged you re: hotel.

    Did 15.07 miles yesterday, which was a nice easy pace and, despite being bitterly cold, was a good run. Then went immediately (after showering) to see Black Sabbath in Manchester so had no time to refuel, stretch or foam roll properly. For the first time in years I was really aching today. Note to self: metal gig directly after long(ish) run is not conducive to a good recovery.

  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Ouch-So close,if you keep training well then sub 3 is definitely yours at Manchester.

    Nick-Good luck with the hotel,debating getting one myself as I had to get the coach over in the morning last time then tram as there's no trains that early and I don't fancy driving after a marathon.

    Nell-Good run by the sounds of it,interesting post run recovery thoughimage
  • Copied from sub 3 thread

    Race Report : Gran Canaria Marathon Target: 3.05 Runtime 3.00.14 45th

    Backstory: After running 2.5X marathons at ease from 2005-2007, since my PB of 2:52 in 2007 my best time have been two 3.07.21 in 2016 with the background fear this is as good as its going to get. But training has been going well.

    Sunshine and warmth greeted the runners o Sunday and at 8.30 am off the 1400 marathoners and 2,300 half marathoners went in a blaze of colour and noise. The race was 80/20 male and very international with half the field from overseas. A one lap course around the city of Las Palmas and south down the coast. Very well supported from the locals.

    41 mins for first 10K

    42 mins for 2nd

    42 mins for 3rd

    45 mins to get to 40k from 30K

    But In with a shot of an unexpected shot at a sub 3 here, but I was slowing as fatigue and the increasing warmth kicked-in. My thighs had tightened.

    At 40K, had around 9.30 minutes to do the 2.2 km stretch along the boisterous and well supported promenade along Los Canteras beach (a it like London)...picked up the pace but just not enough but did sprint to the the line, to see a runner 3 ahead throw his arms up in delight with his sub 3 and a runner 10 seconds behind collapse over the line and off on a stretcher - drained. I have analysed where I could have saved those 15 seconds, and there were chances, when had to stop when 'blinded' by a wave of energy drink in my eyes, when we rejoined the half marathoners and spent 5 km running through them. But overall really happy with the time, the few days away and confident of sub 3'ing in Manchester in April. Winners were some Kenyans in 2.13!
  • NickW2NickW2 ✭✭✭

    Ouch - to be 4 mins under your target is still brilliant, and it's nice that you have another crack at the sub 3 so soon - hopefully in better conditions!

    Pete - thanks for the advice. The premier inn in Altrincham is sold out for the saturday night as far as I can tell. My sister lives a little to the north, near Heaton Park, which is 30 mins drive or so away. I had originally planned to stay with her but as some more of my family are now planning to come and watch (so there aren't enough beds) I thought it would be easier if I sorted myself out. I was thinking as long as I am near a tram stop then this should be ok, are they generally fairly reliable? Currently looking at somewhere near the West Didsbury stop.

  • just a 3.5 recovery for me , week of nights so always difficult to keep motivated.

    Pete- I'm at the Waterside hotel , Didsbury. looking at the map, 2 mins walk to East Didsbury station. How long will it take to get from there to the start via tram/train ?

  • I wondered where you'd all gone. I was late to the previous thread and then it disappeared! 

    An easy-paced 20 for me on Sunday. Glad to get a really long one in this early and to not have any ITB issues. Picked the final 2 miles up to marathon pace (8:20-8:30m/m) and it felt okay. Totalled out last week with 47 miles, which is my highest marathon training week ever, and the legs aren't too tired. All looking promising...but it was 9 weeks out from my marathon that I got injured last year so I'll be happy if I make it through the next few weeks unscathed! 

    3 icy miles already for me today and then an 8 home from work later. 

  • hi Daz, the trams are approx. every 12 minutes off peak and you'll need to change - so once you are on the connection 20 minutes on the trams.


  • Thanks Pete, so if I leave hotel about 7:45 ish gives me plenty of time .

  • Hi Nick,

    the trams are very reliable times wise.

    If you have no luck in Didsbury try:  Altrincham Lodge Hotel located in a small village called Timperley and is 7 minute walk from the Timperley Tram Stop.

    It is on the Altrincham line so no changes required.





  • Hi Daz, yeah that will be fine. 

    however, you do not necessarily need to change. if you alight at Trafford bar tram stop - exit the station and walk up the path you come out onto a main road. turn left and walk to the lights then turn left again. walk about 50 yards to your first right and the start line is at the top of that road.

    the start line is in between old Trafford cricket ground and Trafford bar tram stops. There will be loads of people around so you wont get confused.

    you can google directions. the start line is outside white city retail park or harry ramsdens old Trafford as a reference point from Trafford bar metro link tram stop.


  • Thanks for the info Pete, I'm sure I won't be alone so I'll just follow the crowds.
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