New Mature Runners Thread

For some unknown reason, the original mature runners thread has been deleted. I hope all regulars continue posting here, and newbies are very welcome. 



  • Tapering is going well and I ran 11 miles on Sunday with Karen and 7 miles this morning with Sarah. Any racers over the weekend?

  • Morning all,

    We have a track session on the grass track session this evening.

  • Have a half-marathon in two weeks at the Richmond Running Festival - my latest attempt to get under 90mins (I have two sub-91-minutes, but haven't quite got there yet). Did 14 miles at the weekend, having run a leg in the Surrey Road relays on Saturday (after doing a parkrun - I'm a fool to myself).

  • Hi Peter,

    The original Mature runners thread has now been reinstated, so it would be great if you could post there. I will see if this thread can be deleted, so we don't have two Mature Runners threads.

  • Morning all,

    The mature runners thread hasn't been transferred to the new web, so I have resurrected this one.

    Freezing cold this morning, and off for a forest run in a short while.
  • Morning all - hoping you can read me this time! I've been posting regularly but it appears that I'm being deleted as nobody has anwered me. I am used now to being erased from the triathlon thread but hoping this one works.

  • TE, I agree with you on the new web, it's not great.

  • Hope everyone can access this new thread. Not sure I like this new site, but hey ho.
    We had heavy rain overnight, which continued this morning, resulting in a very wet and slow parkrun. The paths were flooded in many places and unfortunately a lot of runners (mainly women I'm afraid) were reluctant to run through water and stopped dead, causing pile ups in the pack. I'm not bothered by water and mud and happily ran through both but it was very slow going due to the narrow paths and holdups. On the plus side though there were a lot less dogs and buggies to negotiate today. Which reminds me, last week I asked a parkrun official what their stance was on dog owners running with the lead tied around the owner's waist. I probably picked the wrong person to ask as they informed me that they also ran that way with their dog and thought it was a safer method, also it kept the dog under control better than if the lead was held by hand. Can't really see that myself as I've seen it cause accidents, but another runner assured me this was the approved method when running something called Canicross - which is XC running with dogs.
    Hope you enjoyed your forest run this morning HS, likewise anyone else running today.
  • Hi Aquarius, glad you managed to find your way to "the new old thread" I think we would have been posting on the old one for ages, as no notice of new web details was given.
    Your parkrun sounded tough, especially with the pile ups. I ran10 miles in the forest which was surprisingly wet considering the lack of recent rain. It snowed steadily and the wind was raw, blowing right through me. My face was really cold and I was glad to get home to thaw out. I'm still not convinced that running with dogs attached to the waist is the safest method of control.
  • Don't know why it's got "Pirate" against the name of the thread.
  • There is no icon to import photos and the 3 parallel lines for the menu doesn't work. It slides out and goes back again. Haven't tried on laptop, but supposed to be mobile friendly.
  • Morning all,

    I've discovered that the pirate tab is for favourites and brings up this one, so that's good.
    Another cold morning and I'm going for a long forest run with Karen and Charmaine. Alice is running the Punchbowl 20 miles with Paul.

  • Packing boxes bags and anything else we can find for our move later this week. So no running today, I think my next run will be the club Grand Prix on Tuesday night, I've too much to do in the meantime.

    Where are the others? Seems to be just you and me HS. Envy you your forest run, hope it wasn't too cold for you. 

    Cant work out how to get my Aquarius picture on here  
  • Aquarius, hope your move goes ahead without any hitches. Good luck with Tuesday's race. It's quite a worry that you and I seem to be the only ones still posting on this thread, albeit on this web, or the original. I do hope it doesn't all go to rats, as it has been going since 2003, I think, and Red and DBIW were there at the start. Red has a blog "Extreme Knitting" so I will have a look to see if every thing is ok. It's not like Red to be off line for so long, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Almost forgot, ran 18 miles in the forest this morning, the first 10 with Karen and Charmaine.
  • The Pirate flag is me, DBI - can you read me now? I seem to have been excluded from this new web. Please let me know if you see this.
  • Help - why am I invisible to the thread????
  • Morning all,

    I'm posting on both versions at the moment. Off for a road run with Sarah in a while.
  • I've had a message from DBIW, it seems that she is blocked from old and new forums. She has heard from Red and it seems there may be issues with Mike.
  • Seems like the old forum has now been migrated to the new platform. Hope our posters find there way here. It seems strange that the oldest posts are at the top, and the newest at the bottom.
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    I popped onto RW late yesterday evening and saw comments on the old thread about no indication of how to access the new forums (which were active without us knowing). Today I see they've closed off the old forum and are now directing everyone here. Why they didn't have a notice on the old forum with details of the new forum is beyond me - just plain stupid <rant over>

    Anyway, now I'm here I see Hillstrider has managed to get the copy of the old thread re-instated so we have at least some of the history of our chats.

    I presume we'll all be migrating to the 'Mature Runners' thread rather than this (temporary) 'New Mature Runners' thread? I'll post this entry in the 'old' thread too and hope we can meet up there ..
  • WtnMel, I doubt if our original thread will be reinstated, as that appeared to be the only one that hadn't migrated. Hope I'm wrong and it's just taking longer because it has so many posts.
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Very odd HS .. the copy of the old thread that I found (and posted on) earlier today has now gone missing :(
  • This new web seems very incomplete. Run hub has disappeared and there is no events diary, despite RW promising easier race finding. The draft saved black band that stretches across the screen every time there is a slight pause is very annoying. The bookmarks tablets sais I have no saved bookmarks. Thankfully I have my races bookmarked on fetch, where I also record all my training and races.
  • Morning all,

    I'm beginning to find my way round the new platform, but am annoyed that it sais I have no bookmarks yet. When I try to access run hub it asks me to log in, even though I am already logged in. When I try it sais e mail or password incorrect. I have posted this on the run hub thread.

    Enough of the rant, I'm not going to club tonight as hilly speed work is the last thing I need after Sundays 18 miler and yesterdays 7 mile. Instead, I will be going for a road run with Steve later this afternoon. It will be at a good pace though.:o
  • hillstriderhillstrider ✭✭✭
    edited February 2017
    There is no edit facility now, the emoji doesn't work, I just got :o as above. I'll try again :) Apologies there is an edit facility, it is a cog in the right hand corner of the box, which allows editing within an hour.
  • Feeling very anti-technology at the moment. My Garmin Connect account won't open, says there's an error and to try later. My Macbook keep going offline, saying it can't find a network, which is rubbish as Steve's PC is working fine as is my iPad and iPhone. When I click on the Macbook wifi icon it says "looking for networks", even though the usual list is below showing all available networks. Youngest son thinks its a hardware problem and I'll need to take it into Apple. A few minutes ago I received an email from Amazon about an order I'm supposed to have made for a woman in Carlisle I've never heard of (on checking on Amazon seems this is a common problem at the moment which they are looking into and advise deleting the email). Rang our car insurance company earlier to update our address and their system threw a wobbler and they had to ring us back (in the middle of our lunch)

    Thanks for letting us know DBI is ok HS, but her news about Red is worrying.

    Tonight we had another 5k in our Grand Prix series. I wasn't looking forward to it as we're still frantically packing for our move on Thursday and I'm in a constant state of exhaustion at the moment. However it was quite a nice night for running, chilly with a slight wind, but nothing too challenging. I developed a stitch after about 1 mile (late lunch to blame I expect) but ploughed on as well as I could. All in all I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I believe getting out of the house and having a run did me good, and I think I've got a faster time than my last Grand Prix - just annoyed about that stitch slowing me down!

    Glad you found your way on to this thread WtnMel. It is odd the way RW have handled this changeover. I do hope the old thread migrates over to here, otherwise how sad to lose all those posts. I wonder what other forum users think about this new site, and whether RW has received much feedback about it? Personally I dislike the adverts at the top of the page, but I suppose they help fund the running of the forums.
  • Morning all,

    Aquarius, I've had that problem with Garmin Connect in the past, and tried again later and all was well. I think it is just that they are updating. Strange the problem with connecting your MacBook, normally I would suggest switching off and then back on again your Router, but if other devices are working, then I don't know. Presume you have tried rebooting your MacBook by switching it on and off. Rather worrying these days with all the IT problems. DBIW has been attempting to post but still can't access the forums. I hope she got some response from her contact with the RW Editor. Good that you ran the 5k as I think that a good hard run does "clear out the cobwebs!" There has been a lot of feedback on the changeover, mostly not very positive. There is a thread for this if you scroll down the General Running thread.

    Today is a rest day and I'm off to the library in a while.
  • Hello all :) I am slightly confused by the new website! 
    Is this now the main Mature runners Thread or is there another? I am also a bit anti-tech at the moment!
    Aquarius - the 5k Grand Prix race sounds fab, well done on carrying on with a stitch, I suffer often from awful stitch when running, I have tried everything I can think of to avoid it :s
    HS- you are really ramping up the miles, I don't blame you not wanting to do a hilly speed session! Hope your road run went well? enjoy your rest day :)
    I'm still struggling a bit after last week's stomach bug, 16 very slow run/walk miles Saturday, 5 agonising miles Monday, was meant to be speed session but was a run a bit and walk a lot session! This morning was a tempo run 8 miles, adopted a run/walk again! Can't decide whether to go ahead with the trail HM on Saturday or just head out for a more gentle LSR?
  • Hello to you MWW, and to everyone else.
    I haven't even tried to find my way here until today, so this was the first I knew that the new website was functioning (insofar as it is), while the old Mature Runners thread seems to have disappeared into the ether.
    Worrying about Red; but not altogether surprised, as Mike has been having health issues on-and-off for a while now. I've been checking Red's website, but there's been nothing new on it for quite a while.
    Bit of trouble with the printer this morning (to add to the moans about technology) but seems to have sorted itself out.
    30 mins run/walk this morning (creeping up by 2 minutes each time); knee still seems reasonably happy.   
  • Wonder why most people's avatar pictures have transferred over ok, but not Aquarius's nor WtnMel's.
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