I took up running for the 1st time generally a few months back, after a not so good time over Xmas I decided to push on in the new year and am feeling very keen. My best 5k is 26.14 but I can't seem to beat it and have been recently doing 10k in about 57minutes. I want to train for half marathon soon and was wondering if the regular running (who know what they are doing ) take any regular vitamins to help. I try and use a balanced diet but with work and a young family it's not always so easy. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks 


  • I use those fizzy vitamin tablets - add it to my water when I'm in work to make me drink more.
    Probably does nothing - but at least the water tastes raspberryish - or orangey.  

    Its more to do with the training than anything else. Let me guess - do you time every run and race it ?
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    I don't take any vitamins at all... the secret to improving your run time isn't found in a vitamin bottle, its found, as Cougie implies, in running lots.... lots and lots...

    A fast 5k comes from months, if not years, of running intervals, threshold runs, and long slow runs...
    and a fast 10k comes from... months, if not years, of running intervals, threshold runs, and long slow runs...
    and a fast 1/2 mara comes from... months, if not years, of running intervals, threshold runs, and long slow runs....
    Its not until you get towards mara distance that most people don't run the distance (and further) on a regular basis...

    There is more written on this available online than you can shake a stick at!

    I'd add... most of us don't beat PBs on a regular basis... the faster you get, the harder they are to beat... don't set yourself up to fail by expecting a new PB every weekend!... aim for a parkrun PB every 2 months for example to start with, and build up to that effort.
    lets be honest.... its all prep for an Ironman on my 100th birthday
  • Thanks both for advice. I do time every run but don't always try and beat it. Just run and see how it goes sort of thing. Was thinking about vitamins to aid injury a little just incase I was short of certain nutrients 
  • I use vitamin tablets, take one very day. I can't say for sure whether they make any difference or not, but I enjoy fairly good health. I figure that my diet isn't necessarily the best and vitamin supplements can't do any harm.
    But vitamins can only improve health, which might allow you to run more, which will improve your running fitness. The only way to improve your running is to do more of it, there's no shortcuts I'm afraid!
  • That's great rodeoflip.  I'm not after shortcuts, just wondered if anyone took amp vitamins for the reasons you stated above. Thanks 
  • No scientific advice but it may not just be Vitamins but other minerals, iron etc that would be useful as a supplement. Healthy eating I'm sure is key ... I am determined to look at that ... one day soon ....
    I always feel better on runs when taking magnesium supplements and getting enough potassium in my diet.
  • you can use spirulina because it include many vitamin. it is very good for sportsman
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  • Cod liver oil, glucosamine and calcium (one tablet) for mobility and joints. Multivitamins for general wellbeing and immune system.
  • Nutrition is far better to get from food but not always easy on some budgets and time. I supplement with whey protein, citrulline and a multi.
  • You must try the one that I am using its a Multivitamin For Vegan or even not. take a look at this product:
  • Absolutely do your best to get as much as you can through food, that means aiming for 10 fruit and veg per day if possible. Even then there are some nutrients which are likely to be fairly low in a typical UK diet like iodine, folate and vitamin D just to name a few.

    Always always check the forms of nutrients in a multivitamin as most companies aim for 100% RDA/NRV but the nutrients inside aren't well absorbed so you don't actually get that much into your body.

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