Stirling Marathon Place


I may have to pull out of Stirling (Achilles injury)... don't think i will the time to properly train..... gutted!! can I sell this to someone else?... it's sold out 

anyone interested  



  • Can you sell it ? Have you looked at the race terms and conditions ?  If you can't then it could be a ban for you and the buyer - if you're a 50 yo female say and a 23yo guy races and takes the ladies vet category ? Messy.

    Only sell the place if the race allows changes. 
  • I'm unsure that's why I'm asking... 
  • You are the one that's entered the race - presumably you looked at their website or ticked some boxes ? 
  • Emailed them and it's fine to transfer... let me know if anyone is interested Thanks
  • I'm interested if you still have it 07767334456 Lee
  • Hi I've picked just picked up an injury and I'm out for the next six weeks. If anyone is after a place for Stirling (and hotel room) let me know 07742054496.
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