Too much weight loss marathon training?

Hi - in the past few months I've started training for my first full marathon (have done a few halves and tris in the past). Suddenly with the longer distance runs my weight is just falling off me and not in a good way. I've gone from looking strong and healthy to skinny and don't feel as good. I'm taking gels on my runs and trying to eat healthily as usual but it keeps dropping. I'm healthy otherwise - any advice from seasoned marathon runners please?


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    That happens when doing long distance. I weigh practically nothing, but am very fit and healthy, but I eat healthily, but when doing the miles, the body adapts into a new level, so being skinny is part of it.
    I'm like this:
  • If you want to increase your weight then just make sure that you do it by increasing your calorie intake from good sources. Most people would love to have your problem - there are plenty who manage to gain weight whilst marathon training! - but if you're not comfortable with it it's easy to remedy.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Unfortunately doesn't seem that easy to remedy as I'm not used to eating huge amounts - but thanks for feedback and I'll try and pack it on a bit :)
  • @littlem.isshappy - how do they put on weight???? 
  • It's not necessarily about eating huge amounts but what you eat and when Lexy - do you like peanut butter? Couple of tablespoons of that whizzed up with a banana, some full fat Greek yoghurt and a bit of milk would make a good post long run recovery drink and hopefully leave you ready for your next meal within two hours or even just full fat chocolate milk (again with some PB whizzed in if you like it).

    I think the common problem is that people go 'I'm doing a long run tomorrow so I can eat more today' then take gels/sweets on their long run before getting home and having a recovery meal followed by their usual food and maybe a treat or two thinking that they can eat more because they've done a long run - and repeat.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
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    I`ve been running marathons for a few years now and I still find it hard to hit the right balance. I always lose a bit in the first few weeks of the plan but then it starts to creep back up. I did 70 miles last week and put on a kilo!!!
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    I find I generally stay about the same - I get really hungry if I run/exercise a lot and don't prepare enough "proper" food so end up eating lots of snack-type things. Every now and then I manage some discipline and lose a couple of kilos but normally end up putting it back on. I find if I have a boozy night out then that impacts my weight a lot, which was especially noticeable in xmas party season.
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