Toilet break

Does anyone know the locations of the temporary toilets around the Canary Wharf area on Marathon day, around the 16-19 mile marks? I have friends and family forming a "cheering group " and they would prefer to be near to some loos! Man thanks 


  • Not sure I've seen this info on any of the runners guides. They tell us where our loos are -but not spectators ?
    Hopefully someone will come along who's spectated there to answer. 
  • To be honest cougie they were going to use the runners loos if necessary, but it seems there are none anyway, ( Pepper street and Trafalger road, 17 and 19.5 mile) so they will have to control the liquid intake,lol 
  • using the runners loos won't be appreciated by runners.  Plus - porta loos after 35k have passed by ? Ay caramba.   There will be cafes they can grab a coffee and use their loos tho. 
    1. Thanks mate, I am going to pass this on to them and suggest they will be better finding a pub on the route and making use of all the facilities it provides, then they can buy me a swift one as I stagger past,lol 
  • There are plenty of toilets in the shopping centre at Canary Wharf, or if your supporters want something less crowded there's a big Asda at Mudchute (about 17 miles) with a cafe, which presumably has toilets. That's a good place to support - if your supporters get bored they can pop into the City Farm, which also has a cafe with nice cake. 
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