Rotterdam Marathon 2017

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Hi there
I'm doing Rotterdam Marathon next month and have just been on the website.  It seems there isn't a bag drop facility at this race?  Has anyone done it recently and know if this is correct?  Apparently I should've requested changing facilities on my registration to be allowed to leave me bag in an unattended changing room?!  Is this really how it is?  I'm travelling from Amsterdam race day morning so I really need a bag.


  • A no bag drop facility would be highly unusual at a marathon of Rotterdam's Gold ranking.

    It has offered this facility in the past, so I can't why they would cancel it. It might be a good idea to double check the website.
  • Hi there, I have a place in the Rotterdam Marathon 2018 on April 8th, but now can't make it due to a family gathering, would anybody be interested in buying my place. Am too late to cancel, but can still transfer it. Would be happy with 50Euro for it.
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