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  • PaulMarshPaulMarsh ✭✭✭
    No, but might check it out. Really 100 miles per week isn't too bad, once you get used to it. Its a matter of efficiency, luckily I have a really light frame, but it seems to be getting lighter...
  • I am 57. about 5 feet 7 and 65kg
    I used  to be 52kg at my peak
    Apart from our grandkids I am the smallest in the family
  • Donnie2Donnie2 ✭✭✭
    210.3 miles (threadmill)

    Planned out door runs:

    A May 10k event at local running club, target time of 46 mins

    Newark half in Aug - 1:45 to 1:50

    Yorkshire marathon in Oct - sub 4 hrs.

    Onwards and upwards
  • I have every confidence in you achieving those targets Donnie2..... no pressure.
  • PaulMarshPaulMarsh ✭✭✭
    i'm 6 3 and am 58kg, but at this rate will soon be 52kg.
    Doing 6 this morning - a very cold morning!
  • Paul, 
    I think you are in a different league to the rest of us on this Forum.
    Talking football, you are among the top in the Championship, we are League two strugglers at best.
  • Dear all,
    Although it is sad news about a friend of mine passing away - he was no other than Ed Whitlock - the first 70 plus year old to break 3 hours for the Marathon. He has 36 World records to his name and was a gentleman. His running would inspire anyone - so the next time you think you have a problem, think again. At 85, Ed did the marathon in 3:56.
    Ed and Fauja Singh were friends although they could not converse very well as Ed's command of Punjabi was terrible and Fauja's command of English is worse.
    Check out his story at: 
  • Received my London Marathon Final Instructions magazine today - Page 143 names the pacers - yippee I have got my Blue Start
  • Did a double session yesterday totaling 14.34 miles - didn't like it (never did TBH)
    YTD = 610.77 miles
    Another 10.6 miles and I will be over 1,000 km (a million metres)

  • AndrewDAndrewD ✭✭✭
    I'l join in, so you aren't talking to yourself Harmander!

    First miles of the week tonight, colder than expected too. 5 miles in 45:39, so a nice easy 9.08m/m pace.

    186 YTD
  • Thanks AndrewD,
    The missus is still on holiday so this is my chance of getting a word in edgeways lol
  • PaulMarshPaulMarsh ✭✭✭
    Did 13 miles every night this week and 6 each morning and speed sessions. Long trail run later, to test my body and run till exhaustion. This should help condition me for stamina and endurance.
  • PaulMarsh said:

    5k pb: 17:55
    10k      41:30
    1/2 M 1:27

    You're a fantasist, Paul:

    Here's Mr Bagan's PO10:

    his PB's clearly don't match with the ones you've declared above.

    p.s. If you really are 6'3" and 58kg, I suggest you see your GP for help and advice.

    Sorry for thread hijack Thousand Mile Club peeps!
  • senidMsenidM ✭✭✭
    Thats quite all right, wouldntitbegood, don't think it was ever you trying to hijack the thread!

  • Oh dear.
    A sort of tired 12.75 miles last night - nearly two minutes slower than usual - am going to put it down to me getting older - lol.
    YTD = 623.52 miles
    in 112 hours 47 minutes and 51 seconds (10:52/mile)
    this is exactly half a minute/mile faster than the pace I am going t run at VLM as 4:58 pacer. 
    PS. My figures are so rubbish, I can't possibly impress anyone.
  • Namaste fellow runners!

    Lots happened on here since I last visited...

    wouldntitbegood - not hijacked at all... much appreciated! Another forumite and I had "discussed" the dilemma of Paul off line but it's very good of you to help us out. I'd seen his fantasies elsewhere on the forums... 'nuff said...

    Nice progress David - still on track I think  :)

    Hope hangover has well and truly cleared by now, Andrew - ready for this weekend LOL! Nice steady pace over five miles for you there.

    Hi Hobie - good to see you! Belated "Happy Birthday!" :smiley:

    Thanks, again, Nick... racing done and dusted now - just the big one!!!

    Good to hear of your outdoor running goals, Donnie - I'm sure you'll do well in them.

    Harmander - so sorry to read of the death of your friend... a loss to running indeed. On other topics - I can confirm you are quite small... since you didn't tower over me when we met :) Still consistently racking up the impressive mileage and keeping the thread ticking over - including a daily double... my favourite!

    Another attempt at a MP run for me on Wednesday lunchtime - ended up being a bit too fast again at 8:36/mi. for 5.26 miles but felt great... really springy and strong, which was a pleasant surprise after Sunday's efforts. Have been fantastically ravenous and really tired ever since but have been going to bed early(ish) - hence my absence from here - and felt more "normal" today. Did an interval session this evening - an adapted version of Yasso 800s... 5 x (800 m in 3:45 with 3:45 recovery time) - came in at 5.59 miles including w/u and c/d.

    YTD: 402.20 miles.
  • senidMsenidM ✭✭✭
    Wel done on the 400 up Nell, looking good for Manchester, really want you to have a good run, smash the 4hours.

    All gone in the opposite direction for me, took a tumble on Thurs night doing an easy 5, ended up in A&E for 4 hours, got home missing my midnight deadline home so have turned into a pumpkin! No stitches, just superglued me back together; would post a pic but so not a pretty sight, big black eye and lots of gore.

    Anywho, no 20 mile Gade Valley Sunday (and no danish, thats what really upsets me) and taper has come to a grinding halt, (no sympathy please, am actually off to USA for a fortnight, all scheduled)

    Wk 12 12.8            YTD          362.54  

    hopefully back on track by Easter.
    Good running everyone!!!!!
  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭
    Thank you for your messages people. I think last weekends episode was down to a bug, my youngest was unwell for a couple of days as were some of his school friends so probably picked it up from the kids as usual. Anyway, after a rest this week I finally felt more like my old self by Thursday evening so took advantage of Fridays early finish at work to get out along the canal for a gentle run. 10 miles, a bacon and egg roll and a cup of tea later i'm certainly feeling better!

    18 miles tomorrow and for next Sundays 20 mile training run i've entered the Exe to Axe, a very tough 20(ish) mile coastal run with 4000ft+ of climb. Theres a 6 hour time limit and i'll be using most, if not all of it. I'm finding it tough to get out on my own for runs at the moment although fine once i'm out so thought a bit of company at an event would be a good idea.

    March - 76.86

    2017 - 229.87
  • AndrewDAndrewD ✭✭✭
    Afternoon all!

    Nell - well done on getting through 400! Hangover went by Tuesday (lol). This weekend will be much more sensible.

    SenidM - ouch! Glad you are all patched up now. Enjoy the break in America.

    JR - glad you're feeling better too.

    Harmander - usual respect for the monster mileage, and sorry to hear about your friend.

    Can't remember when I last updated, but this week I've done 5 easy on Wednesday night, 5 on Thursday including 2 at my intended 10k race pace of 7:30m/m, busted my neck yesterday, so delayed 5 miles easy until this morning. Felt OK after a stiff start (ooh err!).

    196 YTD.

  • Thank you AndrewD and others about Ed Whitlock.
    Usual 10.19 miles including Parkrun making:
    YTD = 633.71 miles
    Running from Cutty Sark to VLM Finish line (well McDonald's on Whitehall actually) a total of 20 miles with VLM First Timers tomorrow.
    To reach 1000 miles by 31 December a daily 2.75 miles is needed. Today you should be on 231 miles - just saying. Injuries aside, don't try and catch up later, it can be a hard way of doing it.
  • Evenin' all!

    What a beautiful day it's been!

    Thank you very much for your good wishes senidM - and very sorry to hear of your terrible tumble! Really hope you recover well and get better soon. Luckily you've got plenty of miles in the bank so the 1000 miles target should be OK :wink: Enjoy the US when you get there (hopefully you can avoid any Trump madness!). Where abouts are you going?

    Glad you're feeling better, JR. That Exe to Axe run sounds tough - hope you enjoy it though. :smile:

    Thanks, Andrew! Sounds like we're about the same pace over 10K... but take care if you have a neck injury! LOL - that you have a double entendre sense of humour as well...

    I assume you'll be burger fuelled tomorrow then, Harmander - enjoy! :lol:

    A fasted (and a bit too fast, again) 5.08 miles for me today. Just three more planned runs before the big day... VERY nervous... and second guessing all my decisions now. It's very stressful!

    YTD: 407.28 miles.
  • senidMsenidM ✭✭✭
    Nell, just a thought re est.time at Manchester and the Slate predictor.

    In a fit of nostalgia I put my PB details in for when I used to be a runner, and on 35mpw and a 1/2 PB of 1.25 it gives me an est. of 3:20 (RW is sub 3 but we know they're a bit optimistic). That year I ran a 3:03 so it just shows that when you're right there, in the zone, you can have a really good run, much better than you think is possible.

    So, you know this anyway but no harm in emphasising, taper well, stay calm on the day and let the run come to you, i.e. start slow and feel good, you will almost certainly be running faster than you think because your'e training has gone so well.

    Have a great run.

  • PaulMarshPaulMarsh ✭✭✭
    Been nice yesterday and today. Saw loads of runners round, all getting out and enjoying the sun. Make the most of it, as it doesn't last long before the next front...
  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭
    Hope the nerves settle Nell, you'll be fine. Looking forward to your race report. I'll be setting off real slow next week, and it won't get any quicker :) . Will hopefully enjoy the experience. 

    18 very slow miles for me this morning over much easier terrain than i'll be facing next week. Just hoping I haven't bitten off more than I can chew with five times the amount of climb that I encountered today. 

    March - 94.87

    2017 - 247.88

  • A dozen of us set off on the 20.02 miles from Cutty Sark to McDonalds on Whitehall - passing the finishing line on the way - I have pictures but not the permission of all (yet) to post them- but it did happen.
    The men (excluding me) did it in under 4 hours but I stayed with the ladies and we finished it in 4:05:23 at a pace of 12:16/mile (I promised 12:00 - sorry for my failure (must try harder eh Nell?) but one person had to drop out due to a previous injury and did walk a bit and it was only right that I kept them company until it was safe to leave them.
    YTD = 653.73 miles
  • Hola! mes amigos

    senidM - thank you! :smile: That's so reassuring - I very much appreciated you taking the time to write that!

    JR - thank you as well. I think I will, inevitably, be nervous from now until it's over - but I will embrace the nerves and try not to let them get the better of me! I, too, am looking forward to your race report. Take it steady and I'm sure you will be fine.

    Harmander - did you get a dozen quarter pounders as payment? LOL :lol: Many thanks to you - in bucket loads - for your advice and support too. You are so generous with your time and help for us more novice runners... it's fab!

    My last long(ish) run this afternoon in beautiful weather - if a little windy (the weather - not me!!!). Ended up doing most of the miles at "easy" pace rather than "slow" pace, and the final 3.5 miles started out at goal MP and then got progressively faster finishing with an 8:34 mile and an 8:11 half mile. Totalled 11.49 miles. Just an interval session mid-week and three slow/easy miles on Saturday before the big day! *eek*

    YTD: 418.77 miles.
  • Nell,
    There is only so much of a good thing one can have at any one time - the survivors were marvelous - so I ate what I could and received IOU's from the rest lol.
    Feel free to share my comments regarding Manchester pacing if you think it ay help others.
  • Harmander - you said you'd be back in 5 mins and I haven't heard anything since (was a bit worried to be honest! :/ )... but my phone does occasionally just randomly stop receiving texts... so I don't know if I'm missing some additional words of wisdom (or maybe you texted someone else in your contacts list and they're completely baffled as to why you're talking to them about Pacers (they were a minty version of Opal Fruits back in my youth!)) :smiley::wink:

    I will, however, mention your suggestion re: running with the slightly faster pacer up to half way to bank some time and see how I feel from there. Of course, my fear is that I go off too fast with the 3:45 pacer and then blow up after 20 or so miles... :smile:

  • Ahh - sorry, Harmander... now I've looked at my emails... so my phone has gone crazy again! Apologies!
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