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  • If viewed as a whole it is expensive, but that's because we choose to travel internationally for a race, things like flights and accommodation do rack up but that is entirely our folly....

    the race itself is remarkably reasonable... especially in light of the cost of some races in the UK (let alone triathlon/IM). I'm also happy as an international runner to pay a premium to allow diverse participation 
  • I have no objection to the fees - if we can afford flights, hotels etc., we can afford the entry fee and the tour fee. And it's not like we can't run similar-length events here for a fraction of the total cost (if not such iconic events). I acknowledge I would have been disappointed when I paid for the tour last year if I had been rushed through the Comrades museum. But for anyone who needs reminding, we are really privileged:

  • Speaking of similar-length events, if it wasn't that I'm meeting up with my aunt and uncle, who are over from the USA, for lunch on Saturday, I'd be really tempted by the SVN Fowlmead 50 this Saturday. Admittedly not the most inspiring of events in that you go round a two-mile circuit for 50 miles, but I -love- the medal!
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    SVN do some lovely medals.  I've been tempted to Kent from Leicester more than a few times.

    That's a great story about the race village, Debra.

    There's no race like Comrades.  It's worth every penny.
  • Hi All,  just popping in to say I received news today that my results from last year have finally been recognised by CMA after checking my GPS and photos from the race the KZN athletics referees have gven the go ahead.

    So 3 races now completed and my 9:18PB stands.    

    Still upset I was an idiot on the day and gave up my best chance yet of a BR but happy the training wasn't in vain.  

    anyone on Strava will see I'm doing very little running, mainly with my with my daughter who recently joined an athletics club and I'm trying Crossfit as an alternative to running but I'm missing it so will be excited to start more meaningful training later this year for 2018.

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    That's great news jar, a shame that it took so long but a good result.  No doubt we will all be checking and checking again that we have our timing chips this year.
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    Amazing news JAR! That has made me incredibly happy; I have punched the air for you. Superb to see your previous avatar gone :)

  • JAR, that's fantastic news! So happy for you.
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    Good news JAR - that also means a lot to help with 2018 motivation!
  • JAR - well done. That took an awfully long time

    Exmoor trail marathon that I've been offered a place at is in the South Downs, so serious climbing :) but obviously trail etc which I don't really do much of. It's clearly a tough race which would 'only' be a training run for me. I think it would be great psychologicaly but don't want to overstretch myself. Bronze training plan does have a 50k run/race in it at the end of April.

    Does anyone have any thoughts as to whether I should go ahead.

    All the places round me that I normally think of as hilly are flat compared to Comrades. 4 times round Richmond Park is only 500m :/
  • Lowrez - All the weather forecasts I've looked at for Manchester are part sunny and cloudy, but as its a whole 5 days away i suspect that will change a few times :/
  • Southern Snail, lowrez: the forecast might change, but thankfully I think it's unlikely you'll get the sort of hypothermia-inducing weather we had for the inaugural Greater Manchester Marathon in 2012 (4 C before windchill, gale-force winds, rain and for some of the time hail).

    Southern Snail: I'd say go for it (Exmoor) - fantastic training, and you can treat it as a training run and not push the pace, but get some good hill training in.
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    I've been missing notifications and just found a whole load of posts I'd missed. 

    On the tech point - I've definitely carried a phone in previous years. Last time i tried to send a text at half way ('I'm still alive! And moving!') but I had real trouble with the sweat dripping off my nose and on to the phone.

    I think 'logos' really means commercial logos. You can definitely wear running club kit, which is arguably what the pirate logo is.
  • out of interest: did anybody listen to the coach parry webinar last night? Unfortunately I was travelling and so missed it and was wondering if it was worth me finding it online
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    Thanks S-S I don't mind the rain really. Did my 2 mile walk at lunch and the pain in my ham had kind of evolved into the type you look forward to getting the next hit off as it works its way out, although tonight its just gone back to plain sore. Think I'm bobbling along the border of it settling down. Meanwhile my cold is making my teeth ache - ha ha - listen to me - ready for the glue factory aren't I - ha ha?

    I missed the webcast too Mr Z; in fact I have caught about 3 minutes in total of the past 3; I always log-on; see the reminder; connect; and the panel says "Questions" as the last words of wisdom are spoken.

    Debra, I recall Manchester-1 was superb at losing your bag too, or keeping it for several days longer than you expected?

  • lowrez: I was lucky; my stepmother took me there (Manchester is my home town) and was going to drop me off but realised the roads were closing so she stayed - and kept my bag of clothes for me. But yes, lots of other people had to search for and find or fail to find their bags (with phones, train tickets, keys etc. in) - while freezing cold. After I had several warm layers on it took me 40 minutes to warm up enough that I wasn't shivering too violently and could walk back to the car - and I wasn't one of those actually being treated for hypothermia. Of course, this meant I took the weather warnings seriously for SDW50 the following year and took (and wore, when the weather changed) enough clothes.
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    Debra, that reminds me of huddling in a bin liner in a bus shelter at the start of the Belfast marathon shivering and holding my breath keen for the start. It can't have done me much harm as I set my pb that day. Got lashed with icy rain scouring in off Belfast Lough too and totally caved in at around 20 miles, not because of the cold; I'd mismanaged my run (as usual). I remember being handed a bottle of sports drink at around 23 miles and my hands being too numb to open it and smashing into the ground in frustration only to burst out in laughter as it rolled into the gutter amongst many, many more full bottles that had ended in the same fate. There was some horrible queuing in the rain too at the end for the bag of warm clothes.

    Over time I've tended not to check bags in because of all the waiting; at Manchester I'm a 16 minute tram ride away from my car so I'll risk just having the space blanket from the goody bag and a £20 note stashed somewhere for emergency supplies. My priority is going to be immediate post run stretching, I think my current ills are a result of me being under time pressure to return home from Wrexham, jumping straight in the car and driving home without a proper warm down.

  • Oh yes, hands too cold to squeeze the bottle, despite having gloves on!  Crazy thing was, I had my Montane Minimus in my backpack, but by the time I realised I should be wearing it my hands were too cold and I knew I'd never be able to get it out and put it on. Definitely a learning experience.

    Interesting re. the stretching. If that's what your body needs then definitely make it a priority.

  • Debra, I ran the Milton Keynes marathon on the same day - it was like a typhoon! They had a similar shambles with the baggage. It took hours for me to stop shivering! 

  • the forecast looks pretty reasonable for this years event - but it is Manchester so there almost certainly will be a touch a rain 
  • Mr Zuvai, yes, I remember that MK was the same day. Fellow 'survivers' then! For both events, I think the baggage mess wouldn't have been such a problem if the weather had been good, and the awful weather wouldn't have been quite such a problem if people could have got their baggage promptly... And at Manchester certainly half the baggage mess was because everyone wanted to keep warm clothes on for as long as possible, so everyone wanted to hand their bags in at the last minute. I was SO lucky to have someone with me, so I got my clothes quickly. Thankfully I'd booked a fairly late train back to London, so we were able to go home and I got a hot shower and finally warmed up (which I hadn't done in the car, despite all the clothes and the heater on full).

    A problem we're unlikely to have at Comrades. Although I do worry about the heat.
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    I think it really unfortunate that it was both events first running that coincided with the such horrendous weather. I didn't use the baggage but it such carnage at the finish that finding anyone at the finish was tricky. The only time i have suffered with chaffing - my running shirt was so wet I practically abrased my nipples clean off! 

    There was an interesting side effect for the running experience in that all the spectators hid from the weather in the many number of MK underpasses, which lead to the most incredible tunnel of noise everytime we ran through one - a bit like the climbs on TdF but in a small enclosed space! 
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    Blimey I only did the half at Shakespeare that day and that was bad enough.  We had similar weather at Malaga in 2017 and the event was cancelled on the start line.  And Debra, my goodness, respect for having done the SDW50 in what I recall was horrific weather.  I suppose that with events like that you are already prepared for the worst because of the mandatory kit but it is still a long, long, time to be out in it.  
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    I thought we have always paid for the tour ?

    Not much running going on for me this past week or so - had some issues with hip - trying to rest it up as much as possible before next week's little adventure.
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    Hope the hip comes good Dannirr; you must be tapering heavily into the big week in any case I think? Wishing you all the very best for MDS!

    I have finally succumbed to manful, supping my over-the-counter remedies and wailing at the trauma of it all. Still intend to trot 26 on Sunday if it wears off.

  • Dannirr- hope the niggle settles down. Good luck next week. What days is it? 

    Lowrez - keep supping some lemsip. You'll be fine for Sunday 

    So I accepted the place at exmoor trail marathon but am rather nervous 
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    Wow S-S 6415ft of ascent! Take it nice and steady. That is super training for the big day (cough, sniffle...) 
  • SS.. osunds good......Image may contain 1 person
     the pitae logo... sorry my hands in the way...

  • Becca: Weather was foul (first three hours were lovely!). Some runners were economical with the kit requirements and suffered for it (yes, there's a reason for mandatory waterproof with taped seams). I saw foil blankets wrapped around torsos in attempts to retain body heat, and runners being forbidden to continue after arriving at checkpoints shivering and being unable to warm up enough to stop shivering. I looked like a drowned rat in the photos taken in the hall after finishing, but never got too cold.

    Dannir, good luck with that hip niggle setting quickly.

    S-S: Take it nice and steady and enjoy the views - hope the weather is good.

    lowrez: good luck for rapid recovery.
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