Gait analysis for new shoes?

Andy B6Andy B6 ✭✭✭
Hello again helpful fast people.  My iPhone told me I need a new pair of running shoes, and having had a look at them I think it's right, lol.

So, there is a shop in Cambridge where they get you to run on a treadmill while an 'expert' watches my feet to see what type of shoes I need.  They will then happily sell me a pair at a 20% premium to the web.

i was just wondering if it's worth paying for such a service or is it bolllox?

i could just get another pair of gel nimbus shoes online.  My last pair seemed fine.  But maybe if I had gait analysis done I might realise I've been missing out on the benefits of a properly matched shoe?

please tell me what to do.


  • Andy B6Andy B6 ✭✭✭
    Thanks for your help running twats.
  • That'll get you lots of replies ...
  • Andy B6Andy B6 ✭✭✭
    who cares?  Fuck this shit site.
  • Andy , some gait analysis is bollocks as the people doing it are so far out of their depth, its hugely complex, but a good running shop will help you get a decent pair, i,m no fan of the Nimbus its overpriced , and memory foam in just makes the initial try on feel more comfortable, a properly matched shoe is almost priceless, the other thing is a treadmill based gait analysis is a shot in the dark as in my humble opinion the eyes need a longer line of site , and a treadmills usually up against a wall , you need to run a bit more to chill out :smile:
  • Andy B6Andy B6 ✭✭✭
    Hey, thanks so much for the reply Easternyip.
  • CaptainCaptain ✭✭✭
    I might suggest gait analysis is only as good as the person reviewing it, as Easternyip suggests. Not much help, I know... Could I maybe suggest having it done in different places maybe? A pain in the bum I know, but if it gets the right result. Also consider a store that isn't tied to one manufacturer.
  • To be fair Andy did give us 6 hours before he called us all twats. 
  • Buy a pair of Nike running shoes. In terms of fit, style and comfort, Nike running shoes blow the competition out of the water.
  • Andy B6Andy B6 ✭✭✭
    Hello again. Sorry for calling you all running twats. I wasn't being deliberately mean, just trying to be funny.

    Anyway, has anybody been here?

    I think it's the only shop in Cambridge that does this type of thing and sticks asics shoes. My wife went to a great little shop right in the middle of Cambridge and got some Brooke's shoes that she loves, but they don't sell asics. Wtf? Why would they do that! The bloody running twats.
  • Pete HoltPete Holt ✭✭✭
    unless you believe you have biomechanical issues - stick with the gel nimbus. alternatively you are better visiting a specialist and not a store assistant in a running shop.
  • Advance Performance are in Cambridge and Peterborough, and well regarded amongst the local running community... Most of their staff are experienced runners, which always helps... I've bought a few pairs from the P'boro branch and always found them knowledgable and helpful... the 'store assistant' who helps me there runs a 5k in sub 17 and a sub 3 marathon and clearly knows his stuff

    I would ignore the advice to only look at one brand... everyone is different, and no one shoe will work for everyone.

    I have had gel Nimbus' before and liked them... and now use GT1000... but have also had Saucony and Brooks and found them good too.... so not bothered about brand loyalty!... saying that, agree with Pete above, that if one shoe works well, then no harm in sticking with least until it isn't available anymore... I have found they can change quite a lot between models... I tend to get a gait analysis every 3 pairs or so... can't afford to pay shop prices for every pair!
    lets be honest.... its all prep for an Ironman on my 100th birthday
  • Andy B6Andy B6 ✭✭✭
    Thanks magna. Am going there on Friday afternoon. Will let you all know how I get on.

    I read somewhere that it's a good idea to have a couple of different pairs on the go at anyone time to reduce the chance of injury from constantly running in the same shoe.

    So I am gonna try lots of pairs on, pick the best 2 shoes and buy the cheapest one in store and buy the more expensive one online. Haha please don't tell them, they will turn into angry running twats and sell me inappropriate shoes out of spite. Hahahaha
  • Andy B6Andy B6 ✭✭✭
    Well, I went to Advanced performance in Cambridge today. What an amazing place. The staff are so helpful, and knowledgeable. I tried on loads of different pairs with the guy videoing me running in them. In the end it came down to either another pair of Nimbus or Brooks Defyance. In the end I went for the Brooks, they just seemed to fit me better and were a lot more comfy.

    I am so glad I went there. Okay I paid more for the shoes that I would have online. But if I bought online I would have bought asics and maybe even asics kayanos, after my diy wet foot test. So I would actually have spent more than I did on shoes that are not right for me.

    I also got some asics trail running shoes so that I do t get my nice new Brooks shoes dirty on muddy park runs.

    Am just about to go out for a 12k, that's a long run for me and the man said no more than 5k in my new shoes first time, but foc that I can't wait to try them out. Will tell you if I still like them in just over an hour.

    So in summary, if you live in Cambridge and want new shoes go and see the nice people at Advanced Performance.
  • somapopsomapop ✭✭✭
    Andy - why would the DIY test make you end up with incorrect shoes (the asics)?
    Curious as I was going to choose my next pair on that basis (trying to keep running costs as low as possible).
    I have a fairly high arch, so would've worked around that.
  • Andy B6Andy B6 ✭✭✭
    Hi somapop, I did the wet foot test as described on this website.

    My footprint looked most the one they badge as needing a support shoe, so I was ready to buy some asics kayanos.

    But when the guy filmed me running on the treadmill, it was clear my foot was landing nice and straight in a neutral shoe. When I tried a motion controll shoe it just felt weird, like it was trying to force my foot where it didn't want to go.

    I know what you mean about paying full retail price for the shoes. I definitely didn't want to do that, but I ended up saving money. I paid £100 for shoes I could have bought for maybe £85 online. But if I had bought online I wouldn't have tried on so many and would have had no idea the £100 shoe was much more comfy for me than the £140 asics nimbus, and much more comfy that the £140 kayano.
  • somapopsomapop ✭✭✭
    Thanks Andy - that's really helpful. I was going to do exactly as you were (wet foot test then take it from there).
    but will think differently now.
    Nowhere near Cambridge area, but based in Manchester - I'm sure there'll be a few recommended running shops if I ask around.
    Also good point about having a second pair for the muddier runs (probably not a good idea to keep shoving your best running shoes in the washing machine...quite possibly deteriorate after several washes).
    How are the Brooks settling in (incidentally, I run in Brooks...I picked them up before I really started running...I did the odd run over winter last year. I chose them on fit, price and aesthetics but I've no idea if they're making me run 'oddly', though with lower back issues (and sciatica), groin niggles and the occasional runners knee/s, it's pretty feasible I may have the wrong shoes.

    Many thanks Andy.
  • Andy B6Andy B6 ✭✭✭
    Hi somapop, My Brooks are great. I got them Friday, and did 12k same day and then a quick 5k Sunday night, and they have been really comfy right from the off.

    Just a point on putting shoes in the washing machine. I have read in a few places that you really shouldn't do that with running shoes as it can ruin the foam / cushioning. I don't know if that is rubbish or not, but got me thinking enough to make me think I will never do it just in case. Just a brush in mild soapy water for me.
  • somapopsomapop ✭✭✭
    Thanks Andy. Sounds like a good pair. I like my Brooks but as for their suitability, I've no idea. When I step up the running I'll investigate correctly.
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