Stretch marks during pregnancy

Anyone know of any creams, potions or lotions which help to lessen stretch marks during pregnancy, i've heard rubbing olive oil or cocoa butter on your bump may help, does it ??

Also how soon should you start using them ?


  • No. Nothing makes a scrap of difference. But you knew I'd say that, didn't you?

    Keeping the skin over your bump well-moisturised makes it more comfortable, and it's never too soon to start. It doesn't really matter what you use, so use something you like the feel and smell of.

    I assume congratulations are in order?
  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    I suggested to the wife that not getting pregnant was a good way to avoid them
  • My tum looks like a Snowdonia landscape in miniature, minus the little lakes, except when I'm in the bath. But that's after 4 children, and I gained and lost at least 4 stone with each pregnancy.

  • Palmers cocoa butter oil is excellent if your bump is itchy (when the skin stretches). Their stretchmark cream is nice too (from a moisturising perspective).

    Rule of thumb seems to be: does your mum have stretchmarks? If so, you probably will too. Luckily my mother has NONE!
  • yes, v-rap, i'm 16 weeks gone and due at the start of october, been posting lot on the pregnant runners club thread, but thought i'd ask a wider audience as its only runners who are pregnant or been pregnant recently that are really posting there. Not sure if my Mum has bad stretch marks, don't think they're too bad, although i know my sisters are pretty bad, but then again she's given birth to 3 in about 3 years and the youngest is only 6 months, so i suppose she's got plenty of time for them to fade.
  • ..they do fade, and while I'm not thrilled with mine, I'd rather have the stretch marks, than not have the children.

    I used sweet almond oil...mind you nurses in hospital had a hissy fit when they heard ...nut allergy precautions etc.

    Congratulations on being pregnant, and try not to worry about the stretch marks!
  • Having our first baby and heard horrible stories of stretch marks. I started using dermelastic serum as soon as I got my first one! It disappeared in days! I use the serum twice a day and it last about a month for me. So far I love it and am stretch mark free!!! :) I'm not too fond of the smell... but the smell doesn't last long and it is all natural ingredients.
  • Erm the original baby is now about 10 - but the info may be useful for others ;-)
  • Having stretch marks after my pregnancy was one of my nightmares. When I went through puberty I got stretch marks so I was afraid of getting more stretch marks during pregnancy, but the treatment that helped me to prevent them was Dermal Md treatment. I recommend it!
  • Interesting that Abigail Willson only posts about stretchmarks ? No running queries at all Abigail ? You run 8 hours per week - you must be an excellent runner ?
  • ive heard bio oil is good
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