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    Always astonished at the number of parkruns some runners have done. Even more astonished at the sheer number of runners who've run huge numbers of parkruns.
    • 63,216 in the '50 club'
    • 28,432 in the '100 club'
    • 1,327 in the '250 club'
    • 8 in the '500 club'
    • global record holder
      Darren Wood, 614 runs
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    It's quite addictive.  I've run 42, so will be joinging the 50 club soon.

    We have 2 of our local runners over 250, (262 & 295) which is pretty impressive given that last week was parkrun #304 here.

  • I'm aiming for 100 by my 50th birthday - both of these are approaching at a very rapid pace ! 
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    I'm in denial about turning 50.  In fact I think I'll start counting back the way instead..........
  • Can't be many regular runners that have not run a parkrun Dubai . Unless you know different ?
  • Can't be many regular runners that have not run a parkrun Dubai . Unless you know different ?
    Probably not many but I'm one on zero as well, Mokshaeight... ashamed to say I can never drag my sorry arse out of bed in time on a Saturday morning - although, strangely, I'm perfectly happy to get up on time for one off races around 15 - 20 times per year!

    Zero for me too :)
  • Must be many reason why runners don't run a free race ? work, family, commitments, if I had to pay for all the parkrun's I probably  would stay in bed. But for me its not just the run, its the meeting up in the café chatting about races done and races to be run, whilst drinking Coffee with like minded people.
    Well for a start they're not races.   For me the distance is too short and I'm just not interested in fun runs around a park.   Also I hate off road and although I will train a bit off road, I certainly wouldn't want to put in a race effort run on an off road course.  I have no commitments that would stop me doing a parkrun.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Can't be many regular runners that have not run a parkrun Dubai . Unless you know different ?
    I think the clue may be in DR's name - no parkruns in Dubai as yet.

    Given the number of people who run, and the number of people who do parkrun, I think there are lots who don't.  Our local half marathon has almost 2000 finishers, a large chunk of them local, but parkrun had 150-ish runners each week.  Each to their own.  I love it, but it's not for everyone.
  • Yep. Parkrun has not reached Dubai, hadn't even heard of it when I left the UK 6 years ago.
    Most people here run on the treadmill, given that it was 46 degrees today and 41 when I ran at 7pm you can understand why. (Although its been over a year since I last used a dreadmill), give me the heat and outdoors any day!!
  • Shades - despite what parkrun HQ say, they're races, or at least you can race them if you want to, you'll find enough competition.  They're a long way from being a pure 'fun run' in the way that, say, race for life is.  Yes, they're a bit short if you're marathon training, which is why I tend to use them as a quicker section of a long run.  Run there, parkrun, run home.  But then I happen to have plenty to chose from, from 3 miles away upwards.  Not so easy if your nearest is 15 miles away.

    I take your point about the course though.  There are a few round here I don't bother doing, because they're virtually cross country courses, not my cup of tea at all.  Plenty are hard-packed path or tarmac though.

  • Irrespective of its a race or not ,how many have you run .
  • Well, since you ask, 298 spread over 10 years.
    Cheerful Dave - they're not races to me, just fun runs in a park and of no interest at all.   I rarely run short races anyway.  The nearest tarmac parkrun to me is 120 mile round trip.   There are other parkruns much closer but if they were only across the road from me I still wouldn't bother.  I have entered a 10 mile race in November and that will be the shortest race I've done for 7 years.
  • senidMsenidM ✭✭✭
    Sort of +1 with Shades here, but I do jog my local one, always after running or cycling there and then back.

    Just really a way of advertising my club as I always wear club colours.

    And sorry, think I've run about 30, but then I can't always be bothered to cross the finish line or queue up to get my bar code read, so probably more.
  • 0 as we don't have them in Switzerland either where I live.

    Might have a go at one the next time I am in the UK to see what it is all about.  Just for fun (probably until I start running then I do tend to get competitive...)
  • Hazelnut, it's great fun, Saturdays are not the same without a PR under your belt, sets you up for your long run on Sunday.
  • stu1970stu1970 ✭✭✭
    Only about 15 I think
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