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Not ben running long so have not run in the sun yet really. Ran a 10k today and did have a hot head despite being in technical shorts and tshirt. A few runners were wearing baseball caps so was wondering if they would be a good idea? I am thinking that they might make my head hotter especially the thick cotton ones so would like to know if others wear them or recommend any.


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  • Cloubburst if thats a recommendation from expeience then let me know where you are racing next cos I'd love to see it. :)
  • Buff.
  • in very hot weather a hat with a eye-shade or a brim is great - but soak it in cold water first..... as the water evaporates it will keep your head cool. Also in bright sun the shade over the eyes helps.

    I've got a hitech wickable hat too and this isn't as good as a cotton sun hat in very very hot weather... but in normal warm weather it is great - and doesn't look so silly as a old fashioned "sun hat"... If you are in any doubt about whether or not to run in a hat when it gets hot - check out the ultimate hot race web site!!
  • *singing*

    ..."in your Easter bonnet, with all the frills upon it, yopu'd be the grandest fellow in the local 10K"...

    Oooh even scans too!
  • I wear a baseball cap on hot days as I'm fair skinned and burn very easily. It does get a bit sweaty but doesn't bother me.
  • Damn looks like a normal baseball cap will do the trick so no need to go out shopping for new kit then.
  • I wear a Sugoi running cap and it's fab. The best one I've found so far was an Adidas one but boyf repossessed it so I had to buy my own.
    There are loads around - look for a wicking one. Most of them have vents in the head bit so you don't overheat.

    Just be careful on windy days or you can end up chasing it down the street when it flies off.
  • I too have 2 sugoi caps and they are the best around, 3 pearl izumi ones also have buffs.
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    Visor buff.
  • Got a nice one from Aldi last week for £2 I think - comfy & been through the wash OK, & nice light fabric with towelling round the brim.
  • I've never quite appreciated how versitile my buff was until recently - only used to wear if as a glorified scarf when walking. I've just invested in a pink UV one for the summer.
  • I've got a white Pearl Izumi baseball cap, very lightweight and well ventilated.
  • I have a Puma white cap that I picked up for a few pounds at their outlet store - it really is excellent. I sweat a lot at the slightest provocation so had been using a headband to keep my eyes free of sweat, but the Puma cap has a small towelling-type piece of material inside the band, and also the general wicking action of the material I think encourages the sweat up and out rather than running down my face. I hate running without it (yes I sweat in winter too !) so I really should get another in case this one goes walkies
  • Have you just joined and resurrected a ten year old thread to plug a cap Peterrrrr ?

    We may have to agree to disagree on the 'stylish' aspect. 
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    Inov8 do running specific baseball caps. A weather proof one and a summer breathable one. They have a nice soft sweatband and best for me they come in more than just "one size fits all" to suit my big odd shaped head.
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    Headsweats ones are decent, light and breathable. Look 'fly' when worn backwards and the extra peak covers the neck up :)

  • Nike running cap + a pair of Oakleys work well on my outdoor runs.
  • Nike hats
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