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  • so a very early start.... and a coach.....I get travel sick but cant take a travel tablet when racing.... :0
  • anyone know if they have announced where the start will be

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    That's a bit of a conundrum seren - have you worked your way around such before? Sounds like you are a candidate for staying in PM the night before in that case? Mr K did that on the last down run - here is his story! 
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    Its always outside PM town hall of that you can be certain I would say, tradition dictates it will be so! Its only t'finish they play about with (usually)!

    Mr K stayed at Ascot Bush Lodge

  • thanks Lowrez.....I avoid races with buses...but when i couldnt avoid it like the Lakeland 50 I get to the bus queue first and grab a front seat and take a bag just in case......I think it would be hard in the numbers of comrades to grab a front seat
  • I don't know if it helps Seren, but the buses travel in the dark, and also mostly on the motorway, so it's not as bad as it might be.
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    And they go at 20mph or less all the way and 90% of the time on board is spent travelling the last 5 feet in Pietermaritzburg until you bottle out and beg to be let out so you can run to the start.
  • Thanks RR.... motorway is better...I liked the look of the link you gave RR but I dont know how I would get from there to teh start.....probably get up early and fight for the front seat of a bus  :)

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    Do you mean you need a hotel closer to t'start seren? Ascot being an 8 minute drive away...
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    In which case you need The Ilawu Inn, 111 Chief Albert Luthuli Road, Pietermaritzburg 3201 or other such kipping places portrayed on this cartographic representation
  • on there is nothing available for just the one night within 2 miles of the city hall.... :)
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    Seren, you seem pretty relaxed about that? Do you have your own different plan? Or should I be worried about what you say and try and solve your conundrum? All these general sites I assume are given quotas to sell. Maybe if you went direct to the hotel sites that say are full you will find availability? If I look on another general site right now, I can see a couple of hotels about 2ks out with availability. Are you going to jump in and book, or are you going to get t'bus?
  • lowrez. I wont bother phoning around.....The worst that can happen is I throw up a couple of long as I get there in time I will have time to eat something.... have a pepsi max and get some fresh air prior to the race
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    I am sure you should be able to get a front seat on a bus seren, there are billions of them; its a constant flow of people alighting them as they cruise down the pick-up lane; a simply bit of jiggery pokery should manoeuvre you in the queue to the front of the next, or, failing that just explain your predicament to the current occupant and make like you are going to vomit and they will run off :) 
  • easy to guess which one finishes and which one doesnt... managed to meet up mid race  :)

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    SS meets SN - love the picture! Ooo its Comrades!

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    Love the pic :)
  • worth checking the following if you haven't before, it used to be a one of the better holiday accom. sites in SA

    As someone suggested probably easier and cheaper to share a car/taxi up there and avoid bus travel 
  • Thames Meander sounds like it might be a good one for me as well. I -am- planning some marathons towards the end of November, so I'm sure I'll qualify then, but as the plan is to do 10-in-10 ( I doubt I'll go under 4 hours (to get my D-pen seeding) for any of them - much better to get that out the way earlier!

  • I would like to point out that the picture was taken whilst running! No stopping for selfies ;)
    It's one of Seren's better ones!!!
    Did you enjoy the rest of your holiday Seren.

    I can't be bothered to run at the moment. Feeling really lazy :'(
  • I'm doing the Chiltern Challenge tomorrow. 31 miles of hilly fun. I've done 2 runs of longer than 10 miles since Comrades, and eaten a lot of cake. I'm sure it'll be fine  :/
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    Good luck RR.  I'm sure it will be fine - this time last year we ran 100k.
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    I loved the motivational story at the link below, from Comrades 2017.  I'm trying to get started again after a very modest 30k over the past week (not east going either!).  I've just entered the Mablethorpe Marathon on 1st October - much work to do if I hope to finish that one (at least it's very flat - ran it in 2015).

    Have a good run RR.
  • Seren nos: Great picture!

    RR - hope you have a good run tomorrow.
  • RR - hope you're having a good run
  • Had a cracking run yesterday - very well organised and a lovely route through the Chilterns. I was running it with friends - we were all doing it off the back of training for other races earlier in the season so we didn't have high expectations of times, and a had a great day.
    Then we finished off with dinner in the pub where David Cameron left his daughter behind by mistake  :D.
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    well done RR :)
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    Well done RR
  • Well done RR!

    Finally getting back to reasonable distances - 21 humid miles today. Fine except for tripping over a sapling stub (about 4 cm wide and 4 cm high) about 5 miles from home, leading to a sore and slightly swollen left big toe. May scupper my plans to run to work tomorrow. Oh well.

    Hope everyone else has had a good weekend.
  • Well done RR. Inspired by your run, I went out and ran 13 miles yesterday but I was sooo slow and tired
    At this rate, I'll be lucky to scrape by in 5 hours in York :(

    Debra - Hope the toe's ok
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