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  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Thanks for the P&D review Cal.  I will have a browse if I can find it in the bookshop.  Have a good mile this evening.

    Nice Parkrun PB Will

    JT: try looking around you deliberately when you are struggling with the running.  Not always easy to do, I am better at doing this in races but then there are often more distractions.

    Take care of your knee swittle.  

    Modest mountain hike on Saturday and 10.3 km for me yesterday running to the local high spot. Met OH at the top of the hill and got a lift back down to avoid annoying my slightly sore quads (from steep down hilling on Saturday's walk) by pounding back down the hill.   
    2 more runs and then the 47km mountain marathon on Saturday.  The weather forecast looks good at the moment.  Dry, partly sunny and not too hot and no thunderstorms.

    Here is a photo of the storks for Will.  I ran past them on the way out and took the photo on the way back so I hope it still counts as a running photo. 

    There are several houses with nests on them like these. 
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Time to wind it down before your race, Hazel.  And I adore the storks on watch on the roof ridge.   :D
    Anything seen while running should count as a running photo!

  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Nice photo, Hazelnut!
    I enjoyed the relays. A very different kind of run to my usual, and it was fun. No prizes or even chip timing but I managed to go sub-8 for my mile which I'm pleased with, given the fact I've not done a mile before and have a dodgy hamstring. I didn't feel the hammy during the race either, but I'm definitely feeling my lungs!
  • Great pic of the Storks, Hazlenut! Amazing nest builders. I reckon I could fit in there for a mid-run snooze :)
    Well done on your mile, Cal. Great time. I'm sure the lungs do hurt. I'm still finding the pace of a Park Run a bit of a burner.

    I really enjoyed a steady/slow 10 miles tonight. Am trying to fit in a few good long runs before I head off on hols. There was a constant and very welcome drizzle tonight and a cool breeze, which was perfect. I did 4 miles on the road, then 4 on the soft and slippery trail around the lake. Most of the birds were hidden away, but a Song Thrush made an excellent mile marker, mimicking at least a dozen other birds from the same bush the whole time. The last 2 miles on the road back home are usually a bit tough, but I felt strong all the way through tonight's run and was happy to get back in 1:43 hr. NIce when it all comes together.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Nice running, Will. It was cooler for me today too, but no drizzle.
    I logged 12 miles today, with 9 at MP or a bit faster, and ran a negative split of just over a minute. Took me 2 hrs 59 seconds, with an average pace of 10:05.
    No interesting wildlife today but I will say it's much easier to cross the roads now the kids are out and there are fewer cars about while I'm running.
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    edited July 2017
    I think I've seen a stork fly over when out running, which is quite something. Not today though. Saw plenty of bunnies and a squashed weasel (not a euphemism, although I did also see a male runner in just compression shorts). Evening run so not so warm. 13.5miles in under 1hr49. Kept passing the same two cyclists over a few miles. One had a pink tee and his arse popping out. Should really have been a 14miler but half mile from home was knackered and there was a bench. Very similar run a couple of weeks ago when at 8min/mile pace body/mind had enough at 13miles. Stamina and perseverance really is lacking this summer. Still in the cooler weather yesterday did 9miles in 1h6:30, albeit very uneven splits. Would like to be in that zen consistent running pattern that makes me content. Am not. Am all over the shop. I wish it would snow.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Ugh don't wish for snow, that would make running very difficult! I'm glad it's a bit cooler after a couple of really hot spells, but it's still quite humid. I'll be happy once it's Autumn.
    I hope you get your mojo back, JT. I know how it is, though in my case it's a nagging injury and a loss of pace that's affecting me. I think I may just be starting to get it back. I hope so. I haven't had a race to be proud of since Manchester and my parkrun's been shite all year.
    Anyway, 4 recovery today. Took it slow.
  • jtcedjtced ✭✭✭
    Bit of a hiatus for me over the past few days - I did 11 miles on a very wet Saturday, and planned 19 miles on the Sunday.  However, I was clearly reaching the limit of my endurance having had a faster session on the Thursday (running 1x5K at a fast-for-me pace, followed by an 11K at a moderate pace, followed by another 5K at the fast-for-me-pace).  So, during my Sunday run, for the first time, I bailed.  Was strong and even to about 10 miles, but on the return something went wrong and either I was just fatigued or it was cramp (difficult to say) and I had to call in the better 'alf to rescue me at around 13.5 miles.

    So, I've taken two deliberately easy rest days - no running, gentle walking (around 5 miles each day) and am planning 10 miles or so later this afternoon.  I've a race on Sunday (~11K local thing), so I want to have a run tomorrow - maybe 6 miles - and an easy jog on Friday, with a rest day Saturday.
  • jtcedjtced ✭✭✭
    FYI I've been averaging around 40 miles per week for the past 8 or 10 weeks, so I'm due a lighter week anyway - Loch Ness is only a couple of months away now.... <eek!>
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    On my regular trips past Crosby Marina, I often espy a stork perched either on a rock or some lumber in the water.  She or he takes off quite spectacularly!

    Some good miles being logged, Cal - the zephyrs of autumn make it my favourite season for running. 

    JT, your mileages are impressive but what about halving one or two of your long runs and keep a record of times?  Different pace, different motivation?

    A very damp 4.2 miles at 7am, taking in the prom, beach and coastal park.  The wobbly knee was less so today, and I reached 900 miles for the year.   :)
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    I am another one looking forward to Autumn.  I might even get to look at some snow on Saturday, the highest point of my race is at 2700m - do you want me to send you some JT?   I doubt I will be doing a great amount of running at that height so I might have time to collect a snowball or two.

    Good luck for Sunday jtced.

    1 hour outing with my Tuesday group yesterday prior to our summer BBQ.  Some minor mutiny going on as our group leader who was hosting the BBQ kept taking us on a route heading away from the food and drink.  Pretty chilly for once - but I jumped in the pool post run und pre BBQ nonetheless.  Saw a couple of nice rainbows. 

    Lots of running related and other chatting going on.  Around 10 of the group seem quite determined to enter the Medoc marathon next year, myself not included as the only way to do so it seems is via an organiser which is expensive.  Others are thinking about the local 100km ultra.
  • Everyone's busy running and getting plenty of miles in. Nice work all and good luck with the events and event prep.

    I was intending on 2 rest days but really fancied a run tonight and so did another 10 miler. I don't normally do 2 long runs in a week but thought I'd challenge myself to see how it would go. Tougher work tonight than on Monday, but gritted my teeth and enjoyed the push. Finished 2.5 mins slower than Monday, which I thought was good going. A couple of nice Great Spotted Woodpeckers and a hunting Kestrel kept me going, as did a lovely rainbow which reflected down onto the lake.

    Sorry to burst the Stork bubble, but we don't get them in the UK - except the very occasional vagrant. You've probably been seeing Little Egrets (medium sized white herons) - lovely birds all the same :)
    I run, therefore I am.
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Dammit!  I meant heron!  It was the pic of the stork nest ^ wot put me off!
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Well done on the 900 miles swittle btw.  I'm a bit behind you at 864.  I'm trying to maintain around 200km a month this year.   Some have been more, some less. 

    5km gentle leg loosener around the local fields.   No storks for me today either - just a squirrel scurrying up a tree and a buzzard overhead which I watched warily as I was attacked by one last year in the same place.  I think the nesting season is over now though so less risk of it now.  It is certainly school holidays here - very few people around. 

    Just gathered up all the bits of paper for Saturday's race which I am now finally feeling a bit motivated for / excited about.  Stressful couple of weeks workwise took up most of the available adrenalin I think.  Main aim is to get round: cut off is 10 hours for 47km and 1700m +/-.  I have done 42 with similar upping but almost no downing in 5:34 but this one has a lot more trail.  Note to self:  don't set off too fast.
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Thank you, Hazel.  Your miles are far more 'up & down' than mine.  Grey squirrels a common sight in my local park; and threatened reds at Formby Point, 8 miles north.  Canada Geese & assorted sea birds by the lakes this a.m., most taking off as I got near.  
    Good to hear you're feeling more focused: the race will need concentration, stamina & strength and I wish you all three.   :)
  • Nessie73Nessie73 ✭✭✭
    Hello MLRers! 
    Just popping in and then out again- next time I pop along next week, I'll have a catch up on what everyone's been up to..
    So we got back from Corfu last weekend. It was fantastic, so restful and such a beautiful island, with much reading, eating, drinking, and swimming, including some super-wild stuff jumping off a boat in the Ionian ocean.  Running- I ran on my first day, 4 miles in 38 degree 9 am heat, but quite happily. That night, I woke around 3 am to a pain in my lower back. I must have somehow sprained a muscle in my back, without realising, and as a result could not really walk much, let alone run.  It didn't ruin the holiday because- well- I didn't really need to do much, and although I was waking every hour or two every night, I could doze by the pool / on the beach.  Also brufen and alcohol helps. I've had a week and a half without a run, which is the longest since I sprained my ankle a couple of years ago.
    My back has only really recovered this week, so I did a very tentative 5k yesterday, which was fine. So I'll try again tomorrow, and then we're camping in damp Sussex this weekend, where I shall swim in a river, and also pack my running shoes.
    Catch up next week all and have a good weekend of running!
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Glad you've had a good holiday in spite of the back pain, Nessie. I've hurt my back a couple of times, most recently just before Hampton Court, but it rarely lasts beyond a few days fortunately. Bloody painful while it does, though.

    Hope you're doing well, Hazelnut!

    Another uninspiring parkrun attempt today - 27:49. I don't know where my speed has gone. I did slow down a bit last summer but was still running sub-27 most weeks. I'm going to try a different parkrun next weekend (well, I have to since mine is cancelled due to a music thing on the common) so will have to find one I can get to easily.
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  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Bloody spammer...

    Got round my 47km in 6:46. Mostly rocky trails over two alpine passes -  lovely scenery and only 1.5 minor crisis moments.  0.5 due to overheating in the first 10km or so, but I was able to lose a layer and the 1 around 12km from the finish due to an unexpected strech of uphill in what I thought was all downhill.  Walked, swore a bit and slapped myself to stop whinging and keep going.  39th lady of 129 and 8th in my category.  Pleased with that.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    The mods and admins here are doing a crap job at removing these posts. I mean, it's not like the stuff they're flogging isn't illegal.

    Bloody well done, Hazelnut - that sounds like a very tough race, particularly the unexpected hill at the end. I'd have sworn too.

    I did a hilly 14 miles myself today (though you'd probably describe it as undulating) - the longest and hilliest run I've done since my marathons. It really kicked my butt but hopefully will strengthen my hamstrings and cause my little mitochondria to flourish.
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Hope you're feeling better, Nessie - strange to read you're not ready to run yet.  Human dynamo!
    A couple of years ago, the RW forum was awash with spam relating largely to sporting events: took ages to strip it out.   :o:'(

    An impressive test passed with flying colours, Hazel.   :)

    And Cal, that's some very healthy mileage logged.

    Me? 8.6 miles in the gathering gloom last night on firm sand; last 2 miles of trail were run using my 'bat' radar attributes!  And a tired 4 miles at 7am today - I should get more recovery.  :/
  • Thanks swittle - I logged 39 miles for the week, which is my highest total since February!
    Rest day yesterday (I did Vinyasa yoga, though, which is pretty strenuous) and a lovely 8 miles in perfect weather today.
  • Thanks swittle and cal and good mileage by both of you.

    Hope you've enjoyed the rest of your holidays Nessie despite your back.

    A longer race report, if you want to read it: 

    The SwissAlpine K47 event was my first race away from home involving a longer journey and staying overnight before and after the race in a hotel.  I travelled by train and didn't miss my car at all.  I had picked a hotel in Filisur a couple of stations down the line from Davos which turned out to be a good selection, away from the hustle and bustle of Davos but well connected by train and also a lot cheaper.

    I collected my start number the day before the race.  This was a good idea to reorientate myself in Davos so as to know where to find everything on race day. 

    I had never run 47km before and was a bit worried that I had bitten off more than I could chew.  Additionally, stress at work in the days before the event meant that I didn't feel fully motivated and mentally "ready" for the race.

    On race day it was warm with thunderstorms predicted for the late afternoon / evening.  I however carried my nice new jacket and arm sleeves the whole way around the course without needing them.  But rather that than needing them and not having them with me.

    I initially wore a lightweight T-shirt under my race vest but took this off after around 8km already as I was far too warm.  It was only at around an altitude of 2750m that the air (finally) felt cool.

    During the race I drank plenty of water and sports drink, but didn't eat more than one energy bar and a couple of bits of banana.  It was a very good idea to carry a hydration rucksack - I doubt I would have got round without problems as it was very warm and there were long gaps between the drink stations on the most difficult parts of the course.

    I really enjoyed the course which I didn't know in advance, my curiosity about the coming kilometres helped me to stay motivated.  The difficult terrain (a bit of tarmac and gravel roads, mostly rocky trails) also helped to distract me from the exertion. My shoes worked perfectly, I only got one small blister but no pain at all.

    I managed the two steep alpine passes very well by walking the steeper bits - keeping up well with those around me and overtaking a few as well.  I found the downhill stretches from the passes difficult and really had to concentrate not to trip or slide over.   By 12 km to go I was tired and did not enjoy the initially undulating track through the wood.

    The last few kilometres went past surprisingly quickly though and I got to the finish line in 06:45:48. I achieved my main goal of getting round fairly easily but missed my "secret" goal of 06:30.  I was maybe overcautious going downhill, didn't run enough of the flat stretch between the two passes and I certainly lost time on the last 12km.  I am still very happy as I scraped into the first 3rd of the women and also left half of the men behind me.

    OH provided great support by biking to the accessible bits of the course where he provided encouraging words, sun cream and water.

    Quite a few people from the UK taking part - also in the 78km race.  


  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    Congratulations Hazel. Nice post race can of lager :)
    13.6miles offroad (mostly) in under 1hr47, discounting a bit I had to walk because it was so overgrown. Legs a bit stung. Ran past a load of bullocks. Had a few days proper rest and felt better, albeit post 10miles I'm still labouring. Garmin took forever to find a satellite - I sometimes wonder if it gets a bit erratic in certain conditions. Just finished up when a big thunderstorm set in.

    Yeah, it would have been a heron I saw once, not a stork. Although it was carrying a baby. Probably just lunch.
  • Nessie73Nessie73 ✭✭✭
    Hello MLRers! Fantastic race report and cracking pic Hazel. Very impressive stuff! I've seen your pics of those hills and they are hardcore!
    The usual great stuff from Cal, swits and JT too.
    Cal, you're still doing lots of long runs post- Manchester. I really ramp down the running in the summer and rarely clock more than 6 miles. Partly due to the school holidays and childcare changes, but also due to heat etc. I am now thinking I need to do some more long runs in the lead up to my stab at a HM PB in the autumn
    We had a lovely, if damp, weekend in Sussex camping.  I only managed one run of around 5k, and also a bloody beautiful swim in the river Rother.
    Today I did my first speed session in a while, and did the full pyramid session without any pain, and at a fairly respectable pace. Am very pleased :-)
  • Good evening everyone, it's been far too long since my last post here but I am hoping I have some positive news. My last run was on May 24th and the following day I underwent hernia surgery with the reasonable expectation of being back to light training and back to work towards the end of June, however fate provided me with a different path and my convalescence has been much much longer than anticipated. After six weeks of being a virtual prisoner in my own home while I tried to recuperate I'm expecting to be back at work on August 16th and the athletic side of my life has finally had a boost as I laced up and stepped out for a slow and steady 5k this afternoon. I've had no repercussions yet but I'll leave it until tomorrow before deciding whether it was a complete success as I may yet feel some muscle soreness in the surgery area overnight. But even if it hasn't been a great success I do know that it has been progress and just being able to get those shoes on and get out there felt so good!

    I've paid for the Great South Run in October so hopefully today was day one of preparation, but I've had too many false dawns with a selection of injuries since February 2016 I don't want to get ahead of myself just yet!
  • Good to see you Matt, and I'm glad you're on the mend and running again! I know how stir crazy I got after I got the cyst removed from my foot, and I only had to stay indoors for three days with that. Fortunately the 2012 Olympics had just started so I spent most of my recuperation glued to the box.
    Well done on the speed session, Nessie. Which HM(s) are you doing? I had three booked already (Richmond, Royal Parks and River Thames) but I've just entered Maidenhead as well, so that'll be the first. It's a fast and flat one but my main objective is to get some confidence back after a very lacklustre few months.
    JT... :lol:

    Speed was on the menu for me today too, but I felt sluggish and a 11:44 first mile and a creaky knee meant a chance of plans from intervals to a progression run. That went well though - aside from the first mile I did a standard easy paced mile, two MP miles (one lower end, one higher - the latter had more incline too) and two HMP miles (one sub-2 pace, one PB pace). Then a recovery mile. Felt tired at the end but still managed a few exercises in the kiddie playground, such as bench dips, step-ups and leg raises.
  • Morning all MLRers! Glad to see everyone is doing well with their various running plans.

    Hazlenut, that's a fantastic race and achievement. That distance is still a way off for me, let alone doing it up and down alps! The idea really appeals to me, so maybe with another year's experience and training I might go for something a bit more off-piste.

    Nice work Swittle and JT, still cranking out the miles.

    Pompey Matt, I hope the recovery continues and you get back on track. That first 5K must have felt good :)

    I went away for the annual long weekend with the outlaws. We stayed in a nice hotel in London, which the China athletics team were sharing with us. I was looking forward to using all the nice training facilities and doing a couple of Thames path runs up to Richmond. However, a rogue sausage poisoned me on the first morning and left me in a sorry state for the rest of the weekend. A game of ping-pong was about as much as I could manage.

    I thought I was okay for a run yesterday, back in Norwich, but half a mile up the road it was clear my stomach still wasn't up to it, so that mission was aborted. This morning I tried again and all went well. 6 miles testing out my new trail shoes was hard work but enjoyable. My legs were a bit leaden and I think my system is not quite free of toxins, but I got round and finished strongly. I'll do another tomorrow before we head off with the little hooligans to backpack round Croatia for a few weeks. It's 35C+ out there so aiming to fit in as many early/late shortish runs to keep me in shape for the 3 HMs I'm now entered for in Autumn/Winter.

    Nature wise, I saw my own Grey Heron this morning, a nice family of Moorhens and lots of Peacock and Red Admiral butties. Tidy.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Oh, and good work Cal as well! Still working hard I see :) 
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Thanks Nessie, I hope your back is well recovered or at least recovering well.  

    Sorry to hear about your OP recovery troubles Matt and good to see you back.

    JT there is almost always something to grin about in your posts - I like reading them..  There was no alcohol in that beer :-)  That would have knocked me flat in 20 seconds.

    Busy race calender for you for the autumn Cal.  Nice progression run.  

    Thanks and enjoy your holidays Will, bad luck on the nasty sausage.    

    5km gentle jog around the local fields for me before breakfast.  Legs still a bit stiff but could amble along without too much discomfort.  Will take it easy this week then start building up for my autumn flat marathon.  Need to work on speed over longer distances for that.
    Very warm at 7am already, we are in for a few more hot days until Sunday.  The air quality was pretty poor anyway - the Swiss celebrate their national holiday on 1st August and go mad with fireworks.  
    Naturewatch:  2 foxes, a few storks and a couple of buzzards.
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