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    Ear it - ear it - I changed it just for you!

  • becca.. like the look of that 40 miler.haventt done it yet so will try and fit into this years training

  • I would like to buy one of the plaques with my name on for the wall of honour. I have emailed and been sent a form to fill in with a few ways of paying. Cheque, BACS credit card (not sure how) postal order and cash. I have pointed out that I'm an international runner and it costs a lot to transfer money and have asked for a secure site. They don't do that. Seems strange that I can't pay online. Has anyone else bought a plaque and if so how have you paid?
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    I'll pm you SS

  • So... I ran a local trail marathon (Vanguard Way Marathon on Sunday) - slow time because (a) I was coming down with a nasty cold (tickly throat by the evening, hacking cough by the following morning) and (b) I lost the way, twice (!) (I used to know that route but haven't run it since 2013). Still, it was fun  and I want to do more trail - there's another local trail marathon on 27th so I'm looking forward to that.

    HOWEVER, North Downs Way 50 is on 19 May next year - three weeks before Comrades. Too close? Entries open this Saturday and it will no doubt fill up immediately.

    Also wondering about trying to get into Lakeland 50 next year - should be last weekend in July so 7 weeks after Comrades.

    I'm going a bit nuts at the moment as I'm planning the Black Hugin evening of 2nd September, Bettshanger Marathon on 21 October to get my D-pen (I hope) qualification sorted followed by a 6-hour Challenge the following day, and a 10 marathons in 10 days end November/start December, also a night challenge run 17-18 February on the same course as/to prepare for a fairly flat 100-miler 10-11 March - with hopefully a few other 6-hr and 8-hr challenges along the way...
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    Wow, Debra, Traviss must love you, that's a lot of SVN events.  I'm running Betteshanger.  I'm hoping to get my qualifier in the week before at Leicester.

    Regarding the NDW 50 I wouldn't, sorry.  Too close to Comrades and the NDW is too gnarly for my liking.  I would worry about taking a tumble.  Lakeland 50 should be fine for after Comrades though.

    I did Gloucester Marathon this weekend just passed.  Quite a nice one, they said it was pretty flat but there was a steep hill that was pretty testing.
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    Becca, I fear you're right about NDW50 being too close. I very much like the route but I'll have to leave it until 2019. I can still use the NWD for training runs, after all...

    As for all the SVN events, well they are relatively local (90 mins away) and they are small, low-key and friendly, which makes them attractive. And there are people who do a lot more of them than me!

    Glad you enjoyed Gloucester Marathon - and see you in October at Betteshanger!
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    Hi everyone - after two years off, I am BACK for number 6 in 2018! Nice to see so many familiar names here! I'm booked into Belaire...staying away from flights til much nearer the time (and to see if SA airways is still in business!). Looking into some races for prep - what's Connemara ultra like?? 
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    Hurrah, another in for Number 6.  Will be good to see you out there again Carmen.  

    A friend did the Connemara ultra this year.   Said it was scenic and they had a few hills.  Just drinks at aid stations.  It's on open roads and she didn't like the closeness of the traffic.
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    Ah thanks for that! Yes, 6...seems crazy not to take it to 10 now doesn't it?! . Wish they hadn't cancelled Compton 40 - was also great prep for Comrades! 
  • Becca7Becca7 ✭✭✭
    Yes, half green, be a shame not to top up.  I've never done the Compton one but always heard it was a good one to prepare for Comrades.
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    I ran Connemara a good few years ago in prep for my first. I had a great time with a few undulations i seem to recall. Certainly good prep since all on roads. And yes shame about Compton. The 20 miler though still hits the spot for a good off road run at about the right time.

    And looks like there will be a huge celebration happening in 5 years time then  :D:D:D
  • Carmen - yay! nice to see you back.

    I used to like the Compton 40 too. A good event, sadly missed...
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    Hello Carmen :)

    Marty - what did you do for support on Connemara - last time I looked it seemed like you needed a car to track you - kind of crawling along behind you to protect you - I couldn't persuade anyone to do that for me:(

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    You may have this confused with another race lowrez. It starts and finished from the same place (pretty much) but i used the bus service they offered to get to the start and then back again. Worked smoothly enough for me. Views were definitely worth it though.
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    Maybe we are talking different events, I am on about the Connemara 100 "There is a 30 hour limit and every participant must have their own crew with them at all times to look after water, food etc..."
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    Mine was "just" the 39 miler!!! Beautiful part of the world mind you.
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    There aren't a lot of "long" races that are all road in the UK; the Connemara variations fit that bill; after the sogginess and variability of the canal I was looking for some solid ground to run on next.
  • lowrez: while I much prefer trail - Comrades is the only road ultra I want to do (okay, maybe Two Oceans sometime, once), and I prefer trail marathons as well - although I am planning on a number of SVN events that, while not on road, are on tarmac/concrete for much/all of the route. But they are nice low-key friendly events.

    Next for me is a local trail marathon, Woldingham, next Saturday. Same group who organised the Vanguard Way marathon that I ran a fortnight ago. Not QUITE as convenient, but still only a 30 minute drive.
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    After getting psyched up for Mablethorpe marathon on 1 October, I received word from the organisers last Sunday that all their events are cancelled!

    So, I've entered The Robin Hood for 24th Sept as a substitute.  One week less training than I had planned (and needed).  I think I have some chance of a sub 5 and plan to work hard at trying for it!

    Are there any other 'Robin Hoods' or 'Maid Marions' planning to be in Nottingham for this one?
  • Becca7Becca7 ✭✭✭
    I saw that Terry, it's a shame. I'm doing the half Robin Hood. 
  • Terry48Terry48 ✭✭✭
    Hi Becca, I'll try to spot you but it'll be a big crowd and you'll be way ahead of me!  Have a good half.  :)
  • first time poster (and Comrades runner - hopefully) - so please forgive silly questions, posting in the wrong place etc.
    I'm wondering about qualifying races... I can't really figure out whether certain races I'm looking at (e.g. one being the Morpeth-Newcastle marathon in October, but also others) would count as qualifying races... I don't want to do one of the big commercial races as they're too expensive, and the last time I did the Great North Run rather embarrassingly some of my sponsors didn't bother donating so I let the charity in question down...would prefer to do a smaller, more affordable run. But again, it's hard to determine what would be a qualifier. The Comrades website in SA seems to be down at the moment (the bit about the qualifying anyway, wasn't too much help the last time).

    I know I can register for the Comrades and then run the race later (up to a month before the actual race), but again finding a suitable qualifier in the UK is too much for my beginner's brain...would be grateful for any help, and happy to reciprocate if anyone wants to know about Durban/Pietermaritzburg, as I grew up in Durban/spent a year at uni in Pietermaritzburg, although quite a few years ago now.
  • Hi Warren and welcome. They're fairly flexible about what races intenational runners use as their qualifiers. As long as it has some sort of certification to prove it's not just laps of your back garden it's probably OK. But if in doubt, try emailing them at [email protected], they're very helpful.
  • Becca7Becca7 ✭✭✭
    If it's any help Warren I've used races like Abingdon Marathon and Shakespeare Raceway Marathon as qualifiers, so as RR says they are pretty flexible and Morpeth to Newcastle is likely to be suitable. 
  • Terry, that's really bad luck. Hope all goes well at Robin Hood. I'm race director for my club's 5-mile cross-country race, the Switchback, that day, if anyone fancies a nice little XC - free cake and memento to all finishers (draw string bag or T-shirt, probably).

    Warren, as RR & Becca have said, they are happy with pretty much anything that's a certified road marathon - I've had no problem with Saxons, Vikings & Normans marathons (on their certified marathon courses - not their Challenge events) as qualifiers, and those are about as small and low-key as you can get.

    Woldingham Marathon done on Sunday: 27 miles, 4 hr 55 minutes. Started and finished at Woldingham School with parts of the middle section being NDW/Vangard Way. Mixture of runnable trails including some lovely woodland, un-runnable hills, and flat tarmac paths/private roads. Very hot - I took to pouring water over myself at the aid stations, as if it were Comrades. Finished second woman and got a trophy! Had a nice lazy day yesterda with just a gentle 3.5 mile jog in the evening.

    Next up: Black Hugin Challenge on Saturday evening. Must remember to take my head torch.
  • Becca7Becca7 ✭✭✭
    Well done on the trophy, Debra.  I heard that Woldingham was a tough one.  Good luck for Saturday.  I've done a couple of Hugin events and think that the lap is a nice one.

    Not long until 2018 entries open.
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    Well done at Woldingham Debra.  Sounds like it was good hot weather practice for Comrades! 

    I've got fingers firmly crossed for the Robin Hood. An early qualifier would be great but it's going to be really hard work to get that!  I'm doing about enough mileage at last but rather slow.  I have at least managed to get my parkrun last Saturday down to 27:17.  Not a stunning time, even for me, but I'm using parkruns to try and improve pace/cadence.
  • Becca, Terry, thanks! Yes, it was pretty tough, particularly in the heat, and I really pushed myself on the final few (road section) miles.

    Becca, good to know that about the Hugin lap. I'm aiming to trot around that, not race like I did at Woldingham (really wanted to keep that 2nd place once I realised I had it!).
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    So the rumours WERE true - Moses Mahbida IS the new finish line! But what does this mean for distance/route?? 
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