Minor Achilles injury recovery

I wondered if someone could give me some professional advice, I have/ had an Achilles injury in my left leg which started two weeks ago it seems to of stemmed from my soleus as there was bruising there which has now gone away. I have done no running since the injury and applied ice,went to see the physio who recommended rest for a second week.  So this is now the second week can feel no pain in my Achilles when I am walking or on my tip toes,  any ideas where I should go from here? 


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    physio should have given you some rehab exercises like heel raises to do. 

    also (speaking from bitter experience!) recommend a slow return, tendon injuries can take months (or even years!) to recover from so aim for a slow recovery.
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    sounds as though you have been very sensible so far though.

    maybe coming back too early or quickly is a bad man trait thing :( .
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    Tracey, whatever you do, do it slowly. You seem to have a good handle on things. With bitter experience (is the​re any other kind?)  I can recommend the following. I had some success using a leg brace as it kept the foot from straightening thus shortening the tendon. Also to maintain fitness I bought a good rowing machine. I think my fitness even improved whilst injured. Please ask if you need more info and I'll be happy to help.
  • Hi Guys 
    Thanks for your reply, for some reason I didn't receive any email from the site when I received your posts. Anyway Yeah well I have been there before with Achilles problems where I couldn't lift my heel off the ground! So Not going back there again.  I have done the concentric/eccentric exercises before just wandered when to start doing those? and perhaps try couple miles to see what's it like? 
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    As everybody else has said, just take it slowly and listen to your body when you start again. If you're feeling no pain then I'd say you may be okay to start again soon (leave it a few more days to be sure). Just do a very gentle, slow and short run and see how you feel. I wouldn't plan for much more than a few minutes just to test it. If you feel any pain at all then stop immediately.

    As long as that's okay, then build up slowly until you're back where you were. If you've only been out for a couple of weeks you won't be too far behind. 

    I'm still trying to recover from an Achilles injury from about 12 weeks ago. It's the third time in about 10 years that my left Achilles has had an issue, but this is the first time that it hasn't been fixed in such a long time.

    I've done all the usual things. RICE, calf raises etc. Does anybody have any other advice ?
  • These guys do an online physio channel that I've found useful.

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