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  • Hey guys and gals. I did an easy 5 on Thursday, rest day yesterday (it was raining) and 6 miles today (5 progression plus a cool-down). My head's still not right - balance feels a little off when I run downhill, so I think there may be something wrong with my ear(s) although there's no pain. Hopefully it'll clear up. I had a period like this 10 years ago when I got very run down one year and caught a lot of viruses, so I guess my immune system is a bit down in the dumps. I felt quite good running, though, that aside.
  • Hi, I've been away for ages! I'm still consistently running 3/4 times a week, however, I had tonsillitis in May and ever since then I have been at least 1.5 minute a mile slower. . I just cannot get my speed back. I've gone back to hear rate training as a last resort as that really helped me before. My sleep is good, food ok, but that speed has just gone in only a matter of months!

    Anyone had anything similar or have any thoughts?
  • As an example I set my parkrun pb in April of 22:57, I had tonsillitis on early May and since then I haven't ran under 23:40, in fact I've got slower. Today I was 24:47... just feel like I've got nothing in me!
  • Andrea, I feel your pain. I'm not as fast as you but I was consistently running 26s last year (went under it twice) but this year I've been in the 27s. It's annoying as I ran back to back HM PBs in February and then a marathon PB in April, but then I got high hamstring tendinopathy, took a little downtime, ran another marathon (slower than the first as I had to walk a few times) and my times have been crap since. My August 10K was 2 minutes slower than my January one and the 10 miler I did in July was 5 minutes slower than last year's. Warm and humid weather hasn't helped, but I'm still annoyed.
    I was hoping to bounce back this Autumn but I've had all manner of problems - a few days off for posterior tib, another few days off for a tight, angry hip, then the infected bite and antibiotics (and a cancelled HM last weekend) - argh. I was expecting I'd be able to knock another 2 minutes off my HM time after February, but now I'll be lucky to scrape in under 2 hours. Sucks.
    I think we just have to chalk it up to health problems and weather at this point. I'm just more concerned as I'm 50 now and the window for improvement is shrinking. Ah well, I guess we do what we can.
  • Swittle- the Hendrix version is the best in my opinion. Unoriginal point of view, I know. The rain is very unpredictable ATM isn't it!?
    Andrea, good to "see" you. I can only think that you've got post-viral exhaustion and that you'll naturally build up fitness again. I assume that you're still varying your sessions?
    Cal, you've made some amazing gains this year, and it may be that you need to back off the racing after autumn's efforts? Don't be too hard on yourself.
    Me- a fartlek session this morning as we're back into the routine of ballet taxiing for the youngest.  There's a certain reassurance in a return to the routines of work / school / clubs etc, especially as things continue to be incredibly busy with the parents. But they too are starting to slot into that routine
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    Hello Andrea. You and Cal not having a great running summer. If you're out from running, or hampered by illness or injury for a time, pace and rhythm does fall away. I've found when starting back from injury it's like starting from scratch. I have all the grace and flow of a bag of spanners being kicked down the road. It takes time and miles to unlock things again. Unfortunately this summer hasn't been conducive to that with so much moisture in the air. Even on relatively mild days the body can't lose its heat when running. Things will get better.
    7.1miles this evening as it was getting dark. Saw a bat. Pissing it down or sunshine today, sometimes simultaneously. Yesterday 11.5miles road/off-road mix in about 1hr26. Coming back kids were out of school which meant a fair amount of bike and child dodging. Getting energy drops again at 3miles. It's like a wave of fatigue that goes through my body. Soon passes but not pleasant. Never really understood what it's all about. Treadmill run the day before that - 12min incline into 8mins pace. Felt my right calf twinge just as finishing. A tiny strain but thankfully hasn't been an issue. Have dewormed neighbours' cat.
  • Good miles, Swittle and JT.

    Nice to get out in the autumnal mist this morn, although I nearly twisted my ankle on a slippery conker! I did a practice 13.1 on road and trail and was chuffed with a time of 2h 7m. Feeling a wee bit fitter and faster in recent weeks. The advantage of having only taken up running 2 years ago is that pretty much most things are PBs for me as I build up experience and miles. Round the lake I heard my first migrant Chiffchaff of the autumn and passed some very well behaved dog owners.
    On Saturday I volunteered for the first time at Parkrun. As I suffer from pretty bad social anxiety this was quite a big deal. It turned out to be very uplifting and I met some really nice people. Loved cheering the 500+ runners through the funnel :) 
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Thank you for the encouraging words every one. Cal, it sounds like you've really been through it too. Will, I also have a tendency to feel very anxious in certain situations and I've always found parkrun very reassuring.

    Went out this morning and did an hour at slow pace. Ended up about 5.5 miles.
  • I knocked out 9 miles yesterday, with most around MP. Energy levels are there but I still feel a bit run-down and felt more tired after than usual. I do have a slight sniffle so perhaps there is a virus there.
    Nessie - well there's the matter of next year's marathons... :grin:
  • Will - for my key races over various distances I've often used plans off of MyAsics with fairly low mileage but quite a lot of speedwork.  Tapering on these involves reducing the mileage down over the final 2-3 weeks and the quicker sessions at no faster than race pace.
    e.g. for my marathon: (sorry I work in kms).
    3 weeks before:  45 km including 1 x 9km and a HM at marathon pace
    2 weeks before: 38 km inlcuidng 1 x 9km and 1 x 13.5km at marathon pace
    Final week: 20 km including 1 x 9 km at marathon pace 5 days before the race itself   

    I wouldn't personally not go out at all in the days before an important race - I would be climbing up the walls.  I do take a day or two off directly beforehand.   

    Good to hear you are getting back into it Cal.     

    Welcome back Andrea.         

    For me: 24km yesterday with 9km at HM pace in 2:01.  Very constant pacing for once.  Tired at the end but much less so than the week before over the same distance at a slower pace.  Leg loosener over 5km in 30 minutes this lunchtime.
  • You're pretty quick, Hazel - I reckon those horrible hills have made you strong.
    I had a decent 6 mile run today - nice weather (blue skies, 12 degrees - which seems to be my optimal running temperature) and good energy levels. I'm not quite 100% but I managed a nice brisk pace (it turned into a progression run). Decided to inject some strides into my cool-down mile too.
    I'm looking forward to Sunday now. I doubt I'll get close to my PB but I shouldn't have a horrible time at least. I always enjoy this race and I've always done well, so I guess we'll see.
    In other news, my race pack for Royal Parks arrived. I'm pleasantly surprised to find myself with a green number, which means I'm in the second group start group. I guess there are a lot more casual runners in a big even like this, so even a club donkey like me gets to start closer to the front. I'm panicking a bit about sponsorship, though, as I've only managed just under half the total required so far. If anyone would like to sponsor me, (I'm running for Battersea Dogs & Cats Home - it's local and I like animals) the link is in my profile.
  • Andrea, your form will return but don't frighten it away by pushing too hard.
    Similar goes for you, Cal.  Have followed your tribulations; I'm convinced antibiotics take out loads of good bugs too.   :(   Good luck for your Sunday event.
    Nessie, the Hendrix version was the only one I knew up to a few weeks ago.  Many of the mid-60s takes are much faster in tempo.  The Leaves and the Fever Tree versions are rough but very ready.  Much dispute about who wrote the song....
    JT, join the patient patients' bench.  Good new on cat deworming.
    Pleasing progress, Will.  Neat nature sighting.
    Hazel: useful notes on countering taper madness.#

    7.5 mil darkrun last Sunday with unexpected sandblasting and matching 4-milers Monday & today, with strong winds spicing up my outings.
  • I do feel for you Andrea and Cal, I have to go back to December 2015 for the last time I started a race fully fit, I suffered a strained adductor in February 2016 which hit me hard but I had a 'dream race' of the Sydney marathon in September last year that I couldn't bear to miss so I spent months unable to train properly but I did get round the course and look back on it with great memories. It took until late April this year to get training again properly but a month later I had unrelated surgery which gave me another two months off, I had just one fit month from February 2016 to August 2017! Luckily I'm back to normal now but it's still going to be a while before I can get back to the kind of pace I had two years ago although I'm up 15 miles on my long runs now.

    I'm slightly disappointed my training didn't start slightly earlier as I would've loved to have done Amsterdam or Frankfurt, I could probably do Frankfurt but it's a bit high risk-nevertheless I did look at flights last night! My cautious nature took over though and my comeback marathon will be at the end of November, just a low key local event.

    As for my last run.....I headed back to the trails and reversed the route I did at the end of August but extended it to 15 miles which went fairly well despite a nice 400ft hill in mile four,it was undulating from there on but mostly downhill. It was good to hit the 15 mile distance and I'm looking forward to the next long run although my legs could do with a couple of days off now!
  • No running for me today, just a weights workout.

    Anyone else applied for the VLM? I applied feeling really good about my running. Now going through a bad patch I'm worried I might actually get in
  • I've applied in the ballot but I'm already booked for Manchester and Liverpool, so I'm not bothered if I don't get it. I'd like to do it some day, though. And Andrea, I wouldn't worry. There's a good amount of time between now and April. Hopefully we'll both be back to form by then if not before.
    Well done on the 15, Matt. I had a look at Frankfurt too but decided against an Autumn marathon this year as I had enough halves booked already. I'd like to do one next year, though.
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    20min incline run on the gym treadmill yesterday. A solid 17miles road run today in 2hrs14. Steady consistent pace and went fine. Felt good to get some longer miles in without any drama. Weather pretty good considering the storms forecast. Uneventful bar someone hammering their car horn and raised voices off in the distance. Neighbours' cat currently asleep on the stairs. Its teeth are knackered and its breath stinks and it meows a lot.
  • Hazel, your running's going well.  Cal, good to hear you're feeling abit more yourself.  Swit, music wise, I'm really a typical East London soul and ska girl at heart, but having a phase right now of 70s punk. I've just bought Viv Albertine's memoir and am looking forward to seeing the Slits' documentary at London Film Festival next month.
    JT, I take it you've now adopted the neighbour's cat? My cats have unfortunately "adopted" a baby rat which they brought in, alive, yesterday morning, and it's currently hiding out somewhere in my kitchen.  In the words of UB40. I'm hoping they find it and kill it before I find it alive. They were (I assume) staking it out in front of the oven this morning at 5.30 when I got up for my early one. The friend I was running with is doing Frankfurt marathon in 1.5 weeks and on a taper, so we did a fairly easy chatty 5 miles instead of the usual speedy one. Some exciting talk of her upcoming race :-)
  • Nessie, The Slits rattled stereotypes across the music world imho.  Viv featured in a programme in 'Late Night Women's Hour' series on Radio 4 this year.

    My musical tastes are catholic to say the least, so, alongside garage punk, I'm listening to The Flaming Lips latest album.
  • I ran a 15K in the park after work getting ready for a half marathon on Sunday. Went quite well, but still feeling all the junk food and beer I put in over the summer. I live in Rome so it's still a bit humid for distance training (even though we finally had the first proper rain in 3 months dumped on us all day Sunday), but if I don't I'll have no chance of being ready for the trip home for the Birmingham Marathon Mid-October.
  • Should have mentioned I'm a newbie here. Been running for 3 and a half years since I realised it was the only sporting activity any spare time would allow after we'd had our second kid. :o
  • I ran down the Tiber a couple of times when I visited Rome a few years ago, Jimbo. It's definitely a bit warm for my tastes!
    4 miles today. Rather windy but a good temperature - nice and cool.
  • Yeah that stretch along the river is fantastic. I always do my final long pre-marathon runs from the center to the Olympic Stadium and back. Lovely and flat and very scenic. Just watch out for the giant rats!
  • Busy times on here. Must be MLRers peak season!
    Ciao Jimbobello - Rome must be spectacular to run around, almost as spectacular as Norwich :)
    I was a proper Ska Boy back in the day, Swittle and Nessie, but more Nashville these days...
    Cal and Andrea, I foolishly popped my name in the VLM ballot. It will be brown trousers time if it gets pulled out!
    Hazel, many thanks for the tapering advice. I'm defo going to keep more active in the run up to my trail half on 24th. Medium, quick and long runs to finish this week, then a couple of steady runs next Tues and Thurs, with two full rest days of stretching and rolling. Am feeling good, so fingers crossed. The only thing I'm unsure of is how the trail will affect me time-wise compared to my first half, which was on the road.

    Last evening was an easy 4 miler to break in my new shoes. ooh, it was like running on pillows.

    I run, therefore I am.
  • Thanks for that link swittle! I often listen to Women's Hour when running solo- I've downloaded it :-)
    Welcome Jimbo
    Nice running Will and Cal
    5.5 miles in the forest this evening in the twilight. Spots included bats, foxes and the beautiful sound of owls

  • A good 6 miles last night, again at a decent pace and with a couple of what I think they call 'efforts' built in. Am enjoying pushing myself and surprised that I can actually shift a bit!
    I run, therefore I am.
  • I'm glad I missed the rats, Jimbo! And yes, it was lovely to see so much history in a relatively short run. Running does seem to be popular in Italy - we also stopped at a seaside resort for a couple of nights and there were loads of runners there, most wearing race shirts.

    Will, I have a non-runner friend who enters every year. It's like a reverse lottery for him - like the Hunger Games. He doesn't want to get in. I will laugh if he ever does.
    I was very much a kid when the whole two tone thing took off, but growing up in multiracial SE London, it was very prevalent. I did wear those loafers with the tassles and white ankle socks to school. My best friend's older brother when full rude boy, though. Two tone suit and everything. I think his mum was relieved as it looked better than the bondage trousers and green mohair jumper he wore when I embraced punk.

    I'm still a bit off. Best way to describe it is that it's like being slightly tipsy, like there's a slight disconnect between my body and my brain. Yuck. I had this before, 10 years ago, and the docs couldn't find anything wrong, so hopefully it'll just go away as it did before. Bleh. Anyway, I can run OK. I did an easy two miles today in the sunshine (although I wore gloves today!) then did some sprints. I enjoyed the sprints but strained my elbow. As odd as that sounds, it's not the first time I've done that.
  • 8 miles easy this morning for me, mostly in the forest. I'm doing the Serpentine 1 mile swim tomorrow and after freezing my t*ts off in  Stoke Newington reservoir last Thursday evening, the best way to describe my feelings about the Serpie are "ambivalent"  :#:#
  • I'd be even less enthused than you, Nessie. Cold water and I do not get along. :cold_sweat:
  • Tonight's musical input: a documentary on BBC4 about Marc Bolan.  In pursuit of megastardom, he didn't seem to play the cards as well as Bowie, yet, 'Get It On';, 'Jeepster' & 'Ride A White Swan' were fresh, catchy and vaguely subversive.

    Oh, MLR: 4.1 miles XC near Crosby Marina.  Many of my chronic aches had stayed at home.
  • This weeks has been about heart rate training. So instead of going by mileage, it's 30 minutes at 70% of max rate, 5 minutes slow followed by 10 minutes fast etc.. Parkrun today (my 91st!)  24:22, which is the quickest for 3 weeks. Overall pace was 7:50 and splits were 7:25, 8:11, 8:01. I felt much better today and I know I could've pushed a bit more, Going In the right direction, finally.
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