working at it slowly



  • Poor kid must have been terrified! :(
  • Evening just dashing again but have read back......getting ridiculous.......

    I guess DL hasn't gone yet based on the weather

    MC know what you mean re your girl.....we had 2 serious sexual assaults over the summer
  • And this stupid site has eaten the rest of my post TWICE
  • Give up, welcome wanderers, post properly weekend, if not send ginger one
  • So a while back I promised more photos of our new lad hopefully.........if this awful site doesn't muck me around again like last night,...............following should be just that!

  • No idea why posting sideways..............bloomin' computers

  •  Then Daddy opened the biccie cupboard.....

    Oh FFS..........pls turn your phones or whatever upside down for this one........

    I HATE technology!!!!
  • Lol podds - you can giggle now imagining us all trying to do a handstand! :D
  • podds - badger is beautiful. Awful to hear about the sexual assaults
  • Evening All, has a week really passed? whst's everyone up to this weekend
  • I'm off to see me poor old nan who doesn't have much longer with us by the sounds of it :(

    And rejoining the gym in an attempy to lose some of the entire stone I've gained in the last year. Urgh! 
  • YumsYums ✭✭✭
    morning :-)

    I'd leave a note on Podds desk apologising for my absence but it sounds as though she has more than enough to do.

    You do make me laugh. I have no idea why we see a witch picture and think of she who must not be named :-) Or that DL always has bad weather on holiday, or that anything Daffy does would be straightforward :-)

    And Spencey reappears after being missing for eons and talks poo immediately. Welcome back Spence. Good to see you - although I am trying hard not to picture you posting. I hope you werent at the race with people waiting to use the loo.  How are the kids - Dottie, boy flavoured one and girl?

    Hi Amandax, 7 months is a long time out. What did you do? It sounds as though you are back on it so well done.

    Podds, they are gawjuss boys. I take it that's toddler Tom with badger? Bedger looks like a big boy but perhaps that is just in comparison to tom who if I remember rightly isn't huge ?  Clearly Badger hasn't really blotted his copy book and is staying? They do look very content :-)

    MC. that's awful news on the girl. Returning to school with the right support is probably a good distraction from the thoughts of what happened.  

    Daffy, I can just see you relaxing in the tranquility of your garden when someone starts taking pot shots. It is a shame you couldn't have the house for nothing. Is this zero valuation thing new? I ask because a friend had her house valued at zero because of a small bit of damp. I pointed out to her the land was worth a considerable sum even if the house was falling down. its not, its a lovely house. Hope you are over your food poisoning

    DL, I hope you're not travelling with Ryan air or we can expect continued cooler weather.  It sounds as though you and OH deserve a break. You never know, XFC might really appreciate you when you return. Where are you going? The zip wire not scary ? I find that hard to believe but if I'm ever that way i'll think about it...

    Jenni, those boys! Plastering is a skilled trade and littley could no doubt earn quite well but the mess, oh the mess :-) And he'll always be handy to have around.  Biggun and money stuff... eek. It is quite hard now to get a proper job with set hours. Certainly a full time job with responsibilities must be tough for him to adjust to especially as he has mr farfars reputation to live up to. I hope he settles in soon.

    M.....eldy, what have you done to your pins? I hope you didn't get into the Pirate theme too literally and go all long john silver as you need to be in tip top shape for your special day at the end of the month. Landing a broomstick on one leg may lead to further injury.

    Sluggy, you are very quiet. What have you been up to?  How are you finding your visits to SM these days? Presumably she's mostly sleepy and in her own world. Do you see anything of the old SM at all these days? Its must be hard not to have a heavy heart when you see her.  Is Sky still going about her business as though theres nothing wrong? I hope so.  Do you have any plans for anything nice soon? Surely it must be cruise time again - if not tell MS it is :-)

    And where is Chuggy these days? How can retirement possibly mean she's busy than when she worked?  Ah, I suspect some WAISTers pop in duirng work.

    Pippi, you anniversary mean sounds fab. Shame the G&T snuck in there if it made you feel tired the following day. I don't think I'll be going to Iceland in a hurry if its eye wateringly exepensive unless its for some frozen peas.

    Life here is much the same. I seem to be busy. I was up at sparrows fart yesterday to take miniyums 2 to the Kent Police college for his Essex Poliss assessment. He seemed to have fun although its 5 hrs of being scrutinised in various ways. Bird and me are getting along well. Last Sunday she came over and helped cooked dinner after my long run. My 17 R/W LSR was defo better than 16 but I went on my own and did an off road loop I know well, stopping after each lap at my car to grab what I needed - homemade low GI flapkacks marafun run chum recommended. Not the nicest thing to eat but got me round. 18 tomorrow. i'm hating every second but just 18, 20 and race day to do. 

    On a slight sour note i am in two minds whether my longestablished run club is for me anymore. Based on a few feedback forms they decided to start meeting earlier. I made the mistake of asking why the whole membership wasn't consulted as it affects everyone and that a few feedback forms isn't representative of all members views. Suddenly it became a 'trial period'. I made another mistake of asking how they would evaluate the trial period to ensure it wasn't as unrepresentative as the reason for change in the first place. There was no direct response however the chairman did post on FB to say how many people turned up and how successful it was on the first night. The club is now largely made up of people from the beginners courses they regularly run and it would seem the committee are listening to them and new members rather than the membership as a whole. Over the last couple of years we've lost quite a few better runners because the club doesn't provide for them any more. I dont feel  I belong in a club where its not democratic and as a founding member I have no voice. I am left wondering why I should give them my money and my UKA affiliation.  There are two other local clubs who would be happy for me to join one of which I already run with and the founder chap is guiding me through the 30 mile training and run so perhaps it is time for a change. 

    WAIST well lovely people
  • Evening all, 

    Yumms, it is lovely to hear from you :) When will the mini hear about his poliss assessment? It is a very hard time for the young uns when they are looking for jobs.

    I'm glad that you and Bird are getting on well, you deserve some fun and friendship at the very least!

    It sounds as if your running club is not ticking enough boxes for you, not making any attempts to keep established members, so perhaps it is time to look elsewhere. When/where is your race?

    Things are OK here thanks, trundling along with very little excitement. SM has been quite alert for our last couple of visits but not speaking much. It is almost as if she has decided not to bother making the effort to communicate verbally and stick to facial expressions to try and get her message across. She is still enjoying her choclit and seems to know us more often than not. She is very frail of course but doesn't seem to be deteriorating much physically. The average prognosis for her cancer is supposed to be 5-10 months after diagnosis - and she was diagnosed in February.

    Skycat is also doing well. She still has balance issues and a head tilt that makes her look incredibly cute! Time will tell whether she is actually recovered, I will believe it if she is still alive and well going into November!

    We have a cruise booked for September 2018 and another for Sept 2019. We certainly hope we can manage something before then, maybe in the new year, but cannot really book too far in advance due to SM.

    Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and is getting some sunshine. We have had a couple of very  nice days after some torrential rain.

  • Funny how I *knew* ...

    you'll keep, Podds !!
  • It's been a lovely day here, properly sunny and warm

    i spent last night in a field with Patrick Swayze, ....I wish  :D

    glad Badger is settling in, he does look very lovely

    yums, remind me which race you are doing?

    i had signed up for Loch Ness this weekend but had to by pass that one, I notice Farty pants was up there too??!

    nice to see Amanda and Spence back for a visit!  Spence did you get your pb?

    Yums, is this an assessment to join polisss ??

    sluggy, do you have to take Sky back regularly for check ups or are they happy for you to manage?

    DL where are you off to? And yes can we have some sun back please.  Mother of Meldy has just come back from Croatia, I think she has been before and it certainly looks lovely

    two more days off for me, I too have joined he gym to try and get some more core stuff done, it's only £10 a month and as many classes as you can muster so I'm trying yoga tomorrow  :#

    This is time last year I was recovering from Majorca with Podds and the Sagalouts!!
  • Yums, you're doing a 30 miler?!?!?! Nice to hear Bird can cook dinner for you! Pippette has had all sorts of ups and downs with her rowing club, so I know what you mean about the running club. At least it sounds as if you have alternatives.

    We have been away with the photographers this weekend to Ingleton in the Yorkshire Dales. It didn't rain!

    FB reminded me it is xx years since JW Ultra (I now can't find the post and can't remember how many years ago it was!)

  • Yes, some Majorca pics popped up on my FB this week
  • Ok so I can only post 1 line at a time from my tablet.......
  • ..cont. more fun than the same week this year!
  • hello , just a quick look in B). Just don't like this site anymore which screws it up for the "old" waister chat. Had crap year so far but nice to see you all chatting away still. I have been dusting my old bike off as can't run and had a leg problem walking for last few weeks. thinking of doing something on the bike next year if still on this earth.. Well you have to dream don't you.
    be good x
  • It's great to hear from you Westie!  Although it is not so good that you have had such a rough year :( I hope the remainder of 2017 is very much better for you (((Westie)))
  • Good for you, Westie. Find a problem, find a way round it! 

    The website is dreadful isnt it? You would expect it to be sorted by now. The front page is still full of spam. I notice there isn't a section for Website issues, and I think there was something on the old site, wasn't there! I have my own workaround using Notifications to get here, but I shouldn't have to!
  • Traumatised.....2 open evenings around 1200 through the doors.....
  • evening


    podds - I am also knackered and so fed up at work - it is all a long story but I am very cross with management. I am doing my best not to tell them to stuff it and walk out
  • (((Podds))) sterkte!

    (((Mc))) sorry that things are work seem to be getting worse rather than better :(

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