Race pace increased by training plan, is it too fast?


I am following a My Asics training plan for my first Half Marathon in the middle of October. I have really liked the plan, especially that it suggests a pace range for each run which has helped me as a beginner to get a good balance of different (appropriate) types of training run.

Up until now the race pace that it has suggested (predicted?) that I should run at has felt challenging, but achievable at 8:25 per mile. To give some context, today I ran 8 miles at that pace as a 'fast' run scheduled on the plan. That was slightly faster than suggested, but I wasn't looking at my watch for lots of my run, just trying to run at a consistent pace.

Now the plan has suggested adjustments to my race pace (7:52 per mile) and corresponding training paces.

After the 8 miles today I felt like in 4 weeks I might be able to add another 5.1 miles at the same pace, but this new suggested pace seems too challenging.

Does this seem like too much of a jump? Is race day likely to make that much difference to the pace I can sustain?

I am a beginner having I started running properly in April (have run on and off for a few years) and have run consistently 3/4 times a week since, doing around 23 miles a week at the moment. I have only missed 1 run on the training plan.


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  • hey Tim - ooh that 'beginners' thing - luv hearing your thoughts (intentions?) :) here - keep em coming ;D
  • Why has the plan changed?
    didn't you print out the plan at the beginning of the training?
  • how do we set the right pace - is there a right pace? (changing plans good tho, if needed, no??) :smile:
  • Sorry for not responding sooner.

    Thanks for all the feedback. I think I will try to find a happy medium between the previous and new suggested paces and try to hit the main aims of each session (controlled, fast etc) and gauge whether they feel like the should.

    I understand the importance of pace control and will practice even pacing in training to hopefully give be a better chance of doing it in the race. My problem is often starting too slowly and speeding up during the run. Whenever I run without looking at my watch I also end up with negative splits, but I think I could sometimes be quicker overall if I aim for closer to even pace.

    I would recommend the My Asics plan though. I have improved much more than I though I would by following it.
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