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  • Another back to back weekend. 18 miles on Saturday (7:57 pace) and 11 miles on Sunday (8:26 pace) to top off a 50 mile week. 18 miler felt comfortable, which was good as it's the longest run I've done in a while.

    After just getting back into training, it's now time to taper again!!
    Big G - sorry to hear that you're crocked today, even though you went slower yesterday that doesn't mean you will recover better.   Bad news on the chaffage, next time you have to run in the rain you'll know where to apply that Bodyglide.   Be kind to yourself today, have some of your favourite food and an afternoon nap, not letting you off the recovery run though ;)

    Iain - that's a good start to your double training. 

    Steve - a good weekend's training for you.  How do you feel you can do at Birmingham?

    Back from Yogalates and even that felt quite tough as it's 2 weeks since my last class and what with no running for a week I feel I've lost a lot of fitness.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Big G- Get some rest and fluids into you!
    Shades - sorry to hear about your legs but well done on the recovery run!
    Slowkoala - Well done on the PB and 1AG win! :D

    I'm down with a cold but managed a really nice 8k this morning. The wind is really picking up but it's quite nice out there!
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    Shades - sorry you decided to DNS, but it sounds like the right decision in the end. I must confess that I do actually do my really long runs from the bottom of the hill as I go straight from dropping the kids at school and park in the carpark by the canal. Running the last mile up hill is a bit much when you are doing 18 miles+

    SK - that hill is no match for you! Well done - you must have quite a haul of trophies from that race now. 

    Keith - Well done! Annoying about Strava not quite getting to the half distance - do you think it was short? 

    Cal - so sorry you are still really struggling. Fingers crossed the physio can do something to help.

    BigG - running a marathon is always tough, no matter whether you are trying to run at an easy pace (or walk). It's a blooming long way! And you have not been 100%. Take it easy for the next few days. I read the article on the website, must have been a difficult decision to make to do it. Is it the same as the one that was in the RW magazine? My subscription has lapsed so I haven't read one for a while. 

    Steve - 18 miles then 11 miles - ouch. Sounds like you are good and ready for Birmingham. Try not to go taper mad...

    Lily - the things we do for our children! Hope she feels better after a few home comforts. You've done Yorkshire before haven't you? I remember you were marshalling it last year when I ran it. It is a lovely race, I am tempted to do it again but I am wondering about Birmingham for next year. 

    Iain - well done on beating the rain - although your slow long runs must be finished in a much quicker time than mine. Hope today's run is not too tough. 

    Steven - well done! That's a fantastic time. I saw some pictures from the race - it looked like it had a very big hill! 

    So as for my weekend - 22 miles in the bag on Friday, fairly happy with the pace although the last 3 miles were a bit brutal. Park run on Saturday. My son got a Pb and only walked twice so he (and I) was very pleased. South Bucks 10K yesterday - wasn’t really sure how my stamina would last as I’ve had such a high mileage week but was very happy with a PB of more than a minute. My watch says I ran it in 50:36. It wasn't chip timed so the official time is 50:39. On another day I will run a sub-50 mins and it is a good course to get it on as it is nice and flat and not too busy. Rather randomly I think I saw Denise Lewis at the finish (or her doppleganger). She hadn't run it but was talking to someone about the course (something about the drop - I was trying not to eavesdrop too much). About to head out for a recovery run - just for you Shades o:)

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    X-post - Emmy - hope the cold goes away very soon. 
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Louey, yeah it's the same as the magazine article, although on the website they also published a pic of me at London, which they didn't use in the mag.  It was a hard decision but RW were fantastic.  Initially WAY asked if I wanted to go to the tabloids, but I declined that. WAY then put me in touch with RW and everyone there was really nice and supportive and I knew in advance what was going to be published, and gave it the okay.  If it'd gone to the tabloids I'd have had no say, and I think they may have sensationalised it, whereas really I'm quite happy with the RW article. 

    Thanks Shades for giving me permission to eat.  I went out for a late breakfast, which hit the spot. I'll be taking it easy this afternoon. 

    Earlier I did a slow 3-mile recovery run and it wasn't too bad, apart from the shirt rubbing on the chaffed bits.  Part of my issue is my race vest.  I have two, and get issues with both, even when like yesterday I wore it over a t-shirt.  I'm hoping to get a club t-shirt before Munich, but will need to try it before hand and wash it so it'll be a tight for time.  It's committee tonight and the kit person is also on committee so if she has time to go home first after work, she's said she'll bring one with her. 
  • Louey - I saw an interview with DL where she said that Black Park was her favourite place for running, so she's obviously fairly local. Well done again on the PB and to Isaac! He'll be getting his 10 T-shirt soon. I saw that the winner of your 10k ran 42 mins - now wishing I'd ran that instead of Moor Park! - we had a local Olympian (Claire H) show up and break the course record. At one point she was leading most of the men!

    Big G - sounds like you need another holiday :)

    Shades - yes I think the fitness class has helped make me stronger and has also helped in avoiding injuries. I think this class plus my track session have become my most important training sessions, which is weird as I'm usually someone who prefers to run on their own!

    My club's speedy V55 guy came 4th overall in our local 10k (at 3pm) after having run another 10k race on the same day (at 10am)!! He also became V55 champion of Europe a couple of weeks ago, after running 2:39 at the European Masters Marathon in Poland. The guy's a machine!
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    Quickly read back,apologies if I've missed anyone
    Louey-Well done on the pb,esp after the 22.
    Shades-Good to see you're running again,do you think you'll be ok for your 6hr?
    Big G-Well done on completing plym,pity about the time,hopefully you'll fare better in Munich.
    Steven-Sounds like you enjoyed your race,what is your half pb?
    SK-Brilliant racing as usual, I am hoping joining a club is going to push me on.
    Cal-Sorry to hear about your injury.
    Steve-Awesome mileage.
    3 runs here up to now,were a bit in the hills so been running over rocky terrain,mainly being careful not too fall.13 miles over the 3 runs and about 1800ft of climb.Been running with the wife so forcing me to go slow to go the same pace so that's been nice.Also got my first ever Strava segment records,who cares if only 6 people had done it before  :D

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    Louey - Congrats on the PB after the 22 miles! Not sure how ready I am for Birmingham, but I'll give it my best shot!
    Shades - Feel a bit more confident this week than last week! I'm going to head out at PB pace and if I blow up then so be it! My 18 miler felt comfortable and was faster than a very similar route I did in February by about 15 seconds a mile.
    I've got my PB from Manchester, so if I can't PB again I'll just wait until next year, when I have a better build up with no ultra a couple of months before! I'll probably have goals of A=Sub 3:10 B=Sub 3:20 C=Sub 3:30. Goal C being worse case and assumes a massive blow up in the last 10k!
    Emmy - at least you'll be well over that cold before your marathon.

    Louey - you must be in great shape, to get a 10k PB 2 days after a 22 mile long run is impressive.   You'll easily get that sub 50 on fresher legs.

    Big G - you deserved that breakfast and now your recovery run is done too you can put your feet up now.

    That must be really annoying that both of your race vests aren't comfortable even over another shirt.  Maybe you need a compression type t-shirt as the under layer, you shouldn't get any chafing then.   But that doesn't solve the problem of when it's warmer and you want to wear the vest only, do you use a good quality fabric softener?

    SK - just shows how important the strength training in your fitness classes and the track work have been to your training  but of course the base that you've put down running alone is the foundation of your fitness.

    Ian - you're certainly getting some hill work in, please don't fall over though!

    I'm not sure about the 6 hour at this stage, I can't wear either of my race shoes comfortably on my heel, it's not looking promising but I'll make a decision later in the week.

  • Just got back from the second of my back to back long runs which ended up being a little longer than planned. I ended up running 13.1 miles with an average of 7:25 which was slightly quicker than yesterday's 7:31 average. The last 3 miles were straight into the wind which felt really strong because of tired legs but I'm glad I did it. 
    It's quite strange at home right now cause my OH is away for the week on a training course and my son is with his nanny because it's not fair on him that I'd have to wake him up at 4:30am every morning. Just means my spare time will filled with running .. 
    Iain - that's some good training that you've done in the last couple of days.

    It must be quiet in your house without your son, I remember him from Chester, he was great company.

    I hear it's a busy week for postmen with the London acceptance magazines out for delivery.

    Has anyone on this thread heard yet if they've got a place?   I love the RW forum this week of the year with all the moaning saying how unfair that they didn't get a place.  It's not unfair, it's a ballot.

    Significantly colder this morning, another short run, different shoes again - luckily I have a wide selection to choose from, heel OK just can feel it slightly by end of run.   Am going to take dressing off later today.

    Steve - I'm glad you're feeling more confident now about Birmingham, sensible and achievable targets for you.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, I haven't heard anything yet.  Last year there was a loophole where people found out earlier than when the mags arrived, but this year the loophole in the system doesn't appear to be working.  I hope I do get in, but I know I'll have to defer as I have (non-running) plans that weekend already.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, by the way, our fast Trotter smashed Tommo's old Club Half Marathon record on the weekend, by taking two minutes off of it with an 1:11:30.
  • JellyJelly ✭✭✭
    I've not had mag or email, but saying that I feel totally blessed this year for my place and so I'm chuffed for everyone who have their day 2018. The GFA (3:50) is just out of my reach at the moment but it's a great target to aim for. I did 10k on dreadmill last night as I had to take daughter Trampoline Club, I got to watch her at the same time. It was hard to judge pace as I normally work in miles not km and garmin and treadmill was different so went with treadmill, I'm in taper time now for Birmingham, feeling a little run down this morning and cold sore developing, I take vit C magnesium with B6 and Iron tabs from pharmacy (200mg). I was like this before London. I've also got sport massage booked this week too.
  • LoueyLouey ✭✭✭
    Still waiting to hear about London, although I tried the trick being reported on one thread and it didn't show a bib number which suggests I haven't got a place (yet again). I can't remember if I tried it before they cottoned on to people checking and took it down. Last year I got a no email. The magazine will be posted to my old address so there will be a delay of a day or so before it gets redirected. I won't be too disappointed as I already have a place for Brighton. 

    Glad to hear your heel is improving Shades - I bet you have quite a selection of shoes! 

    Jelly - My ultimate goal is to get a GFA for London as well. I don't think it will be this year though. I find it hard to judge pacing on a treadmill as well, I tend to wear my garmin and use that as a guide but it isn't always accurate. Hope you manage to stay fit and well over the next few weeks. 

    Iain - great running - having your house to yourself for a week must be bliss! 
  • Shades - I still haven't got my mag yet but I know I got my place. 

    Louey - I hate having the house so quiet.  I like being around people and am my own worst company so can't wait to have them back. 

    Hips are a little tender today so a rest day for me plus it's my sons birthday so I'll take him out for a bit today to celebrate. 
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    I tried the bib number yesterday morning and it didn't show so pretty sure I'm a no again.
    Jelly/Louey-Im also going to aim for gfa next year,tough target as it's 3:15 for me but will give it a go,debating trying to see how close I can get to 3:20 at Chester,might be worth a reckless run as I'm already delighted with this year's progress so nothing to lose except an uncomfortable few miles.
  • Louey- Great running over the weekend and congrats on your pb. Yeah the hill is a killer, I don't normally mind doing hills however this one comes right at the start which is a shock to the system.

    Ian5- Yes very happy with my time my pb was 1.48.54 at Glasgow in 2013 so only about 45 secs slower however I was just over 2 min quicker than last year which was 150m shorter so happy with the improvement.

    Shades- I still haven't got my mag yet but as I know I need to defer if successful I can be patient either way.
    Big G - someone I know has had their rejection, not sure if that's by email or magazine, or is the magazine only for those accepted?

    That's the young Trotter you mean?  If so that's another couple of minutes off his PB, he is a great racer.

    Jelly - that GFA time is within your capabilities, it's just a question of when.  A 50 min 10k equates roughly to a 3:45 marathon, that's off the top of my head, not using the calculator.
    Just as well you're starting your taper now as you are not 100%, but plenty time to get yourself well again.

    Louey - it would be nice for you to get a place in London though, you could then defer and run it in 2019.  As with Jelly your GFA is achievable too, when the time is right.

    I don't have as many shoes as I used to, I had a major cull a while ago, think I have about 12 pairs on the go for training, plus one pair for racing and 2 new pairs for training still in their box.

    Iain - yes, you're OK with your speedy GFA time :)

    Have a good day with your son on his birthday.

    Ian - what's a few uncomfortable miles :'(   Hell at the time, but there's always a tough time in each marathon.

    Is it possible to check credit card statements to see if VLM have debited your account?   Years ago when entry used to be postal we could check our bank accounts to see if the cheque had been presented and you'd know if you were in a few days before the magazines came out.   On the RW forum we had even worked out when cheques were presented for successful entry and those that were donated entry fees, we had it down to a fine art.

    Steven - if you get a London place you'll defer as it's too close to Stirling marathon, is that right?

    Another killer Pilates session, more of the ballet stuff, the only bit I'm good at.   I'm not sure why the others find that bit so hard, it's working the quads, maybe mine are a bit stronger than most due to the running.

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, sorry yes I meant the young Trotter.

    Regarding London, nothing has been taken from my account yet, and no magazine either way in today's post.  I have seen pics of rejection and acceptance mags, but not sure if everyone who entered gets one or the other.  I think another difference was if you donated a fee (I didn't, and I didn't last year either) or not, which altered what email list you were subscribed to.  But none of those loopholes seem to be working for me, so no clues there.  As I know I have to defer, I'm not too bothered really so although I'd love to do it again as I loved it, I know I can't next year anyway.

    Getting excited about Munich now.  It seems I'm in Pen 2 - it's a 3:45 pen, which isn't going to happen!  You may remember that I initially entered the Half (and I put 1:45 down) so I think the organisers must have just assumed 3:45, as I didn't have to tell them any time when I upgraded.  I'll just start at the back of the pen, or maybe even move back to Pen 3 which I think is a 4:15 time.

    After Sunday, my hamstrings are very tight, as is lower back.  I can't really believe how much that one knocked me about!  It's funny as the other day, in a spate of over confident thinking, I was saying to myself "Oh, there are 15 local marathons I could do next year to save on hotel/travel costs", but that included 8 of Davey's.  After Sunday, that is not going to happen, I don't think!
    Big G - I don't know the mechanics of the London ballot system any more.   Last time I entered was I think the last year of the postal ballot and I deliberately sent my entry in after the closing date and I still got in!

    Don't write off Munich marathon yet, it's only Tuesday. 

    Don't think about the race now, just focus on getting yourself feeling better, I suspect the back and hamstring soreness are connected so be careful with that back..   You can decide what you are going to do race wise on race morning but meanwhile just prepare as you would normally re food and stuff.

    When I messaged Davey saying I was a DNS, he replied 'see you in January' but I've no intention of running then unless I can be sure it's a bit warmer than usual January weather.   I thought you were crazy thinking of doubling at Davey's races, I've seen the finish times and most runners I know ran well below what I'd expect from them so it just wasn't you having a bad day.

  • Hey everyone. Sounds like most of you are doing really well. Big G, sorry you had a rough few days but Munich will be a great experience I'm sure.

    Quick update. Saw my guy yesterday and he did a mostly osteopathic session on me and advised me to return on Wednesday. He seemed quite optimistic about my chances. My back felt much better after. He did note that the lymph glands in my groin seemed quite swollen, which is possibly down to the insect bite infection, but that was a few weeks ago now so I must admit I'm concerned about that. I will have to visit the docs if they don't go down.
    I popped out for a walk later and decided to do a few running strides to see what they felt like but my hip said oh hell no, and then proceeded to hurt for the rest of the day. Argh! (By strides, I mean literally a couple of strides, not "strides" as in a series of fast runs).
    Woke up this morning and my back wasn't agony. Had to wait indoors for a few hours as my parkrun volunteer shirt was being delivered (needn't have bothered - postie stuffed it through the letterbox in the end) but decided to go for a fast walk - my usual 4 mile running route. The good is that I'm a pretty fast walker. I did the 4 miles in under an hour (though I doubt I'll be able to continue at that speed for another 9 miles). Interestingly, my fast walk stride length is almost the same as my slow run stride, though cadence is obviously a lot lower.
    The bad is that my back ached the whole way and there was discomfort in my groin too. Not sure if that's anything to do with the lymph glands or if it's the psoas pulling on my spine.
    I hope my second osteo session will help, but I think I can safely say running is out of the question due to the hip. It's weird because it's definitely soft tissue. He ruled out bursitis, which is good, but I'm mystified as to why it isn't getting better this time.
    I have to say I've been feeling rather down due to the injury and I'm not looking forward to Royal Parks. I know I should try to enjoy it but I have no enthusiasm for a race where I have to walk.
    I'm just worried I'm going to be out for a length of time that will start to impact on training for next year's marathons.
    I had a really good Autumn last year and was able to build on it. This time I have nothing much to build on, so it's a big concern.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Hi Cal.  I know where you're coming from about feeling down about not running, and the prospect of not doing the race you wanted.  It's not easy, and although we all know we love running, for me it's when I can't run that I realise how much I almost rely on it keep me on an even keel.  Keep up the rest and doing the walking and stretching etc, and you'll be back.  Look at Keith - he had a long time out due to injury, and he's back running again now and looking at marathons again in the future.  As you say, if you're worried about the groin, get yourself off to the docs to put your mind at rest.

    I did a 4-miler this afternoon, in the Asics shoes that RW gave me for that article I did.  No issues at all, and I'm planning on using them for Munich and Abingdon.  I have that light pair of Reeboks that I really like for shorter races, but these Asics seem to have more cushioning, but are much lighter than my usual Asics.
  • NickW2NickW2 ✭✭✭
    Hi all. Haven't been on here for a few months and not much chance of me catching up with over 1000 unread posts in this thread! Have had a little read back, sounds like everyone is going well. Except Cal - hope you get better soon! Sounds painful.

    I haven't been running a lot but have got back into it over the last 2-3 weeks. Have an idea of aiming for Milton Keynes marathon next year on the May day bank holiday, but I don't know yet if I will manage to get long runs in regularly so I'll enter nearer the time - from memory it doesn't sell out (or at least, not a long way in advance). I did my club's track night a couple of weeks ago and found that I still have some decent short distance speed and endurance is coming back a bit with mostly easy paced running since then - have been trying to do around 5 miles every other day to ease back into it.

    I did my first really hard run in ages at the weekend which was my local 10k, with a shiny new PB of 42:28. My old PB was pretty soft but I was really pleased with my time, had thought I would be doing well to break 43 mins. Will try to keep posting more regularly :)
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Hi all,
    I was planning on another run today but I've come down with a nasty case of D&V. The only liquid currently staying down has been some flat coke. We'll see how I get on for the rest of the week but i'm already getting a little worried about saturdays' race as i'm not feeling even 20% at the moment.
  • Shades - It seems quite a few have been bitching about the half according to here

    Not entirely sure why people were expecting it to go down Eastern Way as it never did last time i did it and that one is the main ring road so less likely to be a race route but the signage at the end and people in the way were a definate thing.

  • Louey, thank you, yes, I ran the first York marathon in 2013. I have marshalled a couple of times since. Glad you enjoyed it. I work in York a couple of times a week and it has been exciting seeing signs going up.
    I haven't heard from VLM yet. If I don't get in I will probably do halves and perhaps another autumn marathon.
    Thank you, daughter lots better, will take her back to Uni tomorrow.
  • Feel better soon, Emmy!
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