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  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    Posh ladies and southerners Matt ;-)

    I have lunch, but have dinner at tea time during the week (not supper time quite yet!) and dinner, dinner time at the weekend!!!

    12.2M done. Not sure that's enough to count as a long run, but it bloody felt like 20!

    All the best for tomorrow Matt!
  • Matthew HeadMatthew Head ✭✭✭
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    To add to the height/weight chat - I'm 5ft10, and 68kg (now that was a shock!) Not nearly as fast as you guys, and when I was in good shape last year I was nearer 64kg. Time to stop snacking and eating loads of crap :(

    I'm a southerner and lunch, and have tea in the evening :)

    Good work on the hill reps SG, and nice long run Bus - long runs are definitely the hardest to get motivated for and stay motivated during. I'm always very relieved when I make it to half way :)

    Easy hour today ahead of the 10k tomorrow, coming in with 7.5mi at 7:40s.
    Some DOMS after Thursday's run, so God only knows how tomorrow will go. Will make a race plan in the morning depending on how I feel when I wake up - race starts early at 08:30.

    Picked up some Berocca from the shops and see how I get on having one daily, if that prevents getting any colds. Not in a great situation given the Mrs is a primary teacher and I work at the university...

    All the best for tomorrow Matt, and anyone else who is racing! :)
  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    I'll eat a couple of slices of toast when I wake up (about 6:00am) and then more or less nothing until about 5:00pm, despite a fairly physical job.

    First thing after coming home is to drink the best part of a bottle of wine. I prefer to use a pint mug for that. I'll have a kip and then start eating for England.
    Crash out at 8:00pm and then spend the night waking up every two hours for a piss and something else to eat.

    My missus sleeps from 11:00pm until 7:30am. Though it seems closer to unconsciousness.
    My lad wakes at 10:00am, bums around until 3:00pm, sleeps a couple of hours and then does whatever he does until 2:00am.

    Jogged 4 miles this morning at 11:30 mile pace. Bloody hell! I just cannot relax enough to run properly.

    I might have made some of the above up.
     The question is, what?
  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭
    The jogging 4 miles at 11.30 pace? That's walking ;-) 
  • PeteMPeteM ✭✭✭
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    I'd guess all of it Ric (apart from you may get up at 6am!). Intrigued how you're so fast on the bike. What do you put that down to? I can only just at a push av 20mph on a completely flat course for 10 miles. Yet you casually mention long rides at over 20.

    I seem to be the same height as many on here 5'10 or 1'77m depending on your imperial/metric preference but at 74kg well over decent runner par (to think Reg wants to go down from that at 6'1!)

    Reading pr for me today; 4th out of over 400 in 18'45 but felt lacklustre and pretty half hearted. Probably to do with being at Ascot races and beer festival all afternoon yesterday and returning home already half cut at 7pm. Still tempted by the TVXC tomorrow even though running through so much water and mud feels a bit too like one of the dreaded Brutal type events!

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
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    Chuckled reading that Ric, one of your best ever posts, disappointed to read the last line! Hopefully the bottle of wine a day part is the ringer!

    I could see you steadfastly plodding a super slow run out, recognising the stepping stone benefit!

    Nice run Bus. No doubt with hills n ting in, so probably worth more than 12 anyway.

    Good luck Matt, you're definitely more game than I am, racing tomorrow after some coldy terrain.

    Our cap has been trying to stir the troops up for tomorrow. I don't think I've ever been considering whether to race the next day on the night before and raced, so it's a no for me.

    I'm thinking back to my 19.06 5k MT race (although that was a year ago in fairness) and the Runnymede relay and 15mins lying on the floor after, as signs that I need to ease back in with something else before a XC! Also seems too early in October, and i'm wanting to get this big block of training in. Chuck in slight remnants of the cold with a tickly cough and it seems an obvious decision. Have done the whole "have to" turn up at certain events in the past, so have served my time!

    One "Pro" was that you can get up much later, but measure against that normal run is done by 8.30ish, 3hourts before TVXC is done!

    Some at the club will turn up at the opening of an envelope, which I applaud. Unfortunately, these days I very much pick and choose. We should be alright team wise, by sheer strength of numbers, despite a whole host of front guys being out.

  • Go well tomorrow, ML84. Looking forward to the report! And any other racers as well!

    MattH: hope tomorrow is good. Re Berocca, get the Aldi version: identical apparently for a fraction of the price. 

    Re weight, at 5'6 I was 8:2 (just under 52KG) when running well, but not sustainable: recipe for illness and injury. 8:7 was more realistic: 54kg. Currently 68kg: that's what over three months of not running does! Was just over 60kg in June!

    And it is surely time to pin a number on, SG! I never raced enough and now regret it. 

    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    For any inquiries about the last post of mine, it was the wine in a pint mug which was the odd one out.  I'd have no more than two small glasses in any one day.
    The rest is more often than not correct, though I might stay awake until 9:00pm.

    The slow running has nothing to do with fitness, it's about the injury to my left leg. 
    Currently I have three small bruises below and around the outside of the knee. It's the damage emerging from around the head of the fibula.

    Since that bone acts as a shock absorber, there's a limit to how much force I can apply. It's the impact at foot strike which is the problem. I'm almost holding my breath.

    Pete, On the cycling front. I've always blasted it on the bike. It was the best way for me to get faster. Back a few years; and using aero bars, if I didn't better 20 mph on any ride, I reckoned on something being wrong with me.
    Then again, my records show it took long time before I could ride that fast to start with.

    Two years ago I was only managing 14 mph on mountain bikes with road tyres. I was stuffed. Now on the same bike it's 3-4 mph faster. 

    On making decisions about when to do a race. I had a couple of occasions where I ran, say, a 12 mile brisk around the woods, or a speed session in the afternoon, without any plans for the next day, and then had someone phone up, suggesting a race the next day.
    Feeling good, I'd do them.
    Those were some of my fastest ever.
  • PeteMPeteM ✭✭✭
    Did the Metros TVXC but seemed no other forumites there. New and tougher course almost 10k long and twisty, hilly with lots of switchbacks and tricky areas for overtaking and lapping. Mustn't have been the strength in depth as usual as finished 15th which is my best position there. Our team had 6 in the first 26 despite missing 3 of our 4 best runners so guess we might even be the early leaders☺ 
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
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    Nice one Pete. Enjoyed the cheeky "disagree" from someone above. Only just saw who that was now!

    Sounds one to have missed for sure then, I always liked the shorter ones, but 10k sounds a slog.

    We had loads out, Samson, Foster, Bradfield just for three you'd know well. That's the game though. The first event always used to be  good turnout, then it'd fade, and by the last ones very sketchy, but I dare say this early, you get a sketchy one early too!  A pal at Sandhurst told me a whole stack of their main runners were in Bournemouth.

    Fixtures aren't on the TVXC site, and I can't dig them out on our page, so if you have them, feel free to PM or paste In here. I best set myself, to at least do a couple.

    Did a 14 today, up to Beaconsfield (gradual climb over 2-3miles in the first 5miles) Out to Penn (dodgy roads, a bit up and down). Down one heck of a steep hill, you'd struggle to run up it, then conned myself i'd "finish at 13, as compensation for the route", before thinking, no, i'll get 14 in.

    6.59 pace, 68miles for the week. Just one session, but was a bit of a see the cold off week, so have to be pleased with that.

    Hopefully someone will paste the TVXC fixtures in, and i'll sort out 3-4 races all in, pre Christmas. Have a couple in mind already.

  • Solid week SG, they're not finalised yet but I think the list above is the latest.

    Nice XC Pete, I had a bit of a hamstring niggle from my Thursday double so I didn't risk it. Did 15 miles @ recovery instead. Actually struggled the last couple of miles. 37 for the week. This marathon could go two ways!

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
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    Ta chap. wow, what a gap to the next one! 2 weeks max in between the others, and 5 weeks from now to the next one! No wonder a lot thought this one was a bit of a false start!

    (unless TVT has been jammed in that gap)

    15 is a tidy run, especially in a 37 mile week. And a marathon coming! I must have  Should feel "easy" without hours of stuff first in the Ironman though right?

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    Good racing Pete! Sounds a a tough one!

    Nice long runs SG and Reg. I was out that way on the bike this morning SG. 25M in about the same time Reg would have knocked out 30 odd, but still quick enough ;-). Nice walk and pub lunch with the Mrs by the Thames this afternoon just to round things off on probably the last warm Sunday we'll get or a while!

    Looking forward to Matt's report now, when he's had a chance to recover a bit!
  • Come on Matt, report!
  • PeteMPeteM ✭✭✭
    SG, TVT was in the gap and set for 22 Oct but I think it will now have to be re-arranged due to problems getting the venue. Suits me as Fleet 10k that day, which might also be a good race for you (AG/Reg was very quick there last year I recall). 
  • That's right Pete, I am doing a Marathon on the 22nd, I'm looking at Andy Reading for a 10k if I can get the hammy sorted an do some tempo stuff.

    I reckon the marathon will feel just as hard SG because I'll be going faster, hopefully!

    Not sure when the TVT race will be scheduled.
  • Great long run SG, well done pushing to the 14!
    Strange to such a large gap in the XC - but good work today PeteM.

    Plymouth 10k for me today. As mentioned previously, been recovering from a cold and still feeling under the weather on recent runs.
    6:15am wake-up for this race, as it started at 8:30 - wouldn't be too bad, apart from I ended up going to bed at gone 1am, as my girlfriend's parents had a night with some of the people I train with in Tavistock. Was good to catch up though!
    No mad parking fiasco, due to leaving well ahead of time, and knowing the best local car parks. Headed over to the race start, with my stomach feeling a bit heavy despite a light breakfast of coffee and a piece of toast.
    Warmed up, and made my way through the starting pen - to find two others of my training group (who ultimately finished 1 and 2!) I decided my plan was to go out honest, and just try to maintain.
    Klaxon goes, and we're off - I start ahead of the main mass, only to prevent getting caught by those who don't start in the right place (and yes, we had one who was on the front line and dropped at 500m!) The route heads from the Princess St by the guildhall down to Derry's Cross roundabout before heading up Royal Parade to Charles Cross. A fast start due to the initial downhill, but there's an immediate slight incline up Royal Parade - checking the watch after a couple of minutes shows sub-6 pace. Woah boy, calm down. A bit of shuffling in the first km of position, with some overtaking and being overtaken, and comes in at 3:37. Second km takes you from Charles Cross down Exeter St past the cinema complex and down towards the Gdynia Way. Net downhill, but with a small climb, and comes in at 3:55 - that's more like it. The 3rd km takes you onto the Embankment, a good stretch of slight downhill, coming in at 3:52- I take a few places from those who started enthusiastically and stormed the first couple inclines, and pass a couple of women, with 2nd place lady just in sight. Kilometers 4 and 5 are down the Embankment alongside the Plym to the turn point - despite a climb in 4th km, the two are consistent with 3:52 and 3:53. Go through 5km in 19:09 - my fastest for some time. Half down, a case of tucking in and keeping it consistent. Route in reverse, kms 6-8, being relatively flat, come through in 3:51, 3:52 and 3:54 - feeling good at this point, but km #9 has two decent climbs back up to Royal Parade, and ends up as a 4:01. No places have really shuffled since the turn point, apart from overtaking a few who are fading. Final km, feeling like I'd been conquered by the hills, I managed to find a second wind with cheers from some friends - slightly downhill through Royal Parade before a short climb to the start, finishing with a 3:48.

    Chip time of 38:59, so absolutely chuffed to smash my previous road 10km PB of 40:12, especially given the lack of sleep and lack of running over the last fortnight! Gives me a good marker going into the winter and XC!

    I appreciate DeanR may be the only one that understands the route from my description, but I feel the need to put in proper reports like you chaps ;)
    I don't think this is the Matt race report Bus is eager for! Looking forward to MLs report too!
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
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    Relax Phil, we all know you'll already have stalked the result :)

    Is TVT still at Finchampstead, some sort of nature reserve? Used to be put on by a different club back in the day and used to start under the pylons up the bank. Last 2 times I did it 2 1/2 and 3 years ago it was a different route with the first time being only about 4.6miles!

    I was keeping pace with 2 chaps, turned a bend and they sprinted off, me thinking, hang on guys, still another mile surely. There wasn't, about 150metres left!

    Last time out, winter/spring 2015 I found a dreadful slog, and it was a test for the Wokingham half the week after which made me nervous! However, it strangely went well.

    I think this was also the course, back about 8-9 years ago, that I ran with a bit of a chest infection as it was a champ race where you couldn't afford to miss any.

    Lost to my pal Steve from Handy Cross for the only time, by about 2 seconds....not sure he accepted my disclaimers til viewing me coughing my guts up for 10mins!

    Need to get back on the scene

  • Ps good work matt. Cannot beat a pb. Take the chance to enjoy it. That's something we don't do enough
  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    Not the same report Matt, but a good one nonetheless   :smile: Well done on the PB too - an early night might have seen a bit off that too :wink:
  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭
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    That's so true Bus. I once thought PBS would roll along at will until I went we'll over a year without one. 

    Great run Matt and that's a fair chunk to knock off a 10k. Definitely more to come! 

    Congrats on the XC Pete. It still feels so early for XC but when I look on my strava every bugger seems to be knocking out XC sessions. 

    Reg, what's Zoe doing 'active' at 4am? People will talk. 

    What an absolutely disgusting race. 
    Fasten your seat belts, we're in for an SG report. ;-) 
    Got the train over to York yesterday and was tucked up in bed for 5.45 as I was bored shitless. Pissed up hen party's up and down the corridor didnt disappoint either. Got the early signs of a cold on Thursday and the sniffles gradually worsened but thought I'd be fine. My throat is on fire now mind you. 

    I managed to get an elite place so was a bit nervous and excited about being able to relax per race but was also wondering g if others would wonder what the feck I was doing there. Had to be there before 8am and my digs were a mile away but got there nice and early to rub shoulders with Dickie Bird, Kevin Sinfield and Mr Burton off Educating Yorkshire. 

    Anyway the plan was to run the first [email protected] 5.45 then hopefully pick it up a notch. Plan B was in action as early as 6 miles and operation PB was now the aim as 5.40s didn't feel to great. It was at this point I was about 7th but closing on 6th and 5th and my clubmate had dropped off a touch. I was into 5th at 7/8 miles and then through 10 miles which was in 57 mins and that's where 4th place dropped out so I was up to 4th. I'd be a liar if I said I felt ok as I felt terrible and its all on desolate country lanes. 
    I see more people running on the canal. I was already feeling it a bit now.

    Went through halfway in 1.15.XX but I knew that wasn't sustainable and then on a long straight road to a dead turn there was quite a bit of support and I looked at my watch and saw it click over at 5.30 pave. WTF! As soon as I turned and then there was a gradual rise it became survival mode as the life just emptied from me. 
    The only thing I can say about the next 12 miles is it was horrendous. I've never wanted to quit a race so meant times in my life. I went to stop my watch so many times its untrue and I thought 1 more mile, 1 more mile. Through 20 In 1.55.

    At 22 miles I went for a water bottle at a station and the young lad moved it away at the last minute the little shit. I nearly stopped then. My hips were really sore and my PF was troubling which just gave me more and more ammunition to just pack it in. 
    Still stuck out on country lanes and the odd little village.
    I only really thought I'd finish when I hit 24 miles and just dug in. Bastard of a hill at 25/26 miles then a downhill stretch to the finish which was 2.32.33 so a small pb and 4th place. 

    £300 cash is a nice softener but I can't put into words how tough that was. 

  • Great stuff Matt and I think you did put it into words, well toughed out. I reckon I've gone soft so I'll think about that when I am struggling at Abingdon.

    TVT XC is still at St Neots school so yes that would be the Finch one. I think there were 5 of us there the week before Wokingham that year.
  • Great stuff ML84, although I thought you were getting pissed? Nice report though, I'm glad my 2nd and last marathon wasn't as tortuous as yet, granted it was 7 mins slower! Great effort. 

    Likewise Matt and Pete with their efforts, great running both!

    it was Sutton park again for me in the national road relays on Saturday. Luckily enough got put on first leg, lined up at the back of the field next to the guy from Kent AC who I just pipped as Crystal PAlace a couple of weeks ago who has also done a 32.01 10k recently  so it's the usual start downhill, then up a slight rise, then down 200m and back round uphill to join the main hill, then up another 600m or so. Then you have about 1k of slightly undulating road to the jubilee stone. At this point I'm going ok, but the hills at the start just take it out of you so much. I'm ahead of Kent at the moment. From the stone we have to go out and back to the stone for about 600m then there's along downhill. Still holding it together then and after a couple of undulations I'm going up the final hillto finish the 5.88k in 19.04. Equates to about 16.0x for 5k on a tough course so happy with that. A team mate informs me that a guy that pipped me up the hill did 15.45 for his last 5k race, so I'm in the right area. 

    We didn't have a great team out, but ended up 43rd, not too bad. Some of the times are astounding. Chris Greenwood of Kent is nearly a v45 and did 18.04.,saw Dewi Morris there, he did 16.40 odd? How can you do that? Ridiculous;)

  • 16:40 is insane for a fifty something ex rugby player.
  • Matt H, good run there, must be good to get under 40 minutes. 38:59 has also sneaked under the next minute "barrier". These barriers are good if you beat them and they end up as PBs but awful if, as you, are getting faster and much better to have that dangling xx.0x as a target.

    Matt L, shows a lot of guts to dig in after that 5:30 and finish it off especially as it must have been pretty much a solo effort for the majority of the time. Have you got a plan now going ahead: are marathons part of it or is that a spectacular "been there, done it, finished with it"?

    Locals may remember Nic Browne: he ran Victoria marathon yesterday in a shade over 2:30 for 3rd overall.
  • Ah well - just picked a welsh sounding name :)
  • Very nice one Matt, you worked so hard through a lot of aches, so it wouldn't have been fair to yourself to pull out! Most of us I expect would have at least dropped the pace massively, if not pulling out.

    Nothing like a lift from a crowd all of a sudden though, you have to power by, at least until they disappear. That's why London marathon must be tough!
  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭
    In the right ball mix there SC and agree that 16.40 is ridiculous. Especially on the victory lap! 

    Yes PMJ, barring passing the 2 runners at 8 miles or so I ran solo from mile 5 til the end. I've still got a number for Abingdon so will make a decision on that next week but other than that its racing through the rest of the year and then have a bash at London. 

  • PMJ, clock was at or just over 39 when I crossed - didn't care at the time, but afterwards was hoping would be sub-39, as I don't know when the next 10km will be. Like you say, got the biggest possible time chunk to take off until the next "barrier" though  :s

    Matt - awesome run! Great work for sticking it out and getting it done - and a PB to boot! I can imagine running alone for 80% of the race is soul destroying - I'm sure a bigger race with more people aiming for sub-2:30 will see you do it.
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