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    Superb marathon Matt, especially off the back of training through pain; to come not just top 1% but top 0.1% must be a source of great satisfaction. Pretty generous prize too through guess it didn't feel so through all those lonely miles at the incredible sub 6 pace you kept up. 

    Good 10k there Matt H with a big pb improvement and no doubt more to come. No apologies needed for the Devon focused report either; made a nice change from us Thames Valley folk wittering on about our local stuff all the time :)

    Usual consistent excellence with that hilly almost 6k in just on 19 Simon; a time good enough for a top 5 in most 5K parkuns but just another weekend relay for you! 

    SG; As AG said, TVT's XC is still that same venue, though it is a longer course now of about 9k. Not a great fan of it myself as its too much of a speedsters one, but good to have the variety I suppose. Also remember the one that was under 8k; weirdly felt short changed that day despite nearly always being grateful to spot an xc finish line. BTW who is that Bracknell guy who "disagreed" my earlier post about the XC :*
  • Haha, it's a quality runner Australian geezer who teamed up with David Lee at the Datchet relay to put me and Chris H in second, with the surname "winning". Apt surname luckily!

    5 1/2miles/9k sounds about right for this series. 6miles/10k a bit too much.

    I recall the race being a strange little sortie through some pine trees, avoiding dangerous little tree stubs on the ground, a very narrow section, and very steep over about 50metres. Possibly a couple of steep up and downs midway, and then back to where you'd started. I've obviously forgotten half the course, or maybe it's not that memorable
    The best bit of the old course, was that you knew you had the down finish having started with an up.

    The old Reading XC at some fancy school was a great slog of a finish, up a steep grass bank for about 400metres. Certainly could steal some positions if you were willing to enter the hurt locker!
    Old Tadley had a great section just before the end. Couple of water jumps, a really sapping long trudge up through ploughed fields. You could really motor there on the right day, as it seemed to kill most people.
    Didn't like the actual last half mile though, as those pavement sections seemed to go on and on.

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Matt, not much consolation right now, but if you can get back in similar shape for next April, you WILL crack 2:30 at London.  Having some company and the lift form the crowds would be worth the difference easily. 2:32 as a solo run is bloody impressive! You could well win Abingdon with that time....

    I can't actually ever remember finding a marathon anything other than stupidly hard and wanting to quit though, especially in the latter stages (and mine were all run around a minute a mile slower!).

    Good work on the XC SC! Seems you are in a good place currently.

    7 miles xc to the station for me this morning/ It took the thought of new shoes to get me out the door mind :-). No dog attacks this morning....

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    PeteM - Sorry, I've been caught out lurking. I didn't mean to disagree. I think was just trying to click on something else and had the page shift as the ad at the top appeared. I'm disappointed to have missed the TVXC race yesterday.

    ML84 - I know it'd be pretty tough to back up after 2 weeks but I'll be targeting 2:30 at Abingdon. It'd be good to have some company if you pull up ok. Great work yesterday, sounds tough. 
  • PeteMPeteM ✭✭✭
    HA77, no worries; know what you mean; when I was trying to see who disagreed I inadvertently would have disagreed with my own comment except RW have a system in place to tell you that is not allowed :)
  • ML84 - Certainly think you need to do somewhere like Berlin for that sub 2.30..the support isn't as massive as London, but it's most of the way round and the course is flat as a pancake. Although I still think you can do it at London.

    Bus - It was national road relays, not XC - Mansfield is in a few weeks time. First Surrey league is Saturday in Reigate. Well done on avoiding the dogs today!

    Thinking of Saturday - would have been great to have me, ML84, Dean and Dachs all on first legs and reasonably fit. We could have all come in possibly 20 secs of each other 18.50 - 19.10? I had a look back through the results and it's my equal PB for that course, and I've done a 19.06 too. Might get under 19 one day if its not too windy...

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    sounds like some great racing from the Matts

    Matt H - I did indeed enjoy the local references thinking "I remember that place" plus im sure SG enjoyed the car logistics too.  Great racing for the PB.  Next target is sub 35..get training ;)   I was thinking I will come down for that 10k next yr but the worlds in Malaga are in Sept so I might be in shocking form for a 10k having focused on short track all summer.

    Matt L - ballsy performance.  struggling with niggles and a solo run is hard work. Mentally you achieved a lot as well as a PB.  to keep going and not easing off when the last 6 miles kicked in shows some grit.  I too think you will get under 2.30 in a different race so keep at it (just maybe not in a fortnight!!) Great racing!! is that the fastest mara on the thread?

    Simon - that's a decent time on that course. I did 18.44 in the national last yr but would have been closer to 19.44 if I had raced on Saturday. I wouldn't have troubled you. im trying to get out of the XC relays as I just want to get a good block of training in to force some form back. Im also looking at the euro indoors so not too bothered by XC.

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    Matt L, supreme effort there, particularly if you're suffering a little anyway.  Lonely sections in marathons can be tough, and you might find the same thing if you do decide to do Abingdon, although you will be lapping some people.  2:32 is an excellent time, and you can't really be too disappointed at a PB can you (yes, I am aware of the irony of it being me saying this)? 

    It wasn't a SG type report though.  Firstly, you put 26 miles into one post, which is along way away from the one post per mile standard.  Secondly, you didn't even need to park the car.  Thirdly, you didn't even have to squat in some bushes.

    Matt H, big PB there, and I wouldn't be surprised to see similar chunks coming off in due course.  I enjoyed the PLymouth colour.  You can almost hear Sir Francis Drake playing bowls in the background.

    Really good national relays performance from Simon too.  How come you always get Leg 1 you jammy sod?

    Nice XCing from Pete.  Think we had a bare bones squad out too.  At least, that's what I think looking at the photos.  I never do TVXC anymore.

    I paced 18 minutes at parkrun on Saturday.  Well, I tried too.  My watch was playing silly buggers, so I ran over 30 seconds too fast.  The one bloke who managed to stick with me and run 17:25 was delighted.  Don't think the rest were.  Never mind, eh.

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    He, he - bet they were really pissed off ;-)

    Surely squatting in the bushes should have been number 2 on your list of SGisms???

    Sorry Simon - seems my ability to read is failing along with most of my other faculties currently!!!

  • Dachs said:

    It wasn't a SG type report though.  Firstly, you put 26 miles into one post, which is along way away from the one post per mile standard.  Secondly, you didn't even need to park the car.  Thirdly, you didn't even have to squat in some bushes.

    Yeah, i was looking forward to a bonanza, and in the end it was, started fast, got faster, tough work, and finished. There wasn't quite enough turmoil. I usually go through more just to get to the start line :)

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭
    I noticed Matthew H did make some reference to parking though, so that's pretty promising.
  • Nice pacing Dachs  :D I did look at the Woodley PR results yesterday and wondered what sort of a session included a 17:2x PR. I was thinking if you were going to run that fast you'd may as well stay with SR.
  • Just looked into the data from yesterday's run - namely the HR. Previously, the highest I've ever seen in a race/training was 205/206, and so added a few to find the max - as it wasn't chunder territory. 
    MaxHR during the sprint finish, up the hill and digging deep, reads as 210! Still not puking at the end, so not sure that is my max.

    Would love the opportunity to undertake sports testing to find my max.
  • Don't think I'd like to know Matt!  Yes Dachs, I don't know..causing chaos at the parkrun, but helped with a PB. Was always going to go first at CP, on Saturday they probably thought they might get more out of the old warhorse by letting me go first. 

    Dean- that was a cracking time last year, you'll be in shape soon. I remember you saying you were having a go at the indoors. I'm going to have a go at the 1500 in Malaga I think, just get in the final and see what happens. 

    Bus.. yes appears so :)
  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭
    Simon - Malaga will have the 3 GB of you, me and whiteman all in the v45 1500. Should be a good race
  • Yes Dean - just getting to the final will be the main thing for me, if the slowest qualifier for the final this summer was 4.28 - it will probably be about 4.15/16 I would have thought? Then watch the race pan out in front of me! I presume Monsieur Gilbert will be making an appearance too...
  • It'd be nice to be as certain as Dean there wouldn't it, that you could guarantee you'd be running well and in form however far ahead :)

    7miles MP session today. On the track, so a 28lap haul.
    Mental battle as much as anything

    Went alright though, with laps starting in the 6x1.28s, 17x1.29s, 5x1.30s
    and taking Reggie's tip on board of ease of keeping to a 200m/400m added another 200m instead of the awkward 63metres or what have we

    That made 11,400m (perhaps 137metres over 7miles) in 42:30, so under 6min miling just.

    Probably shouldn't have whacked it on fb, as got a bit of jip off a clubmate asking why i didn't race Sunday. There's a difference though, not feeling 100% still on Sunday, faced with a hilly offroader after not racing for 2months, or 2 days further on doing a tempo on the flat.
  • Stonking marathon Matt L and well toughed out! Superb result. Did you wear the Hoka hat ;) Sub 2:30 is well within your ability given your HM time and solo effort

    Matt H - Incredible HR. Testing is the way forward especially if you can utilise the data properly. Local UNI should have set ups and always after samples, I'd contact them

    Dachs - SC / Anyone- You at Bournemouth XC next week? 

    SG - Proper commitment that is! Top running

    Dean - Hopefully things will fall into place for you soon. Seem a little lost :(

    Managed a 2 mile run with both miles under 7m/m for the first time in half a year now. That felt like an effort and HR well above 180. I don't need to be worried about pace though, I can trundle round 7-7:30m/m now and hopefully run more. 4 x 2 mile runs in a week for now. Horrible 

    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • Scott - I'm Surrey League so we are at Reigate on Saturday. Going to be that stupidly warm first race of the season scenario again going by the forecast! Not nice trying to get fit again is it!

    SG - Mental miles on a track that session. The only certainty is that if get to that 1500m final is that I won't be getting a gold if Whiteman is running. Presuming Dean being fit and I was running a blinder I might be on his shoulder with 100m to go before he burnt me off too. So that's bronze at best, not even thinking about my mate Frederick from Nancy :)

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Downside of the World Masters being in Spain is that you're guaranteed a strong Spanish middle/long distance contingent.

    Good to see some miles being run at least Scott.  Come back nice and easy.  Yes, I'll be at Bournemouth.  Trying to get to as many Hampshire XC races this season as I can, as on paper we have an excellent vets squad.

    Quality track tempo SG.  Is that how Datchet manage to get a strong squad out to all these races?  By shaming them?  I will have to try that.

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭
    that's a positive dachs.  you want the best there. and if that means I miss a medal due to 3 going sub 4 then fine.  but I will promise to keep the race honest until the final dip ;)
  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Crikey Scott - hadn't realised it had been that long! Hopefully the come back trail begins here....

    Mad tempo SG!!! Were you dizzy afterwards?

    7.2 meandering miles at lunch today, with a wee bit of speed work thrown in as a tester  - 5 x 0.25M (gps) in 1:26, 1:25, 1:24: 1:26, 1:24. Reasonably happy with that - not the pace, but the fact I can walk afterwards :-)

  • Nice MP session there SG. Nice volume 7 miles but I think I'd be doing that on the road!

    Scott - Good to see some running there, fingers crossed, again. At least you're a lot younger than most of us.

    Well done on surviving your speed work Bus.

    I had a similar approach to my lunch run. The MP session last week gave me hamstring issues again. Not sure I understand how it can be tight but then I can run again a couple of days later.

    Anyway, I decided to do some more MP miles at Dorney and to stick strictly to the  6:15 target pace.

    They came out at 6:14,6:13,6:16,6:11,6:15.6:15. I am pretty happy with that, HR was within the MP range and the 2.5 miles back after felt good at 7:0x pace. If I'm honest I suspect 26 miles at that effort is a stretch but not stupidly so. The other hamstring is tight though  :'(

  • Matthew HeadMatthew Head ✭✭✭
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    That's a strong tempo session on the track SG - and there was me thinking 10000m was enough laps! Sub-6min/mi for 7mi shows you're going strong - any time targets coming up?

    Bus, good to see you getting back to speedwork, and even better that you can still walk afterwards :)

    Reg, great MP miles there (even if they're optimistic as you suggest) - but bad news with the hamstring! I've not had hamstring problems, so can't comment to help. Has the other sorted itself?

    SE - sent an email off to Marjons in Plymouth, as a number of Cornwall AC athletes underwent training in the summer. Mentioned it to the coach this evening, and he seems keen for me to get it done, not only to find my max but also the training zones - we had a meeting tonight about the results of their testing and how it applies (lactate threshold & turn point, etc.), really interesting!

    Track session for me tonight. Didn't know what to expect from it, given my legs were feeling rather wooden yesterday - although they had eased up rather nicely today.
    The session was 2 x 1km (200m) 800m (200m) 600m (200m) 400m (100m) 200m (400m), essentially working down the ladder - the 200m jog/walk recoveries came out at around 1:45s, the 100m about 60s, and the 400m about 3mins, so pretty decent.
    The times came out as 3:32 / 2:47 / 2:05 / 1:20 / 38 / 3:28 / 2:47 / 2:03 / 1:16 / 33, which I'm really pleased with given that I raced on Sunday, and I was feeling rather pressed come the end of the first set. I must admit, I was rather deep in the hurt locker for the final 400/200, as I really wanted to make the second set faster. Mission accomplished :) (except that pesky 800...)
  • Reg - What's your Marathon time aim? Can't remember what you are going for..

    Decent session MH, looks a toughie, into that annoying wind I bet!

    I was at the rugby club gain - standard 8x800 - crap first one as standard in a 2.41, got them down to mostly 2.34 with a 2.31 and a 2.28 to finish off 80 secs. Pleased as had the slope for 100m as usual and some DOMS from Sutton Pk.

    Glad to say that I got my letter to confirm i'm in the England V45 xc team for Derry on 18/11. I'm sure there might be someone else with similar news on this thread??

  • Matt - never been a fan of doing sessions within 2 days of a race - let the body recover pal. Others disagree i'm sure. ! Looks like you came through fine though.

    Just ticking over getting some confidence up with some of these sessions, without a real plan racing wise as such.

    Dachs - in before your "reveal", but just on your other (in jest) question...about getting people to turn out. I was never one for peer pressure at any stage in life, but there are certain characters you'd go out of your way for. Rob F is one such guy. Motivating encouraging guy.  Few are like him though!

    Simon, tidy as always. Bar rep 1. That's the domain of us lot ;)

    10 today, usual slight self doubts on the way round, but before you know it, all done at 6.53 pace!
  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭
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    Great session Matthew, looks like one of those ones that might (fingers crossed) signal something of a breakthrough.  Will be interesting to see what your testing comes out as.

    Excellent MP miles Reg.

    Decent session Simon.  I have to say, it's unusual that you're so good at 1500 yet seem to take ages to warm up on sessions, like you're a marathoner or something.

    I like Simon's casual mention of international V45 selection.  Just par for the course there!  I have not been so low-key.  As most of you have probably already seen, I have also been selected for the England team for the British and Irish Masters XC in the V40 category in Derry in November.  Really pleased with that - didn't want to mention I was going for it as I thought I was pretty borderline, especially with my form having trailed off a little.  Didn't have to rely on my Plan B of exploiting my maternal Welsh heritage either... ;)

    I shall be following in the footsteps of aged forum legends like Dean and PhilPub.  Looking forward to seeing which grizzled veterans will be in the team this year.

  • Reg WandReg Wand ✭✭✭
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    Nice paces on those sessions MH, I haven't quite tuned my brain into your PB/race pace yet but they seem quicker than I would have guessed based on nothing but just some fuzzy recollection of Strava activities.

    Dachs - Congratulations, international life begins at 40 on this thread. I have a Welsh mother but it wouldn't be great to be the Vinnie Jones of international running, would it.

    SC - Nice session there, the usual glory final rep is comforting to see. My plan is to head out at 6:15 pace/2:43:45, so I have left some room for a slight fade with the main goal being sub 2:45.

    I feel it's a fairly aggressive target given I haven't trained for a stand alone marathon but it's also a 'free hit' for the same reason so if I blow up I don't mind so much. I'm hoping to learn some lessons for London next year and also it would be nice to do London off the champs start.
  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭
    If you're going for the Champs start, are you going to run for a proper club then Reg?
  • Yes Dachs, if successful. What's the name of that club Bus runs for again?
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