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    Your training continues to go really well, DT.  Make sure you get enough recovery and don't break before the marathon.

    Hope you aren't feeling too drained after your HM, muddy.  It's one of those "kill or cure" situations isn't it?  I hope you are cured :)

    In complete contradiction to what I said in my last post, I ran 3 x 1km off 2mins walking rest today.  They averaged out at 4:26, which is a teeny bit faster than my 10k pb pace so that gives me confidence to do some more sessions.
  • Cheers Pete - I'm still not 100% but managed an easy 7m at lunchtime. Seems like a reasonable little session, more oriented towards 5k, I would say, if faster than 10k pace. Still a few chances for decent Saturday morning conditions through October and November ;) 
  • They were only a teeny bit faster and, in all honesty, I am nowhere near 10k pb fitness.  Hence only three reps.  I can't muster the motivation for parkruns and I seem to have a lot of weekend commitments that will rule out most other races I had identified as possibilities!
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    good session, Pete.

    Just did my final 20, which I should have done Sunday. Kept it deliberately very low effort. Came out 8.10mm for 142 HR. Very low end easy pace. 

    Nothing else particularly significant to do now other then taper.
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    Pete - looking good there.

    DT - Nice feeling when the training is done and the only challenge left is getting to the start line in one piece.

    On that note I've had what feels like a fairly major flare up of plantar fasciitis. It's severe enough that I'm limping a bit when walking. I've had it on and off for years but never to the extent where its really affected my running at all. I guess I'll see how it responds in the next few days but its hardly ideal 10 days out from a marathon.
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    Yes, I do have a 10k race Sunday but that really is it. Looks like ive lucked out with the weather forecast as it stands.

    That is a problem, Mr V. At this stage I would be throwing the kitchen sink at it in terms of treatment and physio.

  • I'd  be seeing my physio too, Mr V - in fact this recently happened to my friend Fifi (a different one), who was limping too after racing a 10k and could barely walk, but it turned out to be mainly due to her really really really tight calves, which are massively improving now with treatment.
  • Yes ... unlucky Mr V, but plenty of time for it to settle. I had this pulsing  electric shock wave thing zapping my plantar when I tore it. Maybe get a couple of treatments like that as soon as possible ? It does leave the foot feeling tender so you would have to suspend running until the discomfort subsides.
  • Morning folks, been a bit too busy at work to be fannying about on the internet, and like Skinny, I can't be bothered to type lengthy contibutions on my phone.
    Anyway, top bombing DT - looking very strong at the moment.  I wonder whether you should approach Nike for sponsorship - the positive publicity from that photo for their new 4% shoes, in the Worcester area, has got to be immense.
    I see the rest of you are on the usual rollercoaster, so good luck to those with races imminent.
    I have the big 2017 target tommorow - 43 mile Limestone Way Ultra.  Start is at 7:10am with registration etc before that.  Fortunately I don't think a warm up will be necessary.
    After that I think I'll put my feet up for a while and get a bit of physio opinion on my calves/achilles/pf/heel as they are becoming increasingly tight, despite some half-hearted effort to stretch consistently.
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    hope today went well, Lou.

    Mixed outcome for me today. I did my research on the course and it suggested mile 1 had a slight net elevation gain, then the next 3 miles would be downhill with 104 foot of decline in mile 2, followed by a tough mile 6. I decided therefore to attack mile 1 (5.58) then smash mile 2 and then sit at 6mm pace to bank time for the climb at mile 6. I am not sure if they changed the course but the route I ran showed no comparison, except for a big climb in mile 6. 

    Plan out of the window I just ebbed and flowed with an undulating course. At 9km marker my watch was on 34.3x and I knew after about 5.6 miles it was downhill. Thought job was done so turned my watch off it's display and just run. Crossed line and disappointed to see 39.01 (official chip time 38.58) so 10 seconds out. Measured 6.26 (10.2 for those running in ks) which cost me. 

    I knew I was in 7th place and quickly established I was first v40 outside top 3. I asked organisers about double prizes and they said it would pass down. I therefore waited about for presentation. Then during presentation they decided to give v40 to guy in second and I walked away dejected. They then called me out. Turns out there were prizes for top 3 in each cat. So had a nice glass paper weight trophy. 

    so some consolation along with second fastest 10k. On a plus that's pretty much a minute quicker than my flat and bang on measurement 10k 2 weeks from London. 
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    Lou - Hope you had a good one today. Makes me feel a bit queasy just thinking about attempting that kind of distance.

    DT - Pretty good result all things considered. With a mid week 20 in the legs I'm actually surprised it didn't hold you back more. I'm sure on fresh legs you would have been even quicker.

    I managed 11 miles today on my foot and it felt fairly ok and isn't hurting now. Will just have to see if there is a reaction in the morning. Amazing how you can go from limping when you walk to 11 miles more or less pain free in a couple of days. Physio tomorrow as well and as long as there is no reaction hopefully next weekend is still a goer.
  • Good to hear Mr V - fingers crossed. Everything crossed for Lou in his epic run !

    Every cloud has a silver lining DT. Unlucky on the course difficulty but congratulations on the prize. While Skinny is updating the spreadsheet, I picked up the v45 prize for my half last weekend.

    I’ve had a rubbish weekend of running but an excellent weekend of lying around feeling ill. Hopefully a bit improved now, after 3 days of rest, but all the napping has me feeling wide awake now :grimace:
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    That's good news, Mr V. Sounds like you'll get to the start line then.

    I'm comfortable with yesterday now, particularly as RB gave it 2.0 difficulty. I am just annoyed as 10k is the only distance I have not had a pb in this year.

    Muddy, you have time for 1 weeks training before you taper for Brum!

    I can't be arsed with much now. I feel like the work is done and I will gain more from doing less, rather than trying bigger 8-10 mile mp sessions this week and risking injury, which is ultimately the only thing too much training can achieve now.

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    Congrats on the prize DT, looks like you're in good shape for Birmingham, fingers crossed you can avoid injury and illness between now and then.

    Mr V - good news, hopefully no reaction to the physio treatment, you seem like you've had a decent build up to the marathon, ignoring the recent injury, will be interesting to see how you get on at the marathon.

    Lou - hope you enjoyed your ultra, think it will have a been a scenic but hilly route?

    Not a lot happening from me, had a fairly decent weeks training a fortnight ago but then ended up going to work in Malta which meant last week was a bit of a right off running wise. Looking forward t getting stuck in to some cross country over the next few months, have managed to scrape in to our C team for the National XC relays at Mansfield at the beginning of November, one of my favourite events of the year. Will probably find time for a couple of road races too but not targeting anything specifically.

  • Not overdoing it is easier said than done:-)
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    Now had he found a disabled toilet before the start and settled in, his problems would have been far less severe!! Great read though.

    Just taking it largely easy now. Did 5 at mp yesterday. Decided to push to see what 160bpm gave me, which is my usual training hr for mp and would give me a good comparison to other sessions. Came out 6.40mm for 159. The same session 10 days out from London (on same route) came in 6.52mm for 160. I still have my vaporflys to throw in to the mix as well. Had a pretty robust sports massage last night so feel quite sore today.

  • I haven't read to the end of that link Tommy to find out exactly where the overdoing started... but look at all the magic daps in the photos !
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    Yes....that picture half way down I spotted 4 pairs from about 8 people. All sub-elites. It does get to the level, muddy where if it were me I would be ringing an ambulance and never running a marathon again.
  • I read to the end and it reminded me so much of both mara experiences. I don't think I could ever bab my pants in public to rescue a pb thinking of my family. Quite the reverse actually !
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    Anyone about??? 12 easy miles yesterday. Just need to get through this week without contracting one of the many bugs people around me seem to have.
  • Afternoon. Good luck with the virus avoidance this week DT.
    Afraid I'm too busy to write a detailed account of all 43 miles last weekend, but suffice to say it wasn't as bad as I feared it might have been.  I felt like I was struggling a bit for a few miles approaching checkpoint 2, notionally the 'half-way' point, but really at 25 miles so closer to 2/3 of the way.  With hindsight this might have been more to do with being hungry as it was lunchtime and I'd not eaten anythingn substantial since 5am.  After stuffing my face with sausage rolls, crisps, flapjack and, of course, a nice cup of tea and a sit down I felt much better and the last 18 miles were much easier (perhaps because it was so muddy I couldn't actually run much of it). 
    Felt quite fresh in the final couple of miles along the road.  Very different to the last few miles of the 30 miler in the summer, which I suppose I ran quite hard and felt completely spent by the end. Anyway, nine and a half hours for 43 miles, which got me a 'silver' certificate. All good fun.
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    Lou, think we have different ideas of fun! Well done 43 miles is a hell of a distance.

    DT, good luck with the germ avoidance. I failed and was full of cold yesterday.

    So after much debate I decided to  try and run the York marathon yesterday. I was not confident of my dodgy foot holding out and as above was also full of cold. Still having done all the training I figured I had to at least give it a go. The foot felt fine during the first few miles and I thought perhaps it would be ok. At this point I was more worried about how I felt. I was ticking along at sub 3 pace but it didn't feel nearly as easy as I would have liked. Clearly the cold was taking its toll. However it turned out it didn't matter as before i had to decide whether to let the pace drop the foot started hurting. I wasn't even half way at this stage so there was no way I was going to battle through. So unfortunately I had to drop out. Pretty frustrating after all the hard work but the foot doesn't feel too bad today so hopefully no serious damage has been done.
  • Hi everyone!

    Enjoyed that link Tommy - wonder if Lou read it and thought he should have done that for a sub 3?

    Well done Lou on the 43 miler - when you say 43 miles in 9 and a half hours it doesn't sound so bad because as runners we quickly calculate the pace - but doing that devalues the distance - 43 miles! A whole week of running in one go - well done and sounds like you enjoyed it.

    Unlucky Mr V and I wonder if Lit is also a bit injured - was looking at Chester results yesterday for Friend of Skinny (2:58) and noticed 2016 Ladies champion and of course you always will be.

    DT good luck for soon (this weekend?) and if you are enjoying your running then perhaps that is enough Tommy and maybe Pete too?

    As for me i am able to do the odd 5 or 6 mile run and this week I'm going to try and run 3 times for the first time in 6 and a half months. I got my London entry through this week but at the moment it would just be nice to get back to some regular running. The one ray of sunshine is that if I can get into any sort of shape at all I only will need 3:20 to bag a GFA which is slower than 7:30mm.

    Best wishes to everyone,


    PS I hope all our other ladies are okay too - how is McFlooze recovering?

    PPS Hope your absence is not a sign the comeback has gone off the rails Mace.
  • PPPS To Muddy and anyone else I missed out of my Bob style catch up - apologies - good luck in the Abbey Dash, it's hard for me to believe how fast I ran that this time last year.
  • Ooh, hi Skinny! I'm not injured, just really busy. I did the Glasgow half last week in 1:26 which is about what I was expecting for current fitness levels, and now just planning to do the cross country season and some base building and get properly fit for London last year. I was in Lancaster at the weekend visiting my partner's family so probably Pete will have noticed me waving in the general direction of Preston and you (Skinny) will have noticed me waving from the train as I went through Carlisle. Chester marathon more competitive this year as I think it was the English masters championships so attracted some actual fast vets.
  • Yes he was a bit disappointed to be only 11th MV50 with that time as was his first race since turning 50.

    If your partner is from Lancaster and if I ever get fit again then there must be an opportunity at some point for us to do one of the Lancaster Races and finally meet!

    I spent a lot of weekend in Lake District so you should have been waving at Oxenholme so no wonder I missed you.
  • That's a shame Mr V but the right decision, unlike this plonker who is still feeling the after effects of London. Hopefully you can rest up for a sufficiently short period in order to make use of all that training.

    Cheers Skinny - good luck this week. That's a very impressive v50 marathon time for FoS. One for you to go after at London. Richard and I are doing Birmingham half this weekend and at least one of us may be around to wave DT in just before 12pm fingers crossed !

    I did my first Abbey Dash sesh on Saturday morning, overlapping the sharpening for Birmingham with the preparation for a 10k race. It was a modest 2 x 0.35 m + 2 x 0.45 m + 2 x 0.35 m but averaged 5.30-ish min/mile on undulating loops, so that came out as a pleasant surprise. Then I got drunk on Saturday night and my Sunday long run was horrendous. Brought up (apt) around 58 miles for the week, and will taper mildly back to around 40 miles for Birmingham before hopefully cracking on with the mileage. I have a 5k race the weekend after. 

    I noticed that this year the Lancaster half clashes with Abbey Dash on Nov 5th - might be one to do a bit of pot hunting at for Lit and FoS ...
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    If Lou's attitude was better and he thought of his family, he would be in possession of a sub 3 mara I am sure!

    Mr v- At least you tried and are not left wondering what might have been, and ditched it without leaving yourself broken.

    Happy significant birthday, Skinny. Good that you are getting some running in, hopefully you will build it back up. I was also looking at Chester results and noted Lit's name as last years winner.

    Lit, glad you are still in reasonable shape.

    Lou, great long running. I think 26 will be my limit.

    Talking of which, yes it is this sunday.

     I have tapered down sensibly with a 38 mile week, followed by 28 last week (against an average of about 48 over the previous 3 months) and this week, other than the race, will be about 10, including my full kit trial run over lunchtime. Sports massage then booked for tonight.

    Taking on board what Mace said (I hope he isn't back on the beer and snooker!) after London when I was spending £200 on running shoes ("You probably just need 10 miles a week more running"), my average weekly mileage in the 3 months leading to race month this time is about 8.5 miles more than the 3 month period leading to April. So I am hoping that, the shoes plus the fact that I have trained for back to back marathons with 13 runs beginning with a 2 since January should set me up nicely.

    Muddy, with an 8.30 start (I already feel tired thinking about it), if i'm in around 12 it'll be a bad day. The early forecast for sunday looks potentially unseasonably warm which will make the half much tougher with an afternoon start.

  • Ooh yes meant to say that was extremely sensible Mr V. I'm always impressed by people who know when to stop!

    Skinny (& Pete): my partner has, many years ago, run the Calder Vale 10 so we thought we might go and do that in the spring as part of my London build-up and her triumphant return to racing.
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