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    Hi all,

    I had the most awful 14 miles today. It was fine for the first 12k with the dogs but then when I was on my own, it just went from bad to worse. Any time I tried to walk, my hip started hurting. I think that my shoes are at the end of their life.

    Keith - Crickey, please be careful! Especially with such limited eyesight!

    Belfastrunner - welcome!! :) You're in good hands
  • Emmy - Eyesight is better now and amusingly roads were barely wet which means they must have done something right if they drain that fast
    Belfast Runner - I've emailed you the plans this morning.   Choose the plan that suits you best and will fit in with the rest of your life.   You're already up to 11 miles as your longest run and that's good, I would always advise starting a plan early if you can.   This gives you extra time should you get a cold or an injury that means you have to ease up or rest for a little while.  It's also easier to schedule in your pre marathon races if you have a couple of weeks in hand.

    That's good that you're doing your first half very soon, if you want to use my plan then we should calculate your marathon training paces from your half marathon result.

    1SteveMac said:
    I don't get the "go out as fast as you can and hold on" approach, surely it just ends in a world of pain?!!

    Nor do I, a world of pain and misery.  That's why we train to avoid that so why would we deliberately do it?

    Agree re the carbo loading, don't want to feel bloated just comfortable.

    SK - I've just clicked on the link and I get £40, the other colour is £80.

    Thanks for the link re Sportsshoes, I looked on their website but I think I selected size 7 and they didn't come up.   But that's a good deal, I had terrible problems with Sportsshoes last time I swore I wouldn't deal with them again but their prices are very competitive and they are good until you deal with the idiots in their customer service department.
    Big_G said:
    Errrm Shades - you'd better add me to the list for Burton Bradstock as I seem to have accidentally entered....  :blush:

    Ha, ha, marathon junkie, will add you to the list, I expect there's a few Trotters doing Burton as it's not that far away.   Have you entered the Cornish?

    Keith - ouch, that must be so painful and you won't be looking your best! ;)

    I kept hearing on the travel news yesterday that you were under water up there.

    Emmy - hope that hip is just a passing niggle and just one of those bad runs that we all have now and then.   Treat yourself to some new shoes.

    A lot colder today and darker, never really seemed to get light even on my run back home.

  • Emmy, you have my sympathies - my right hip is still being a bugger.

    So, news is a bit mixed. Got the call from the doctor and all tests are normal except that my white cell count is a bit low. Which is exactly what happened 10 years ago when I got run down. She said I should go back and get some more tests in a few weeks to see if I've had something like glandular fever or hepatitis (I don't think I have but, well, you never know). Anyway, if it is something like that then it's treatable.

    Oh the other hand, my back pain is definitely worse. I wonder if I strained it (or at least made it worse) on Sunday? Since it happens it seems to get better then worse. Yoga is particularly difficult at the moment. I can actually do the backbends fine but twisting movements hurt and going from downward dog into lunge is difficult. I'd get a treatment but I can't afford another one until the next rent cheque goes through. Argh.
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    Cal - good luck today.

    Shades, after Munich I was thinking of having a look around to see if there was something this weekend, because although local I'm still not sure about DMV.  As Burton Bradstock is only about 90-mins away, I thought I may as well.  I'm not sure what pace to go out at - I'll just decide when I get there - but I don't want to be totally knackered for Abingdon.  Part of me thinks maybe see if I can do a consistent 9s, or maybe do 9:30s for a large part of it, and then see if I can push it for the last 10K or something.  But I don't think I'll "race" it for a PB, due to Abingdon.  Or I may just run it to feel and not worry about pace as such.  Not sure really - any advice?  I'm not bothered about finish time, I suppose is what I'm saying.

    Also, having the DMV weekend off may be a good idea anyway, as the week after I've got my first double planned.  Having said all that, I have emailed the DMV organiser asking when the entries close.....part of me thinks it's a shame not to do it as it is so close to me!

    I haven't entered Cornish yet.  I'm not sure what to do really, as I'm going out on the Saturday evening to a comedy show (Jason Manford).  Although I won't be drinking necessarily, it'll be a late night and obviously I have be up early Sunday to get down to Cornwall.  I would like to do it though, and I know I'll need to enter soonish so I need to make my mind up.

    I saw Davey has sent out some promotion thing for his races next year, and it does make them cheap (£25 a race if you do at least one event each weekend).  But I know I can't do one of them so I'm not necessarily going to enter Davey's early and I'll just decide on what else there is around.  The twice I've done it I can't say I've overly enjoyed it....once when I was tired after London, and the second the other week which was horrible!

    Abingdon number has been received.  Exciting.  I have a feeling it's going to be a bloody quick race, and I think there's a chance that even if I'm on for a PB I may be on my own as the rest of the field shoot off into the distance.  A strict 5hr cut off shows it's aimed at the quicker runners I suppose.  Nothing necessarily wrong with that in my opinion, although I did see something from a slower runner complaining that the event is elitist.  I don't really agree with that though.  Similarly, when people say Torbay AC is elitist, I don't agree with that either.  They happen to attract quicker runners, but that doesn't make them elitist, does it?
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    Cross post Cal - good news that it's nothing sinister as such.  Did she say anything you should do before you go back for the extra tests?
  • Shades - thanks for the email/plans and for the info re starting the plan soon 
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    I agree with you Big G  with the Elites thing. Some people think clubs  with lots of quick runners is just aimed at Elites. Torbay has a good beginners ethos. Most people first choose a club based on distance to training and if training nights fit with current commitments. There are a few which flit in between clubs looking for goodness knows what and clubs are not for some which is also fine.  Some race RD have lots of other factors to consider like marshals available, road closures, aid stations and support plus many more. Some people get the green eyed monster if they can't enter something as most of the negative views of London are based. I've kept very quiet on that one as I got first time Ballot and some people have made me feel guilty as they have tried for so long. I've been playing the lottery some many many years and never won.  Looking on run Britain something in the water in Cardiff lol 
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    Jelly, I tend to keep quiet about London, although I did "bite" at one member on our club's Facebook page.  He was going on about how London should change the rules, and how unfair it all was.  I have always thought that it's their race, so they can do what they like.  I was lucky in last year's ballot, but even if I hadn't been lucky, it's always been my thought on it.  At the end of the day it's a charity race (nothing wrong with that either, but that's what it is), and they could make it a whole lot harder (qualifiers, more expensive, etc etc) for runners to get in.  I feel lucky to have done it twice (once charity, once ballot) and this year's became my favourite race I've done, but even so I don't think they should change the rules.  If they do change the rules that's up to them, but I just think it's their race so they can do what they like.  Imagine if Chair started getting complaints about that DD entry system being "unfair" and that it should be changed.  He'd tell them to p*** off!

    Don't feel bad that you were lucky - you entered the ballot alongside everyone else, and you deserved your place.  You did nothing wrong, you trained for the race, and you loved it.  That's what matters.  When I got in I had people asking "How did you manage that?!".  I didn't know how to answer that except by saying "Urrrrm, I entered the ballot just like you did!".
    Cal - well that's good news and as you've had the low white cell count before, chances are you are run down again, maybe why you were so susceptible to that bite getting infected.     Sorry to hear the back is so sore, maybe the yoga isn't helping and you should just drop to gentle stretching until the back feels stronger. 

    Big G - Well don't aim for a PB at Burton Bradstock as the course doesn't have a course measurement certificate and is not permitted by ARC or UKA so wouldn't count if you were using the race time for a qualification.   They have measured the course and they have their own insurance, I checked.

     Abingdon is not an elitist race and runners of all abilities, you certainly won't be on your own.    It has finishers spread out well up to 5 hours.  It's popular with the faster runners as it's a good GFA/Boston qualifying course. the Army championships and I think 3 separate County Championships and they are fiercely contested.   The course is exceedingly dull but the race is popular as it's fast and it's very well organised.  I'm sure the 5 hour limit is due to traffic and police restrictions.

    I just asked about Cornish as it's perfect DD training, getting used to running over a hilly course.  But the race is full now anyway, you can put your name on a waiting list for a transfer.

    I saw Davey's email but I'm not intending to do the January or May races anyway, not sure about the later ones.   I might be tempted by a late entry in January if there's a heatwave promised for that weekend, but I'll be well into my winter training then, we'll see.

    Belfast runner - you're very welcome.

    Jelly - I get so cross with all the sour grapes about those moaning not getting a ballot place.   With London there are so many ways that a runner can get a place and if a runner really wants to run London and they don't get a ballot place then there are other ways.   But those other ways require effort, for which most of the moaners are too lazy to do, that is raise the money for charity or train for a GFA place, other options just pay the charity money yourself, either by savings or get a part time job.  Funny how the moaners never do any of those things.  I think the London entry system is very fair.  I don't think you should worry about upsetting others just because they didn't get a place, you entered the ballot and you got a place.   Do you think those moaners would be as considerate to you if they had got a place and you didn't.

    London was my first marathon and I loved it, but I hated it the other 3 times I ran it.

    Marathon List 

    13th March
    Enigma - Milton Keynes
    Big G - PB 3:54:17   

    2nd April
    Cal - PB 4:29:29  
    Ian5 -  4:29
    Steve -  PB 3:10:15  
    NickW2 - PB 3:24:59  

    9th April
    SuzSaville82 - PB 4:26  
    Emmy 4:42
    Louey  - 4:24:45

    23rd April
    Big G - 4:00:59
    Iain Love - 2:57:49
    Slowkoala - 3:12:43
    Jugula - 4:21

    29th April
    Plym Trail
    Big G - 4:29
    Shades - 5:01

    7th May
    Great Welsh
    Shades - 4:44:12

    13th May
    Marathon de Blaye 
    mamafox - 3:40 - 3rd place and she did win the wine  

    14th May
    Shades - 4:45:59

    21st May
    Shades - 4:53:46
    Big G - 3:54:25
    Emmy - 4:42:59 (including beer stops)

    27th May
    Saturday Night
    Iain - 3:20:45 Winner   

    28th May
    Cal - 4:37:52
    Shades - 4:56:16

    3rd June
    Dartmoor Discovery
    Shades  - PB 6:32:17 

    11th June
    Yeovil Marathon
    Shades - 5:13

    15th June
    Dorney Lake 6 Hour
    Shades - 5:29:59  B 

    18th June
    Enigma Clueless
    Big G - 5:09:58 B

    24th June
    Emmy - 5:56

    24th/25th June
    Harp 24
    mowzer - 28 miles

    25th June
    Boddington Marathon
    Shades - 4:59:57

    2nd July
    Wirral Ultra
    Ian5 - PB 7:01 

    9th July
    LDWA From Here to There
    mowzer 9:06

    15th July
    Chiltern Challenge 50km
    Steve - PB 5:06 

    23rd July
    Ironman Marathon
    Iain - 3:29:54

    29th July
    Enigma Planes
    Big G - 4:35

    6th August
    Big G - 3:58:10

    12th August
    SVP 100km
    Steve -  PB 12:22 

    13th August
    mowzer - 7:50

    Isle of Man
    Shades - 4:59:06

    3rd September
    City to Sea 
    Big G - 5:28:53

    14th September
    Dorney Lake 
    Big G - 4:14:12

    17th September
    Ian -  PB 3:34:41 

    24th September
    Loch Ness
    Shades 5:06:10

    1st October
    Plym Trail
    Big G - 4:44:59

    8th October 
    Ian - PB 3:31:26 

    Big G - PB 3:42:38 

    Lily - PB 5:07:15 

    15th October

    Burton Bradstock
    Big G

    22nd October
    Marine Corps Marathon

    Big G

    29th October
    Dartmoor Vale


    3rd November
    Big G

    4th November
    Big G

    11th November
    Phoenix Remembrance

    12th November
    Phoenix Jurassic
    marathon list updated, Big G doing late entries ;)
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    1 day away and 50 notifications...
    Not much to report here,went for 4 miles yesterday and my ankle starting niggling a bit,only done 420 miles in my shoes but may be gone as I'm a bit heavier than most so may not last as long.Got my guides on the way so will look for another pair aswell soon  :D
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    Cal - That is good news, what a relief.. now you need to look after yourself and get back on form again. Any way you could afford to take yourself away for a holiday or long weekend somewhere?
    Hope that back problem sorts itself out soon.

    SK - No, I'm not going to use the Hokas for racing - they're very comfortable but just feel a bit mushy to race in.

    Shades - Yes that's why I do the split recovery runs in one go - for me it's too much stress to organise going out twice in one day which defeats the object of a revitalising recovery run really. 

    Nice 24k within pace done yesterday and completely bombed a speed session today. Had switched runs round due to timing anyway but the speed one was never really on the cards. I've got a bit of a cold plus bloody toothache again so it was a miracle that I got the runs done at all.

    Other news is that while rushing round taking middle son to Handball yesterday I put smallest child in his car seat whilst putting my iphone on the roof than only went and forgot about it and zoomed off! To cut a long story short I looked everywhere in the car, back at the gym and then retraced my journey and found it by the side of the road just after a roundabout. Unbelieveably it hadn't been picked up. The screen is cracked but that can be replaced and the phone works fine thank God. This is sort of running related (said defensively) as my timing app is on it for doing my strengthening work and stretches and I am on an unbroken streak of 6 weeks at the moment, plus I like looking at all my running stats on it too. WHAT a relief  B)
  • JugulaJugula ✭✭✭
    Cal, that's good news, at least you should get some peace of mind even if the injuries are still troublesome.
    Shades, no not really tempted though I did enter the London ballot but didn't get in. I'm not that bothered as I prefer smaller races that aren't so congested.
    I seem to be better suited to half marathon distance and quite enjoy doing them, maybe that's something to do with the amount of training I'm prepared to do!
  • Cal - that's a relief that it's nothing sinister, but frustrating that you're still
    not 100 percent.

    Shades - I only get the £40 price for the pink for size 4, for all other sizes I get £80! I don't want the pink anyhow, just curious that I might be getting a different quote based on cookies! 

    I saw that someone had even created an online petition to get VLM to change the ballot rules!
  • MF - if you have 'find my iphone' installed on your phone, you can see exactly where the phone is located when it gets lost!
  • Belfast runner- welcome, I'm quite new to the thread as well and you certainly get great advice from all the shadies.

    Cal- good news it's nothing major and if it is just down to being run down then you'll certainly recover.

    Only 4 miles easy for me today, just can't seem to find time for a run lately if it's not due to being extremely busy at work its now my brother in law being rushed into hospital on Monday critically I'll. However when it comes to things like that running will always come second.

    Shades- would you mind if I email you for your plans.
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Hi all,

    Cal - good news from the doctor! At least if it's "just" rundown, it's relatively easy to resolve.
    Steven - sorry to hear about your brother in law. I hope that he'll be ok.

    Shades - I've got 2 pairs already ;)
    edited October 2017
    Ian - hopefully that's just a little niggle, maybe due to camber either from your training route or from the marathon.

    mamafox - skip the speed sessions if you have a light cold and/or toothache.   You will get injured or ill doing speedwork when you're not 100%.

    Blimey that was a bit of luck finding your phone, I imagine that you don't drive slowly, lots to do etc ;)  Better back up your running and exercise stats so you can access from another device, just in case.

    Jugula - I was planning to do Southampton next year as you had such a good run there, but I think now I'll stay home and watch London on telly, that weekend is the only one in the Spring when I don't have a race planned so will probably need the rest.   Will pencil Southampton in for 2019.

    SK - Sports Direct are crap, I only get £40 for size 4 too, I didn't get as far as clicking on the size I wanted, the colour put me off. :#

    That's so funny about the online petition for changing the ballot, those online petitions are meaningless and pathetic.  Perhaps London can ban anyone that signs the petition :)

    Steven - So sorry to hear about your brother in law, I hope he's going to be OK

    Of course, pm me your email address and I'll send you Level 2.

    Emmy - only 2 pairs ;)  good for you

    Steven - I've just emailed your Level 2 plan.
  • Just popped in to say good luck to John, Jelly, Big G and Shades plus anyone else racing this weekend.
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Morning all,

    Good luck to all of the racers this weekend!

    Shades - it may be just one pair... I tried on one pair and they feel a bit narrow and tight? Maybe they just need some running in? The second pair fit like a glove and absolutely no hip pain so I think that was the cause.
  • NickW2NickW2 ✭✭✭
    Struggling to keep up with the thread tbh - so much going on!

    Cal - glad it doesn't sound too serious.

    Good luck to all those racing this weekend.

    After cycling to work on monday I then had a tough squash match on Tuesday night, but was really pleased as I saved match points and won my match, which was the decisive match for our team. Tuesday night unfortunately my daughter decided not to sleep very much, I think this contributed to me not recovering well and a few things aching on Wednesday. I still made it to my club's run in the evening and did 8 miles at a recovery sort of pace mostly, came out about 8:45 average. Felt better at the end than the start which is always a good sign. Felt quite run down yesterday but got 6.5 hours last night which is good going these days and feel a lot more with it today.
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    @Nick - Congrats on winning the squash match! Hopefully your daughter will let you sleep this weekend!
  • Thanks Steve, can't wait to start the race. I'm going to get all my stuff ready tonight and get organised as on race morning I am all over them place and faffing around trying to find stuff normally.

    I am enjoying the carb loading, it's a bit of a balancing act trying to not eat too much and making myself a bit bloated. I'd like to think I've got the balance about right. Also drinking plenty of water.

    I normally have a big bowl of porridge a couple of hours before my HM's so I plan to do the same. I also have a couple of rounds of toast with jam about 1 1/2 hours before, then a banana 20 mins before race.  I can feel a bit full but I seem to burn off the "heavy feeling" by about the 6 mile point.

  • JellyJelly ✭✭✭
    I can't wait for this work day to be over. Done 12 days straight and we don't have the pleasant of customers. Drinking Ribena as water lasted a day, last couple of days been adding Electrolytes tablet to first one. Trying not to over eat on junk snacks but found hard this week with nerves, meal wise I'm fine. Looking forward to catching coach in the morning. I did my kit last night as we need to full house with food for teenagers over the weekend. Good luck to all who are racing this weekend. 
    Steve - good luck to you and I hope you make that Target A time.   Going to be a little warmer than usual for this time of year.

    Emmy - maybe just use thinner socks or use the narrower pair in colder weather when your feet don't expand.

    Nick - I'm having trouble too sometimes keeping up with the thread :o

    Well done at the squash match.

    John - you seem to have your pre marathon food sorted.  You can always pack a jam sandwich in your bag just in case for before the race.

    Jelly - you must have the patience of a saint to deal with some of those customers. o:)

    There is no advantage to trying to stock up your body with electrolytes, now that you're tapering and not running and not dehydrated your electrolytes will be at their normal level.   If you take on more they will just be flushed down the toilet, literally.   Just stay well hydrated and your body will do the rest.  Oatcakes are good to nibble on :) and a bit healthier than other biscuits.   They're also nice post race as fairly salty.

    Lily - Yorkshire marathon is on telly, I think tomorrow morning C4

  • JellyJelly ✭✭✭
    Thanks Shades, I won't worry if future,  sport physio said to top up before. Some times it's so confusing this running lark. 
    Jelly - only if you were dehydrated would you want to take on electrolytes to quickly restore balance, for instance if you'd been drinking alcohol.

    What do you use during your marathons to replace electrolytes?

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