What trail running pack for a tall bloke...

I'm just over 6'4" and need to get myself a trail pack. I've been looking for a longer pack but don't want to spend more than around £60. I see sportsshoes do the inov8 5ltr with a couple of soft flasks for £55 but only in the smaller size. Anyone know somewhere selling the larger size for similar money? I'm quite keen on the front mounted soft flasks as don't really enjoy running with a hydration bladder swishing around on my back. Following the Great Scottish Run in a couple of weeks, my next race is a night time off road run so would be good to have it to get used to it before race day.


  • RedjeepRedjeep ✭✭✭
    Peter, I have one of the Decathon packs. I think it's just called a Kalenji Long Trail pack. It's around 8 litres and is one of the vest style packs with an inbuild bladder.

    I'm not a tall as you (I'm 6 feet), but I've used it on a few Adventure type races and it's always been comfortable.
  • I'm 6'2'' and would suggest that you steer clear of any of the Omm Ultra range as they are (IMO) rubbish for tall/broad shouldered people. 

    I use a Camelbak Rogue (older design with bigger pockets) which would have too little storage for you, but the 'frame' is very comfortable for the longer-backed man!
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