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  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Boss that HM, Hazel!  I admire the discipline in your training, Nessie.  Running faster is harder than running more slowly.  

    Better news for you, Cal.  Hope it continues.

    Will, might you feature on 'Tweet of the Day'?  Mull: how to spend half term.

    Thanks to all of you for helping me feed my obsession!
  • I may well be tweeting, Swittle! Certainly if we see our hoped for Golden and White Tailed Eagles. Submitting Ben More will be a good bit of cross training. I did it last year and it was very tough, but so worth it for the stupendous views at the top. 

    I popped out for a little 5 miler yesterday avo. Thought I had run quite slowly as the old legs felt heavy from Friday's run. Turned out it was my best 5 mile time, so there we are. Going for a 3 day stream with an LSR tonight :) 
    I run, therefore I am.
  • *summiting 
    I run, therefore I am.
  • I did it! 10 miles in just over 10 minute mile pace. 
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Superb running, Andrea  :)
  • Well done Andrea.
    Unfortunately for me I'm still benched as the back and hip (TFL) are not improving even with rest. Volunteered at parkrun yesterday and the standing around left me very sore. It's annoying as the hip felt quite good on Friday but was sore again yesterday morning for no reason. Not like I exercised or anything!
  • Great run, Andrea! Well done.
    Patience is a virtue, Cal, most probably.

    My planned LSR was curtailed to a slightly uncomfortable, slow 5.5 miles. My left calf is a bit tight and then my whole leg started to feel a bit dead, so I turned for home early. Think I've tried to squeeze too much into a tight schedule, so will rest for a couple of days. Not for me the infamous streaks of Swittle!
    I run, therefore I am.
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    Good running people. Glad you're okay Cal.
    9miles tonight very mild out. Been gardening all day and tired but figured I should go run. Probably need a rest. A storm's a'comin apparently so good excuse to do nothing.
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Sounds like a sensible move, Will.  Warm 'n' cool baths and gentle stretching.  I'll look after the Streaking!

    Ye, JT, mild on the coast too last night.  10.2 miles of darkrun - unexplained spotlights on the prom.  5k @ 7am - rather ouchy.  :o
  • Have a great holiday on Mull Will - that sounds like a good combination of activities.  

    My HM went ok as such (1:42:40) but my pacing was nowhere like as even as I would have liked it to have been in preparation for Frankfurt in 2 weeks.  I set off far too fast and paid for it later.  The first 2 km or so are all slightly downhill but there are 2 longer uphill slopes at around km 15 and 17 followed by a sharp downhill at km 18.

    It was too warm for my tastes, 18 degrees according to a big thermometer I ran past but that was in the shade and I mostly wasn't.  I even managed to get sunburnt (in mid-October??).  I missed out the first water station at 5km and had to use the ones at 10 and 15km as I was getting quite dehydrated, plus an additional inofficial one at around 18km run by 2 little kids - I was impressed by their enthusiasm and was happy to loose the few seconds it took to say thanks and hand back the cup rather than chuck it on the road.  

    Finisher goody - a lightweight fleecy blanket.  (better than the standard rucksack, towel, T-shirt - got plenty of all of those).

    Met not one but two of my teammates which was nice - we had a nice chat and a beer (alcohol free ;)) after the race.
  • Well done Hazel. By my standards that's a phenomenal time!

    Did weights this morning followed by three slow miles.
  • Very impressive running Hazel and hopefully useful for lessons for the full marathon.  What is the marathon PB?
    swittle, hope the ouchy is less ouchy
    Nice running Andrea, JT, Will.
    Cal- boo to the injury bench :-(
    Me- have done a couple of very easy shortish runs. This morning's 6 am outing was particularly hardcore for me.  Warm up and down and two 5k laps, the first one at tempo pace and the second one much faster than the first.  Went pretty much to planned pace. 8 miles complete before the rest of the family woke up and set me up for the day, but I am pretty cream crackered now
  • Take good care of your ouchy bits swittle.  (useless bit of trivia: a Lausanne suburb is called Ouchy.  The local marathon appropriately starts and finishes there..)

    Thanks Andrea and Nessie.  My marathon PB is 3:34:00.  I was hoping to try and better that but I am pretty sure that it is not going to happen.  I am pretty sure I will get around the distance but not at the necessary speed.  I'm probably looking at a time around 3:45. 

    Nessie, impressive workout for 6am!  I am another one who was still asleep whilst you were out doing that!

    Did the usual Tuesday group trot yesterday evening.  The autumn school holidays are finished here so there were 4 of us out this time.  Several more additionally turned up at the pub afterwards where pretty concrete plans are being made for a group of about 10 to go to the Medoc marathon next year.  I am not one of them - bit expensive for me.     
  • Nice running guys. 

    Did some speed work this morning.

    5 minute warm up, followed by 8 x 3 mins @fast pace with 2 minutes slow in between. This ended up about 4.5 miles, so I jogged to make it up to 5 miles.
  • Would love to visit Ouchy, Hazelnut. Sounds perfect for a Marathon finish.

    No last run for me in past 3 days due to an Ouchy calf. I have a sore 'knot' of muscle towards the top inside of it and then a bit of tightness in the hamstring. I'm off to Mull the tomorrow evening and so will have to get some miles in up there if poss. If not I'll be slightly worried about going into a testing trail half after a 2 week gap in training. Hmm.

    I run, therefore I am.
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Great pace variation, Nessie.  I have never had a speed faster than tempo, as far as I can recollect.   ;)

    Hazel, thank you for the reference.  It's a word I saw on another forum.

    Great sesh, Andrea!

    Oh, Will.  Calves are contrary beasts.  They like rest and love massage.  Have an ace time on Mull.   :)
  • Hope the rest has done you good Will.

    I waited all day for it to stop raining, which it didn't, so I went out for 3 slow miles in the wet :#
  • Gentle 5km for me yesterday.  The calves I saw were not resting and having a massage but galloping around a field.  I think they would have liked to join me.

    11km with 1km warm up, 9km marathon pace, 1km cool down today.  Bird spot:  around 10 great white egrets.  I think they spend the winter here, I don't ever see them in the summer - just standard herons.   Also one red kite that look a bit irritated by someone practicing loopings with his model plane.    Maybe it was jealous.

    Muggy, cloudy sort of day with a bit of wind and even a few raindrops mixed in with all the leaves tumbling from the trees (but not as many as Andrea got to enjoy it seems..)

    Those two runs have taken me past the 2000km barrier for this year.  It is only the second year I will have managed that. 

    I've also got an ouchy to add:  I pulled something in my back yesterday when trying to shove my mountain bike into the boot of my car where it didn't want to go.  Strangely enough running doesn't hurt - sitting, standing, walking do aggravate it.  So less working at the computer, housework and shopping then this weekend - will try sleeping and running only as much as possible ;-) 
  • Happy hols Will
    As of Wednesday evening, I've completely lost my voice. Don't seem to feel ill otherwise, just the usual exhaustion to be expected just before we break up.  I think it's either being really run down and / or an occupational hazard. In my early years of teaching, I'd lose my voice once a year regularly, but it's been a fair few years since this has happened. As a precaution, I missed yesterday's run and today's, which was supposed to be particularly hardcore, ended up as 4 ish easy miles.
    Off to Shropshire to see the in-laws tomorrow for the long weekend, and hopefully next week I'll be properly well and back to the running. 
    Have a great weekend all
  • Enjoy your long weekend Nessie.

    intried a different parkrun yesterday. There were 600 people! Absolute nightmare at the beginning as there was just too many people. The course also measured long-3.16. I got 24:39, which all things considered, I was happy with.

    Today I did 6 miles at desired half marathon pace, 9 min miles. Got it bang on!

    Yeah, that half marathon that I'm definitely not doing....
  • Hope you are having a good long weekend Nessie.

    Good running Andrea. 

    13.5km at marathon pace yesterday.   Splits were a bit uneven due to the wind.  Invigorating autumn day - cool, windy, showery.  Leaves everywhere.  Enjoyed it.   
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Birds of the air and beasts of the field, Hazel.  Creation's diversity.  Mugginess has been packed away until next year in UK and Storm Brian brought wind & rain for 24 hours.  Hope your back's on the mend.

    Nessie, I know a few teachers who get sore throats 2-3 weeks into the year.  My friend T used to lose hers for weeks on end.  Cue h/outs and .ppts!

    Andrea, you're putting in some good training of late.  Now, about this HM....

    Me?  11.4 miles in the wake of Brian's departure.  Head torch enhanced trail & XC, with a generous serving of 'I do like to be beside the seaside'.  :)   Not much company apart from a couple with torch and indifferent [to me] Dalmatian with a short, red strip light for security.  3 miles of parkland recovery at 7am today.

  • Andrea, yes- the HM. Tell more!?
    Swittle, nice mileage
    Hazel- on countdown now!! I'm exited for you :-)
    The voice is better now, more like husky Bonnie Langford (oldies will get it) rather than complete mute.  The weekend was good, busy with lots of family to see, not least my 3 oldest (step) grand-daughters, who are lovely and busy!  I only did one 5k run on Sunday morning, partly due to being a little under the weather and also time constraints of too much family, too little time. Tomorrow is a hardcore one scheduled... 11 miles at  HM pace  :#
  • *Bonnie Tyler*!! Brain fart, had Eastenders on in the backgroun :-)
    So I did the 11 miles, bit slower than HM pace but I wasn't unhappy with my average pace 8.46, given that I've been under the weather and the return part was running into a head wind. IMuch of the run took in the beautiful Walthamstow Wetlands, which opened last week.  It is going to be a great place for long runs and family bike rides, with 13 miles of paths and Europe's biggest urban wetland 

  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Bonnie Tyler has nothing on Tom Waits!  That's a very useful total, Nessie.  The Wetlands will be a terrific resource for Londoners and those beyond.  An SSSI and some interesting industrial buildings too.  I love initiatives like this!
    0630 saw me out for 4 miles of XC & prom close to Crosby Marina, meeting friendly woman and well cared for Collie dog - 1st time in months.  A heavy shower kickstarted my ablutions. ;)   
  • Hazelnut, as a fellow sufferer, hope it gets better soon!

    I tried a little run-walk today (2 mins run, 1 walk, for 15 minutes) after a very thorough warm-up (squats, glute and hip stuff, then walked a mile, then a few drills). TFL is still not good but the fact I can run for two minutes means it's better than previously, when even running a couple of strides hurt. Back wasn't too bad either. I think it's finally starting to improve. Massage tomorrow.
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    Hello. Need to catch up. 8.5miles today. It was windy, then sunny, then threw it down with rain. Mild but really humid again which is never fun. Legs tired from some treadmill incline running yesterday. All a bit laboured. Forced to a stop on the pavement by a group walking 3-abreast who did not get out of the f-ing way. But, very sweet toddler in a pram as a bike came up behind me gave a very earnest warning of "look out!"
    Had a pretty lazy week. When it went cold it seemed to flick my "hibernate" switch.
  • Sounds a bit better Cal.  Hmm.  How about following a C25k program to stop yourself from doing too much too soon? 
    I passed the Wetlands link on to OH Nessie, he is in London for a conference at the beginning of November, maybe he will have time to go and have a look.  Looks very nice.  Good 11 miles btw.

    I'd love to be beside the seaside again swittle. 

    How is the cat JT?  I am much enjoying the cooler weather.  I am currently saving up nice outings in my head to be brought back out again when the dreaded fog season starts again or in summer when it is just too hot.

    Did my standard Tuesday outing with my group yesterday evening at lowkey speed.  Nice evening - the last one with the group with a bit of daylight for a few months.

    This afternoon: 10km with 9km at marathon pace (or thereabouts).  That is training now over and done with other than a gentle leg loosener on Friday (5km jog).  Need to get myself organised in the next couple of days with regards to the specific wheres and whens in Frankfurt.  Not especially nervous yet but not that confident either.

  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    10.75miles yesterday half off-road. Muddy, backs of legs caked. Better rhythm eventually. Had to shepherd some geese out of the way. Cat is taciturn, Hazel. His erstwhile owner arrived back home last night so the cat's next door. Snubbed.
  • Good luck, Hazel - let us know what Frankfurt is like. I'd rather like to do a German race (speaking of which, I'm in the ballot for Berlin...)

    My TFL seems to respond to having a lacrosse ball ground into it, so I managed a run today. I was going to do intervals but somehow ended up running 2 miles, and relatively quickly (10:25/9:55) despite the lay-off. I was very conscious of how I was running so perhaps that helped lengthen my stride a little. For now I'm going to keep monitoring it and will see how it responds. My masseur gave me a letter for my GP suggesting an ultrasound so that's an option, though I admit I despise going to the doctor (when I had a cyst on my foot it took a year of going through the chain of referrals and whatnot to actually get the bugger cut off).
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