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    I looked her up Reg.  She's got some amazing times on Po10 but I also found that she's a top level triathlete.  I bet she hasn't done 900 marathons though.
  • She left running a few years ago, tried the ITU (Olympic distance) but her swimming isn't good enough so I think she moved up to half ironman this year and has done pretty well.
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    Quick read through.

    Meritorious feats then. Depends on the observer I guess.

    As an example: My observations of the threads opinion on Scott's breeding prowess, appears to show it's something that impresses. Can't see it myself.

     So he's got another baby out of another girl friend. Why does that warrant respect and plaudits? 
    There's guys out there, who have impregnated women successfully into double figures. What do they get? - a knighthood?

    I read his earlier post of trying for a baby. It rankled. Made it sound like 'something to do', rather like choosing a holiday or another car. Casual breeding. Like animals.

    I'm not a vindictive type, but my own sentiments are that he should be castrated in a field with a rusty knife, and have his knackers stamped on for good measure :)

    Oh, and well done to all runners and racers.
  • I think 1 in 4 pregnancies ends in miscarriage, the physical effort invested will depend on how early that happens, emotionally I'd say it was quite trying at any stage. Of course from a mans perspective it might seem like nothing.
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    Every now and again Ric posts something that absolutely baffles me. :smile:
  • Stevie G said:
    Phil, the last time you were slating someone on line they confronted you at a race :) (It was hilarious in fairness)
    Probably want to be careful calling people tossers.
    Have you got another term for it? I call a spade a spade. The race "incident" was due to me saying I didn't recognise someone because I thought they had put on weight (which they had) and it was twisted to be a personal attack. Surely we are allowed thoughts and opinions nowadays? In my opinion, a tosser is someone who starts in an inappropriate position in a race. He may be a very nice person in day to day things but in that position, he qualifies as a tosser (urban dictionary: the word tosser describes a person with a tendency to show off or brag).
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    Is starting at the front showing off or bragging? :)
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    Ric - what the fuck?!

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    The race "incident" was due to me saying I didn't recognise someone because I thought they had put on weight (which they had) and it was twisted to be a personal attack.
    Yeah, nothing personal about that.

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    Completely missed that gem from Ric, in my hurry to tease Phil a little, and in my efforts at work to hide that I'd eaten someone's almonds.

    Ric, if that's the edited version, I would hate to see the original!

    Cheeky sherbert been downed? :)

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    What is that post of yours all about Ric? With Scott's illness and injury woes over the last year he more than anyone deserves all our congrats and best wishes on the birth of his new baby. Even now he has told us there are still many issues and hurdles to overcome for his girfriend and baby so support surely should be the order of the day. Maybe its just your sense of humour and not to be taken seriously but didn't read that way.   
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    Dachs said:
    The race "incident" was due to me saying I didn't recognise someone because I thought they had put on weight (which they had) and it was twisted to be a personal attack.
    Yeah, nothing personal about that.

    Who would possibly object to being called a fatty :)
  • Stevie G said:

     I'd eaten someone's almonds.

    Is that a euphemism or you just genuinely ate someone else's nuts?

    My point re "incident" is that I reported what happened i.e. I saw someone who I thought was X but wasn't sure as they looked much heavier than when I last saw him. If I said I didn't recognise someone as they had had their hair cut then would they take umbrage and say I was saying they had bad hair? 

    ric, more than a bit out of order there.
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    What time did you start on the sauce Ric?!
  • Savage. Both are doing better now though thanks! Missus was in HDU with sepsis however is recovering and baby in neo natal unit as he is early of course and still looking at a good week or two before he can come home at least, needs to be able to feed himself and at the moment through tubes. 

    I thought a 5 year gap and being with my partner for a few years maintaining a strong friendly relationship with the ex I'd done well! 

    No running for me really after a few weeks attempting too get into it again, pretty much out the door 5:30/6am and home around 9pm for now, then I have the chores around that. Obviously I am de motivated and lazy but more important things on!
    Pain is weakness leaving the body
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    Wow ric. I read it and smiled as I'm assuming it's dark humour and you don't mean what you wrote but wrote against the grain for comedy. But if it's not I think it's a little below the belt. If only one person deserves a hug/ support on this thread is scott. Even if you ignore the troubles he has had with his ass (a sentence I never thought I would ever type) his partner and child has sepsis and that is life threatening. I'm sure scott would gladly swap his troubles for my inane and irrelevant worry about a current lack of fitness and form.
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    Jesus Ric! I found that harder to stomach than taking tuna baguettes on mid run. 
  • That's actually the first time I've found something offensive since Frankie Boyles joke about Jade Goody's cancer.

    Managed a wheezy 1.5 miles yesterday just to get the legs moving a bit. Had to dig the inhaler out when I got back. I love tapering.
  • Hmm 'Interesting stuff'..i'll leave it at that.

    On the CB10. The guy on the left was wearing leggings too. Shows that he knows f**k all about running basically. Even at 1-2 degrees it's still too hot to run a race with leggings on. Dick.

  • On the CB10. The guy on the left was wearing leggings too. Shows that he knows f**k all about running basically. Even at 1-2 degrees it's still too hot to run a race with leggings on. Dick.

    Dick? His name is Michael so surely Mick, unless your use is derogatory ;-)

    On the subject of racing clothes, there does seem to be no science at all which is more evident in female athletes than male. The first two ladies home (#4 and #8) are dressed very differently, one a crop top and one a conventional vest. Is there an advantage of one over the other?  What about shorts versus racing knickers (if that is the correct term). If there is a scientific advantage of one over the other then surely everyone should use the better one (unless SG has to race in crop vets and racing knickers and then I am voting for a UKA rule change to make burkas compulsory for all).  As we get to XC season we will see all ranges of vests, t-shirts, long sleeve tops under etc.
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    If that gear is what it takes to be fast at XC I'll do it!

    I find a vest even on the coldest day is sufficient, racing wise anyway

    A small amount of times over the years I've raced in a skin, MK half in 2009, Victory 5 in about 2011, and a couple of Silverstone halves come to mind.

    The one time ever I wore gloves, on a freezing cold Jan day, I regretted it after a mile, moist beyond belief.

    These days, with my feeling the warmth way too much on runs, I dare say i'll be moaning how hot It was even in a vest!

    6 this morn. Watch reckoned it was hard work, suggesting I need 36 hours recovery! Haircut, MOT, pick car up, half day job.

    Will have to dribble a 4miler out later at some stage

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    I remember the Cliveden XC one year being one by a guy in leggings. It was very cold, but still - unacceptable!

    I don't get the knickers look for female athletes - looks aside (and a summer spent in the sun with normal shorts beforehand sets that off nicely) surely it can't be comfortable? I make an exception for Russian pole-vaulters of course.... (cue photo from SG....)

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    I think the only way this thread could have gone further downhill from the last couple of pages is if a bunch of middle-aged blokes started discussing whether female athletes should wear knickers.
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭
    Or if we bring up Dachs wearing those shocking arm warmers.
  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Incidentally, kudos to Scott for his restrained reaction to a fairly astonishing attack above.  Shows how much he has matured.  I remember a time when any even vague slight from Samir would result in eight consecutive posts of rage. 

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭

    Yep fair play Scott.

    When I had a poster relentlessly trying to dissect everything about my character/running/mental state etc, I just smacked them on "hide" and let them hate themselves out :)

  • In my Ironman I was overtaken by Tine Deckers, she finished second woman pro. She was running in a swimsuit type deal and I have to say I approved so much I upped my pace, despite going through a rough patch at the time. Shame most pro female triathletes have faces like old leather boots from too much sun.

    The great thing about Ironman is you can get overtaken by a female pro whilst immediately overtaking a struggling male pro. You just don't get that close to the elites in any other sport, not that I can think of anyway.

    Would you wear arm warmers and cycling shorts for a sub 70 HM SG?

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    HA! anyone who thinks Scott is normally restrained should see what he posts in comments on facebook :)  quite funny reading them.  "are you a F***ing f*** idiot you tw**" in a post about new lampposts going up in Winchester or something :)  but as you say fair play last night scott, couldn't have been nice to read and so unexpected & out of the blue!

    Arm warmers are a huge NO!  but i was thinking why don't men wear a crop top rather than a vest?

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭

    Not the cycling shorts as the only layer. That's unforgivable.

    The guy that I envy was Mr Sikora, at Paula Radcliffe's last marathon. He was in the shot for ages as they concentrated on her, still going around 2.35 or so eventually.

  • ...Cycling shorts and no undercrackers? That is a bit risqué..although I always try and find a longer t-shirt, top to go over the top of the important area. And wear pants too obviously..Dachs and arm warmers eh? Always good to have a bit of ammo ;) Aren't they supposed to support the arms too though?

    Do like vest and light gloves when it's really cold though....

    SG - that Sikora must have been running with our mate Dan Webber of MMK - he was in the picture with Paula constantly in that race

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