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  • mowzermowzer ✭✭✭
    Hello G & G. You won't be long on here before you sign up for a marathon ;)

    Shades - shame about having to miss Dublin  :( but at least you've been able to salvage everything and now have Connemara to look forward to. I once arrived at my booked b&b to find a notice on the door -'Closed due to bereavement'. Luckily I'd booked with laterooms and they fixed me up with something else. I was in a panic for a while though as I was on the phone for ages to laterooms (who hadn't been informed of the closure), my mobile battery was running out and I'd forgotten my charger  :o

    A run with my Tuesday buddy today. We're building up slowly (we had got to the stage where we were doing much, much more walking and talking than running  :/) Today we did 10 mins run, 2 mins walk - about 6 or 7 times I think - plus warm-up and cool down. Total of 6.9 mls which included a few hills. I go out a couple of times on my own too, but there's a long way to go yet. Buddy has taken your plan home to look it over but I know she has quite an active social life so might not have time for the training. However, she might yet join us on here!
  • Chasers is £23 or £37 with EA membership, which is pretty cheap considering it's a London club and has training sessions and events almost every day. Not that I take advantage of that as I prefer to run in the morning (and there's the pacing thing, which I've mentioned before...) but being part of a club means you're almost never alone at races or parkruns. I like it for that, if nothing else. Well, that and the small race discount.

    I attempted a run of sorts today. Very thorough warm-up (squats, glute stuff, hip stuff) then a mile walk, then I did 15 minutes comprising of 2 minutes of jogging (can't really call it running at the pace I was doing) with 1 minute of walking.

    My hip wasn't great. Could feel the TFL a bit although it wasn't bad. Felt stiffer when I got home though - but then it did after the little stress test I did the other day.

    On the plus side, the back seems to be improving. It was horrible last week when I was visiting my friend (theme park visit one day which we cut short as it started pissing with rain, and a short walk the next day, where it also rained). It didn't grumble too much today, although I had a little stretch after the initial mile walk.

    I'm having a massage (with some osteo, probably) tomorrow but I think I'll see the physio soon since he'll have a better idea of how I can get back to running, being a runner himself.

    On another note, I have rather stupidly entered the Berlin ballot. (Stupidly as I already have a race booked for that date and forgot. That and it's bloody expensive). But you only live once, eh?
  • LoueyLouey ✭✭✭
    Cal – I'm very glad to hear things are improving, even if it is slow. Did you ever hear about those blood test results? 

    Shades – How very annoying about your Dublin trip  - clearly it's not the hotel's fault but such a shame. I'm glad you have managed to find a positive out of it despite the disappointment and being out of pocket.

    BigG – well done again, getting your 2nd fastest time is extremely good in windy conditions and coming so soon after Munich. Yes it is not a very exciting course, but perhaps I am used to not very exciting courses. You have many more scenic (and hillier) routes in Devon so it probably seems very dull in comparison. I guess Abingdon loses out to some of the bigger Autumn marathons – the elites aren't going to be there, they are going to be at Berlin, Chicago, New York…

    I've seen some great pics of you on my FB feed today. 

    Ian – glad you enjoyed your first club session. I'm sure lots of people dip in and out. 

    Steve – well done on GSR – that wind can be a killer in the last couple of miles. I think considering you were not well on Friday, you did amazingly well to run at all! Sorry to hear your GF had to drop out. It's not easy when you have been standing around for a while.

    Nick – hope you manage to shake off the cold.

    SK - those trainers look pink to me as well! Thanks for posting the link though because I've now sent a join request to that FB group.

    Welcome Guinness and Garmins (great name btw) – you will get some great advice on here.

    Has anyone heard from Emmy? Wondering how she got on. 

    Still not feeling great, I had thought about going for a run today but woke up this morning still feeling shaky and light headed so have been for a walk instead. And ended up buying 2 pairs of shoes. Much cheaper to run in my lunch hour! 

    I was very very fed up on Sunday, even though I knew it was the right decision. However, I have now entered the Berlin ballot (again, with my sister) and I have a possible half to enter in a few weeks (Hertfordshire, it seems to be a new one). Ironically, I am going to Washington/Baltimore for work at the end of next week and the Sunday is the New York Marathon but it is impossible now to get a place (and I am supposed to be at a work dinner the night before in Baltimore so logistically it's not really feasible). The only other possible marathon I could do is the Portsmouth Coastal Marathon which is the week before Christmas. Has anyone done that one? I am not so worried about getting a good time, it will be highly weather dependent but at least I will have accomplished something having done the training. I have not yet run it by my husband as I am pretty sure he will not be at all keen, given it's the week before Christmas. I need to think of a plan for convincing him…

  • mamafoxmamafox ✭✭✭
    Mowzer - Sounds as if you're running is building up nicely. You must have a very strong base fitness anyway.

    Hi and welcome G&G  :)

    Big G - Well done on hanging on in there at Abingdon. I don't like the sound of that course at all. You are still churning out constantly good times in spite of racing marathons nearly every weekend!

    SK - Well done on that park run.. 19:12!! Hope you pass that info on to your fitness coach  :p

    Louey - Good decision to DNS, running with a stomach bug or even in the aftermath of one just doesn't bear thinking about.

    Shades - That's a shame about Dublin. Meant to be though.. I remember your Connemara race report and it sounds fab, great that you'll be doing that one again next year.

    Cal - Hopefully on the road to recovery there.

    Sorry I can't comment on everyone  :(

    Thank you all for your kind comments re my accident. Yes, it was a massive shock as I just couldn't believe the car heading towards me was not slowing at all and was obviously going to hit me. The woman did stop and get out and was in complete shock herself. She hadn't really taken in the stop sign and hadn't seen me at all - she said she'd had lots on her mind(!) Anyway, she was very nice and has been ringing me to see how I am etc. I've told her it was an accident, I've nothing against her personally  but just want my bloody bike paid for!
    However, after coming out in bruising everywhere and having a shocker of a black eye what's worrying me more is my foot. The swelling on the top seems to have gone down but I'm left with a kind of dragging pain running up my leg when I run and my leg feels sort of heavy. I'm saying run but shuffle is more apt. This accident has blown my training plan to smithereens which, along with my bike, is the most annoying part of it all. I'm seeing the doctor on Thursday as the insurance company are asking for a certificate anyway so will see what he says. For our list Shades my marathon is on the 26th November but if things carry on I think you can prepare on of these  :'(  to go alongside it!

  • Shades - I think £26 is a bargain for what we get - 5 training sessions a week, use of a track once a week, free entry to XC league (6 races), free entry to Summer League (5 races) plus club discounts at races and local running shops. I was talking to a guy at parkrun from another local club which is an AC, and they charge £71, plus a separate weekly amount for use of a track. But I think their track sessions are more structured and they have a club house with a bar and exercise equipment which we don’t have. I think all running clubs are cheap compared to things like gyms, personal trainers and exercise classes, (although my fitness class is a bargain at £3!). I think even if mine was triple the amount, it would still be cheap! I saw where my parents live, there is a lady who has a running group and goes out with them 3 times a week on varied runs. She charges £7 per run!!

    That’s annoying re Dublin but good that you’ve been able to sort things out for another race! I’m so rubbish at sorting travel stuff, so it’s a good thing I tend to stick to local races.

    Steve - still a good time at GSR. You’ll have to do Maidenhead 10 miles or the Cabbage Patch next year, as these are v flat course, usually with little wind!

    Mowzer - good to hear you are getting back into running. I bet all that walking has helped keep up your fitness levels.

    Welcome G&G!

    Cal - I hope the massage helps and that you get some good advice from the Physio. I was tempted by the Berlin ballot but am trying to stick to my promise of no marathons for 2018!

    Louey - sounds like you definitely made the right decision if you are still suffering. Such a blow. Could Portsmouth not be combined with some pre Christmas shopping? Annoying that NY don’t have places (someone from my club is running it even though she’s been injured and not trained properly, I should nick her place for you!!) Are you going to do the Cassiobury 10k next month? (I saw you were ‘interested’ in FB). You got a nice mention in the parkrun report, from Sharon BTW.

    Mamafox - I don’t think my fitness coach is very impressed with times for endurance races! He really enjoyed my suffering last night when doing some of the exercises, he must think long distance runners are all weaklings! That’s frustrating re the foot, but good to hear you are getting it seen by a doctor. A friend got knocked into by a car on a zebra crossing and had to go through insurance - she got money to cover Physio plus some compensation too, But I really hope the dragging pain goes really soon so that you are Ok for 26/11. Maybe the doctor can prescribe something?

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Welcome G&G :)

    Cal/Louey, I've also entered Berlin ballot, and booked a room which I can cancel if I'm unlucky.  Does anyone know what the odds are of getting a place?  I've marked it in my diary for NYC marathon ballot too.

    MF, sorry to hear you're still struggling with your foot etc, but glad the lady is being helpful at least.  Good luck at the docs.

    Louey, I saw a couple of pics yesterday from Abingdon.  It brought a memory back too, as on the corner where the pic was taken, there was a chap who said something like "you're smashing it mate".  I looked at him, and I probably had a face that showed I thought he was bonkers, and we had a quick chat/laugh about it.  At that moment it was about a mile from the finish, and I just wanted it over!  The official pics are as crap as usual :)  Good luck with the finding another race.

    SK, that is good value for your club, with access to the track etc.   That's one thing I don't have easy access to as it's about a 50mile round trip to a decent track for me.
  • mamafox - damn, missed your post about the accident. Sounds awful! I hope nothing is too badly damaged and it's just bruising. Really annoying about the bike, too, but replacing a bike is easier than recovering from an injury. Take care.

    Louie - yeah, I posted when I got the results. Nothing obvious other than a low white cell count, which is the same as when I got tested after being really run down 10 years ago. The doc said she'd test me for some other stuff in a few weeks if I needed it (glandular fever etc). It's possible I have had glandular fever as it presents very similar to bad colds or flu.

    Big G - fingers crossed then! I'm not sure of the odds - better than London I've heard. But I won't be disappointed if I don't get in at this point.
  • Big G - we don’t have our own track but one of our runners has a husband who is a ‘master’ at one of the country’s top public schools, which happens to have a v nice track and is only 3-4 miles away! It’s amazing the facilities the school has which are largely unused most evenings - Astro pitches, tennis courts, swimming pools...
    G & G  - only one way to start the process of marathon running and that's enter a marathon and then sort out the training.   But meanwhile I hope your return to running is going well.

    Big G - I remember you saying that when the club moved to the Rec that would add about £10 a year to your subs, but well worth it having the bar as well to use post runs, good for the social bit :)    Tarquin is doing a weekly session at Brunel, Tuesdays I think 400m or 800m reps, you can always join us 2nd claim and come along to training, they have quite a few runs a week but Tuesday is a specific speed session. 

    EA membership is going up to £15 from April.

    mowzer - I suppose with a bereavement the owners last thought was to contact all the booking companies they use.   One year at Dublin a RW forumite friend arrived at her hotel to find out she'd booked it for the following year and they couldn't give her a room as they were full.   She sent me a text and the place I was staying had a room so she stayed at my hotel.

    I think you've hooked your running buddy into doing a marathon and she'll be on here soon I'm sure.  :)

    Cal - that's even more progress.   And the fact that you entered the Berlin ballot means you're feeling more optimistic too.   How much is Berlin now?  I don't know how oversubscribed it is, nothing like London of course.  

    The year I did it was I think the last year before the ballot 2013 and they released so many places at certain times so Emmy had us all poised at 11 a.m. on a certain morning and we all got in, 4 of us went from this thread.

    Louey - I'm only about €80 out of pocket re Dublin, could have been a lot more.  I know I had to pay £80 to transfer the flights but they were £80.16 if I'd booked separately anyway.

    I'm glad you think those shoes look pink too, I didn't want SK to think I was being awkward ;)

    I saw a pic of Emmy on FB with a couple of Marines, she looked very happy.   It is supposed to be one of the best marathons to do in the USA.  I have looked up her result in case she forgets to pop on here with it.   

    You must have had a right dose of that stomach virus, wait until you feel 100% before you run again.   Shoe shopping is good recovery though!

    I haven't done Portsmouth Coastal, I think Jugula has done it, maybe he'll read this and post a comment.   It's windy I believe and not road more good trail/path I think.  Shame about not being able to do NY while you're so close but very difficult to get a place and no chance of last minute at all.

    mamafox - oh yes, my Connemara report, I might repost it to see if anyone is tempted to run it too, maybe Big G or Jelly as DD prep.  The last time I went I was ill during the night and had to DNS after the expense of the trip, so time to get out there and run it again.

    So sorry to hear your leg is still sore, it may be just a sprain, that can take a while to heal fully.   You still have nearly 5 weeks to your race, thanks for the date, what's it called?
    Glad you're going to get a new bike form the insurance.    Beware of women with a lot on their minds :#

    SK - £71 is a lot but I'm sure there are clubs that charge more especially when there are extra facilities to use.   Here we don't have access to a track, nearest one is a 40 mile round trip.   That woman charging £7 a run is ripping people off, they should join their local running club.

    Sorting out race travel etc is good fun, I enjoy it, but very time consuming.  I nearly booked a highly rated B & B in Galway and then I noticed in the description that the owner often did Elvis impersonations at breakfast, that was a more than I could handle and opted for a 4 star hotel instead.

    Big G - good idea to book a room at Berlin as I remember as soon as we had our places confirmed the price and availability of accommodation and flights changed dramatically.  

  • Thanks to all reviews the advice on a running club. I think I will go along for a session and see if it's for me. The club is Lothian Running Club and from the website it is £20 p/a with £2 for any track sessions so I think not a bad price considering.

    Shades- and for anyone else that uses for there trainers, I get a code for that purpose that gives 10% and free p/p for anyone that wants to use it just give a shout as the code changes every month.

    Woke up this morning intending on going for a run looked out the window and saw it was raining so ashamedly went to the gym and done 4 miles on the treadmill.
  • Shades - Elvis would be entertaining but maybe later in the day rather than brekkie! I almost booked a self-catering cottage this week and then spotted that they didn’t allow you to have any meat or fish in the place as it’s a ‘vegetarian cottage’! I’m not a big carnivore, but that would make me crave bacon! Not sure how they would check though.
  • Thank you all for the welcome.

    Shades-Yes I will most definetly be entering once back up and going. Had previously trained up for a local marathon back in a previous life(2011) only to be scheduled for minor surgery the week before the race,after all the long runs!!? I will be watching Dublin on Sunday,this would probably be were I would do my first, as I'm from NI but would not fancy belfast so much. ?

    SK- the thought of someone having to pay £7 a run is mad. Plus I'm with you on bacon,it nearly as important in my diet as Guinness!!?
  • JellyJelly ✭✭✭
     Proclaimers 500 miles or keep on running for breakfast entertainment. Agree with the Bacon. 
  • Hi steven, any chance you could share discount code with me?
  • mowzermowzer ✭✭✭
    mamafox - sorry to hear you're still suffering from that accident. Hope the insurance will cover bike repairs (new bike??) and physio etc.

    My local running club's subs are just £5. But before you all rush to join there are extras. You have to join the sports centre (where the club meets) which is £37 a year. (That is a basic membership - it's a lot extra for the gym and you only get a 50p reduction off of some classes). If you don't join, then you have to pay£1 each time you go in the sports centre. Every time you run with the club you pay 50p and another 50p for a training session. If they have a track session it's another £2.90 and a long supported run is another £2. XC races are free but you chip in £1 for refreshments and the club handicap series of 5 races costs £10, plus £1 each time for more refreshments. The beginners course used to cost £15, but has just gone up to £40! So the club is quite cheap for me as I rarely go, but it works out pretty expensive for others.
  • edited October 2017
    Managed 4 slow miles this evening 9.23/mile. Looks painfully slow but this was my longest run to date and still felt reasonably strong at the end. Getting there. Most importantly I was back in time for GBBO and German biscuits..mmmm.

    Needing to purchase new trainers,I had always wore Brooks Ravenna in the past but now wear an orthotics and looking at neutral shoes now with the insole. Any preferences/advice? Have always s like brooks/mizuno and quite like the look of the wave rider.
  • Run72- not a problem. Code is RHK3 use it where it asks for the discount code. I have not used it myself as I only found out I get the code the other day. Let me know if it works as if not I can contact who I receive it from.
    Steven - that's a reasonable price for the running club.   All clubs let you do a session or two before deciding whether to join, but I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

    Thanks for the discount code, I'm not buying at the moment.  I guess that code doesn't apply to sales stuff though?   I never pay full price for shoes.

    SK - Vegetarian cottage!!!!, I've never heard of anything more ridiculous, it just makes you want to fire up the BBQ :D   People can choose what or what not to eat but to enforce it on someone that's renting their property is lunacy.

    G & G - Belfast is a lovely marathon but if you don't want to do it as your first Dublin is a good choice.   There are other marathons in NI, I've done Newry, really enjoyed that race but it's quite low key.   Derry looks good haven't done that one though.

    Wave Riders are good shoes and get rave reviews, they're also high mileage so a good choice for your marathon training.  The Brooks Ghost also gets great reviews, that's a neutral shoe.

    Jelly - I'd rather a bad Elvis impersonation than the Proclaimers...hate that song and all their others too. :D

    Are you ready for DMV this weekend, do you have a race plan, are you going for another PB?

    mowzer - that's a complicated price structure, but you reeled it off like a pro.  I suppose the £37 is to cover use of showers etc, so that's a reasonable price for that facility and for those that don't train that often £1 is good value too.  

  • JellyJelly ✭✭✭
    Really not sure what to do, taken it easy this week, did costal walk (end C2S) leading social Monday and the group was huge 35,  so limited re group stops as with so many it's a case of you run around in circles, but stops are a bit longer, once giving instructions for next regroup and check everyone is good.  Cycle to work and club tonight which I'm prob going to go improvers as quick social might be too quick 8:30 min mile. Legs feel fine, and massage booked for tomorrow night which he'll keep light as he knows I'm running Sunday.  What I've got in mine is 9 min mile same as Birmingham for first half and expect to walk the hill in chudleigh and cover watch second half. Like I say I am open for suggestions as never done anything this close before. 
    Jelly - 35 is a big group to manage especially in the dark.

    DMV is very close to your recent PB so I would suggest you run just as you feel to enjoy it.   The hill is not a problem as any time you lose going up it is regained on the lovely long and gentle downhill section afterwards, and the only part with a gorgeous view too .   But it's a fairly lonely run and the part I find hard is actually going through the housing estates/built up part of Kingsteignton, I don't think the course flows well for that part and when you get a bit tired it's hard to keep in a nice rhythm.

    You've already done a great PB so nothing to be proved.  If your legs feel a little tired in the last few miles just be kind to yourself.

    The online entries are still open today, I sneaked a look but am not going to enter. :#

    Marathon List 

    13th March
    Enigma - Milton Keynes
    Big G - PB 3:54:17   

    2nd April
    Cal - PB 4:29:29  
    Ian5 -  4:29
    Steve -  PB 3:10:15  
    NickW2 - PB 3:24:59  

    9th April
    SuzSaville82 - PB 4:26  
    Emmy 4:42
    Louey  - 4:24:45

    23rd April
    Big G - 4:00:59
    Iain Love - 2:57:49
    Slowkoala - 3:12:43
    Jugula - 4:21

    29th April
    Plym Trail
    Big G - 4:29
    Shades - 5:01

    7th May
    Great Welsh
    Shades - 4:44:12

    13th May
    Marathon de Blaye 
    mamafox - 3:40 - 3rd place and she did win the wine  

    14th May
    Shades - 4:45:59

    21st May
    Shades - 4:53:46
    Big G - 3:54:25
    Emmy - 4:42:59 (including beer stops)

    27th May
    Saturday Night
    Iain - 3:20:45 Winner   

    28th May
    Cal - 4:37:52
    Shades - 4:56:16

    3rd June
    Dartmoor Discovery
    Shades  - PB 6:32:17 

    11th June
    Yeovil Marathon
    Shades - 5:13

    15th June
    Dorney Lake 6 Hour
    Shades - 5:29:59  B 

    18th June
    Enigma Clueless
    Big G - 5:09:58 B

    24th June
    Emmy - 5:56

    24th/25th June
    Harp 24
    mowzer - 28 miles

    25th June
    Boddington Marathon
    Shades - 4:59:57

    2nd July
    Wirral Ultra
    Ian5 - PB 7:01 

    9th July
    LDWA From Here to There
    mowzer 9:06

    15th July
    Chiltern Challenge 50km
    Steve - PB 5:06 

    23rd July
    Ironman Marathon
    Iain - 3:29:54

    29th July
    Enigma Planes
    Big G - 4:35

    6th August
    Big G - 3:58:10

    12th August
    SVP 100km
    Steve -  PB 12:22 

    13th August
    mowzer - 7:50

    Isle of Man
    Shades - 4:59:06

    3rd September
    City to Sea 
    Big G - 5:28:53

    14th September
    Dorney Lake 
    Big G - 4:14:12

    17th September
    Ian -  PB 3:34:41 

    24th September
    Loch Ness
    Shades 5:06:10

    1st October
    Plym Trail
    Big G - 4:44:59

    8th October 
    Ian - PB 3:31:26 

    Big G - PB 3:42:38 

    Lily - PB 5:07:15 

    15th October
    Steve - 3:18:47
    John - PB 4:43:52 
    Jelly - PB 4:06:20 

    Burton Bradstock
    Big G - 3:54:24S
    Shades - 5:15:07

    22nd October
    Marine Corps Marathon
    Emmy - finished, waiting for Emmy to report in 

    Big G - 3:48:44

    29th October
    Dartmoor Vale
    Big G

    3rd November
    Big G

    4th November
    Big G

    11th November
    Phoenix Remembrance

    12th November
    Phoenix Jurassic

    19th November
    Big G

    26th November
    La Rochelle -I'm guessing this is the right race?
  • JellyJelly ✭✭✭
    I had lots of support from other leaders in the social so you're never really leading lone wolf really. The main reason I entered DMV was to practice the lonely side of road running because I know there will be hard times on DD without a crowd around me so more I practice the better. Not that lone running bothers me buts it's having the mental strength when tiredness kicks in. It's what make the Marathon distance appeal to me, getting through something which I wouldn't of a few years back and mentally and physically pushing myself.  Not worried about clock at all but my thinking behind 9 min mile even if I don't hold it as long as Birmingham it's practice in holding that pace, think 9.5 will feel too slow but this one will most definitely ran HAPPY. 
    Jelly - I don't think you'll have any problem staying focussed in a more lonely marathon, you're mentally strong.    DD has outstanding views for most of the race and that really helps.

    There are some that can only run well when there are lots of crowds and complain if they do a race and there's a brief point without spectators.

    I actually prefer a lonely marathon with the odd cow looking over the hedge at me.  Or red deer stag as I had in my last race. :)

  • mamafoxmamafox ✭✭✭
    Thanks again everyone, yes I hope I do get enough compensation to buy a new bike as I'm really missing it. Back on my VTT and it seems so slow in comparison now. 
    Not sure if my foot is a sprain Shades - the swelling is on the top of the foot and the dragging pain up the side of my leg feels like a trapped nerve or something. Anyway, I'm boring myself going on about this so I'll just see what my gp says tomorrow.
    Just to get one last moan out of the way though.. it is now holiday time, I am off work so can run in the daylight, the weather is absolutely beautiful.... but I can't run  :s The woman who hit me has called again but I can't bring myself to answer and be nice as I feel like ripping her head off!

    SK - That vegetarian cottage post cheered me up.. do you have to go through a meat checking machine before you go through the door?!  :D

    Shades - Yes, it is La Rochelle on the 26th. In theory anyway  :/
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, I've just entered DMV, so if you entered as well, I could hand the book back to you, and you could immediately hand it over to Jelly :) 

    I had a few things to do this morning, so went out for a run after lunch and did 7-miles at a steady pace, in really nice conditions.  As it's Half Term, the route I did was quite busy with people out enjoying the sun, but I enjoyed it.  No niggles or anything, hence the entry into DMV.

    mamafox - how frustrating, you have time to run, lovely weather and you can't run :'(   Hope your GP can sort you out tomorrow and get you physio ASAP if that will speed up your recovery.

    Big_G said:
    Shades, I've just entered DMV, so if you entered as well, I could hand the book back to you, and you could immediately hand it over to Jelly :) 

    Ha, ha nice try.  We can just cut out the middle man (me) and you can pass the book over to Jelly yourself ;)

    Actually if I didn't have this hip flexor niggle I would have entered DMV.

    I take it the niggle in your ankle has gone :)

    Next book, have you read Davey's book on the 10 in 10?  I had it for ages before I read it but I really did enjoy it, he's very funny.

  • Legs feel fine for me today but after running 3 days in a row,thought a rest would be sensible, which is something I struggled with in the 

    Shades-the newry marathon was actually the marathon I had trained for before and I have always heard good things,I'm sure it can be a lonely run at times though. Although I can't believe anyone outside of here has ever heard of Newry,never mind its marathon.haha

    Plus thanks for the shoe advice, forgot how easily excited I get by gear shopping.
  • Shades- your probably right, I'm sure I would enjoy it. In regards the discount code as I never knew I had it I've not tried it on sales stuff so whenever you decide to get something from the sales I'll give you the code and you can test it out for me.
  • Shades-just checked the code covers everything on their site even the sales stuff. I just bought a top in the sale and got my 10% and free p/p off the price.
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