Pirate kit order 2017

Well folks, it's finally happening: our first group kit order from the new supplier. There's a lot of information to cover here so please forgive us if this post is rather lengthy.

Firstly, there may well be issues brought about by this which provoke discussion (such as the ongoing debate about whether there should be tech t-shirts or not). Whilst dialogue is a good thing, may we please ask that you start a new thread for it rather than posting it on here and cluttering up an already complicated order.

We will ONLY be running this order through the RW forum. No orders will be taken on Facebook as it is not a good platform for finding specific prior posts easily.

We are having to pay for this order in USD so the prices will depend somewhat on the exchange rate at the time. We have based the prices shown here on current exchange rates but, should it change A LOT between now and order day, then we may have to ask for a couple of extra quid per order. We would obviously notify everyone of this to give them a chance to change their mind if they so desired.

You have until 30th November to place your order.

You then have until 31st December to pay for it. We know this is unfortunate timing around Christmas but, if we leave it any later, we risk missing the early season races. (You can always ask someone to get it for you as a Christmas present!) We will not chase you for payment. Although we will put out a couple of reminders both on RW and FB, it is YOUR responsibility to get the money to us. If we don't receive it in time your items will be removed from the order.

We will place the order on the 2nd January and it usually takes around 4-6 weeks to receive the goods. We will then post them out as quickly as possible so you should be getting your lovely new pirate kit in time for a fashion show on 1st March at the latest.

Please, please, please check your sizing carefully as the measurements are taken from the clothing itself, NOT YOUR BODY. Read the guidelines on the Nimblewear website as it has essential information about the different fits as well as the size guides. It can be found here:

The items we are looking to order are shown in the following table. All except the bottom 5 items are available in Mens or Womens fit and, with the cycle jerseys and jackets, you can also choose Race Cut (snug) or Club Cut (slightly baggier).
This means that when you place an order we will need up to 6 pieces of information: item, standard, mens (M) or womens (W), size, cut and how many.

Because there are so many options available this is looking to be the most complicated kit order yet (and we are new at this) so please help us out by being clear with your choices and understanding of our constraints.

Item , Which Standard , Likely price (in GBP)
Tri shorts :
Bronze 55
Gold 92

Short sleeve tri top :
Bronze 71
Gold 104
Diamond 113

Monaco :
Bronze 51
Gold 82
Diamond 97

Short sleeve cycle jersey :
Bronze 52
Gold 70
Summer 90

Long sleeve cycle jersey :
Bronze 57
Silver 63
Gold 73

Cycle jacket :
Thermal 71
Windproof 76
Thermal and windproof 110

One-piece tri suit :
Sleeveless 96
Short sleeved 180

Tech t-shirt Bronze 35

Arm warmers 22

Cap 23

Visor 21

Bike race cap 16

Buff 23

All items can be viewed on the Nimblewear website.

Prices are based on standard postage within the UK. If you are outside the UK or live in an area with higher than usual postage costs, then there will be an extra delivery charge. Please contact us with your requirements so we can work out your individual prices.
Any questions, just ask.

Phew! I think that's it. Aaaaand... GO!!
(Sits back and nervously awaits the reaction)


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