Snowdonia Marathon 2017



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    Well that was fun.....  :-)  Hope all is good with everybody.
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  • panadpanad ✭✭✭
    Indeed it was Chimney!  

    Felt strong all the way around and was within a minute of m pb set 4years ago!

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    Was amazing, nice to meet t rex, Peter and mcilly
    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • Well done everyone! Lovely to see everyone I did - sorry I missed others, you snuck by this time! The programme will be on S4C tomorrow at 4.30 and again on Monday night at 10.30 (and online for 35 days after that). Back into work early tomorrow morning to help finish it off in time! 
  • What a great race again.4.27 for me, 9 mins quicker than last year. Saw T looking strong going up the Pen y pass & think I may have seen Brer a couple of times. Loved the Halloween party at mile 24 in all the mist. Lots of brilliant memories again.
  • Great to meet you Wabo, seeing you helped me get going again :-)
  • Hello all, amazing atmosphere, tough race! My body ceased up at around 10 miles, made it to 23 miles in 4.40, went flying at the top of the final muddy decent, hurt my back and hobbled the rest of the way. It took me ovet an hour to cover the last two miles, finished in 5.46. Well done everyone :)
  • Nice to see TRex and Jason d at the start line. Shame I didn't see others but hey ho..... Really enjoyed the race but really struggled at waunfawr and dropped a fair bit of time, I had forgot and underestimated how tough this marathon is! It is really special, just dipped under 3.30 so have to be happy. Average hr of 166!: so really at my limit.
  • jasond2jasond2 ✭✭✭
    Good to see T Tex and Ralph at the start - and Fish at the finish. Looking forward to catching up with a beer in half an hour!
    3 46 for me today and happy enough with that seeing I couldn’t run at all on Monday! Plenty to build on - going to get the miles up and a stone and a half off! ??
  • Well done everybody!!!

    Really enjoyed that today. Not my quickest but did 3:57 which I’m chuffed to bits with. 

    SNOD is second to none for organisation. Everything perfect. Back again next year hopefully.....

  • Forget to mention foow, lovely to meet you, albeit briefly. I will defo be back next year. And well done to everyone.
    Fantastic marathon! Crept under 4 hours with a 3.58 which I'm delighted with. Good marker to beat next time. Knew after a 3 miles anything under 4 would be a big effort. Not used to hill running in the slightest but the slow run up the Pen y Pass was without doubt the best place I have ever run. Every step reminded me of the RW feature 'Rave runs'! My head was permanently looking upwards or glancing behind at the incredible masses slowly snaking up the lane. Spine tinglely good! No faults at all however struggled with water intake and was thirsty throughout not having a bottle to sip out of - something I will rectify next year!

    Well done all, some great times. Personally I'm happy to have just enjoyed it the entire way round and finish unscathed. (Some tremendous falls on the grass heading back into the village!).

    Happy days. Few hobgoblins and glenlivet chasers this evening!
  • Well done csmlfc, tough ain't it! Glad you enjoyed it, I agree with the fluid intake, it was a problem for me too, next year will carry my Nathan water bottles. Are you doing Manchester next year?
  • <span style="-webkit-tap-highlight-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0);">Hello all, absolutely knackered after race but absolutely loved it! My third ever marathon and chuffed with 3.27 finish....would not of got round without rest of field encouragement on way. Not had courage to add to thread before, but been viewing all year and found it so helpful and fun!! At present can't contemplate entering next year.....but if I have change of heart by new year.....will defo be on forum then!</span>
    Yeah deffo - going to take some time off, keep things ticking over slowly then start a GFA assault mid December! Will be my 3rd consecutive Manchester - this year was so good it would be silly not to do it. Although I have really enjoyed not clock watching today and at Chester! Well done to you today - sub 3.30 is lightening!
  • Good stuff, I'll see you there. I too will be going all guns blazing to get that gfa time as well.  Got the inskip half marathon in January, that's a good one with great hotpot at the finish. 
  • Well done everyone. Too many great performances to single people out but anyone who grinded it out today deserves a pat on the back.

    I was dreading today before the race but really enjoyed it in the end and can't wait to return next year. I had the cameraman in my face for most of second half of race so fairly confident I've made the highlights program.

    Topped the day off with burger and chips in petes eats. 

    Well done guys.. 
  • Really pleased to get around relatively comfortably - kept a steady effort which resulted in me overtaking quite a few runners from the top of the Pass, which was a novelty!

    Great organisation and support as usual. I'll be back for number 12 next year, hopefully a lot fitter - targeting a sub 3hr time when I hit 50!
  • massivemassive ✭✭✭
    Good morning everyone! A great race as ever. Love the support and organisation - spot on! Managed to keep a steady pace throughout and felt pretty good. Even managed to run some of the last hill. Got a time of 3.51 which I was really pleased with. Have got the Portsmouth Coastal 50k next so need to keep up the training!
    Hope you all had a good one and the legs aren't too bad today.
  • Morning everyone, hope all the legs are feeling good today.
    Really enjoyed the race, as always fantastic atmosphere & top organisation. Huge thanks to all the marshals & support out there.
    I managed my sub 4 coming in at 3hrs 56minutes...race pace plan on here worked.
  • jasond2jasond2 ✭✭✭
    Hmm. It won’t paste the photo! Anyway, tv highlights on S4C at 4.30
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭
    MC hilly! T rex went flying past me at some point it's all a muddle! I am not even sure of my proper time, 5.20 something maybe. 
    When you got to the top of the last climb my bf was there with red wine just after my cup of tea!!! 
    That descent though omg. My quads after so sore. 
    Going back next year accommodation booked!!
    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • Good evening Snodders, got diverted last night to a local brewery so didn't make it back to Llanberis! Another awesome day around the iconic marathon. Fab to see some awesome efforts and achievements, well done everyone. I had a fab time, loved the support and atmosphere. Time nothing to shout about at 4.24 but I knew it wasn't going to be swift.Marathon tomorrow so better go to bed now! Oh and I gather entries for next year may be opening on Dec 1st. Maybe our fab FOOW could confirm this (diolch FOOW!) XXX
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    All good chilling out here in the SNOD House. T Rex, McHilly, Chimney, and John all staying here. Brit Nick was a notable absentee. Waiting to here from you BritNick on how you got on in the Run Further Series 11 race! 

    #7 SNOD for me and slowest yet (3.50) yet strangely one of the most enjoyable at the same time. No real expectation of a finish time. No training meant that I had no right to expect anything of myself. And perhaps that reduced the pressure and allowed me to run unhindered and really enjoy it. Starting further back in the pack was a new experience too. Got rather caught up behind others in first 1/2 mile but knew zero need to panic or be concerned. Loved the climb up Pen Y pass. My slowest descent from the top to the trail but then found the right gear and bombed down there. Loved it. The rest of the race was very much about going from one jelly baby station to the next!! There were more Jelly Babies than runners this year!! 

    Best bit was Bar 24 coming into view through the spooky mist. So cool. But that was easily eclipsed by spotting my 6yr son in the crowd on the finishing straight hoisting him over the barrier and running together over the line. You should have seen his face. He was so proud.... No not of me, but of himself!! He got wrapped in foil and handed the coaster. Brilliant. 

    Snowdonia Marathon 2018 thread has just started (on the other side) no need to adjust your sets :-) Feel free to chill here for a bit but when you are good and ready see you over on the other side >>>>>>
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭
    Hmm, thanks Chimney for that pic!  Taken at 0450 Saturday morning.  Best time to do a marathon - no crowds.  And, no, I'm not wearing a bike helmet.

    It was a long day for me.  I really enjoyed the first lap which I self-timed as 5:08:13, so nicely within target time (5:10).  Thanks for the re-supplies, The LG.  Didn't see you again - hope everything went well.

    On the top above Waun Fawr visibility was down to about 4 metres and it was mostly light rain all the way round.  Such solitude though which I enjoyed.  On the climb out of Beddgelert at about the 10-mile-to-go point a group of three headtorches were looming up behind me.  Didn't expect to have company!  This was Dwayne on his second lap of the three he was doing, a mate also doing the double, and another lady runner just doing this early morning marathon.  Had a good chat with Dwayne about ultras, etc for a mile or so and then he was keen to get going.  He completed his unique treble.

  • ChimneyChimney ✭✭✭
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    Evening all. After missing the last two it was great to be back. My time was so much faster than I thought I'd do. My fastest mara this year, and no It's not the only one..... I put it down to being a brilliant race that brings out the best in me. 
    So good to meet everyone. 
    Back to sub 4hr next year, especially if I actually do some training.....   ;)
    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
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    Half an hour to recover and then it was time to get going again with the masses.  Started near the front with jason and Ralph!  I soon dropped to nearer the back as various forumites came by.  Good to meet you all.  Was with McHilly and Wabo for quite a chunk of the latter stages.

    I was on for a 5:10 finish up until about mile 14 but I somehow lost the ability to keep going all along the stretch through Rhyd Ddu and Betws Garmon.  Got to The HIll and managed a quick march up there and even some running.  Once over the top I found some strength to charge down to the finish at quite a pace, overtaking dozens of runners.

    Official time 5:20:28.  So, a better 2nd lap than last year, and the times for the two laps more equal if not as equal as I wanted. Also a better combined total.

    I'm sorry to report no mishaps or other adventures.  Just a wonderful day out in the brooding Snowdonia mountains.
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭
    There have been some great achievements from forumites, with many achieving or exceeding their targets.  TR22 - your time and race position were stunning.  Not sure if you were in the TV coverage or not.

    A lot of good sub-4:00 times and Ralph and Jimbob you were within your times (as originally stated!)

    Sorry to hear about your tumble, MWW.  You made it to the line somehow.  Brickhill Runner took an amazing tumble just ahead of me sustaining an injury to his elbow.  he still got up and beat me by three minutes!

    So many stories I'm sure.  Post them here before we get over to the serious business of the 2018 thread which UDS has just started.
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