NYC marathon 2017



  • Happy Taper time! Did a nice 1h 55m 17 miles today - knee feels better when i push rather than taking it easy - maybe stretching out the joint more helps? I know i have not done enough 20+ mile runs (due to the injury) but i know i can hold 7mm through to 17/18miles so hopefully experience will see me the rest of the way. Strange thinking yesterday afternoon that it would only be 2 weeks time and i'd be running :)
    Suitcase half ready, trainers broken in, airport hotel booked...its nearly here :)
  • Hi Andy. I will look out for a Tranmere top. I will be wearing my running club top (Hart Road Runners), which also has my name on it. I didn't ever notice an option to select the bus time - I just got told 5.30 on the info, I will check at the expo if it will be a problem if I roll up at 6 (I can't imagine it would be)

    I think for the 6 Star Medal after Tokyo you need to email them afterwards with all the details - I guess they will need to verify the other results before handing out the bling !
  • on the 6 Star - i spoke to WMM and they said if i complete a form after NYC with my times/bibs etc and then enter a predicted Tokyo time they can arrange for a medal to be at the finish at Tokyo witch would be so much better than getting it in the post :) - Re the Tranmere Top i may be hiding it at this rate! 
  • Yes, the 6 star Medal's are most definitely handed out when you finish your 6th WMM's race, if you have let them know beforehand of course. A friend of mine recently picked up theirs in Chicago.

    New York will only be my 3rd Major and I have no current ambition to chase the 6, although never say never!

    I will be running in Prostate Cancer UK colours again in New York (black and sky blue with a bit of white), number 21772.

  • I see Tranmere were beaten at the weekend my my local team (Aldershot) ! Good to know about the 6 star medal arrangements - thanks for that info. Managed to knock 30 seconds off my PB at the Fleet 10k yesterday (37:14), feels good to do a PB at 60 ! Bodes well for NYC. In two weeks it will all be over - amazing how these things that seem to be a distant prospect suddenly come rushing up. Pre-race excitement is definitely starting to build.....
  • Wow Jon, well done, that's an awesome PB for 10k at any age. My best is still 44:19 for 10k I think and I am 17 years your junior.
  • Jon - don't mention it - was at Top Gear track nearby with son who was doing junior hot laps in the cold/wind/rain - after he said can we go to Aldershot as it was nearby to watch the game - another 2 hours in the cold and then a 4hr drive home. Hope its not as cold in NYC in two weeks! 
  • its already started - i'm checking the weather - currently sunny and 14 degrees on the 5th - i'll take that! 
  • 14c and fairly dry would be lovely, regardless of whether it is bright or not. It wasn't excessively warm in Berlin but was claimed that humidity was at 99%. Budapest was far too warm for me to run a decent time in, with temperatures peaking at 23c on race day and rising to 25c a couple of days later. Was lovely weather for the Spa Bath's though! 
  • Race week here - feeling totally under-prepared - think this one will be just go for it and hang on at the end, knee sore last week, hips showing signs of wear and tear, stiff calf and right thigh! Probably doing just a couple of gentle runs this week before flying out Friday - everyone else ready? 
  • I cant believe that race week is here! it only seems 5 minutes since I signed up for this one!!

    I have cold at the moment but working on shifting that or at least being able to breathe out of my nose by the weekend. Running wise, I have done what I had wanted to get done, just four more steady runs this week before flying out Friday morning. Is anyone running the 5k Dash on Saturday? I am really looking forward to running that one through midtown, less of a dash and more of a steady trot for me.
  • trying to avoid everyone with runny noses at the moment - kids are doing their best to give me a cold! was planning on getting race number Friday late afternoon and then chilling around Times Square Saturday. Got plenty of old clothes for that cold wait on Sunday! 
  • My 2yr old kindly shared her runny nose with me. I land around 1 Friday so hoping to collect my bits from the expo as soon as I have checked into the hotel. I do have a place in the parade at the opening ceremony but check-in for that is at 4 and I don't think I will make that. I have 3hrs to get through boarder control, get to my midtown hotel, do the expo then back to the hotel, change and then get to central park. Doesn't sound likely so I think the parade will have to be missed.
  • How are you getting into Midtown Manhattan? I land around 1.40 at JFK Friday was thinking the Long Island Rail Road into Penn Station - seems the cheapest option. 
  • I’m totally underprepared- decided it will be a holiday with a marathon in between. Going to enjoy the run and the time will be whatever it is.would love to run under 4 hours and as close to 3:40 would be great. Flying Thursday am- expo in the afternoon then sightseeing Friday/Saturday before run. Advice please, I’m worried about early start and not enough fuel. Is there somewhere to get porridge at start area or is it just bagels? 
  • i always take a few porridge pots in my suitcase - 2 in the morning when i get up loaded with some sugar :). Not sure if any of the hotels will be putting early breakfasts on, did ask the RIU where i'm staying and they did not respond. 
  • Forecast looks quite decent at the moment - 11C at start rising to 14, maybe a shower. Lucky the race wasn't last Sunday as they had nearly 3 inches of rain ! Foodwise I will take some Jordan's Country Crisp with me (lots of oats and good calorie density) and will probably eat it on the bus on the way to the start or shortly after arrival - can't really eat at 5am. I am on the BA 8:20 am flight on Friday from LHR - anyone else on that?
  • Sat in Gatwick now for my 2am Check in (increased security) for 6am flight.
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