Trouble adding a new post

Anyone else having problems starting new threads?
Ok so this one has worked....but I have tried to start a new thread about 6 times in the events forum & it still hasnt worked. I click submit but it never appears.
Any ideas?


  • Hi Foggo

    I'm sorry to hear that. I'll drop you a line by email.

    Meanwhile if anyone else is having this problem, please let us know on this thread.

    Sean, RW
  • Sorry to resurrect such an old thread, but how the heck do you start a new thread? I can't see a button/link anywhere... but have obviously registered and signed in ok as I am posting on here.
  • Should probably add I am using Chrome on a Mac
  • Sorry... Guessing it's 10 posts for a new thread post then..?
  • Hello, I'm also having trouble! Is there a new post button I'm missing?
    Newbies can't start a new post until they're more established users, it's to stop the spam
  • Glad to read this, thought I was going mad, not the best start for a new member!
  • Same for me too, very frustrating.
  • I think you have to post 3 times before you are able to start a new thread.
  • Very helpful I am having the same issue
  • Just read this post and found it helpful. Will see how many I can post before I can start a new thread. Thank you. :)
  • thanks, thought i was going mad looking for a new thread button lol
  • I am not very happy with the new site , it is very confusing ,and not be able to post seems to be a stupid thing considering someone was able to post a thread about an illegal activity
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭
    You need to get to three stars before you can start new threads, but I haven't yet worked out how you get stars.  If anyone knows can they post on here!
  • First post on site ...hoping to be allowed to soon start a thread about training
  • So after I’ve posted 10 times I can ask the question I’ve been wanting to ask? Fab, thanks for this thread, huge help ?
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭
    helly_belly82 - how did you get two stars?  You're obviously on the way to being an established user.

    If you're really stuck ask the question on here.
  • you'd be better off adding a captcha as many users (like me) come looking for a forum when they 1st want to post something.

    all forum plugins have plenty of free options available so it should be pretty easy to do and would grow your community quicker (1 of 10)
  • also, what you've created here is an incentive for real humans who want to participate int he forum to spam it until they can create a thread. your forum, but as a web guy that would be my suggestion (which others might pay for) (2 of 10)
  • This is an annoying rule! Being new to the runners community I don't feel ready to start posting on other peoples threads, but I do have a question. And I somehow have to get 10 posts before I can ask anything? Unrealistic I think... :(
  • ah
  • I'm having the same problem. I definitely have more questions than I do answers!
  • Phew, I wondered what was going on too !
  • kmo86kmo86 ✭✭✭
    Well joined today. Thought I was missing something simple not finding anywhere to start new topic. Stupid rule and will just encourage people to post pointless replies to otherwise good threads just to post what they want.
  • So I guess I just have to post in here a few times until I'm allowed to ask a question? Great, thanks :/
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