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  • I'm here, just eating a cupcake in preparation for my knock-off clubbercise class in an hour :D 

    Nothing to report. Nan's funeral was last week.STILL no feckin mortgage - god I'm sick to death of saying that, it's been 11 bloody weeks!! They theoretically said yes to us about 5 weeks ago, then objected to the house (or rather the amount of fields) - we offered to cut the fields down to under their criteria and they wanted a letter from solicitor which took weeks to organise - now they'd that sice last Friday and still haven't given us an offer. Aarrgghh! 

    No wonder I'm going grey.

    Got an end of project report thig due on Monday, a million students need things from me and am generally tearing my hair out.

    Probably best not talking to me at all until I eventually move house (at which point I'll mostly be talking about mowing grass I think...) :D
  • I'm very glad you didn't run my Badger over DL!!!

    Evening, Mother Podds in residence so computer time is disapproved of!!

    Will return to normal tomirrow and I'll catch up with you all  :)
  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭
    Cupcakes sound good Daffs!

    Podds, I hope that The Visitation goes smoothly. Sterkte.

    SM is quite poorly at the moment. Fingers crossed that she doesn't bounce back this time but just fades away . . .

  • DLDL ✭✭✭

    There's a strange yellow orb in the sky. I'd like to see more but work is keeping me tethered to my desk - I really need to find a new job!!

    ((((sluggy))) - difficult times with your Mum.

    Podds - fear not I have never run a badger over, it seems though, that's all anyone else ever does as the only badgers I've seen up to this point are those who have come off worse when meeting a car.

    (((((Daffers)))) - hope what's left of your hair isn't all grey!

    Is there some sort of medal I can collect for not having killed a teenager? or at least a certificate for effort???

    May cupcakes feature heavily in your weekend plans

    I have an inlaws event to get through. I feel I may need more than cupcakes!!
  • Hello chaps, I've left a note on my desk,  I'll read it to myself later  :-)

    Daffs, I do hope everything goes sMooothly for you, you know you don't need to mow your grass, just get lots of ponies to do it for you!

    Sluggy,  glad to hear mum is brighter, it must balance out any decline

    Yumms,  flippni well done on the Stort 30, amazeballs as they say

    Podds, I think if my mother ever visited she'd be on social media more than me at the moment !

    DL,  get your CV sorted and updated,  that's one chore that is out of the way then for when you find the perfect job

    Nothing much to report here, I've been right royally shafted for working Christmas so I am gradually filling my social calendar for December.  Was quite hoping to go and see Ball & Boe but I don't think I can make the dates work,  I am meeting the girls in Cardiff for the Nutcracker which will be nice.

    Home time at midnight hopefully ...

  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭
    Have got into the habit of sleeping at home during the day and spending nights at the care home with SM. She is now on her 5th day without fluids, surely she can't last much longer?!
  • YumsYums ✭✭✭

    (((sluggy and SM))) I hope that SM is comfortable and that neither you or her have to ensure this sad fading away much longer. I hope you are ok, sluggy. you've worked hard to ensure SM has been well cared for over the last few years, first on your own and then in the home.

    Daffy only you could have a problem with a mortgage because you have too many fields. I'm not sure why that is an issue. Will they not lend you enough for a sit on mower too ? Work sounds stress. You need a nice house in the missle of nowhere to relax in :-)

    Mc that's not a good week  for losing people. I met Nicko once. Once met never forgotten :-)

    DL, do not take up running. It is dangerous. I think everyone here can tell you a tale of mishaps. Oh dear to teens eating food meant for others :-) XFC is just being a typical teen. Is that the reason you aren't enamoured by terrible teens at the moment ? I'm sure its more than that.  And LOL at the cat level for lesmanians. I  have none although bird lives in a household with 2

    Poor you M...eldy being shafted over Christmas working. They're either brave, stupid or new to try that one on you :-) I agree that you cannot beat a good nutcracker at Christmas :-)

    Podds, I hope mummy podds behaves. Is it the first time she's met Badger ?  I must sort out coming to see them... I mean you :-)

    I am still working on a lottery win for you Mrs Fastfast :-)

    Thank you M...eldy for reporting my news :-)  I did indeed turn up and run the Stort 30. Its very pretty off road along the navigation channel and friendly and relaxed. I finished in 6.30 and received lovely cheers and hugs. To be honest I found it tough. At 10 miles my legs were grumbling and it just got worse. We stayed on course for a 6hr finish until 20 miles. From then on it was grim. Just painful legs. Everything hurt. It hurt a lot. Coach Dan jollied us along by celebrating our furthest distance (21 miles) marathon distance and so on. I was very sore yesterday. today I am much improved and walking like a chimp.

    I have a new FB identity. Someone reported my name for not being real. FB have locked my account unless I upload official docs to show my real name. I have decided I don't want to play their game especially as I have no idea who reported me and what their motives are. I shall be sending out invites to be my friend. M....eldy and chuggy are onboard so you will see we have mutual friends.

  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭
    Well run Yummy! Having done 1 mara, I never had the desire to run further (or again, for that matter)! How spiteful of someone to report you to FB! :#:#
  • Yums,  I don't think anyone has reported you per se I just think it is FB trawling through their accounts,  I know Barlos had to change his,  they just don't like nicknames so they must have some kind of recognition software installed

    ... but if you need a new birth certificate *nudge nudge wink wink*

  • Aw sluggy, have a hug ((((((((()))))))))))))))))) never an easy time, especially not right at the end when you think people can't possibly hang on any longer. Hope you are getting a bit of sleep at least lass. Thinking of you xxx

    Poor old Meldy having to work Christmas. We'll save you a bauble or two :dizzy:

    Excellent running yums! Well done! Yes I thought Arsebook had a thing for making you use your real name too. Hope you sort it out

    Hope the visitation from Mother Podds went well. Mother Daffs is visiting this weekend too. Promised I'd take her for a walk past the new house (which, as it isn't on a road, involves fields and mud and hills). Still no mortgage offer so theoretically we're just walking past someone else's house... 

    Right, best get meself to the hospital - having things shoved up me fundament this morning, always fun...  :s
  • morning all

    oh Sluggy I didn't realise SM was this far down the line - my Dad lasted nearly 4 weeks but that was on a drip, I hope SM slips away peacefully - lots of love to you xxx 

    Dafffs you NEED a donkey - I just love donkeys you MUST get a donkey :)

    Yums well done on the 30 miles - you did it! hoorah! I've heard of other people having to change facebook names. I don't know if anyone knows this - but mine is also a pretend name :) they haven't found me out yet. I wouldn't want to lose all my stuff on there (including precious messages from my dad) so that is making me think about changing it to my real name....

    I had a day off yesterday ended up working and running round doing errands so not very succesful

  • ((((Sluggie))) - hope she manages to fade away quickly and quietly now, sounds like she's ready to go - thinking of you xxx

    Well run Yums - sounds like you really stuck it out - great going!  And of course we'll have to sort out a meet between you and the boys :)  I'll come along too just to supervise!!  :D

    Daffy - can't imagine how frustrating this whole house thing must be.........I hate being under the control of others....

    <waves to Meldy> - Christmas working eh?  And I'm not even driving through your patch this year for you to clear the roads for me :) 

    <waves to JFF> - I sponsor a donkey at the Donkey Sanctuary and I also "got" one for Mother Podds and the Mother-out-law a couple of Christmas' ago.... Mother Podds has even visited hers as it's up in Manchester where she has friends

    Well - nearly time to go........ Mr P made me cycle to work today so now I have to cycle home and it's cold......and I was supposed to restart Tuesday evening swimming as well but I'm sooooooooo tired........

    Remind me tomorrow to tell you about my first foray into CaniX with Tom and Badger last Sunday.........
  • You wanna get yourself a pair of grass ski's Podds ... far less effort I would think !

    Sluggy,  best wishes to you all,  we are all thinking of you,  Its good to see where the stubborn gene comes from   ;-)

  • Happy Pay Day  

    Who will join me at Beachy next year ??  its been a while   :-)
  • Can you see the photos? I put them on via my tablet and could see them but on my computer there's nothing there.................  :'(  I hate tech.............
  • I can see them on thr phone Podds, looks like fun! What if they go in different directions?!


    I love donkeys too :D Not sure I want to responsible for a couple though!
  • They're on a split lead Daffs so quite difficult for them to go different directions thank goodness!!

    I always said that if I won big on the lottery I'd set up some really posh greyhound kennels - both rehoming and boarding and I'd have donkeys and goats too :):)
  • oh Podds I LOVE those photos! and if that doesn't get you to enjoy running nothing will :)

    I've thought about caniX with Ned - but it's too risky, hopefully one day he will be calm enough!

    sorry Melds I fear Beachy Head is just not my thing

  • I wasn't sure either Jenni with the 2 boys together and with Tom being pretty reactive historically and still a bit dubious nowadays but actually they both behaved impeccably - nobody was more surprised than me!!

    They said in the intro that if anyone had a reactive dog then they should just run slightly off to one side or off the front or the back, whatever helped their dog most

    I also tried it out partly with the aim of further desensitizing Tom to other dogs to make my life more peaceful :) 

    I think because they were focussed on trotting along they were distracted from "looking for trouble".....
  • Remind me not to wear yellow next time - even scared the seagulls!!!  :'(
  • Theres your answer then Podds ... you need to run everywhere with him   :-)

    Jenny,  I love Beachy,  the views are stunning and it is seriously hard work so you just take it at manageable pace 
  • I could go to Birling Gap and sit and have a picnic until you come by.....................
  • podds - lovely pics

    ((sluggy)) thinking of you xx

    yums - wow, well done on the 30 miles

    I love Beachy Head but have no desire to do the marathon.. Walking around there is hard enough
  • DLDL ✭✭✭
    Great photos Podds, but isn't the person with the bike cheating??

    Could you use your donkey in the same way Daffers?

    Perhaps even better - sit on the donkey??!!!

    (((((Sluggy)))) thinking of you and yours

    Think I'll give Beachy Head a miss this year

    and all following years

    Perhaps Yums would consider it now she's a looooong distance expert runner - yay Yums - very impressive!!

    I have been South twice this week, later today I will go North. Hoping to be back in the middle for the weekend! OH has the lurgy. Maybe I should forget the way home!?

    Happy new November - hope it treats you well
  • (((Sluggie))) hope all is as well as it can be

    LOL DL - made for interesting times when bike + dog shot by and reawakened Tom's racing instinct for a moment or two.......luckily being a fat lass there's more of me than him so disaster was averted  :D
  • YumsYums ✭✭✭

    morning lovely people

    (((sluggy and SM))) hope  you're ok sluggsy and thinking of you.

    Podds, I love the canix idea and the boys certainly look as though they're enjoying it. I think in those situations they sometimes forget themselves and find their place running in the pack. Cush was very much like that. If youre cycling and back at the pool are you training for something

    Daffy, if that's the rigmarole you get through to get to your house you wont get may Jehovah's Witnesses calling. A bit extreme to go to those lengths though. fingers crossed. A donkey would make BH marafun more fun

    DL. I hope you found your way home and that OH is not sharing her germblies.

    Beachy Head marafun - where is the hysterical laughing emoji? Its a fab marafun. I've walked it 3 times. Its a proper toughie though and a proper knee knackerer. Having struggled majorly last week when it was flat I cant imagine doing BH!  I cant see I'd enter another long race unless I could train so my legs would hold up better and longer. The message I received from FB was that they had been asked to look at my account and research suggests it hasn't been FB policy to trawl through looking for unusual names and that generally in these cases people are reported by someone. Certainly there is someone called yummity yummity in Birmingham so they haven't caught up with them yet.

    I would save what you can JFF or use a name similar to that you have official documentation for

    No 2 has his poliss interview on Tues so  if there are any spare WAISTer vibes they would be appreciated

  • Vibes for no 2 yums ~~~~~~~~

    Still no mortgage. Aarrgghh! Wednesday apparently (although we were also told last Wednesday so I'll believe it when I see it). It is a bit of a palaver to get to Yums but when/if it's actually ours, we will indeed be able to drive down the drive like normal people rather than skulking about the fields :D 

    ((((((Sluggy family)))))) hope all is peaceful with you xxx

    (((((Waister pals))))))
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