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    SK - please be careful, if you have PF and aggravate it by doing speedwork you will only extend the time that you have PF.   PF is one of the most dreaded injuries because of the time it takes to recover from.

    Emmy - hope you're feeling better by the time you get to your race on Sunday. 

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    I did a 4.5 mile run today, and although not aching, my legs still very heavy.  I toyed with the idea of bringing my running stuff to Exeter to do the parkrun tomorrow AM, but decided to leave it at home and just enjoy the weekend.  Checked into the hotel already, so I'm ready to go :)  
  • Mamafox- HAPPY BIRTHDAY hope you have a great day.
    Shades- I have not got any events in the near future, got a half in March booked and Stirling marathon in April I'm thinking of possibly booking a marathon for Feb or March time as I feel my running is going well. As i only get 2 weekends off work in a 5 week rotation any event i can do needs to fall within this time. I think I need some sort of training plan to follow so I have something to work at rather than just plodding along.

    Ian- yeah it's a tough one I usually do my hill sprints when training on the lower part of the hill. There's still about 2or 3 hills where I live that are bigger with gradients ranging between 10 and 15%. I'm not stupid enough yet to attempt these.
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    Happy Birthday Mamafox  :)

  • In car at mo (not BM unfortunately ) so just a quick message to thank all you lovely Shadies for your birthday wishes!
  • Evening shadies. 
    Mamafox - many happy returns.. 
    Emmy - hope you feel better for Sunday.  I too feel a little out of sorts but I think it's just a bit of congestion. 

    Well what's done is done. May about to head to the hotel before my race tomorrow. Although I'm not trying for a specific time,  I want to try keep it under 3:45. At 11am there will be a synchronised air horn asking the course to mark the start of the 2min race pause and another at the end. It will make it very surreal. I have my "lest we forget" shirt all sorted and will post a pic tomorrow.  As for Sundays race,  I'll deal with that on Sunday depending on the condition of my legs. The hotel has spa facilities so I think a swim and a sauna will help. 

    As for the 2018 Callander. So far is vlm and I have entered the outlaw relay again in July. I have been thinking about doing a half IM beginning of July and I might attempt the "hell of a hill" 5 in 5 in November... Happy running folks. 
    Big G - enjoy your weekend and give those legs a rest :)

    Steven - I don't know if you'll find any marathons close to you in February and March, this is a good race listing although there are a few errors in it.   There's a European list if you fancy a marathon trip further afield.

    mamafox - hope you had a lovely day, with cake :)

    Iain - hope you too are feeling better today.   Good luck with your double this weekend.

    You're good at hills, you would do well on a hilly marathon course.   Can I put your name down as a possible for our Shadies trip for 2019 at Dartmoor Discovery? 

    Just waiting for the 7 a.m. frenzy to book my Pilates class and then I can get out for my run

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    Big G-Enjoy your weekend.
    Possibly my last Saturday of the year of today so rescheduled my long run for Tuesday so I did parkrun today,best was 20:48 set in June so knew it was out of step with all my other times.Felt tough as 5k always does but came in at 19:42 so happy with that,put's it more in line with all my races now.
    That's going to be my last race of the year,apart from a club race in December so I've gone back and checked my PB's from January to now.
    5k was 21:13 now 19:42
    10k was 44:53,now 39:57
    HM 1:44:12,now 1:29:53
    Full 4:24:13,now 3:31:50
    Weight 14st now 13:7
    So all in all a pretty successful year,no idea how I'm going to improve much further or what targets to set for next year but we will see.

  • Afternoon folks,  just a quick note to say I did the rememberance day marathon today. Wet, muddy and amazing as always. I felt really strong and good the whole way round but my hips started to ache at 23 miles. I crossed the line in 3:10:41 for 1St place. Had a really good race. 

    Shades - yeah I'm up for DD 2019.
  • Happy belated birthday, mamafox.
    First place, Iain - wow!
  • Good luck for tomorrow, Mamafox. I hope you get there safely and on time, whatever mode of transport you opt for!

    Ian - amazing to crack the sub 20 5k, sub 40 10K and sub 90 HM all in one year! I reckon you can get quite a bit off that that marathon time next year.

    Congrats on the first place, Iain! Was there a prize?

    Shades - I took your advise today and opted for a parkrun that is on soft ground (trail/leaves/mud). Foot was OK. I actually felt it more at the cinema today, watching the new Paddington film (which is very good!) Middle son has put new tape on for me (he owes me as woke everyone up when he returned from a party and vomitted in the loo! Hopefully he has learnt an important lesson!)
  • SK - other than being on in top of the results list,  no prize but the medal weighs 1.3kg

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    Ian5 said:

    5k was 21:13 now 19:42
    10k was 44:53,now 39:57
    HM 1:44:12,now 1:29:53
    Full 4:24:13,now 3:31:50
    Weight 14st now 13:7
    So all in all a pretty successful year,no idea how I'm going to improve much further or what targets to set for next year but we will see.

    Ian - what a year you've had :)   Well done on taking over a minute off your parkrun time yesterday, that's a big chunk.   For most of your race times you'll have to settle for less dramatic improvements to your PB's.   You know now that your marathon time is out of sync with your other race times and I remember a few weeks ago when you looked at the GFA time for VLM and said you didn't know how you could get that close, but now that time is within your reach.   Your weight is now at your target isn't it?

    Iain - well done, great running and a really beautiful medal.

    Good luck for today, hope the hip soreness has eased.  You're on the DD2019 list :)

    SK - at least your son had recovered from his night out to be able to tape your foot, it could have been a whole day in bed. :#    It's tricky putting the tape on yourself.

    I think mamafox's race is the 26th, that's the date I've put on our marathon list.

    Emmy - hope you're feeling a bit better and have a good run today.

  • Iain - That's a beautiful medal.. and what a result! Another first place race, well done sounds a bit feeble - but well done  :) Good luck for today too.

    Emmy - Hope you are feeling better and today goes well for you too.

    Big G - That picture of Fred made me laugh.. not far off the truth unfortunately!

    Ian - What a year you've had, those results are fab, you've hit all your targets. A bit more easy running to bump your weekly mileage up and the sub 3;30 is in the bag no problem  :)

    SK - Lol at your son  :D Are you sure that's PF you've got if you're able to do all that running? Take it easy.

    Shades - Hope your running this weekend is going well and your niggles have gone.

    Thinking of you too Cal! (())

    My half was actually yesterday.. and it was a complete disaster  :) We got there in the pick up truck (I'm not going into detail on our car situation in order to stay on subject), a little late and I had to be picked up and shoved over the barrier to join the runners in the pen. Two minutes later the gun went off, flames shot out of a thing by the side of me which was quite alarming and we were off.
    The first 3k were extremely congested, the roads narrow so it was impossible to do anything but an easy jog. My hip was just tight at this point so that didn't bother me too much, but I had been hoping to get a few 5m/km (8min/miles) to start off with. That wasn't going to happen. I hadn't used my watch for over a week and when I started running realised it had mysteriously reverted to min/miles which mean absolutely nothing to me so I spent some time fiddling round with it and trying to get it back into kms. Must rememeber to check this in advance in the future!
    When the crowd started to thin out a bit I could up the pace a bit but my hip pain got progressively worse and by 15k was really kicking in. I even thought about stopping at one point but decided that as it was only a half I could keep going, not sure if I would have done that with a marathon.
    I've never done the half at Cognac before, always the marathon and I don't think I'll be doing it again. Apart from two occasions when we ran through a couple of chateaux and an abby I found the course pretty boring. I mean it's pretty enough but when you've seen one vine you've seen them all. Maybe I'm spoilt as the marathon course is so fab. I also felt a bit of a fake as there is a fair bit of support when you cross the same routes as the marathon runners and "only" doing a half I don't think I need/merit the same encouragement.
    I stuck to a pace of around 5m/km and annoyingly if it wasn't for my hip pain this felt fine, however there was no way I could increase this and I crossed the line in a disappointing 1h49.

    I felt really flat afterwards (in spite of having a couple of Cognac Schweppes to cheer myself up) as my goal is/was to try and scrape another sub 3:30 at La Rochelle in 2 weeks and that ain't going to happen. I'd also hoped I could resume my training next week and that ain't going to happen either. As I sit here typing this I should be doing a long run and I can hardly get up and down or even walk without hobbling. Bugger.

    I've booked childcare/time off work/train tickets and an apartment so I'm bloody going to La Rochelle but I guess it's no running between now and then and just hoping I can wing it round to complete the course.

    If you finish you get a box of oysters so that should keep me going :)

    mamafox - well done for battling on that sounds really painful and so sorry that you are in such pain today too.  
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Hope everyone racing today has a good day.
    Mama-Sorry to hear about your race,hopefully the rest eases your pain,doesn't sound great at the minute but 2 weeks rest could do the trick.
    Shades-I know I'll have to settle for smaller improvements but I think there's more there yet,only 1 real target time for next year so the rest will be a bonus.As for GFA it seems a touch beyond at the minute but then a year ago those times seemed way beyond me so will see what happens.
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    Ian - GFA might seem a long way off but just aim to reach that time in stages and you will get there.   3:20 to 3:25 should be your next target.
    I've been messing with pasting a spreadsheet on the thread for next year's marathon as the list in it's present format is going to be so long.  I pasted successfully and then deleted it, hence the funny layout of my last post.  
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    I've enjoyed my week off work and feel recharged, Wednesdays hill and step session has left my right calf a bit tight, trying to book sport massage. Did Friday night speed as I didn't realise it was tight until I started so it was more of 45 sec jog than sprint, I had also arranged to go on Parkrun tour at Killerton, took it easy and enjoyed run ? definitely going to do again. Been rolling it with massage ball and stretching. I've switched with leader as leading tomorrow she's doing my 5-6 mile Social and I'm doing improvers which is slower smaller group and shorter. No pain just can feel it's tight and behind my knee aches a little sure it's nothing a good massage won't sort.  Good luck everyone who's racing. 
  • Jelly - glad you are feeling recharged. Hope the massage sorts the right calf.

    MF - sorry that Cognac didn’t go as well as you wanted, but still a respectable time. Do you know what the cause of the hip problem is? Is it anything to do with the cycle accident?

    I did 11 miles this morning and foot felt OK. It was actually my first solo run in over 2 weeks. I need to watch my son play football now, so it will probably feel bad from having to stand for so long. Pretty sure it’s PF, but not at all chronic like a lot of the cases I hear about.
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Hi all, just a quick one before I rush off. I did a half this morning and glad I stopped as I’ve not been great since.

    lovely to see Iain at the start (blooming speedster!!) 
  • Emmy - was really nice to meet you in person and I was gutted when I had heard you had to shoot off so soon and I wasn't able to say goodbye. 

    Today was day 2 and a 6hr timed event. After yesterday's performance I started the race slightly stiff. By half way I was feeling quite broken and passed the marathon point in 3:45 and then ran/walked the last lap with my 8yr old son. I called it a day at 29.7 miles in 4:34 unofficial time.. I know I was going to try run the full 6 hrs but I was feeling too sore and cold so I was quite happy to call it a day @ 9 laps. One day I'll run for the full 6 hrs.  

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    @iain : awesome achievement considering the conditions. It was tough weather wise and then adding in the conditions underfoot, I’m glad that I stopped. 

    Are you sure you don’t want to run tomorrow?
  • mowzermowzer ✭✭✭
    Ian 5 - you've had some great times this year  :) You might find pbs just a little harder to come by now but, especially if you put the miles in, that GFA will happen soon.

    mamafox - well done for battling on at Cognac. Hope that hip settles down now and the oysters are within your grasp!!

    Iain - congrats on your 1st place and a really good time  :) That course may be flat but can also be muddy, slippery and (occasionally) under water. Well done also on Sunday's race. I guess that when you're fast 6 hours can seem like a long time, but if you're a slower runner then you're used to being out for 6hrs  ;)

    Emmy - hope you are ok. That's a lovely photo of you and Iain.

    Nothing on the calendar for this weekend, although last week I went on a Away Weekend (Fri lunchtime to Monday morning) to Berkeley with the local LDWA group. Had a great time, we got 3 walks done and staggered up some big hills. The weather was good last weekend, but I'm finding it very cold now. Went for a slow local run today along the river - did 1hr 10m actual running, which is the furthest I've run for over 6mths  :o

  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Shades -Lucky the post wasn't a long one:-) That's what I was thinking about Gran Canaria,if the next 10 weeks go well,go out around 3:22 and see how it feels.
    Emmy-Well done on doing the half while not feeling good.
    Iain-Well done on the distance the day after a marathon.
    Jelly - hope that calf niggle heals quickly, the ache behind the knee could be coming from your hamstring.  

    SK - that's a long way to run if you have PF.  PF doesn't usually come on from a trauma but over a long period (sometimes years) and can't be cured quickly, if you're very lucky you might be over the worst in 3 months for most it's up to 12 months.  So there's nothing to be gained, except slowing recovery, by running more and you will make it worse by increasing the distance you run.

    Emmy - lovely pic of you and Iain.  Well done for doing the half, you said you don't feel right so that's a good achievement in the circumstances.

    Iain - you obviously hadn't recovered as well as you hoped for Day 2.   But this 6 hour you weren't doing on fresh legs so I can understand you finishing when you did. 

    mowzer - you're still getting the miles in and that's a good increase in your running time/distance too.    I have provisionally put you on the DD 2019 Shadies list, hope that's OK with you? ;)

    It has suddenly turned a lot colder here too. :(

    Nasty frost here, a couple of icy patches on the pavements but not too bad, hate running in this weather though.

  • JellyJelly ✭✭✭
    Thanks Shades. Thought my hamstring might be tight.  Felt easier yesterday and just the easy run tonight and daughter has college open evening the rest of the week so will get rest from running. I've got appointment for massage Thursday evening. Not my normal one as its hard to get last minute appointment but have used this lady before when I hurt my back and she is very good.  Don't think there is anything too bad happening just my legs screaming for a break. 
    Jelly - you've got time now to ease back for quite a while before you think about starting your 2018 training, as you say most probably just end of season tiredness so nothing to worry about.
  • Sorry you didn't have a good run, mamafox. I'd have been happy with that time were it me, though - your rubbish time is 8 minutes faster than my very best.

    It's been almost a week since I last attempted a run and the blue skies were calling me. I was optimistic, did my warm-up, mashed a ball into my bits and pieces and set out. At first it wasn't bad - my stride felt nice, but I was very conscious about holding my core in and contracting my glutes - but the further I got, the more I could feel my hip pulling. I decided to stop at a mile and maybe walk a mile and then run another mile, but then I got all sorts of stabby pains radiating up from my pelvis, through my back and front. Same kind of pains I got after mile 20 of my first marathon when my body just started quitting. I walked home rather sadly, letting out the odd audible groan as each spasm of pain appeared.

    I'm fed up with this. At this rate, I won't be able to do Manchester, let alone the two halves I have booked prior. All the running posts I see on Facebook are depressing the hell out of me (I could stay away from Facebook, but that is pretty much the only way I keep in touch with people, being an introvert and hermit who hates the phone). The only thing keeping me going right now is yoga.

    I've booked an appointment with my physio tomorrow. I can't just wait for the NHS. I need something concrete. now.
    Cal - must be so so frustrating.  :'( I'm not surprised you are thoroughly fed up with waiting and hoping for improvement and that NHS appointment.   Let's hope the physio can at least give you an accurate diagnosis so you know exactly where you are and what needs to be done.
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