Great Welsh Marathon

Hi! Anyone out there doing this one? 
I ran Boston on Monday and was hoping for a London gfa (3:45). However, the heat and some energy sapping hills meant that I had to rein it in to avoid implosion but still managed a pleasing 3:52. I think that indicates that I have got a 3:45 in me if conditions were good. Obviously time is short to get the gfa for 2018 and as this appears flat and is fairly local, considering giving it a go. I am fortunate in that I tend to recover quickly and 3 weeks should be enough. 


  • I assume your comment relates to 2017 race, but rather than start a new thread I figured I could roll it over to 2018.  So I'm doing GWM in 2018, my 7th marathon overall (1 * Vienna, Barcelona, Pisa and New Forest, 2 * London).  Not particularly racing this one as I hope to be helping a friend to a GFA for London 2019 - sub 3:45. 
  • I might be joining you Matt as coincides with returning my son to University...some nice looking marathons you have done there - I am doing Barca for the 1st time in March 18.  Vienna and Pisa also on the to do list.  But no doubt the Llanelli coastal path far more exotic than the lot! 
  • Hi OuchOuch,  Barcelona is good, but the year I did it, was really hot.    I'd definitely recommend Vienna, lovely course with lots to see, Pisa is a bit more out in the sticks - basically a run from Pisa to coast, along the coast and back, you finish right next to the Leaning Tower - if you like a smaller event its good
  • Cheers Matt, I particularly like the sound of Vienna as not been there previously. I quite enjoy the warmer marathons with Gran Canaria next up in 3 weeks time - 24C today. 
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