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  • I'm about 16st and have been using the latest Nike Pegasus for the last 2 months. I over-pronate, which doesn't help, but they're super comfortable, and after a few runs the normal shin splints disappeared. I used to have the Brooks Beasts, but found these cumbersome and heavy in relation.

    Due to get checked at my local running shop next Saturday, so will feedback what they say with regard to us bigger guys!

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    Nike ? For serious running?
  • Unable to start a new thread as i'm a new user and found this thread via google. I'm currently 15 stone 7lb, and would appreciate any updated recommendation for a comfort, long wearing shoe for me when i'm 'speed walking'. I walk 4.2 miles twice a day, each session takes just over an hour. I walk on pavements, and a disused road which can be greasy. I'm currently wearing a pair of Newfeel Propulse walk 240 which are ok, but are failing quickly, lacking support on the heel and ball / toe. Thus thinking a comfort / neutral running shoe would be more suited for me, especially as i have an urge to jog a little when i want to push the pace.
  • I'm a new user too and unable to start a thread. How many comments do we have to make to enable us to start a thread? I am flat footed and want some advice :)
  • Another new user here that make a new post.
    I'm similar to you 'portlanders'. I'm 16st and a newbie to running. I believe I require Stability trainers (as slight over pronator). I see so many models by the same brands for stability trainers that I get totally confused on which pair I need.
    What trainer will be good for a 16st person that will jog on paved roads and may do plenty of speed walking in them too?
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    Hello nad12, welcome to the world of running. I was given the following advice, find a local independent running shop. Ring them, find out when they are less busy, book an appointment with a gait analysis and take their advice. They will have, in the vast majority of cases, have years of experience.
  • Thanks TT - sounds like some good advice. I'll do that.
    I've done the wet paper test and that's why I feel I require stability trainers. I'll pop into a shop and pick theirs brains. I'll also ask why a brand such a 'Saucony' seem to have many models of stability trainers (Guide, Omni, Hurricane, Redeemer ISO, Hurricane ISO, etc..).
    Just hope the chap in there is knowledgeable.

    Can you guys/gals why brand is regarded as being the best (Saucony, Asics, Mizuno, Brooks, Nike), or are they all pretty much the same quality?

    BTW, in my previous post, I meant to say "Another new user here that CANNOT make a new post" :-(
  •  The wet paper test is not really a reliable indicator of support requirement. A decent running store should be able to advise you and offer a variety of options from different brands.

    All the brands you mentioned will have their loyal followers. Personally, I favour Mizuno and get on ok with Saucony but have never really been comfortable in Brooks or Asics. All the brands will have various levels of 'stability' models. 

    Bottom line, the best brand is the one which you find most comfortable.
  • Im a newbie too, both on here and to running. Im on the lookout for some new running shoes and would like to go by recommendations as there are so many online! I need shoes with a good arch support and my feet roll inwards when i run (overpronator?). Also as i'm a newbie i find my lower legs hurt as i run, normally down the back of the leg. It feels like they are super tight but the pain goes quickly once I've finished the run.
    After googling i've been told the Ravenna 8, Ariel '16 and Vapor 4 would all suit me. Anyone tried any of these?
    You need to go to a good running shop and try on a few pairs, they need to feel good and right for you when you try them on.   You can't go by others recommendations, that would just be pot luck if they suit you and you could end up wasting money.
  • Running shoes are way too confusing
  • theres a million different types idk which ones to buy but this has sort of helped
  • When I first started running I didn't have a clue about trainers! My advice is to go to a specialist running shop e.g. Up and Running. I tried various types on the treadmill and the staff were really helpful in picking a pair of runners that I felt comfortable in.
  • Can somone please recommend shoes for those with bad knees, Ideally with a slightly wider toe box.

    I have been getting pain in my knees forcing me to stop even though I'm not out of breath. The pain will last a few days and have difficulty bending them so I use a knee sleeve to help.

    I have been using Adidas Iniki which are not ideal and I'm assuming are a contrabuting factor.

    I'm about 5'7" 63kg

    I have normal arches and neutral alignment.

    Thanks in advance
  • Anyone used the nike pegasus'?
  • > @"Colin Bruniges" said:
    > Hi.
    > I am a beginner at running and rather large at 17 Stone. When I first started Running my shins and knees hurt badly. A kind runner suggested that I change my running shoes. This was excellent and did the trick, all the pains seemed to stop like magic. My problem is that after spending £100 on shoes they wore down in 3 months and the more they wore the more pains came back. Surely there must be an alternative to spending £100 on shoes every 3 months.

    Hey Colin,

    Same here.. 18st :neutral: Been out of running for two years and the pounds have just piled up.. I did some research on shoes and decided to go with the Asics Gel Nimbus 20.. Sorry can't say how good they are as they only arrived today. Will let you know if the cost was worth it in terms of shock protection and wear... I really hope they last!

    Grateful for you starting this thread as some really good advice!

    Best Regards

  • I've recently purchased a pair of Nike Free RN 2018s for £50... They are the best shoes I have ever run in, and I have read incredible things about their durability. I have virtually no miles on them as of yet (2 runs), so I'll have a proper verdict later this year!
  • I'm a heavyweight 16st, and over pronate. I always go for a measuring and an assessment on a run machine which videos you, the shop then let's you try on the correct shoes for you and you run again on the machine and then round the block. I've always had mizuno and wanted a different brand this time bit after trying on the others I've found mizuno to be the best for me. I ended up with wave inspire 15, absolutely amazing.
  • I just purchased the pair of Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer from amazon... Sole of these shoes are made of the synthetic material, these are meant to provide extra support and grip on any terrain. I am really happy that I made the decision of buying these shoes after reading and analyzing review
  • Been there to some degree. Once the weight shifts, shoes will last a lot longer.
  • One piece of advice I was recently given was to buy 2 different brands to mix up the way your feet react making injuries less likely
  • > @nickjohn said:
    > I just purchased the pair of Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer from amazon... Sole of these shoes are made of the synthetic material, these are meant to provide extra support and grip on any terrain. I am really happy that I made the decision of buying these shoes after reading and analyzing review

    I forgot to tell that you can read the full detailed review here at I found this online and hopefully this will clear your confusion.
  • Hi all would love some advice on running shoes for beginners?
  • Hi Rob - I think it depends how much you're planning on running and what your aims are. If it's just to do gentle jogging then any runners, to begin with, would probably do and you don't need to spend a fortune.

    If you're really planning on getting in to it and have a distance or event in mind it might be an idea to go to a specialist retailer and get your gait analysed so that you're getting runners that are appropriate for you.
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    Comfort is key. There's no need to over complicate things.
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