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    SK - yes, let's agree to disagree.  However if you were marathon training and did the 20 miler in say about 2 hours, club record etc, would you be happy that the first club runner trotted round the 10 miler in 11 min/miles but as she was first got the same points as you.

    It's quite a commitment to complete all the required number of events and not unusual for a runner getting injured as they race when maybe they shouldn't, niggle turning into injury.

    steven - it's amazing what we do get to see when we run, when we remember to look around us :) 

    Must be even stranger for you in Scotland having such mild weather at this time of year, enjoy it while it lasts.

    Jelly - yes, I think the Trotters have a fair system using WAVA.  Good that you can get enough races in for 2018

    mowzer - I remember when you did that 5km, probably put me off trying a 5km even more!

    So this is your brother and SiL moving to Japan, what a lovely day to emigrate.  You'll be saving up for a visit soon?

    Had a lovely run this morning, 10 degrees and no wind, the birds are singing. :)
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    I've just watched my friend's post race interview after doing MdeS Peru.   Very interesting section on the state of his feet, you know how squeamish I am about blisters and runners feet in general.   :#

    It's a long interview so skip to 13:15 to hear about his plan to keep his feet blister free and whether it worked

  • Shades - I reckon age grading would be the fairest way to do it, with most points being given to the ‘best’ performance, regardless of the distance.

    Big G - I think all distances have their own challenges. I’ve only raced 1500m once but found it really hard. But I also found the 800m very challenging. 400m just hurts as it’s supposed to be the longest sprint. And for me, 200m and 100m aren’t too bad as I can’t go any faster than my 400m pace, so they feel OK! I actually felt more pride going sub 20 mins for 5K for the 1st time than I have for any marathon, as it took more attempts and I had plenty of failed attempts on the way. But marathons are more emotional as they make me think of all the training I’ve done to get to that point, so the emotion is partly relief! 

    Lie in and rest day today. Feel a bit twitchy already but I’ve run for 11 days in a row, including twice yesterday and my legs need a rest! Had a tough track session last night - 5x200m sprints, then a pyramid of 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 800, 700, 600, 500, 400. Enjoyed it though - we had to have lots of torches along the side of different bits of the track as it was so dark. But lovely and mild.
  • NickW2NickW2 ✭✭✭
    I think 400/800/1500(/mile) are really hard, as they are all variations of going hard enough that it's going to feel really tough most/all of the way round but also you need to pace it. 100/200 you don't need to think about pacing just technique and run as hard as you can. Longer events I think you can get away with starting too slowly a bit more although going off too fast is still tough to recover from.

    My best age graded result ever (~72%), any distance, was the 5:11 mile I ran this summer. It was also well beyond my expectations before the race, and I spent the whole way round till the sprint finish thinking I'd gone off too fast and would fall apart. So probably judged it about right haha. I suspect I could probably get a better age grading in the 100m if I did some training for it. Meanwhile my marathon PB is ~61%. I'd have to knock about 30 mins off my marathon time to get 72% age grading. And then I'd probably be able to run a quicker mile ;)

    I haven't run this week, didn't feel great on Wednesday so gave it a miss. Last day of work for the year today, woohoo! Merry Christmas all, doubt I will log on until I'm back at work. Hopefully will get a few runs in while we're away at the in-laws.
  • Shades - Lol er i lean on it to get in and out of the bath ;) Its not any better just less sore that monday

    BG - Er having looked i have done 50 marathons and 10 ultras last one being Oct 2015. As for will i be ready erm i'll finish just not that quickly shall we say ;)
    SK - that's a tough track session, good weather for it though.   You're training hard, are you aiming at a specific target race?

    Nick - hope you have a lovely Xmas too and a special one as first for the little one :) 

    Keith - must have been quite a fall, few days off will help.   Are you in Devon for Xmas?

    There's no need to rush re your marathons, once you start them again I expect you'll start doing quite a few.

    Turkey all cooked and sliced up and stock made from the carcass too.   :D  
  • Shades - Nah mother is up at grans so i'll be over in Carlisle with a stop on way back home at brothers place to see the godmonsters
    Keith - well at least you don't have that long drive to do, until you're down here for your next marathon in 4 weeks that is

    Mild again today, had a most enjoyable run, not much traffic.   I do love early morning running, even in the dark.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Keith, I hadn't realised you'd done that many!  Well done.  The forced injury lay off must have been so frustrating for you, but well done for being patient.  Best of luck with it all next year!

    SK, the age grading and points is how our club works, although in ours there's only usually one race distance per event.  But the person with the highest age grading gets 50, the next highest 49, and so on.  I think I'm right in saying that a few years ago at a local race (Dartmoor Vale) the Half and 10K were both in the Club Champs, and they would have been treated as two separate races, which I think is fair.  In my club's case, the 10K and Half are in two separate race categories too.  There's still competition and tactics involved as people choose which race to do based on various criteria etc, but the points and age grading would have been done separately for each race.

    Jelly, definitely don't worry about nicking points off of other people even if you don't do the CC.  It's not an issue at all.  When our fast Trotter turns up, everyone knows they'll get one fewer point than if he wasn't there - it's just the way it is, and he doesn't do the CC.

    I have noticed a strange thing though.  There are two Trotters who have finished this year's CC, in consecutive positions.  The runner who is ahead of the pair has done more than the mandatory 12 races (which is allowed, of course - you can do as many races as you like), so the software has picked his best 12 races.  However, the runner who has finished second of the pair has only done 12 events but always gets more points in races that they're in together, but yet he's behind in the CC.  It stood out to me as an anomaly and I spent a long time manually checking that there wasn't an error, and it was indeed correct; basically in certain categories, the lead runner got a lot more points in events which attracted fewer Trotters, so his poorly scoring events didn't count towards his final total.  Therefore, possibly, one way to make sure you get decent points is to do more races, as then if you don't perform that well or there are loads of speedsters at the event, you can discount that race as long as you have a better scoring race in that category.  However, whether this tactic will work as well next year, with fewer races, remains to be been :)  But tactics are a part of it - some runners specifically choose events they know their competitors won't be at ;)  Again, nothing wrong with that and it's part of it.  In some ways, that type of thing may even increase with fewer races in each category, with people trying to avoid their competitors to nick a point or two.  When I mentioned in the club mag that we were trying to introduce more competition to the CC, this is the type of thing I meant....  Others don't care about any of this stuff, and just love to race!
    Big G - that must have taken you ages checking those 2 runners scoring.   Amazing how sometimes these things just happen although instinct says it can't be right.   It's so complicated working out all the strategies that can be employed.

    One year at the IOM Grand Prix, where I always start well as I've done the marathon but as the rest of the week is all short races as usual I just slide down the table.  There was a group of runners that wanted me to win the overall women's title and spent a couple of hours in the pub working out the strategy.   We had one race left a 4 miler, I knew the best time that I could do but it wouldn't be enough and I'd only win the title if my friends all did PB's and pushed the other girl that was my nearest rival down the overall placings.  It was a big ask but they wanted to have a go, I did a PB and more than a minute faster than I could have hoped for, the others ran their hearts out but couldn't improve enough to hold her off.   I wasn't at all bothered but we actually had fun trying although it nearly killed us, 4 miles flat out at the end of a week's racing was tough.
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    My aim is to complete the CC. Early  last year I was getting unhelpful competitive and it wasn't I nice me or feeling so now I focus on improving my best and not worry about others. 
    Jelly - that's a much better way to deal with the CC.  We all run because we like to run so just enjoy those races and don't think about any of the others.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, yes it did take some time to work it out manually.  I was concerned the program was wrong and wanted to make sure everything was correct for the awards night, but in fact the software had worked it out correctly.  I'm still glad I checked though as it was bothering me!  

    Jelly, right approach there.  Just enjoy it - that's what it's all about!

    Just back from a 9-miler, including a parkrun.  I didn't run Thurs or Fri as I just felt too tired/achy after Tuesday's event.  I had my running stuff on most of the day yesterday, but in the end just decided not to run.  I enjoyed this morning's run though.  :)  
    Big G - well it looks like you've recovered now from this week's marathon :)    

    I take it you didn't go to Exmouth for their new parkrun today?
  • Thought you looked fine, Big G, like you'd just finished a little jog. Rather expected you to sound more West Country, though!

    Great training, everyone. I had two non-running days after my 6 mile epic on Wednesday, although that did include a new class at the yoga studio called Hot Inferno Pilates. It's not really pilates although it uses some of the exercises - it's more a low impact core fitness class with intervals (and in a hot room). Holy crap it's hard! My abs were so sore yesterday I couldn't do the sit-ups in the Bikram class without groaning pitifully.

    But I decided I would do parkrun today, which would be the first time in months. Since I'm basically unfit I wasn't going to be going all out, but use it more as a tempo to see where I was. Anyway, I survived. It was my slowest parkrun every, but I'm quite content as I managed it in under 30 minutes (watch said 29:56 but I started it a bit early, plus there were a few seconds standing at the start as I started further back than normal), and splits were consistent (9:44/9:42/9:41, plus a little quicker for the .1).

    I enjoyed it actually - ran into two of the Chasers I'm most friendly with, petted a cockerpoo puppy and then commiserated with a man I saw limping up the road afterwards who'd torn his calf and gave him some advice. Poor bugger had just started his marathon training. Turns out he sees the same physio and masseur as me so he'll be in good hands.

    Going to do some Yin yoga at 12 and then I'm off for Christmas. Considering doing a parkrun in Manchester on Christmas Day if my friend is amenable.

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, I did the Torbay one this morning.  It's become my regular one now as I haven't done Parke for ages.

    Cal, ha ha - no West Country accent for me, although my Dad has got one.  My Mum was from Leeds and had an accent too.   I meant to say actually as there was a comment earlier in the thread.  Although I have lived in a few places, I was born in Devon (Brixham), and moved back here when I somehow managed to convince the bosses at the company I worked for that I should be a homeworker.  Claire's parents are Brummies with a strong accent, although she didn't have an accent as she was born here, but we moved around together for studying and work.
  • Interesting. My ex was from Trowbridge - his folks and brother had broad Wiltshire accents but he did not, at all. Wasn't because he moved - he just didn't want to sound like that.

    Official parkrun time was 29:53. But still first in my age group...yay? :lol:
  • Shades - Travelling down on the thursday for Davey's so if i am lucky i can sneak thru Brum during midday and then dodge most of rush hour later on.

    BG - Pre injury i was vaguely looking at hitting the 100 before i hit 40 although i had sorta let that slip a bit anyway as its not easy to do lots AND look at longer stuff and decent times
    Cal - have a lovely Xmas up North :D 

    Big G - I thought you'd maybe want to do the first one at Exmouth but I guess you can find out how fast the course is and try it at a later date when you're chasing that sub 20 time.

    Keith - traffic shouldn't be too bad in January, as long as the weather is OK.  So you're down for Saturday's race with Big G and Jelly, I'll be working on the 2018 list soon.

    I guess you still have that 100 as unfinished business to deal with at some time. 
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Hello everyone,

    I just wanted to come in and say Happy Christmas to everyone! Hope that you all have a great time with your families and can get in some hard earned runs! :) 
    Emmy - hope you have a great time too, I guess Evie is starting to understand Christmas/presents/Santa now :) 

    So quiet this morning, I ran around the industrial estate first as I was waiting for it to get a bit lighter and the only factory I could see working was the ice cream factory, everywhere else all locked up for the hols.   Not even many dog walkers out and just a few cyclists out for an early ride.   Bit colder but not much, still good running weather, let's hope it lasts.
    Not sure if I'll be back on later so I want to wish all Shadies a very Happy Xmas, hope you all have a lovely time
  • JugulaJugula ✭✭✭
    Morning all, I went out this morning for a 10 miler in drizzling rain, legs felt a bit heavy but I've felt a bit rough since getting home, I often feel a bit ropey after flying I think it maybe the cabin pressure that affects my sinuses.
    Anyway it was still nice to get a longer run in. Now sitting in front of the fire!
    Wish you all a peaceful and happy Christmas.
  • Shadies- Wishing you all and your families a very Merry Xmas.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Merry Xmas, Shadies!

    Well, the WAYers are off to Liverpool in May for the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon.  I don't know if it's just me doing the marathon, but a few have said they're going to do 5K to Half and use the event as a bit of motivation to start or get back to running, and a few others said they'll come and spectate.  Never been to Liverpool, so should be good.  
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Big G-I'm sure you will have a great time up here.If you need any info on anything then drop me a message.
    As expected I had a crazy week in work and during the week only managed the 5 miles so went and done another 20 today so that's 3 in this cycle now,4 weeks to go to GC so hoping for 2 really good training weeks now.
    Happy to Xmas to you all and you families,just remember there's plenty of carbs in your dinners so put an extra potato or 2 on top  :D
  • Just popping in to wish all Shadies a lovely Christmas.. hope you all get some good running presents  :)
  • JellyJelly ✭✭✭
    Merry Christmas shadies 
  • Evening shadies, just popped in to wish you all a happy Christmas and safe festive season..
  • mowzermowzer ✭✭✭
    Merry Christmas to all Shadies. Hope you have a great time and remember - Christmas calories don't count  ;)
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