The Thousand Mile Club - 2018

In the absence of our friend the good Mr. Stylish ... the usual thread starter ... I thought I'd make next year's hang out with a week before the runners leave the starting blocks :smiley:

Having a distance target to aim for is great motivation - hopefully there'll be the usual suspects, and all new comers would be very welcome.

1000 miles is the typical target but absolutely not compulsory... any target (longer or shorter) is fine!

BTW - I'm in for, hopefully, somewhere around 1200 again for 2018.



  • Hello Nell, good idea with the new thread.

    I will be aiming for 1000 again next year - hopefully I can get there after falling short in 2016 (754) and 2017 (884 so far)!
  • Wooo, hooo....let's do it again, I'm in.

    I'm still (wishful thinking) hoping to get to 1250 for 2017 so let's say 1300 target for 2018.

    Happy New Year everyone, I love this group for support & motivation to keep going. Well done everyone on their 2017 miles.

  • Count me in. The 2017 tread has been a real boost to my running. 

    To anyone thinking about being part of this group, I'd really encourage you to come on board. The advice, interest and support of others is a huge positive especially for those new to running, or like myself, not part of a running club.
  • Count me in, was aiming for 2017 miles, currently on 1632 for the year. Going to try for 2018 in 2018!
  • I’m new to the board. I have two World Marathon Majors (London and Berlin) to run in 2018, so 1000 miles this year is achievable.
  • Evening all, new and old.

    I don't think l will make the 1200 miles now for 2017, as l have pnemiona, this is what orginally caused the pleurisy - Hooray!  However l am on the mend so all is good, it just might be a slower start. I have many events planned for the year, so hopefully should be on for at least 1250.
    So Happy 2018 to everyone, l really enjoyed the support within our group this year, and look forward to doing it again!
  • Morning all, I've just joined the forum after lurking for a while. I completed a half marathon and 10k run in 2016 but then fell off the wagon this year. 

    My aim is to be more consistent but I'm also starting as a new runner so want to be realistic and would like a goal to aim for. I'm going for 1000km in 2018 (I hope it's ok to post here). 

  • Bonjour tout le monde!

    I echo Hobie - wooo, hooo... very happy to see folks joining me with distance targets (was worried I was going to be on my own for a bit there).

    Lovely to see some of my old adversaries back on board: Andrew, Hobie, Donnie and David...

    Hobie, you'll have a mileage target on your back in 2018 - I'm gunning for you next year!

    Andrew - third time lucky! You've improved year on year so 2108 has got to be "the year of AndrewD" :smiley:

    Donnie, I have Hobie's mileage as a target next year, but our race paces seem to be neck-and-neck... 10K PBs for us both next year... maybe even sub-45 - what do you think!? :smile:

    David - I can't believe you're having such a terrible end to 2017 after all your running successes (a great number of marathons... you're gradually revealing your "Harmander-esque" crazy :lol:). Really hope the antibiotics sort you out and you're feeling better soon!

    Really nice to have some new faces too - welcome Dubai runner, willmatthews and runner31.

    Dubai - it'll be good to see you go head-to-head with Harmander (if he makes to this new thread, LOL!) as he also has 2018 in 2018 as next year's target (after 3000 (eek!) this year!!!)

    will - great to hear you're targeting two world majors... I'm certain that will keep you on course for 1000 miles. I, too, have two world majors next year (Boston and London) so it'll be really good to have you along for company.

    runner - you can certainly have 1000 km as your target... no imperial versus metric prejudices here :lol: You never know, you could burst through that target and have a mileage target as the year goes on! Do you have any races planned, to help you along the way?

    I'm planning on base-building in Jan. with the first race slated to be a HM on 18th Feb. as per "the plan" .... yes, the "great god the plan" is back to tell me what to do for Boston & London... as are the half a million (or there abouts) spreadsheets :smiley:

  • I like the faith you have in me Nell ? Fingers crossed it is not misplaced!
  • Last run of 2017 done, reaching 1640 miles. 

    Looking forward to the first run of 2018 in the morning. 
  • Thank you Nell. this will be my fourth year of aiming for 1000 miles and after a sparkling debut in 2015 I've been struggling with injuries in 2016 and this year so I'm going to be starting slowly in 2018, I started 2015 and 2016 strongly but it made no difference!

    No races planned for the time being and for now it's just about enjoying it, I haven't run since December 4th though due to a minor non running injury. 
  • Happy new year everyone! 

    Hiya Nell I've entered the Reading Half which is in March. 

    Got my measurements wrong and need to make sure my watch is charged but 4.8k done :)
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    edited January 2018
    Greetings Little Nell, hello to all. Not been around for a while, due to being a) unhappy with the "upgrade" to this site and b) on the physio's bench big time. Never made the 1,000 last year. Maybe this year but I'm only doing a couple of miles at a time and that at a run-walk. Pffft. But anyway, good luck to all taking it on this year - I hope it all works out!

    (Edit: for example, about this site. The little number 1 in red means I have a notification. So I click on it and it says "you have no notifications". FFS ...)
  • O......M.......G....... OMG... OMG, OMG!!!

    What an unexpected birthday treat... the return of the good Mr. Muttley! Hello sir - great to see you :blush: You are absolutely right about the forum "shafting" from the Hearst magazine company - I tried Fetch but found it so complicated it fried my brain, so I took the eyeball burn out from glaring white (plus all the nonsense such as you mentioned) instead.

    Anyway... what I actually came here to say...

    Evenin' all!

    Great to see you as well, PompeyMatt... the return of another previous thread stalwart! Hope you can shift the injuries this year - slow and steady will get you through. Best of luck :smile:

    Congrats, Dubai! An excellent 2017 total by you... and first out of the traps this year (although I suspect a time difference might have helped you there! :wink:)

    Nice start by you too, runner. I'll be Wilmslow "Half Marathoning" on the same day you're running round Reading. Will be good to share training updates on here.

    Muttley - hope you can continue in 2018 injury-free. Sounds like it was quite a bad one if you were 100% benched and you're coming back via run-walk. Gently... gently... for you then.

    An evening run in the forest for me - using my excellent Xmas pressie from hubby (a Kalenji light harness thingy). Was planning on 6 miles as a recovery run after yesterday's race - but it got a bit wild weather-wise so I finished on 5.15 miles.

    YTD: 5.15 miles.

  • Cheers Nell, a month's rest should help keep the injuries at bay! Went out today in wind and rain for 10k and even managed to bathe my feet in an unusually powerful wave on the seafront. :)

    YTD 6.23
  • Happy New Year to all and thanks Little Nell.
    Did our nearest Parkrun this morning (to annoy 'Er Indoors) but did an extra lap to catch her up after finishing mine so I could bug her all the way to the finish - together with running there and back making it a measly YTD = 5.59 miles.
    As declared two days ago I will aim for 2018 miles this year so good to have a run buddy in Dubai Runner.
    PS - the chest infection can sort itself out - am going to run it off.
  • Thanks for all the welcomes 

    8.19 miles this morning

    YTD 15.26 miles 
  • Morning all,

    Great to see so many new faces "so to speak" and I see many of you are up and running already, well done.

    I will be having my first run in the morning after nearly three weeks and boy I have really missed it. I am now nearly better, just a small ache in the side, but otherwise seem okay, however I will take the first couple steady!

    My first race of the year is February 11th, I will be returning to do the Worthing HM (hopefully in around 1.45 - 1.50) followed by two standard marathons on the 23rd and 26th, so plenty to get out on the road for.

    Good luck everyone, new and old.
  • senidMsenidM ✭✭✭
    Morning all, and especially welcome back to Muttley, and yeah, this is not the best forum anymore from the tech point of view but the peeps are still here and thats what counts.

    I had a look over on Fetch occasionally to see how you were getting on, but no posts for a long time so was a bit concerned re the dreaded injury syndrome, anyway welcome back!

    For me, the New Year has started with a crappy cold, was in bed at 6pm last night, shaking like a leaf, so no mileage from me until this weekend at the earliest, but then, all fingers Xd back on the figurative dreadmill, have a load of 1/2s 20's and a marathon scheduled - just hope no further injury/illness strikes!
  • Well, I am going to give this a go
  • It felt so good to just start again with the year's target almost a third less than last year. Also feels good to not be in the lead - well done Dubai Runner.
    Another 7.25 miles today 
    YTD = 12.84 miles.

    Also got my pacer role in the new 'The Big Half' confirmed - was lucky to do the last Silverstone half marathon last year. The course seems running part of the VLM in opposite direction from Tower Bridge to Cutty Sark.  Is anyone else doing it?
  • Donnie2Donnie2 ✭✭✭
    I'm up and running for the new year. Two treadmill sessions YTD: 10 miles

    Nell: You mentioned targets for the year. My running for the last four years has revolved around the Yorkshire marathon in October and being prepared the best as possible for a sub 4 hour run. I've had three 3.55 to 3.59s and a DNS. I've entered this event again and I want to go sub 4 again but this year I want the marathon to dominate my thinking less and give equal weighting to other events. I've a minimum of 2 HMs both in the run up to York and three 10ks. 

    Marathon - sub 4 maybe, just maybe 3hr 50

    HMs - sub 1 hr 45 - this will shave 3 to 4 mins of the same events in 2017. 

    10ks - Pre marathon running I did several around 44 to 45mins however running more, and slower miles, really hurt my 10ks. Sub 46 is the target. 

    Parkrun - I'll be there most weeks and just enjoy a good natured jog - regular 23 to 23:30's is the aim.
  • AndrewDAndrewD ✭✭✭

    Also up and running for the year after 4 miles last night.

    My targets for the year are a sub20 5k and a sub43 10k.

  • I'm aiming for 1000 miles in 2018. It has been my target for the last two years. Unfortunately I ended up with 775 for 2016 & 795 for 2017.

    I would also like to break 23 minutes for 5k again. My pb is 22:57 set in April last year, my speed seems to have gone awol... although in the last few weeks begire Christmas it was heading in the right direction.
  • I'm currently on 10.3 miles thanks to two park runs on New Years Day and four miles yesterday evening. This week is difficult as my kids are still off school.
  • AndrewDAndrewD ✭✭✭
    Welcome Andrea! And anyone else who is new to the thread this year!

    4 more tonight here, so up to 8 YTD.
  • Can I ask do you guys use an app to track annual total miles? or just work it out?
  • AndrewDAndrewD ✭✭✭
    I use FetchEveryone’s training tools, and have my own spreadsheet to plan my training in advance.
  • I loved reading this thread last year, was such a boost to my running and was great to see everyone doing so well! This year i am targeting 1500 miles after completing 1300 last year. Already have a lot of races planned so looking forward to the year ahead. Good luck to everyone.

    Today was hill repeats with easy run wu/cd and the first run of the year for me - 8.7 Miles YTD
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