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    But knitting uses sharp implements, which could be a danger to you MF.  Tiddlewinks?
  • That and taking knitting stuff on holiday leads to awkward questions due to needles at hand baggage checks at airports too ;)

    Off to park run in a minute having done my shopping, arm still hurts so when i get back i'll wait a bit for rain to sod off then walk to A&E with my kindle

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    I did 8.5 miles this morning, including a parkrun.  Nice and mild, so just in shorts and t-shirt, which was a pleasant change!  I wasn't really feeling it at the start of the run (I didn't sleep great), but ended up enjoying it.  There seemed to be quite a lot there this morning, including new runners, so hopefully they'll keep it up into the new year.

    Our fast Trotter went to Exmouth parkrun this morning, so it'll be interesting to see what he does.  He did 16:something on Xmas day parkrun at Torbay, which he wasn't too happy with!
    That and taking knitting stuff on holiday leads to awkward questions due to needles at hand baggage checks at airports too ;)

    Off to park run in a minute having done my shopping, arm still hurts so when i get back i'll wait a bit for rain to sod off then walk to A&E with my kindle

    Keith - I wouldn't have put you as a knitter, I'm assuming you have personal experience of airport security problems? ;) 

    Better take a pack lunch with you too to A & E.   Hope you get someone that can tell the difference between your left and right arm.

    mamafox - please just be careful, are you still in a lot of pain?

    Big G - I agree, it is lovely and mild here today :) 

    Will be interesting to see how fast Exmouth is, but it could be blowing a hooley there today.

    Did my lake run today, haven't been there for ages.   Lots of ducks, swans etc plus a new arrival of a Muscovy duck, I assume an escapee from a farm somewhere, nice to know that the odd one makes a break for freedom successfully.
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    Shades, I think I may have typed too soon as from Strava I think he decided not to complete the parkrun due to the wind and so saved his legs.  I know our second fastest Trotter got a 5K PB there last weekend, with 700+ runners I believe, so a great turn out last week for their first event.
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    Shades-I do seem to struggle on the lighter weeks.I think I've adapted well as I've only gradually built up,so it was 30 average at the start of the year and each cycle I've just added a few miles so it didn't feel too much of a jump.Early finish in work so a bonus day run when I was thinking it was going to be tonight.
    Big G - it is really windy there.   When I had my WRN group I took them there to do the Fulford 5, first race for most of them and we had this great group pic of us with every one of us our hair was standing on end or horizontal due to the wind.

    That's a huge turnout, but I guess a lot from Exeter and others wanting a fast time too.

    Ian - I think it's probably the same as in a taper, when we're more rested we feel less fit when in fact we should feel fit and fresher.   Of course when we're not running so much that is when doubts creep in about, I suppose that's because we've not had our dose of endorphins from our daily run.
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    Shades, I'm after some advice.  I know I said Liverpool would be my last marathon before DD, but Dorchester is the week after Liverpool (i.e., the week before DD) and is drivable so a shame not to do it in some ways.  Would this be too soon for me before DD, do you think?  Hard to say for sure, I suppose?  For some reason I thought Dorchester was full, but I just checked and it's still taking entries.

    Usually, I wouldn't worry too much as I managed okay in October with marathons each weekend, but the DD is worrying me - I suppose it's the unknown for me!  Also, I'm thinking of a triple at the start of May so I'm concerned it's possibly too much in the run up to DD....  I just checked the Dorchester entries and surprisingly only two Trotters are doing it, and only one of those is doing the DD, so I am presuming many take it easy the week before DD, hence the question.
  • Shades - I haven't knitted in years, well decades really. I am aware of them being an issue in recent higher security times though. Nail files too for that matter which shows the stupidity of new security laws. Can probably do as much damage with a pen but those are fine.....

    Anyway did park run this morning and clocked 29:06 which was fine, consistent pace thruout so happen enough with that even if Vrap was a minute in front.

    Only managed to read a dozen or so pages in A&E on my kindle before heading to the triage room. Then i er went straight to be seen. Double checked my previous xrays which were of the elbow region only just two different views. Did some squeezing/moving arm wrist stuff and said i have inclusion in elbow which takes 2 weeks or so to clear normally so continue with painkillers, can also take ibuprofen with my co-codamol, and it should start hurting less soon. I am also to move it which is meant to help it get better sooner.
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    Big G-That seems a lot in the 5 weeks before DD,I suppose a lot depends on how you recover from the triple.
    Another very windy run here today,wish it would go.
    9 miles at MP followed by 3 easy,felt pretty tough but I'm putting some of that down to the wind.
  • Wow, it's all happening here!
    mamafox - that must have been scary. I rode as a kid and took my share of tumbles but never landed under any hooves, luckily. Worst I got was getting dumped in front of a jump by a horse, who then whacked me in the nose with his knee as he stepped backwards. I was lucky it didn't get broken. Anyway, hope you heal up quickly.
    Keith - you too. As they say, motion is lotion.

    A warmer but very windy parkrun today, and it was a lot muddier thanks to all the wind and (now melted) ice and frost. Didn't help that what is usually the fastest path was also the one with the headwind. So, not at all fast. My time was 29:08 although I lost a few seconds at the start, due to being further back. Not that it makes any odds at the speed I'm currently running. On the one hand, I'm delighted to be able to even do a parkrun again. On the other, I'm a bit depressed that I can't even manage HM pace, let alone any quicker. Ah, patience, patience.

    Went to Yin after, and have a Vinyasa class booked for later. I'd be tempted to cancel but for the fact it's my favourite teacher. More yoga tomorrow and then I'll be doing another parkrun on NYD. Whee!

    Question: I'm looking at possibly Chester for an Autumn marathon, but it's only three weeks after Richmond half. Is that too close? (This is bearing in mind that, so long as my ageing carcass is holding together, I will want to race Richmond, since it's one of my favourites).
  • OMG Mamafox! Don’t take up knitting, but maybe you need to start wearing protective armour or something? Glad you are OK, I guess it could have been much worse. 

    Shades - yes, I think new gloves would be a good idea. Ironically, my 11 yo who never gets cold fingers, got some expensive North Face ones for Xmas, so maybe I’ll nick those.

    Keith - glad you’ve got a diagnosis and are on the way to recovery.

    Cal - I reckon that a HM 3 week’s before a marathon is perfect timing for a tune up race, but see what Shades thinks.

    I did a trail parkrun today which had loads of big puddles. Wore trail shoes and was quite enjoyable getting wet and muddy. Am aiming to do 2 parkruns on NYD, one at 9 and the other 10:30. Annoyingly, I think I’m going to finish 2017 on 1795 miles. To hit 1800, I’d need to do 16 tomorrow which is quite a bit longer than what I’ve run recently and I don’t want dead legs for parkrun the next day!
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    Cal-For me 3 weeks is the perfect time for a raced half,gives you a great idea of race pace for marathon also.
    SK-Just very slowly jog another 5.I'm looking at 14 tomorrow to hit 1800 which is by far my highest yet.
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    SK, I was looking for two parkruns on NYD but one of the two that would be doable (if on at suitable times) isn't holding one.  But if I do one on NYD thought, it'll be good as I'll have got 4 in over the Xmas period.  Today's was my 85th so getting to my 100th next year looks doable, depending on marathons.  Very few of those 85 I've raced though, so I don't actually record the times on my race spreadsheet anymore, although I used to.

    Ian/SK, regarding mileage, I'm currently on 1962, so I won't get to 2000.  That's my highest mileage too.  I now think about some "what ifs?".  I.E., "What if I hadn't been injured in the run up to London...".  I'm still happy though as 2000 wasn't a conscious target anyway.

    Cal, 3 weeks out is a good time to race a Half.  Go for it :)  
    Big G - re Dorchester, tricky question.  T from the Mavericks asked me for my 2018 pre DD races and when he saw I was doing Dorchester 6 days before DD he was horrified.    Although common sense says that it's maybe not such a good idea I did the same last year and the reason I did it was that when I looked back at my stats all my best DD runs were done when I'd done a marathon the previous weekend, some years I did a marathon on the Monday as that's a BH in Ireland then DD 5 days later.  One year I did a 33 mile ultra on the Saturday in blistering heat and then a marathon on the Sunday before DD and still had a good run.   I know I don't taper well but I do rest a bit more before an ultra by taking the 2 days off prior to the race, I only take one day when doing a marathon.

    Only you know how quickly you recover and if you feel confident then do Dorchester, it's a lovely race and the biggest hill I think was at 23ish miles so good for DD confidence.   Great atmosphere too.   When I did it this year it actually made me feel stronger and more confident about the approaching DD.

    Keith - well that was a good and speedy service at A & E and at least now you have a better diagnosis. 
    You're getting your speed back too at parkrun

    Cal - Chester is a very good choice for your autumn marathon and 3 weeks will be ideal for pre race half.

    SK - 'borrow' those gloves, a lot of kids don't seem to be bothered by the cold, your need is greater.

    Oh that's annoying that you need 16 tomorrow to reach your target figure, have you time to do 2 runs, won't tire you as much.   Or tonight sneak a 6 in and an easy 10 tomorrow perhaps.
    Big G - I've just done my entry for Yeovil which is the week after DD.   I struggle to run this race well as recovery from DD takes a bit longer for me.   But there's an early bird entry that is valid until end of day tomorrow so I'll have another go to run it well :|
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    Big G what the time for Paignton Parkrun NYD please.  Not drinking too much NYE feel I've over indulge this year looking forward to getting back to normal, 
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    Thanks Shades.  Actually, booking Yeovil was on my list of things to do today or tomorrow - so I've just done that :)  Thinking about it though, Dorchester the week before DD could just be a bit too much, so I'll (reluctantly!) give it a miss.  Having not done DD before I've nothing to compare it with, and I know sometimes although I have run marathons on consecutive weekends, I can still feel the previous weekend in my legs.  So a weekend off from a marathon won't do me any harm.  I should be fine with Liverpool two weeks before though, so no issues that I've booked that.

    Jelly, Torbay parkrun is on at 10:30am NYD....
  • Shades - Was a little slower than last time but i wasn't going flat out. It was only 2C this morning and i had no idea if my arm would hurt during it or not. Pity parkruns are 9am not 11 as i could go next week and stop at the new KFC on the way home for lunch ;)
  • I can't get my head around the idea of marathons on consecutive weekends - I can only manage to do two a year and can't imagine being able to race two so close together.

    SK - Def pinch those gloves! I remember you talking about suffering with your hands in the cold before so worth investing in some top quality kit there. I've git some Nike thermal ones which are pretty good but in extreme cold I dig out some ski ones.

    Cal - That half sounds perfect timing - everything I've heard about Chester sounds good too.

    Shades - Feeling much better now thank you. the nurse came round yesterday to take the stitches out and I will probably have a small scar on my head but no lasting damage. Just feeling a bit fragile and need to lie down towards the evening as my back really hurts but definitely on the mend.
    Ventured out to Lidl today as was going stir crazy and looked a bit odd with a scarf wrapped round my face and sunglasses but it was better than exposing my face to the general public B)

    Will give knitting a miss then. Good job actually as the thought of doing any craft thing brings me out in goosebumps. Haven't got a creative bone in my body.

  • And...I've entered. :lol:
    mamafox - careful, people will think you've had a facelift!
  • Ha! I hadn't thought about that Cal  :D I'm more worried people will think I'm a battered wife or something. Feel like tying a big label round my neck with an arrow pointing up and writing "Horse" in big letters on it.

    Yay for Chester!
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    I'm developing a cold.  Booo!  Snivel, snivel, splutter, cough, sneeze!
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    Cal-Well done,Chester has been my favourite marathon up to now,from the mass of portaloos to the RO shaking everyone's hand as they crossed the line it was brilliant.
    Big G-Hope it passes quick,when is your next race.
    Lots of illness going round at the minute so hoping I somehow dodge it or get it very quickly so it goes before my race.
    Shades-Glad I decided to not do Liverbird as it's very windy again today so up and down the prom will be tough.
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    Ian, next up is a supposed double on 6/7 Jan....  I was going to run today, but I'm not going to bother and I'll just try and take it easy instead.  
    edited December 2017
    Big G - it has to be what you think is best for you at Dorchester.   But don't blame me if you have a tough run at Yeovil, but as it's fairly local it's a shame to miss it.   

    Hope that cold comes to nothing.   That's the worst thing about this time of year, apart from ice, is all those bloody germs around.

    Ian - I heard they're expecting gale force winds off the sea for Liverbird's races.  

    Keith - I'm sure you'll find a way to get to that new KFC very soon ;) 

    mamafox - maybe one day you'll run your marathons closer together (only if you want to, of course), but you'll have to put the consecutive weeks on hold until you've mastered the recovery run ;) 

    So that was your film star incognito look for Lidl's then ;)  B)   Good to hear you are recovering though

    Cal - good news on the Chester entry, it is a really good marathon.   What date is it next year?

    Last run done for the year for me, 12 miles and on the way back I saw the kingfisher again, that's twice in one week.  Of course I have to stop there every time I pass that place now, but if he's there I see him in the first few seconds after I've stopped.
    I'll be starting the 2018 marathon/ultra list in the next few days, so if you can let me know your races for the next 3 months......this will be mainly Big G ;)
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    Shades-I'll beat Big G while he list all his.
    Gran Canaria Jan 21st
  • JellyJelly ✭✭✭
    Plym Trail 20th Jan 
    Devon Dumpling 25th march
    Taunton 8th April
    Newport 29th April

    that all until DD 
    Thanks Ian and Jelly

    Ian - is this your first overseas marathon?
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