Dangers to the Heart of Long Distance Running

Evening all,

I wonder if anyone has heard this TED lecture, now on YouTube, about the dangers of running long distances? It is convincing. I am hoping someone will say, no, that is not the full story, keep on running, the research is incomplete. I love running but am wondering if I should cut down the distances. Interested in your thoughts; thank you. Here is the link:



  • Hi clicked on your post and decided i didn't want to hear what this guy said as the last thing i want is someone talking me out of running.... Judging from the number of views you had and then the lack of replies i guess i not the only one thinking this. Quite interesting that no one wants to hear anything negative about the sport we all love LOL
  • I don't want to scare you and I've not watched the TED video, but firmly believe that there's a link between endurance sport, middle aged men and heart conditions.

    I had a-fib a couple of years ago which led to heart surgery a few months later and was told by my cardio surgeon that it's very common in middle aged men (not so much in women funnily enough). He said that the only male patients he saw under the age of about 60 were almost exclusively endurance sport fanatics. He even used me as a case study with some of the younger doctors after  I came around.....

    Him "Here we see a typical example of a-fib, middle aged, extremely fit, how many miles a week do you run ?"

    me " About 50 - 60"

    There's plenty of evidence to link them, there's a few pre warning signs such as a very low RHR (mine was low 40's when I had the problems).

    There's also some evidence that supplements such as Magnesium can help prevent it.
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