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  • PeteHewPeteHew ✭✭✭
    Happy New Year everyone and well done muddy and DT for seeing out 2017 with a race.

    Ok, I'll go first with a review.  Same format as last year.

    Total Distance Run in 2017

     2570 km – astonishingly, exactly the same as in 2016.

    2017 Race Total   2 plus 2 parkruns

    Amount of different race distances taken part in: Three - 10k, 6 mile and parkrun.

    2017 pbs   6 miles and 10km

    2017 Running Highlights

    Finally beating Brian at the Lostock 6 and finally running sub 45 for 10k

    2017 Running Lowlights

    Having to pull out of what would have been my first half marathon on doctor’s orders.  Tablets soon got the blood pressure under control but then an Achilles injury ruined my summer and it has taken ages for me to get back to feeling fit. 

    2017 Thread Race Performances of the year

    Three colours/metals in contention.  DT set several pbs and gained a silver cell.  Also impressed by lit’s Chariots of Fire Beach 5k win and her prize of a golden shower shovel. However, my vote goes to the Brass Monkey Half where, in very different fashion, Muddy and Madbee set significant pbs.

    2017 Thread poster of the year

    DT.  At times he has been the only one of us racing and posting!  Thank you for keeping the flame burning.

    2018 Aims

    Same aims as for 2017 (I achieved 2 and 4)

    1. Stay fit

    2. Set at least one pb and improve wava

    3. Do a 10 mile race and/or half marathon

    4. Avoid marathon training: see 1.

    Most Missed thread poster

    Literatin.  Please come back!  Also hope to hear more from lou, McFlooze and Madbee in 2018.

    2018 One to watch I’m hoping for an inspirational return to fitness for Skinny.

  • Happy New Year Everyone!

    Total Distance Run in 2017

     My running stopped in March - not so many.

    2017 Race Total   1

    Amount of different race distances taken part in: One - HM

    2017 pbs   None

    2017 Running Highlights

    My 1:23 over a hilly Half Marathon was probably my best ever performance.

    2017 Running Lowlights

    My foot (and you can't get much lower than a foot)

    2017 Thread Race Performances of the year

    I'm sorry - I am just going to have to say that DT has really been our thread star over all distances v his PBs and Muddy of course is our thread star in terms of outright performances, particularly in his age categories.

    2017 Thread poster of the year

    DT.  At times he has been the only one of us racing and posting!  Thank you for keeping the flame burning. (Ditto with Pete)

    2018 Aims

    I would like someone to diagnose what is actually wrong with my foot - even if they told me I would never run again I would like to know - it is very frustrating and ever so slightly depressing. I ran 5 miles over Christmas no problem; 3 days later I ran round to my in laws and after about 1/4 of a mile my foot hurt.

    Most Missed thread poster

    Lit, Lou, McFlooze, Madbee - there are a lot of people who seem to have faded away. I would particularly like to know how McFlooze is following her nasty skiing accident.

    2018 One to watch It's time Pete started racing again - there are PBs and age category prizes out there just waiting to be claimed.

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Total Distance Run in 2017

     1,761- up from 1,422 in 2016.

    2017 Race Total 

    26 (inc parkruns)

    Amount of different race distances taken part in


    5k, 5 mile, 10k, 7.7m, 10 mile, half marathon, 20 miles, marathon and 1 XC.

    2017 pbs

    7 (I wont count the 7.7). I haven't quite achieved that ratio of race v pb as I did in 2016 and didn't quite complete the clean sweep of 2016. However, looking at my current pbs, there's none that fill me with dread in terms of chasing down this year. The pbs have been more pleasing this year as they were beating more challenging times, plus over Autumn I took my biggest single chunks off my 5k, 10k and half pbs in any one hit.  

    2017 Running Highlights

    There have been a few. Picking up age group prizes in my last 3 10k races has been great and also the 40 or so second pb at what wasn't a straightforward half course in Worcester, 2 weeks after taking about 30 seconds off my PB at the Wolves half.

    Ultimately my greatest day must have been London. I went out with a target of sub 3.05 and came in 3.04.45 with largely even splits. This was particularly pleasing as I lost quite a bit of training in January and February due to my nose op.

    2017 Running Lowlights

    There have been a few. Failing in my quest for a clean sweep of pbs for the year and also failing to beat my 10k pb early October (I did walk away with age group trophy though and did subsequently beat it) though with hindsight they were tough courses in windy conditions and were rated appropriately by RB.

    Ultimately it must be the Birmingham marathon. I am pretty sure I was in sub 3 shape, however, as above, the course was ridiculously hilly and it was a windy day so with hindsight, it was a pleasing performance to run my 2nd fastest marathon and only be 2 minutes off my pb from London.

    2017 Thread Race Performances of the year

    The pickings for once are pretty slim here. I have to delve back to the start of the year. Skinnys hilly half suggested he was in good standing for a great time in London.

    For me it'll be the Brass Monkey performances for Muddy in 1.16 and Madbee smashing through sub 90 with a 1.28.

    2017 Thread poster of the year

    Another tough one, but for the wrong reasons! Muddy has saved me from often conversing with myself so i'll go with him.

    2018 Aims

    1. Sub 3 mara.

    2. To stay fit and healthy and able to keep training consistently.

    3. Full set of pbs.

    4. Sub 18 parkrun, sub 38 10k and a solid 1.22 half.

    5. 75% and beyond wava.

    Most Missed thread poster

    I just more miss how it was 18 months ago. Multiple people posting, lots of healthy competition on the TTT and lots of pbs. I feel like I did when I went to university and returned home for the first summer. Everything had changed but I couldn't quite understand why!

    2018 One to watch 

    I'd like to see Pete race regularly and perhaps Tommy to return to more mainline racing as I think he could blast his times. I think if either of those two committed in that regard they would do well.

  • Yes DT - it feels like Christmas is over on the thread - perhaps some new blood will come along and reinvigorate things? 

    Keep running well though and you will keep getting the personal rewards you deserve.
  • Well the thread has gained some new blood in that it has dropped a few sprogs this year Skinny, so I imagine that is keeping quite a few busy. I think my son was about 3 when I peered into the bathroom mirror on one particularly alert morning and decided the moobs had to go !
  • Aw, do you all miss me? Really? How much?
    l’ll do a year summary later and give you an update on mcf’s situation.
  • Tommy2DTommy2D ✭✭✭

    Happy New Year all!

    Nicely done DT and Muddy, some strong year end performances even if they didn't produce he times you wanted.

    I had wanted to get a few runs in over the Christmas break, however, life got in the way and so I managed a social parkrun on 23rd January (24 minutes odd) and then a 19:30ish parkrun on the 30th December (course was a bit short - watch measured it at 2.98 miles, although it was pretty twisty, had a 180 degree turn, etc etc). I seem to have done something to my knee, although it isn't as bad today. Fingers crossed it will be ok for the weekend as I have the County XC champs on Saturday and then a local league race on the Sunday, if my legs aren't in bits.   

    I'll do my year review shortly.

  • Tommy2DTommy2D ✭✭✭

    Total Distance Run in 2017

     Strava has me down for ~950 last year but I had a 3 month period without a watch, so I guess somewhere around 1300.

    2017 Race Total 

    PO10 has listed 51 races against my name for last year, including 25 parkruns. However, it's missing a couple of XC races, the club dream mile race and a couple of inter club events. So let's say 56.  

    Amount of different race distances taken part in

    9 - 5000m, 5k, parkrun, 5 mile, 10k, half marathon, 14 miles (Race the Train) 16 miles (Race the Tide) and 30k.

    Plus a bunch of weird distances from XC and local league races.

    2017 pbs

    3 -

    parkrun (18:50)

    5000 (19:02)

    30k (2:20:28)

    2017 Running Highlights

    Running highlights for 2017 are as usual for me, varied. Fro a purely time perspective I guess going sub 19 at parkrun for the first time at parkrun was good (particularly as it was  couple of weeks after having a lumbar puncture). Second place at the Deep River 6 trail race was another highlight for me. The Midland 12 stage relays (3 days after LP), 19:33 for 5.1km was a pretty decent return and helped the team to our highest ever placing.  Thunder Run - whilst at the time was thoroughly unpleasant and one of the most gruelling things I've ever done and was in the most ridiculous conditions imaginable. However, looking back; to grind it out as we did and claim 3rd place whilst being up against some tough opposition is pretty rewarding and satisfying. The Nationals at Wollaton Park in Nottingham were also a great experience.

    However, I would say my top highlight for 2017 was Race The Train; a tough but enjoyable race running with my mates (and beating 2 of them (one of them for the first time ever)) was brilliant. Hopefully I can go back next year and knock of the 4 minutes of so to actually beat the train.  

    2017 Running Lowlights

    I try not to get to down when things don't go to plan and just move. However, I'd say the two lowlights from this year were Retford half marathon, I trained well throughout January and February and thought I was on for a decent time at the half marathon in early March. However, a combination of new shoes, stitch (why, not had it for ages?) and slightly setting off too fast resulted in a bit of a detonation after 7 miles or so and a trudge back to the finish. My other lowlight was Race the Tide - it was a great event but  was massively undertrained having not ran further than 12 miles for about 3 months and barely any hill or off road running and I was completely found out. Savage.    

    2017 Thread Race Performances of the year

    Thread performances of the year goes to Pete for his victory over Brian and also to DT for his 83 minute HM just a couple of weeks after posting a PB at  the same distance.  

    2017 Thread poster of the year

    Thread poster of the year, definitely DT. Although kudos to Skinny for keep popping up and posting despite not running and having a frustrating time getting a proper diagnosis.

    2018 Aims

    1. Sub 3:05 mara (a stretch but will give it a go if training goes well).

    2. Beat the Train.

    3. Have a crack at all my current PB's

    4. Decent run at the road relays in April.

    5. Try not to lose motivation in late spring - early summer ( as has happened last couple of years).

    Most Missed thread poster

    All of those who haven't posted in a while.

    2018 One to watch 

    I'm backing DT to continue to chip away at his PB's and think he's in good shape for a sub 3 attempt at London. I also think there's more to come from Muddy.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for Skinny to get to the bottom of the foot issue and get racing again.

  • Total Distance Run in 2017

    2008.5 miles, avg. pace 8.3 mph at 135 av hr. 10 days of the year spent running.

    2017 Race Total 

    28 ( 1 x marathon, 8 x hm, 7 x 10k, 2 x 5k, 5.5m trail, 9 x parkrun )

    Amount of different race distances taken part in: 5

    2017 pbs 

    2 - 1.16.31 at the Brass Monkey half, and 2.50.58 at London Marathon. I felt in good shape late in the year but foul weather stopped me from a 5k attempt but judging from my 10k on NYE that was perhaps delusional thinking.

    2017 Running Highlights

    My mid November parkrun at Cannon Hill - 17.09, a course personal best. After missing the boat on my halfs when returning to racing through the autumn, it gave me some belief that I hadn’t been totally ruined post London.

    Wilmslow half was my best race albeit not the fastest due to course, conditions and the creaky state of my hips. I can't say the Brass Monkey, as though it was a best, I ended up with toes ripped to bits which delayed marathon training by a couple of weeks. Which then went awry ... 

    But looking back I was preoccupied with doing a good marathon and actually both of these half marathons had me in with nationally competitive vets in my age category and I didn't come out of them too badly in that respect, so I shall give myself some kudos for both of those.

    I picked up a few nice prizes too, even though the racing was mostly very low key until the end of the year and a County vets bronze for my Droitwich half at marathon pace.

    2017 Running Lowlights

    Nothing compared to the trials and tribulations some on the thread have had but I will have to say London marathon. What a ball ache that turned out to be ! I was training for London on aching hips and piriformis pain after a fall. Although I could run reasonably well after about a 5 mile warm up, I found myself struggling to get in and out of the car for 6 weeks, then tore my shin muscle 3 weeks out and missed out on a sharpening taper. After that the race was ineptly executed and the shin tear re-occurred too and I wound up spending 3 months re-habbing gluteal tendonitis and rebuilding mileage. Gah.

    I’ll probably have to do another one now just to get it right.

    2017 Thread Race Performances of the year

    I’d say DTs Wolverhampton half performance was very good. I was racing the same day and the conditions were not ideal. Not only that but the Wolverhampton race is not particularly top heavy so you’re on your own at the top end.

    Although not meant to be a race, Lit passing her driving test first time with no errors was a heck of a performance!

    Lou also ran a very fast 5k lopping a large chunk off with a 17.4x parkrun that I thought really impressive at the time, and a nice pay off for some solid training. At the other end of the summer he ran a staggeringly long distance. I seem to remember it topped my weekly mileage !

    Madbee's PB (puking best, too, a true multi-tasker!) at the Brass Monkey was missed by me on the day but what a great run. 

    2017 Thread poster of the year

    Skinny deserves a round of applause for generally being there despite the woes, and also for picking up and throwing down and picking up and throwing down again the TTT mantle :) I’ve got to say it’s quality rather than quantity that wins it for me. So although DT deserves great credit for  keeping us fully abreast of his training, his future plans, his races and last but not least, his sexy gadget trove, I still find a chuckle stirring deep in my belly whenever I hear anyone mention a Fifi. So for that pseudonymous contrivance, Lit wins. 

    2018 Aims

    I feel much stronger now and it feels like the frustrations of the last two years have flicked a switch. I think I'd like to kick some arse this year ! As ever I would like to remain uninjured and enjoy my running yada yada yada - failed in the former which messed with the latter last year.  

    If I am consistent and can start working on my speed without incurring injury, I'd like to run a seriously good half and 10k in early spring. To that end I have 3 quality half marathons booked in from Feb 25th through to March 17th and will pick and choose which one I target depending on form and conditions. The graft starts now. 

    Summer I just don't get on with, so will race for fun and target threshold paces for the autumn. An old school friend of mine has roped me into the Hull marathon. I've not entered yet and will see how the Spring goes but I think I'd prefer a leisurely build up through the summer rather than the hurried schedule that made London such a fraught business.

    Most Missed thread poster

    It's got to be time for Bob and Charlie to make a run and thread comeback. Absence makes the heart grow fonder though and Mace has been tugging on the heartstrings with his comings and goings. I can well understand others have much to occupy them. They *are* missed - however, my mind can rationalise their disappearance.

  • Oops realised I missed out on the one to watch ... so ..err.. watch this space !

  • Aw, do you all miss me? Really? How much?
    l’ll do a year summary later and give you an update on mcf’s situation.
    Just slightly less than I miss McFlooze ;)

    I think I must have been AWOL when you got injured or stopped running.
  • Tommy2DTommy2D ✭✭✭

    Have managed a couple of runs over the last couple of days and my knee seems ok.

    Rest day today before the County XC champs tomorrow which will probably be disgusting. The course is always muddy/boggy and we've had some pretty heavy rain hear recently including a load today so that won't have helped.

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Sadly, I have picked up a slight injury. I managed to lose my footing on some ice mid December and jarred my left hip. Since then I have been suffering tightness but ignored it. Subsequently a 10 mile race was a bit much for it! I managed 10 miles on Tuesday and 6.5 Wednesday, but then yesterday it was sore.

    Had a rest day yesterday and just did a slow 5k over lunch, largely because I have physio tomorrow morning and will be asked lots of questions so I can at least give accurate answers. It seems ok for easy short runs, however that isn't good enough longer term. Therefore I wont be running in the xc tomorrow, which Muddy informs me will be on a very muddy course.

  • Tommy2DTommy2D ✭✭✭
    edited January 2018

    Unlucky DT, sensible decision to knock the XC on the head and get the hip sorted before it becomes anything more serious. Can't imagine you're too disappointed to be missing the XC! 

    Are you doing the Midlands at the end of January?

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    No, in view of the main goal and given I have no early season xc momentum, I think I will just concentrate on training over January (subject to hip) and February with the odd parkrun, building to the Bath half first weekend of March which I was recently able to enter via their GFA criteria.
  • Definitely the right move DT. Cross country is particularly tricky on the hips with the uneven ground.

    My week has been fairly light so far - just a couple of easy 10ks and then today a long run of 11.5m. I thought I’d rather do it before the cross country tomorrow than attempt it on Sunday. With a bit of luck I can do a recovery run on Sunday and clear 40 miles for the week.
  • Tommy2DTommy2D ✭✭✭

    Well that was totally hideous as predicted. I've ran this XC course many times but I've never known it to be as bad as it was today, insanely muddy.

    I was about 35 seconds per mile slower today than 5 weeks ago on the same course which goes some way to describing how tough it was. Everybody I spoke to slower by roughly the same amount.

    Anyway, as a bonus for grinding out 6 miles at 7:45 pace in a swamp I managed to sneak into our vets team (Notts AAA have moved the age categories to be in line with the EA handbook, so vet men are now V35 rather than V40) and came away wit a county bronze medal.  

    Feeling a bit knackered now. Tomorrow's race is going to be a bit tough I suspect...

  • Good effort Tommy, I enjoyed a relatively unsloppy course and cruised around at threshold effort. No idea of placing or team result but I was well beaten by many I wouldn’t normally expect to be behind. With the long run in my legs I was much more interested in keeping my powder dry for next Sunday.
  • Well done Tommy - team medal for the TTT - if I ever update it I'll do it properly and make sure this is included. Wading through a swamp - marvellous way to spend a cold Saturday afternoon!
  • Hi Overdoners. Been away from this place for a long time because I got bored of you all. Just kidding, I have been forced to take a few steps back with my running, and you are all so motivational and competitive that this thread would just make me train too much. Gone are the days of 40 mile average running weeks with a few over 50, my new aim is 25. I did my first parkrun of 2017 last weekend and was gratified to get 20:12, although it was on the flat new Worcester Pitchcroft course. So I guess my aim is to get sub 20 again... but on the more challenging Worcester woods pakrun. And on 25 miles per week. Aside from the health risks of going for much more than that, I can't be bothered to invest the time any more. But I still want to run. So I'll have to find a way of maximising those 25. I've also accepted that I don't really like long runs. I'll be doing one in an hour or so, but only 9 miles. That's my max now, and I'll try to do that every couple of weeks. Everything else is about 4 or 5 miles.

    Great to see the same faces here. Concerning to not see others.
  • Tommy2DTommy2D ✭✭✭

    Muddy - that sounds much more pleasant!

    Cheers Skinny. Yes a weird way to spend an afternoon!

    Good to see you CharlieChris and good to see you're still running. Hope you plan to keep posting. Let us know how the sub 20 quest goes.

    Today was the second XC of the weekend at the hilly Bramcote woods course. Legs felt stiff and heavy when I arrived and I was in two minds if I should run or not. Managed a short warm up, convinced myself to start with the back up plan that I could stop after 1 lap if it was feeling too much like hard work. Started off fairly steadily and then had a bit of a walking break at a bottle neck where the course narrowed to single file to get up in to the woods for the first time. Gradually increased the effort and started overtaking people and soon enough I was around people I'd usually expect to be racing. Up the killer hill for the first time where despite running at what felt like 45 min/mile pace I overtook a few people. Down and round back to the start, felt ok so decided to carry on. Second lap was much of the same with much less overtaking...until the run in where I got involved in a 3 way battle for the coveted 47th position, bit of elbows and shoving whilst at what felt like full tilt (looking at watch afterwards it suggested 4:30 pace), managed to beat my club mate but didn't have enough to stay ahead of the other guy.

    48th and approximately 20 seconds slower than last year but on trashed legs this time round. Happy with how this weekend has gone, not looking forward to having to do my long run tomorrow evening quite as much.    

  • 'the coveted 47th position' - just choked on my red wine in the airport lounge!

    Welcome back Charlie.

    25 miles sounds like heaven - I miss running every day by which I actually mean every day I miss running - if Lit were here (and I miss her most days too) she would wonder why I wrote it incorrectly in the first place (although when she was here she never liked me ever suggesting how or what she might be thinking either).

    Anyhow I'm on a mad 24 hour round trip to Poland for a 3 hour meeting but it's not all bad - I've just had pizza (which didn't fill me up) followed by pasta and now chocolate brownie - so although I am not doing the running side of marathon training I am fulfilling the eating requirements!

    Have good weeks everyone!
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    well done on the xc action, Muddy and Tommy. I just don't know how you can do it on consecutive days, Tommy.

    good to hear from you, Charlie. I've been trying to get to pitchcroft parkrun since July. It's just never quite come off.

    I've also been out for pizza, Skinny and feel stuffed. A family night out as in 2 hours time I'll be able to improve my wava score just by running the same times!

    So after 3 years of unhindered running I have a long overdue injury. Same issue as my last injury, this time not near as bad as I've still plodded out 30 miles this week plus 2 x spin, which given I raced last Sunday, isn't that terrible a week. I had some physio yesterday and have more booked for tomorrow evening so hoping a week off running this week and I'll be good to get on with Mara training before i start panicking!
  • Tommy2DTommy2D ✭✭✭

    Hope the hip injury clears up quickly, DT. It's still early in the schedule so I wouldn't start panicking just yet.  

    Need to get my long run done this evening which I'm not overly keen on but couple of people from club are in the same boat so should make it more manageable to do it as a group run.

  • muddyfunstermuddyfunster ✭✭✭
    edited January 2018
    Good luck on the reduced regime Charlie, I look forward to bumping into you at the Pitchcroft parkrun. I'll be attempting one towards the end of January there, weather permitting.

    Pizza night for us too last night, after 9m of recovery running on a frosty morning yesterday that was very much a goldilocks run - just right, in the circumstances. I ran past the Great Run Local team at one of their venues, and they were just about to start, and trying to get people interested. I was half tempted but still sore from the cross country so had to decline. Turned out a parkrun running buddy was the only one to turn up so had the really enviable position of finishing both first and last !

    Managed 42 miles for the week in the end, with 5.7 miles at threshold effort (the cross country) being my workout, so a bit shy of 20% of mileage, but with recovery from the NYE 10k to factor in, about right. 

    Enjoy the trip Skinny - that's a good reversal of the standard January diet !
  • Sorry to hear you are not running at all, Skinny. I did have quite a few no-running weeks but then I built it up until I could manage 15-18 miles per week without scar tissue flaring up in my lungs. It's only the last couple of weeks I've managed to hold it above 20 miles. Hope you get running soon. We're having pizza tonight.
  • Hello! Aw, I miss you too Skinny! (and the rest of you). I've just been very very busy and have not had time for much internetting. I do wave at you (in my head) whenever I go through Carlisle on the train though, which is reasonably often. Fact: my partner texts a picture of a Womble to her family when passing through Womblisle to let them know she is nearly there.

    In running news: be careful on the ice everyone! I slipped on some black ice yesterday and hit my head and now I have a *ridiculous* black eye. My main issue with this is that pilates classes re-start on Wednesday and I am concerned that the teacher is going to take the piss.
  • Hi lit. Sorry about your fall, but I kind of like black eyes. That probably sounds bad. Anyway, glad you're back.

    Let's make Overdone it? great again.
  • literatin said:
    Hello! Aw, I miss you too Skinny! (and the rest of you). I've just been very very busy and have not had time for much internetting. I do wave at you (in my head) whenever I go through Carlisle on the train though, which is reasonably often. Fact: my partner texts a picture of a Womble to her family when passing through Womblisle to let them know she is nearly there.

    In running news: be careful on the ice everyone! I slipped on some black ice yesterday and hit my head and now I have a *ridiculous* black eye. My main issue with this is that pilates classes re-start on Wednesday and I am concerned that the teacher is going to take the piss.
    Womblisle - is this a female body parts pun? It is flying over my head at the moment I'm afraid.
  • No, it's just the place where you text a picture of a Womble to people so they know you are nearly in Lancaster. I'm not sure why this is the case but as far as I know Carlisle has no other distinguishing features.
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