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So - I'm running in some Karrimor shoes. Only doing 5-14km runs, it is all I have time for. Mostly on pavement with 30% of the longer runs on muddy off-road.
I have an old injury to one foot/ankle that gives me trouble - some ligaments are missing, some are weak.

I'm a heel-striker, neutral gait.

My shoes feel very 'dead' and solid when running. No spring. Difficult to know how many km they've done, looking at strava maybe 150km.

Wondering if I'd benefit from something with a lot more cushioning. The only thing concerns me about trying that is the extra cushioning height creating instability when going over irregular surfaces - the injured ankle has no stability.


    Extra cushioning does not give instability on uneven surfaces.   For example look at Hoka shoes, massive cushioning and popular for ultra trail runners and when you wear them they don't feel unstable at all.

    Go to a shop and try on some well cushioned shoes.   
  • Thanks - Hoka do look good and I like the description of the rolling rocker design. Would probably suit a heel planter like me, I have walking boots with a fairly curved last like this and they create a feeling like the shoes are walking you.
    I bought my first pair of Hokas when I had a foot problem and I still use them, my oldest pair has over 700 miles on them and the cushioning still feels great, think they'll last a long time.
  • Hit up a couple of shops and ended up with some Hoka Challenger ATR3. Feel a bit like walking on a pair of spacehoppers.

    First jog in them this morning, just 7km - they are maybe a bit tight across the toes and there was a slight rub at one heel, I'll have to try a different lacing and watch out for the heel rub.

    But most important, no foot pain from the injured foot. No metatarsals feeling like they'd been snapped, ankle is absolutely fine. Normally, after a run, my ankle feels like the talus bone has been forced up between fibia and tibia and I limp for the next 24hrs.
    Well that's a good start not having foot pain.   They do take getting used to as they are different from other shoes.
  • Asics trainers to me always have that dead feeling and I no longer wear them. Kayano and 2000 series are by far the worst stability running shoes I have ever worn.  I now only purchase neutral Nike and New Balance shoes for cushioning and comfort.  
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