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  • Andrea- which podcasts did you like?
    Hazel- I hope it's nothing too horrid! Be patient and rest the calves
    Impressive miles JT, and good running as ever from swit, Will, Cal
    Welcome Lilly!
    Me- yesterday's 6 am outing was a bit different. Bored of simply doing 1k reps up and down the same depressing road, I tried doing 1k "blocks" using a loop, with some (not too hardcore) hilly bits. Much less boring! Although a bit slower than last week's 5k (as the depressing road is flat with not bits where I need to stop. 
    Any ideas of other non-boring ways to do intervals without a track, are very welcome MLRers!?

  • Welcome, Lilly - that's a good time for a training 5k. I haven't even managed a parkrun faster than that this year. Careful with the groin - I messed mine up two winters ago pretty badly and it took a while to recover from. Initially it was bad enough that I couldn't even cross my legs!

    Nessie - I do my intervals around the common. Not that I've done any for a while but I think I'll reintroduce them soon.

    A rather cold and blustery 10 miles today. Quicker than last time - averaged 10:21. Fitness seems to be coming back.
  • Welcome, Lilly :) 28 mins for 5K sounds pretty good to me! Keep going for it.

    It seems like everyone is getting their shoes on a lot this month. That's a quick 15 miler JT! Slightly beyond my pace!

    I had another pop at some intervals last night, doing 4 sets of 2 mins full pelt, 2 mins recovery jog with 10 mins either end warming up and down. I've got a couple of loops nearby with some hilly parts and I find by varying between the 2 I get to do my fast bits on different stretches each time - sometimes uphill, sometimes downhill, sometimes roller coaster style. Makes it interestingly. 

    So that was 4 miles last night and then an enjoyable 10 miles steady this morning, including a few laps of the UEA lake. Not many birds about in the icy wind today, but did find a 'lifers' yesterday (a bird I'd never seen in 43 years) in the shape of a wee Lesser Spotted Woodpecker out in the forest near Thetford. Back of the net!

    Now to choose some new Sauconys :)
    I run, therefore I am.
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
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    Hello Lilly.
    I used to go to UEA. My recollections of a lake are a bit vague.
    Just under 9.6miles in 1hr13 today, barring a visit to the churchyard where my grandparents are. Cold, bright and windy. Rain started falling out of a seemingly blue sky. Brief wave of fatigue at mile 3. I wore tights and looked great.
  • Andrea Dawson 2Andrea Dawson 2 ✭✭✭
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    Good running everyone.

    Nessie, I've listened to two series of Serial and now I'm on Undisclosed.

    4 slow miles today, god it was cold. I have terrible circulation in my hands. I wore two pairs of gloves but they were still frozen.
  • Will ClennellWill Clennell ✭✭✭
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    Freezing here too, Andrea,  so a good day to rest. Trees blown day all over the place too, so keeping off the trails until it blows over!
    I run, therefore I am.
  • 5 slow miles today. 

    Can't seem to find any speed on my weekday runs!
  • Day off yesterday, although I did a tortuous class called Hot Inferno Pilates. It's a mixure of Pilates and HIIT exercises in a hot room. It's every bit as awful as you'd imagine but also strangely fun.
    Anyway, a 4 mile recovery run today (trust me, I need a recovery run after H.I.P.). Very sluggish, despite the cold. Usually a frosty day puts speed in my legs, but not today. Ankle was niggly too. 
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Forecast is for temperatures to rise next week - I'll welcome the change, if only for the reduction in kit to be washed!  
    Sorry about Hazel's calf injury: similar tweak ended my streak 3 years ago.  
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    Been in Newark last couple of days, outside a lot and bloody freezing the whole time. Inside wasn't any better as there was no heating. Stuffed myself with curry and cakes to take the edge off.
    Bit over 9miles today in bit over 1hr6. Pace pretty good. Went past the Minster which is quite a slalom when it's busy.

  • lilly61lilly61 ✭✭✭
    After a rest day yesterday just ran 3.5 miles and a new 5k pb as well at 27.51 so over the moon with that.. really cold out tonight though!! 

    10k planned in for Monday and targetting sub 1 hour.

    Best I have felt for a while
  • Congrats on the pb Lily! Always feels so good!

    Parkrun today.. I ran there and back too so just shy of 5 miles in total.
  • lilly61lilly61 ✭✭✭
    Thanks Andrea! I need to get in on these park runs I think.

    I do a lot of weekend shifts which means I run late at night and long runs on the weekdays. 
  • Nice work with the PB Lilly! Good fuelling JT - has inspired me for tonight's tea.

    I survived a house full of Lego-mad 6 year olds for my boy's birthday party yesterday and enjoyed a much needed stretch out in the frosty evening air. 4 miles with some 5 min 75 % efforts felt like it did me some good. Calves felt it afterwards, but just in a well worked way. Junior Parkrun cancelled today due to ice and so porridge and a lie instead.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Welcome to Lilly61.  Its always a good idea to compare your own progress over time rather than your times against other people's.  Well done on your PB.

    Nessie maybe find somewhere else to do the intervalls?   

    Nice running as ever JT.    

    Enjoy your shoe shopping Will.  I've been through some Saucony shoes myself.  Well done on adding to your life birding list.

    I'm another cold hands sufferer Andrea.  Not fun.

    The advantage of being off running swittle is a dramatic reduction in the amount of washing I have to do.    

    Cal thanks for the calf sleeve tip - will dig in the drawer for the pair I have.  Had a massage on Friday but was recommended not to do the calf.  I have been gently rolling it over a ball though.

    No running yet for me.  The calf is much improved and gives no trouble in everyday life now.  Might try a jog-walk tomorrow to see how it reacts, but I suspect it will need quite a lot longer before I can think about getting out for a run of any speed faster than my slowest shuffle-jog even if I can do that.  My spring marathon is probably off but I will see how things progress.  If it takes a couple more weeks then I may still be able to train enough to get round but I don't (for me) see the point in putting up a time of anything up to an hour slower than what I can do.  Probably better to build gradually for Berlin in September than rush back to do enough training for any time at the end of April and risk more injury.    Any good ideas on that anyone?

    I am a bit pissed off in general that I took the extra registration option of insuring the race fee so that I can get my money back if I can't take part due to injury.  I have worked out that getting the necessary doctor's certificate will cost me more than the money I will get back.  Won't do that agin.
  • Hazel - that's damned annoying about the doctor. As far as training, I agree. I'd do some run/walk intervals to start with and see how that goes.

    Lilly - good job on the 5K. I definitely recommend parkrun - you'll see that time come down rather quickly, I reckon.

    Speaking of which, I'd intended to go yesterday but my hip was grumpy when I woke up so I decided to err on the side of caution. Having said that, it was pretty grumpy this morning too so I spent a good while mashing a ball into it and then set off cautiously. I ended up doing 16 miles - a lot of that in what I thought was rain at first, but turned out to be sleet! Yuck!
    I saw the piebald blackbird again, so Will, you were right about that. :grin:
    I was sore after the run so went to yoga to help stretch things out a bit. Definite rest day tomorrow!
  • Just popped in.. not been online much..
    Bad news Hazel :-( although I think your plan's sensible...
    Cal- that pilates class sounds horrific! I'm doing kettlebells using a You Tube workout a few times a week ATM and that's bad enough. Nice miles for you today :-)
    Lilly- coming along well! Sign up to parkrun!
    Will- I don't miss the days of housefuls of little kids. My youngest is now 9 and so birthdays tend to be outings with a small-ish number of friends. No mess to clear up :-) 
    JT- impressive pace mate

    Me- I've run most days this week: 6 miles Wednesday, 5 Thursday, missed my long run Friday as I did a XC club race of 7.6 miles yesterday in outrageous conditions, up and down hills and gullies, sliding and slipping in the mud, up to my knees in mud. It was a PW by a very long shot for the course, but a whole load of fun :-)
    This morning was a 6 mile recovery run in the snow, which was quite pleasant.
    Next week I need to get back to more structured stuff and up the long run- Cal you're overtaking me  :p

  • Kind of have to be, Nessie - my race is two weeks before yours! But I'm going to have to back off a bit if I want this hip to calm down. My own fault - went from a cautious 25 miles running every other day in the first week of Jan to a 5 run, 37 mile week the week after. Stupid.
  • Training hard there Nessie and Cal - nice work!
    Injury bummer, Hazelnut. Fingers crossed it heals quickly.
    After an overindulgent Sunday roast ,followed by the stickiest toffee pudding, I chugged out 7 miles in the sleet this avo. After 5 miles things began to digest and I breezed the final 2. I like fighting the elements. That's my 25 miles achieved for the week. Adding a couple of more to it this week and keeping calves, knees and everything else strapped to the max.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Wow...lots of activity.

    Lily- I definitely recommend parkrun. I love it! Sounds odd but it's helped me with my confidence and anxiety issues as well as the obvious benefits of running.

    Cal- great running and I hope the hip behaves.

    Hazel- sorry to hear that. I think your plan is sensible.

    Nessie- I need to up my long run game too. I get bored easy!

    Will- Well done on surviving the party. My daughter turned 7 on the 11th Jan and I took all her friends out for tea and they were surprisingly well behaved.

    7 steady miles for me this morning.
  • Sorry, I want to try and get into the habit of posting every day but find it difficult! I think I've caught up on everyone.

    Hazel - I mostly climb without ropes, because I'm naturally suited to more powerful moves as I'm built quite wide. I find training for ropes harder too, since it requires effort over an extended time and I get so tired. I have found that running has helped with that, as I can now control my breathing. I really enjoy climbing for cross training, and it gives me some strength to power through hills/kicks when I'm tired and need to hold form. I started running in the first place to drop some extra weight and help with my aerobic fitness during long days in the mountains.

    Lily - well done on your times and your PBs. I think I naturally run much faster when surrounded by other people, so you should definitely

    Cal - well done on your 16 miles!! Must be nice ahving a long run of such a long length, can probably do some very interesting routes?

    JT - 9 miles in 1 hr 6 is pretty nifty!

    Since I last posted, I've achieved a few milestones:

    park run - new 5 K PB (22:06) and 1st female this week on a hilly course! Since November (started running in September, took me 2 months to get to the courage to run parkrun) I've knocked 1 min 30 seconds off my time, but think this progress may slow now that I'm fitter. I ran very competitively as a teenager and it's nice to run for myself and my own times now without it being pressurised. I love my parkrun community as well, I've already volunteered.

    Longest run Sunday - 10.5 miles at about 9.10 min/mile. I almost cried at the end, because in September I couldn't run over 2 miles at this pace and I'm just so pleased that I can do it.

    Hope everyone has a good day! I've got no running planned, climbing for me tonight and then I've got an assessment day tomorrow/Wednesday for a new job so might not get out (need my hair to be straight :P)
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Recent rain has left even the coastal park in Crosby in wide puddles.  From the old coastguard station, last night, I risked the trail parallel to W Lancs golf club.  Usually firm, dry & sandy, my Inov8s were struggling to cope.  Lost my bearings for a while but got back on Sefton Coastal Path to be greeted by a Border Collie pup trying to round me up!  10 miles and good fun.

    2-mile sedate recovery outing at 7am today.

    Hope everyone's well, recovering or pulling up trees.  :)
  • Good 16 miles Cal but be careful not to increase too much too soon...

    Nice mucky XCing Nessie

    Well done on your parkrun PB and 1st place xbraddersx.  Great progress from September.  

    Nice mileage swittle, Andrea and will.

    My comeback started yesterday afternoon in torrential rain and wind with a 4 mile cautious jog.  Had set off with the intention of jog-walking but the calf felt ok so I kept going but kept the pace very conservative.  It is a start.  Some of the puddles were big enough Nessie could have gone swimming in them, I was so pleased to be out again that I ploughed through the lot and got soaking wet feet.  It wasn't cold though.  All wildlife was sensibly in shelter.  Someone has been pulling up trees but it wasn't me.  Tried out my OMM overtrousers in nasty conditions (pressie from OH), work well. Just lightweight shorts underneath.  Normally wouldn't wear them on such a run as I have them as a safety backup for mountain running.
  • bradders - Thanks. I am in London so long runs do tend to be a bit of a pain as, from where I am, most involve crossing some major roads (including the South Circular) so I tend to plan around that as I detest having to stop. My favoured marathon route involves running to Brockwell Park (the route I take is 6.5 miles, though it's only just over 2 if I went the most direct route) and then doing laps of it. It's an undulating route so pretty good for endurance. I don't tend to stray away from Tooting Common on weekdays as the roads are busy. Fortunately it's a nice common to run around.
    Well done on your long run and a fab parkrun time. You are very much faster than I am.

    swittle - pup must have been adorable! Small dogs and pups stress me out, though, as I'm always terrified I'll trip over them and hurt both them and myself.

    Hazel - yeah, you're right, which is why this week will be a lot easier in terms of mileage.
    Speaking of which, 4 miles recovery today. Still sore, though better than yesterday, so cadence and stride length were poor, but I got it done.
  • Apologies for being a bit absent lately but 2018 has been quite 'meh' so far with several runs where my pace deserted me and I just couldn't seem to get going at all. Last week I had the week booked off work with the intention of getting some longer and more consistent runs completed but unfortunately I fell victim to the flu and spent seven of my eight days off in no fit state to run but I did finally get out for a decent run on Sunday and accidentally ran exactly 10k which suggests my knowledge of the distances of my local roads is buried in my subconscious! 

    I had the dubious pleasure of starting work at 0315 this morning which has the advantage of giving me most of the day to get a run completed which meant I was able to do a day's work and then complete a half marathon all before midday. :)  Today's run was great with a consistent and reasonably swift pace (except for the last mile) and above all I actually ran the full 13.1 miles without having to stop at any point for traffic etc. The pace was 8.50/mile making it my first sub two hour half since September 2015 so I'm really pleased with that. 

    Now that I seem to be back in the saddle I guess it's time to rein in my calories and lose the Christmas/injury weight I've put on since early December, it's only about half a stone but I'll feel better for losing it!
  • It was 5 x 1k at 6 am this morning, using the new loop with some added hills.  Matched last week's pace exactly. 
    had an excruciating sports massage earlier.  But I needed it :-/
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    Time is not my own. Nevertheless 5miles on the gym treadmill today, starting off with a 5k in about 22mins. They've put all new equipment in the gym. Takes a while to get used to.
  • Welcome back, Matt - that's a great run. You should definitely feel encouraged.
    Nessie - ugh. I just can't do speedwork at that time of the morning. Well done.
    JT, not sure how you manage that. I just can't run on a treadmill properly. Anything over 10kph and I have to grab hold of the handrail because I feel as though I'm going to fall. I am somewhat dyspraxic, though.
    Another rest day today. Giving my muscles a chance to recover.
  • Glad it's not just me who can't run on a treadmill. ?

    Yesterday I did 3 tempo miles.

    Today I did 1 mile slow followed by a "hiit" session. 30 secs sprint followed by 30 secs rest x 15.. it was tough!

  • Hi Matt - bad luck on your not so good start to 2018 but it looks like things are going the right way now.

    Nice speed work Nessie.  

    JT, I will join Cal and Andrea on "can't run on a treadmill"; actually I have hardly ever tried or had the opportunity.  I was tempted sometimes to go and find one in the last weeks when the weather was bad.

    That hiit session sounds very tough Andrea but I guess it is supposed to be.  10 x 100m strides + 200m recoveries is enough for me at the moment and I will be staying off of those for a couple of weeks yet I think.

    I got out for an 8 miler this lunchtime.  Beautiful weather - I had forgotten what sunshine looks like.  Was even brave enough to expose my winter-white calves to the world, it was that warm.  Ran past a field of garlic - haven't not had anything lunchwise pre-run I instantly started feeling hungry.  Better than what the fields around here often smell of.  Most of the olympic swimming pool size puddles have gone elsewhere but I still got well splattered with mud.  

    Ran a bit quicker than 2 days ago (avg 9:06/mile), calf a bit tight at the end but nothing dramatic.   Rest day tomorrow.
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