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  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    Long run with a difference there Matt. 1km of climbing is some slog. Impressive. Must say that the hills where I live are like speed humps by comparison. 

    Talking of slogs I wonder if anyone around here has any idea of how they did in the Southern XC today.

    I have a feeling that we could be waiting a long time for the official results.

    As for my actual training. All double days since Monday apart from yesterday. I should end the week in the mid 60's mileage. 

  • With long run banked Thursday and no quality this week i went for something different.
    10miler ending with 3m mp and a mile hmp. 

    Bit sluggish start after a day off and little bits of wind but by about 5miles i was starting to get prepared.

    Slight down for the first mile mp but the slight wind and twisty bits later probably averaged it all out.

    6.01,6.08,5.57 for the mp miles and wad like a bit of a shock after quite a while without maintained tempo miles.
    Needed to step up for the hmp mile and got it done in 5.47 which featured an emergency stomach pitstop at .87 of the mile annoyingly.

    Very rare to do this sort of run on a sunday. Good little taster though.hopefully feels easier within a race.

  • First effort today at some half marathon pace stuff ready for Wokingham Half. Plan was 4 warm up, then [email protected] and cool down afterwards. The route I selected was uphill for the warm-up and then downhill for the HMP section so the basic idea was to use the downhill to make HMP a bit easier so I could do a bigger chunk of it. All worked out reasonably well other than I underestimated how steep the downhill part was in some sections. All started out fine with the first 3 miles a net drop of about 9 metres each which just about countered the headwind, but the next 2 miles had 50 metres drop each (1 in 20 fall) and I was faster than 6:30 pace. Last mile back to a more gentle slope. Always have a giggle on Pishill Bank. 
  • Reg WandReg Wand ✭✭✭
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    Nice long runs all, yours sounds like fun MH.

    I do like a parkrun in the middle of a run, not a long run though as I tend to go quite hard in the PR. It's nice to have to run somewhere for a reason sometimes. I quite like the commute runs for the same reason.

    I've been suffering the lurgy for about two weeks, it's progressed really slowly with a two week sore throat finally to a tickly cough. So yesterday was a rest day and today I just went out gently with a plan to see how I felt. Got to 8 miles and started feeling a bit better so carried on for 14.5. So thats 7, 38, 42 miles in the last three weeks. Ankle feels stronger each day.
  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    That's good news Reg.
    Also, quality medium long runs with HMP Philip and SG.
    Good mileage Ric - never ceases to amaze me how you  go from zero miles back up to high mileage weeks!
    Wanted to do around 8 miles today, to make 60 for the week, but my hip and back are a bit sore so decided to go for a bike ride instead. First one over 5 miles since early November! Very windy today, and the first 10 miles was a struggle, but managed to sneak in 17.4 before having to get back for lunch. 
  • Anyone seen these?

    Teams of 4 and the combined age is what counts to categories the team. I reckon bus, SG, myself and PeteM may just sneak into the masters team. 

    JUNIORS (Combined age of team Under 65)

    SENIORS (Combined age of team 65-159)

    VETERANS (Combined age of team 160-199)

    MASTERS (Combined age of team 200-239)

    LEGENDS (Combined age of team 240 or above)

  • I don' know your exact ages but I think SG is dragging you into the Vets one.
  • Looking at shoes online and noticed this on a pair of ASICS ASICS GEL NIMBUS 19 at £115 a pair:

    Designed for men running on the road, 3 to 6 times weekly between 10 and 12km/hr.

    12 km/hr is 8:03 per mile. Obviously, the retailers have no clue at all. 
  • PeteMPeteM ✭✭✭
    Some good training going on; high mileage that Ric; any race plans yet? SG all looking strong for Wokey. Phi; yes Rob messaged me about those relays; looks a novel format and would be good to get a forum Masters team. 

    5k/10k weekend double for me just like the old days. 18'50 at Maidenhead pr for 3rd of about 350 I think yesterday. Tow odd things there; winner stopped to a walk twice and passed him on his 2nd walk looking injured or shattered and yet he got going again, passed me and went on to win. Then thought I was 2nd only to be 3rd in the results. Either they made an error or more likely I was overtaken just before the line having mistaken where it actually was! Bit of a novice error that. 

    Club handicap 10k today on the hilly course again. Not up to my 37'58 of last time but 38'34 will do as a season opener at the distance. Still targeting 37'xx in a proper 10k as a goal for this year. Peeved to have missed it at Fleet last October only to do it in a club 10k on the hillier club course 2 weeks later. 

    Lots of dental work this week including the dreaded implants. placenent. Probably put the mockers on running for a while. 
  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭
    Sounds painful Pete but you're used to punishment with your double headers, nice going. 

    Good news on your ankle Reg and good to see the mileage getting back up. Are you doing London? 

    Nice HMP efforts in the long runs Phil and SG. I had a look at the entry list for Wokingham and it looks pretty well stacked for sub 1.15 runners or is that all the bravado coming out? 

    Riding a bike in this must be shite Bus. Rather you than me. :-)

    Easy hour for me today so 8 miles about 7.40 pace. Just shy of 97 miles for the week with 2 big sessions and a long run. Ill resist the urge to piddle 4 miles out later for a 100 and drink fizzy pop and eat sweets instead. 

    Samir number 2 has been at it again. He ran the U20 northern XC yesterday and then posted about his 10.6 mile run at 5.52 pace this morning. His 5k pb is 18.33.
    Few people have cottoned on after he posted a pic with his watch saying 9.05 miles yet his strava pic says 10.6. 
    One lad asked where on his route did he lose 1.5 miles. :-D
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
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    Typed my post earlier on the phone, so missed everything above that spam post!

    Therefore, Matth, that sounds a mad run, more of a sort of hike then? Different though, and sometimes different is marvellous.

    Ric - what Bus said, nice return to great mileage indeed! Must be Staines up again soon!

    Phil, 6miles HM is one heck of an effort in a go, even if you are slightly giving yourself a headstart.

    Well off 200 for that foursome though. Probably lacking about 5-8 years.
    Also, let's see how the next 4 months go first, which potentially features an XC, Wokingham, 3 sets of relays, Maidenhead 10, Marlow 5, a few 5ks..phew!

    Pete - usual double then! That Maidenhead one is more challenging than it appears on first thoughts. I remember the 2 laps, with rutted footing, and little climb at the end of the lap very well from my little parkrun spell second half of 2016.

    Good luck with the implants. Once you've got through this fitting stage, you're golden for life. You've dealt well with the worst spells of finding out you need  them, and dealing with temps. As we chatted off forum, may well need them myself one day, so will be keen to hear your thoughts and experiences with them in.

    Matt - huge mileage there! Good that you can hold off from what would be a pointless extra run.

    Wokingham has good quality, you will have a gang of 1hr 15 guys, but no doubt others in that list who have over egged it, or where things have changed.

    Not the same quality as Reading, but still pretty decent for a 3,000 field. Scott Overall may not get much company at the front though! But then he might not actually get that much company even at Reading!

    Good sleep this afternoon. That run was just that bit more knackering than the usual. But then it makes sense that it was! Gentle feel of that side rib thing, but no biggie. Glad the below knee/upper shin thing wore off as quick as it came on (as per Dachs pretty much said)

    This week, I have 2 midweek footy games, both local, Wycombe at Luton, United at Wembley, but still mean a later sleep than usual, so will have to watch the overall flow of the week.

    Will probably get my 3x2mile HMP in on the track Tuesday. 1.26 lapping or suchlike - see how that goes. See if 15 Thursday morn feels fresh, and then an XC at Bracknell Sunday.

    Couple of other bits. Our TVXC league, it's hard work trying to get to the bottom of who needs to send the results to PO10. Someone did it last year, but this series haven't made their way there yet.

    Is it me, or do an increasing amount of races do this "early bird" reduced price sign up?

    Our club have made the Ealing half a club September (!). It's the same day as a half in the town the club is pretty much based in, Windsor!

    Both reductions, but still both are huge fees, and 8months away!

    Probably the best bet is to suck up the increase and decide late on. Who enters a half 8 months ahead?

  • PeteMPeteM ✭✭✭
    SG both Ealing and Windsor are real rip-off races. Ealing play off 'closed roads in London' but makes little difference in my eyes. Windsor is closed roads, as all in WGP,  but you can run round there more or less traffic free any day you like (I do about 3 or 4 times a week!). If Wokingham, Gosport and Fleet can put on races for about £20 why can't the others?
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
    edited January 2018

    Yep. If i'm shelling out 35-40 or so clams for a race, i'd want to be doing the Reading half, or GSR in fairness.

    The extra issue with Ealing is that it's a 9am start time, and a good hour from home. Plus it's not the best for parking, so you'd probably have to get going at 7am at the latest to make sure. 

    It'd be nice to do Gosport again while you mention it, as 2010 and 2013 seem to be slipping further into the past. Let's see how Wokingham goes first eh! And that mile/5k combo make a less strenuous trip there doable!

    £20 ish for a half these days seems excellent value.

  • Reg Wand said:
    I don' know your exact ages but I think SG is dragging you into the Vets one.
    Yep, it was a bit of hopeful maths. Depending on exact birthdays I reckon we could make it with a 43 or 44 year old.
  • Sounds a plan Phil, and I can use it as an excuse to put together a team of me and 3 prettier types :) is 4months away!

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭
    Everyone is out to make money nowadays. An events company is putting on the Burnley half marathon in a couple of months. I think the price was £35 maybe more. They tried to sell it with the closed roads, scenic route nonsense but got a load of flack so have done an early bird of £28. 

    The route starts in a local park and within the first 100 yards you hit a hill and keep going for 6.5 miles and over a 1000ft up onto the moors do a dead turn and run back. Its pathetic. People on the Facebook page asking if there's any hills in it. Yes, a 6.5 mile one. 
  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    Good runs all round from the look of things. Ok, there's Bus on the bike - eh! but it all adds up.

    My mileage 'ramp up' is all based on recovery. If I can recover for the better it means I can repeat what I've just done. So from that, if I can manage a couple of easy runs per day, then it stands to reason the mileage adds up.

    I'm not totally out of the trees yet. I'm still having to eradicate fractions of scar tissue around the lower hamstring of my left leg, and deal with a sore spot on my right foot. But over all, things are progressing.

    Races are another matter.
    I'm so far off higher intensity work it isn't true. I'll wait and see. And get rid of 10lb's extra weight.
  • Reg Wand said:
    I don' know your exact ages but I think SG is dragging you into the Vets one.
    Yep, it was a bit of hopeful maths. Depending on exact birthdays I reckon we could make it with a 43 or 44 year old.
    I'm 42 so can't help.
  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭
    Will do a proper read back in a bit but another indoor race for me today. 1500m at Sheffield.   Again a delay in starting and then made to sit in the call room waiting to be brought forward.  Not ideal.  In the call room a load of the young 'uns said they were aiming for 4.10 and had run 2.00 for the 800 so I thought I would have someone to pull me round. Then a 3.53 chap said he was pacing his mate and would take us through 1200 in 4.10 pace. So all sounded great.  Anyways gun goes I settle in behind the pace maker but we are slow through 400 by 3 secs! As he is a quality runner I figure he will get us back on track with a burst. Wrong! 4 secs down through 800. At this point I am not so worried about the time but treat it like a championship race, slow slow quick quick. Next couple of 200s are the right pace and I build a gap up behind me. but still down 4 secs overall. Pacemaker steps off and I realise I'm all alone. I build the pace and finish well taking the win in 4.11.  Winning by over 8 secs.  Time not sizzling but I felt fine on it and I'm sure had we been on pace earlier I could have gone quicker.  To be fair the pacemaker didn't get paid and was there purely for his mate who finished 18secs behind me so I was grateful he dragged me and not his mate round.   But plenty to build on this week.
  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭
    Was that all bravado by the young lads Dean? Sounds like they should enter Wokingham with them predictions. Must feel good to know you've took the win and run well within yourself. 
  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭
    Yeah I know! I don't get the point of saying you are in 4.10 form and then doing 4.30 something.  The truth will out it self very early on. And once you are not in front or on my shoulder I forget about them.  You asked about the banked bends Matt.  It's odd running indoors, as any lack of concentration and the bend forces you down the track and off the inside, ripe for disqualified. Plus getting past people is difficult as there isn't much straight compared to outdoor so you can hold people off.  It's all stuff I have to get used to.
  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭
    I'm bad enough with catching the inside line on a flat track so I'd be bloody hopeless on one of them. When I ran the northern 5000m at the City of Manchester track there was lads using the indoor track to warm up but I felt out of my depth so I ran around the carpark outside. :-D 
  • Stevie G said:

    Sounds a plan Phil, and I can use it as an excuse to put together a team of me and 3 prettier types :) is 4months away!

    Reg Wand said:
    Reg Wand said:
    I don' know your exact ages but I think SG is dragging you into the Vets one.
    Yep, it was a bit of hopeful maths. Depending on exact birthdays I reckon we could make it with a 43 or 44 year old.
    I'm 42 so can't help.
    SG, lots of tactics in this sort of competition and the rules don't favour you and 3 pretties. 5 age groups and 3 gender divisions (male, female and mixed). Say you do team up, you can't make the junior category so you will be racing mixed senior and as such you could face teams of 3 fast men and one fast lady. 

    It probably makes sense to look for a lady as the 4th member of the (hypothetical) me, bus and PeteM team. With a VW45 we can race the mixed masters and surely would stand a good chance in that.
  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    we have a relay like that Phil.  Called the showground relays (formerly the Shrugborough relays)  same sort of set up.   the difficulty of ours was you were lapping people (it was a 1 lap course!) and didn't know if you were racing a masters team, mixed or seniors.  in our race I think our 2nd leg came back in 3rd, we were already lapping people, but next up for the team in 2nd was a lady, so our 3rd leg put a couple of minutes into her but we were unaware of our position as we didn't know she was from the 2nd place team racing the mixed not the seniors.  So our 3rd leg was pushing all the way to catch 2nd unaware he had passed her very early on.  

    also you had runners doing 2 (or more legs for different teams) so say for stoke seniors I went off first.  I take a leg recovery and go off 3rd leg for our masters team.  Even though I wouldn't be top shape after the first leg as a v45 I would still be competitive in a 160 count up team.  And I could even go again on leg 4 for a mixed team.

    mind you because of the nature of the event it was good fun and shouldn't be taken too seriously as it had good runners there, the majority was more in tune with a parkrun.

  • That last line I think is the key one Dean. It's a mess about event, so not one to plan in too much detail, eh Phil :)
  • Afternoon - Had a quick scan through but had better get on with the report. Although great racing again Dean and epic training run Matt - sounds just like what you'd imagine running on the northern Cornish coast entails.

    So took the train/bus combo to Brighton and then Falmer, then to Stanmer Pk, opposite the Seaweeds' overrated shed (Amex). Started drizzling, but this was the forecast. Sadly closer to the start it started to rain properly and the groun looked more muddy that it did earlier. Anyway, was going to start steadily as I had  bit of a sniffle and cough (felt OK though) and my left leg was a still a bit dicky.

    So we did the first short sharp hill in the field before we embarked on the 3 big laps. This was..long stretch on the flat with the hill to our left - slight rise to the base of the wooded ridge - into the steep hill through the woods (about 100m or so) which had decent traction at least. Then one long downhill, a left right turn, a dogleg to the left and another slightly downhill bit taking you back to the grass bit we were running along at the start (but right t the base of the hill this time). this was about 300m and quite slippy, which took you to the very first field. At this point you embark on the second big hill of about 300m, then you turn left at the top and then you take probably at least 1k of various down hills into the finish field. Much like Parly Hill, you turn left and cut across the field to start the 2nd lap.

    First lap was really testing, footing was bad and couldn't get going. Obvuously with the field that big you run with so many different people during the race. in the 2nd lap I was getting closer to my mate Pete from LBAC, but still didn't feel great, but generally going past people. Ran with Phil Pub and Steve Way for a bit too which was entertaining. Onto the third lap and it was still pissing down - and as a couple of other people has said, bizarrely LESS slippy on the grassy/muddy bits. Guts really on the edge , but feeling much better strength wise..there weren't really any places to go!!

  • Wool said:

    Phil - what did I put down for Wokee? I'm sure you getting it from your memory banks will be quicker than me going on their site :-)

    Is it Thursday already? I'm sure that you'd have been interested to get a download from Tues training SG. Not much to report - we used the town centre lap which was exceptionally busy with cars, people, and 2 sets of roadworks. I ran like a drain but I'm putting that down to the fact that I like to get in to a rhythm when I am running and with all that there was no rhythm to be had. James was miles ahead on his own, the rest of us trailing well behind with only Sean bridging the gap despite running 3 sessions and a race in 4 days. Youngsters.

    Actually, Phil again. Wouldn't it be nice for you to tabulate people's Wokee predictions and then put the PMJ prediction against it? You could expand to local celebrities that don't frequent the thread too. I know you're itching to do that, go on....

    In other news I have discovered that the Vaporfly 4% have gone out of production. More reason than ever for me to scold the wife if she ever, ever touches my pair. Once she put her netball trainers on top of them in the cupboard. She slept in the laundry that night.

    New one coming from NIKE ;) 
    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • Wool - those 4% - cheating basically :)

    ....anyway, Audit came in so had to ditch the report. Got past a Kent rival up the final hill then blasted down the last down hills and along to the finish, ended up 132nd and 1st V45 (just checked this morning).

    Good day out as got back to Brighton, had a pint with the Kent AC lot and congratulated Jon Gilbert on his win. Few bottles on the way home on the train (took the slow train all the way this time). Crawled around 45 mins yesterday.

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    Cracking 1500 Dean!
    What's this relay Philip? Must have missed a post.

    Double mud today, with no sign of a working hot shower at work in sight!

    This is by far the most bonkers (yet impressive) thing I have ever seen. Think you could take him reg?
  • That bike is pretty low so quite aero but his clothes aren't going to help but yes, I am sure I could take him. Those other riders are obviously waiting/braking for him at different points and the guy with the camera on clearly has no problem keeping up.

    Still I'm not sure I'd trust the brakes on that thing!

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