Beginners guide to shoes?

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Whenever I go into a running shop or look at shoes online I have literally no idea what I am looking for and how to tell what is best for my feet.

I run quite a lot and some of my non-running friends looking to get into running ask for my advice on shoes and I can't give a single piece of advice other than going to a proper running shop and getting them fitted. 

Can anyone give me an idiot's guide to what to look for in a running shoe? Id like to be able to experiment with different shoes but have no idea where to start. 


  • I use the run repeat website and use compare features. I select a pair of trainers I've used before and look at the weight, heel drop in mm. 
    I then compare to shoes I basically like the look of but filter to only show, for example stability shoes with heel drop 5 - 8 mm. 
    My first pair of shoes had heel drop of 10mm. I felt over time my running form had improved so I dropped to a shoe with 8mm. Just try and match the stats and look at the scores. 
    I'm currently shopping for new trainers. I'm playing it safe and only going to order a shoe that has similar statistics but has a higher score. 
    Hope that helps. 
  • Sports shoes. com has a shoe selector. Also pretty good if you don't want to go to a shop for analysis. See what shoes they recommend then look them up on run repeat and go comparing again. 
  • I got mine from Sports direct in the running section, they've been very comfortable and give good support
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