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  • Sensible preparation, Will.  I'm pleased to hear your recovery run went well, Cal.  2hr 20min will always be LSR in my book!  

    snewma00: 38 mins faster between VLM 1 & 2 bodes well for your sub-4.  A variety of sessions prevents 'sameness' and helps to sharpen form.

    11-mile darkrun last night: braved 45mph gusts going north to the ex-coastguard station, turned, only to be caught by some presumptuous waves.  2 miles down to the sea wall, turbo assisted, and then another tussle with the wind past a choppy Marina and through the coastal park.
    Glowing!   :)
  • Sounds bracing, Swittle!
    Hello there, Snew.
    My Parkrun is the Norwich Eaton Park one, Cal. A new one, which is more like cross country, has started here too - Colney. It's where I used to train with Norwich City :) 
    I run, therefore I am.
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
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    Everything a bit upside down with half term and family staying. Nevertheless 9.5miles Sunday in just over 1hr11. Tonight out in the forming frost and ice for a late 6.5miles. Pretty tentative for fear of feet slipping. More cowardice than real risk. A low freezing mist sitting on the river and the path all sparkles in my head torch. Colder out than an emotionally repressed snowman.
  • Will, you were a footballer?
    Frosty here this morning too, JT, but nice and bright. I was just happy to be out and running because I tweaked a muscle in my back in yoga yesterday and wasn't sure how it would affect things (because it hurt a lot during the class!). Fortunately it was not an issue. My grumpy old hamstring was more of a problem but I chose to ignore it, as usual. (I ran Liverpool marathon with it like that so it's not too much of a worry, but it is a nuisance).
    Still, quite an enjoyable run.
  • Hi snewma00 would agree that you are on a good path for sub 4.

    Which half are doing again Will?

    Nice wave dodging swittle.

    Good to hear the new shoes were okay Cal.  For P&D a long run is anything more than 16 miles if I remember correctly.  But I guess it is just names and numbers.  I would also say anything above 2 hours.

    Nicely put JT.

    Standard Tuesday trot with the group (6 of us this week) yesterday evening followed by belated birthday celebrations for one of our ladies who is now 50.  Lovely crispy cold evening.  Bit tired up the hills following plenty of miles the week before.
  • Nice miles, JT. Walking in the air - almost.

    I'm doing the Marriot's Way Half, Hazel. It's run along what used to be the steam railway line - tracks removed now!

    As a youth I played a bit, Cal - in goal. Started as a boy at Norwich and then controversially switched to Ipswich, before injury finished me at 18 :( I had a few games for their reserves. Claim to fame is I kept a clean sheet against David Beckham in a Norfolk U-14 v Essex U-14 fixture :)

    My last decent run before Sunday was a bit of speed work amongst the snowdrops in the cemetery. 10 mins w/up followed by 4 x 1min hard/2 min easy and then 20 mins HM pace. Feeling ready and all worked well. Ran a bit too soon after my porridge, which almost reappeared on the 4th effort. Saw a Goldcrest in flight. Good spot as it's the UK's smallest bird at not more than 9cm.

    Spreading the MLR love today :)

    I run, therefore I am.
  • That's a shame your career was cut short, Will - that is a claim to fame indeed! What was the problem? My last boyfriend played in goal for his local 5-a-side team and kept breaking his hand. Usually it was the scaphoid but he also fractured some of the other bones too and dislocated his thumb enough times that it would pop out on its own.
    Nice spot on the goldcrest!

    4 easy today - a lot milder and lovely and sunny. Bit windy in places but you can't have everything! My hamstring is really grumbling but I know from last year that rest does nothing to help so I'll just keep going.
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    Even as an occasional visitor to Carrow Road while at UEA I'll forgive the tractor treachery Will.
    Went for a run/walk again with my sister early morning. She started running this year and these are her first ventures outdoors and not on a treadmill. She did well and clocked up just under 3miles.
    Then went out on my own. Thing is as a result of running slow my normal pace and rhythm were significantly subdued for first few miles. Never really got back on it so racked up distance instead. 15.2miles in 2hrs. Cold and windy.
  • Just a light frosting on the car windscreen, not enough to support my weight as I skipped across the deceiving ice and heard the skloosh! as the mud tried to steal my shoes.

    Good turnout for your club run, Hazel - and a party too!

    Steady as you go, Cal - it must be encouraging to be getting out.

    Good sibling support, JT.

  • Nice running JT, and sibling support, as Swittle says. My sister has started C25K and I'm looking forward to doing her first parkrun with her. She won't let me run with her just yet though - but she says it's really helping her stress levels (she has a lot to cope with). My football conundrum has always been complex, watch Norwich as a kid and then going on to fall for mighty Ipswich. My mates hate me on derby day. Possibly on other days too.

    I have visions of you doing the Bolero, Swittle. Is that very wrong??

    Cal, good to see you getting some consistency. Full marks for your battling attitude. My injury was a slipped lumbar disc and subsequent trapped and damaged sciatic nerve. Undiagnosed for a couple of months, as I was very young to have that injury, I played on it every day for a couple of months. By that time I was screwed :(

    A final loosener of just a couple of chilly miles tonight. Now for ice cream before Sunday's race.

    I run, therefore I am.
  • Will, elegance and poise were notably missing from my given talents and balance is in short supply too.  :)

    Load those carbos for tomorrow - you've prepared well and, hopefully, good weather turns up tomorrow.
  • I did something I wouldn't normally do today, which is parkrun on the eve of a race. Usually I'd volunteer, but it was a Herne Hill Harriers takeover. So, with perfect weather and the fact I'd rested yesterday, I thought, what the hell. Hampton Court isn't a target race so it's not like I could screw myself out of a PB by running today.
    I'd intended to take it easy but ended up chasing the 28 minute pacer and came in at 27:52, my fastest time this year (and 1st in my age cat again).
    Aside from my grumpy hammy, I felt strong, and paced myself well, so I'm happy with it from that perspective. Let's hope I don't have heavy legs tomorrow!

  • Good luck for tomorrow Cal and Will.   Ice cream counts as carbos I think swittle :p

    Nice parkrun Cal. 

    Well done on supporting your sister's first venture out JT. 

    6 miles with strides for me yesterday, was supposed to have been doing those on Thursday but I didn't fancy running in 2-3 inches of slush.  Took a wrong turning though and ended up running half a mile through boggy grass getting soaked feet anyway.  Never mind.

    Probably more of that when I go out in a bit for another 6 miler as it has been raining all day.  Skin is waterproof though.
  • First ever parkrun today after starting running in October. Got nearly 2 stone still to shift so was was always using this as a bit of benchmark.

    What a buzz though. Never run in a big group before but once I got past the first half mile, when I had to slow myself down after setting out too fast, I settled into my pace. 22.44 which is as well I could go for my current fitness.

    Makes me so hungry to do loads more parkruns and bigger events. Onwards and upwards.
  • Welcome, 50000tears - belting time for your 1st parkrun.  :)

    Herne Hill, Cal: I lived in Denmark Hill in the 70s when I was a student.  Loved Brockwell Park.

    Slush: no-one's favourite terrain, Hazel.  

    My 2nd best trail shoes have shed half their sole....and with it, some of mine....  ;)
  • Interesting, swittle - I grew up roughly halfway between Peckham and Camberwell during the 70s and 80s. Did you ever go to the Lambeth County Fair? I went a couple of times as a kid.
    Brockwell Park's where I do a lot of my long runs (I run from Balham then do laps of the park, then run home again). The hills are a good workout!
    5000tears - damn! That's a fast time. If you're 2 stone overweight then imagine how fast you'll be when you lose it.
  • Hello there 50000tears - pretty darned quick parkrun there. Nice one.

    Good luck tomorrow, Cal. Have a lovely run!

    Swittle and Hazel - I seemed to cram pancakes, ice cream, spaghetti bolognese, lentil 'crisps' and some nice sourdough into my carb-load :) hope I can move in the morning! 

    I run, therefore I am.
  • Thanks Swittle and Cal.

    My 2 stone over my “fit” weight puts me currently at 11 1/2 stone. So once I get down to 9 1/2 stone, was there 4 years ago when I was heavily into cycling before getting knocked off by a car put paid to that, I will be an ideal weight for distance running. Also been blessed with a low resting heart rate and I think that helps with endurance too.

    The one thing that holds me back is mostly age related. 47 with the normal aches and pains that come with that age. Just wish I had kept up with the running I briefly did in my early 20s.

    Started running 3 times a week in October but now up to 5-6 times and 30miles a week. So maybe pushing too hard too early. Most of my runs are easy paced though and have 1 very easy week in 4 to recover fully.

    Already thinking about the aim of getting under 20 minutes for the 5k though which I should get once I shift the weight!
  • I think sub-20 is a good target.

    Hampton Court half today. With all the problems I've had, I knew I wasn't in PB shape so I gave myself two goals: sub-4:15 marathon pace (marathon PB is currently 4:29:29) and a negative split.

    I'm happy to say I managed both. I stuck in the 9:30s for the first half (bar a 9:46 second mile due to some congestion) and then 9:20s and quicker in the second half. Last mile was 9:08. Aside from the grumbling hamstring, I felt pretty good. I managed 2:04 dead, which is quite a bit slower than last year, when I was in good shape, but a minute faster than the year before when I was also coming back from injury. So I'm happy with that. the parkrun obviously didn't do me any harm.

    I am hoping to go quicker at The Big Half in two weeks - number turned up yesterday. Now I'm going to relax for the rest of the day! 
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    Well my annual late winter injury has struck again and Thursday's ten miler ended up with me trying three times to run comfortably but I failed to manage more than a few hundred yards so I had to abandon it and go home. I can't be precise as to what the issue is but if I was a betting man I'd say that the hernia repair I had last summer has been compromised somehow. I can still run, but I've opted to decide my own fate rather than continue and end up being ordered by a doctor to stop. I'm confident it's not a running injury as such but almost certainly the result of making a gentle return to strength work at the gym despite waiting eight months since the surgery and having completed two marathons in that time. At best I'll be back in 2-3 weeks, at worst it'll require surgery.

    It's frustrating, but I can't say I'm not used to it-I've been an injury magnet for a couple of years now but one day the curse might be lifted!
  • Sorry to hear that, Matt. As an injury-prone runner myself, I really sympathise. One the plus side, I've found it's easier to get back to running when the injury has not been caused by running itself. When I had my groin strain (which I got in the gym doing a squat-type exercise) I couldn't even cross my legs let alone run, but a month later and a lot of yoga I was back running again. I guess with running injuries then if you do the activity that caused them, the chances of them coming back are high, whereas when it's something else, you don't need to worry so much.
  • That's a great time for your Half, Cal. Nice running :)

    Sorry about your injury, Matt. Wishing you a swift recovery.

    A beautiful day in West Norfolk for my trail Half. 9C, lovely sunshine and a gentle breeze. The trail was a bit muddy in places,  but generally fine.
    My plan was to set off sharpish, at 9:00 min/mi to get the lungs and legs going, then ease down to my 9:30 target pace. I felt good from the off and, despite worrying I might run out of steam, I managed to keep the pace up, mostly around 9:05/10. I kept fuelling regularly and the camelbak proved invaluable. Mile 8 was the tough spot, but I got some 2nd wind by mile 10. The trail really was a joy to run, with fields, copices and plenty of livestock to make it interesting. New growth poking through everywhere, birds starting to sing and flirt and real warmth in the sunshine. Best spots were Goldcrest, Goldfinch and a couple of hovering Kestrels. Best tunes came from several vocal Song Thrushes.
    I felt strong for the last couple of miles and upped the speed and even overtook a few runners. The finish was inside the Town Hall at Aylsham, a fine little market town, and I managed not fall up or down the steps, where Mrs Will and my two nippers were cheering me home. 2:00:51 - a new Percy Best by 12 minutes. Very chuffed...indeed :)
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Fantastic, Will - sub-2 next time eh? Funny that mile 8 always seems the tough one. I had that today too - felt tired during that mile but then rallied. Nice spots on the birds too.
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
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    18.1miles today mainly offroad and mainly through thick clay mud. Despite trail shoes feet went everywhere. Swearing took place. A big stick managed to glue itself to my shoe, beating me across the opposite leg with each stride. Exhilarating. Pace fluctuated but wasn't bad (2hrs17). The mud tired out my legs toward the end though. There was half a mile of queued cars on a normally barren road - gas main under the road getting an emergency repair i think. Saw a river cruiser boat were someone had extended out the cabin by adding a wooden garden shed.

    Sorry to hear about the recurrent injury issues Matt. I hope this one proves short lived. Many congratulations on the HM Cal and the continuing progress. Very fine parkrun debut Tears. Competitive running clearly suits you. Not sure I'd fancy trying to drop 2 stone. Probably kill me.

    Last week I injured a tendon on the inside of my elbow. Well, twisted an existing strain. Gym injury. Weights work out for a while. My tendons/ligaments don't heal quickly. They are rubbish.
  • That's likely golfer's elbow, JT. I've strained that one doing pull-ups (well, assisted pull-ups as I can't haul my fat arse up to the bar without a bit of help). I sympathise though - my constant injuries are why I ended up ditching the heavy weights work and doing yoga (although I've hurt myself at least twice doing yoga and you know how many running injuries I have. The structural integrity of my body is just not great, evidently).
  • Well done on the pb half time Will! 

    Sorry to all those nursing injuries.

    Well after my lurgy which took me out of action for ten days. Then my nine year old went down with scarlet fever. I got back in to it and took it slow the first week but felt back to normal last week. I did parkrun on Saturday and then yesterday 10 miles in 1hr 27. I felt great and the last mile was the quickest. 

    Last night I started feeling sneezy and I've woken up stuffed full of cold! Honestly I'm so fed up now.
  • Welcome to 50000tears - that is no shabby time for a parkrun.  Sub 20 sounds like a good goal for you with your weight loss plans.

    Enjoy shopping for some new trail shoes swittle.

    Great HM Cal.  Good to have goals you can achieve rather than wishful thinking and being disappointed.   

    Sorry to hear about your latest injury woes Matt.  

    That is a fantastic PB improvement Will.  And you even had time and the energy to look around and enjoy it all :)

    Nice swift long run JT.  

    Bad luck on the cold on top of the other lurgies Andrea.

    Tough 16 miles for me yesterday, was supposed to be doing 12 at marathon race pace but I only managed just over 8.5.    

    Excuses?  It was just above freezing with a horrible brisk easterly wind turning my quads into concrete in minutes.  I took the first few brisk miles too fast including trying to keep up the pace against the wind.  I waited too long to run after breakfast and got hungry again part way through.  I had a mental blackout on the first session of this type several weeks ago and missed the second due to the calf niggle etc. etc. 

    I can't do much about the weather but I can work on the other points. I find the long runs with marathon pace miles included very hard work on my own.  I've got a couple of chances to practice yet though.
  • During my customary Darkrun last night, I caught sight of a faint light near one of the Iron Men.  Approaching with caution, it turned out to be a young man in a long, dark coat standing stock still and gazing out to sea.  No. 101?  :o  
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    Long dark coat, standing on a beach staring at the sea. Cure fan.
    Forgot to congratulate Will on the trail HM last time out. Wish I had your knowledge of the natural environment around me.
    About 8.7miles tonight in under 1hr7. Mist and fine drizzle creating a fret in the air diffusing all the light.
  • Thanks JT. Maybe long coat had been in love at some point towards the end of last week and was reminiscing. Sounds like a nice drizzly run. 

    Felt quite tender and with several sore toes I trotted around the cemetery for a few slow miles, yesterday. Certainly knew I'd been pushing hard. A huge display of snowdrops was the highlight. That and the long, hot soak afterwards. A few days' rest now as the next Half is only 11 days away. Will have a trot on Thursday .
    I run, therefore I am.
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