Black toenail fugus treatment

Been checking out treatments for a black toe fungus which I've got on one toe. I hear zetaclear is a good natural treatment but would like to now first hand if anybody has used it or got other sugestions for other natural remedies.




  • are you sure it's fungus and not just a bruised toenail?? a bruised toenail can be pretty black and there is no treatment and you'll need to wait for it to come off
  • No I haven't bruised it, had it for about 6 weeks, the nail is still growing okay and it desen't hurt at all.
  • Toenail fungus is very rarely black - it usually makes the nail white and crumbly.

    Get it looked at (one very very rare possibility is a melanoma under your nail) and if it's unclear give some full thickness clippings to send down to your local microbiology lab for analysis.

  • "the nail is still growing okay and it desen't hurt at all"

    that's not uncommon at all with bruised nails - the damaged one doesn't grow but a new one starts developing in the nail bed and gradually pushes the bruised one out so it appears to be growing. you can usually feel if the nail is dead as it seems to become a lot harder. and beyond any initial bruising pain which can be very minor there is no pain...

    as blimey says - if you're not sure, get it checked by your GP or preferably a podiatrist
  • I Agree there's no harm in getting it checked out first, It first came up about 3 months ago then cleared up after 2 weeks but as it's returned and not cleared up this time makes sense to get it looked at.

    Cheers all

    Booked an apointment for Monday will post back on the verdict.

  • Yes, I have tried Zetaclear to cure toenail fungus and believe me it is very effective. Few weeks back I was having the same issue and someone suggested me to use Zetaclear and so I went with this treatment and found 100% results. I can assure you that Zetaclear really works. But, you can also try some natural treatments that can be prepared with:
    • Apple Cider Vinegar
    • Tea Tree Oil
    • White Vinegar
    • Baking Soda
    All these ingredients can be used to prepare a remedy for curing black toenail fungus infection. So, all the best
  • I had a similar thing and mentioned it to the doc when I went for something else and he told me not to worry about it as the chemicals in the fungal nail stuff isn’t good for you and said it was more cosmetic (just looks a bit rank in flip flops). Hope that helps a little
  • Nail fungus can usually be treated with Vics vapour rub. It takes a while (like a few months), but probably no longer than any of the commercial treatments. 
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