Carrying water on long runs

What do people use to carry water on long runs? I've tried hand held thing but hate it sloshing about. Belts give me a sweaty middle and ride up. Are those little rucksack camelback type things any good? Runs over an hour or so make me thirsty!


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    Not sure why you would worry about a belt giving you a sweaty middle, don't you sweat anyway when your running? You could try a rucksack with bladder in but may get a sweaty back. Look on the internet you can get them for around £15-£20.

    You could try a pair of these, they have two pockets on the sides which can each old a 150ml bottle. Not badly priced to. I have the male version which I have no complaints about, had them for about a year being used weakly and they are still in decent condition.

    Bottle belt shouldn't ride up if it's a good fit.   I have a belt but try and not to use it often as I don't like wearing it.   

    For most of my long runs I will carry the water for the first few miles, have a drink and then dump it in the hedge and pick it up on the return journey, I can then do most of the run without having to carry the water bottle. 
    I also carry money and sometimes will stop and buy a bottle of water at a garage/shop, drink it then run home.

    If you're thirsty after one hour perhaps you're not hydrating well enough before your run.   I would only expect someone to need water after an hour in hot weather 25 degrees +, of course maybe you're not here in the UK!
  • i train low for long runs so tend to drink quite a lot.  a decathlon water bottle belt works for me. 800cl bottle, its quite heavy to start with and can slide a little but it is nothing that I cant cope with. carrying a bottle is not an option.
  • In case this is still of interest I use a hand flask (the Salomon Hydro handset) for runs up to 2hrs-ish. Any longer than that then I will take a Camelbak (I use a marathoner) as you can carry all you need.
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    I use a Salomon Hydro squidgy bottle as well. There's no sloshing about, and when used, can tuck into a pocket easily.
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